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Chapter 443- Formation Breaking Talisman

Chapter 443- Formation Breaking Talisman

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Only to see Yuan Ping smirk, as he took out a talisman from his bag.

"Guys take a look, this talisman is known as the Formation Breaking Talisman. Its specific purpose is to break teleportation formations. This is a treasure that I expended much effort to find. I'm especially taking it out to aid the alliance."

The Lords took the talisman and passed it around. Instantly, shock and awe filled the hall.

Formation Breaking Talisman: Once you paste this talisman onto a teleportation formation, you can stop its operation for a day.

Strictly speaking, this talisman could not be called a real formation breaking talisman, as it did not really break the teleportation formation. It would just stop it for a day.

Apart from that, the talisman also made it clear that it could only be used on territory teleportation formations, not on imperial city teleportation formations.

Even so, this talisman could be considered priceless. Especially to South Alliance, its presence was comparable to a god weapon.

Although it was only one day, if used properly, they could take down Tianshuang County with no problem.

Even Hefu was shocked, he did not expect Yuan Ping to actually possess such an item.

Such schemes, such methods.

Yuan Ping had this talisman all along. However, he did not leak anything before the meeting. Even during this meeting, he had kept his silence and allowed the other Lords to discuss.

Only at the very end did he reveal his huge secret.

Utilizing this method, the members of South Alliance would feel gratitude toward Yuan Ping. At the same time, after Hefu doubted Yuan Ping, his reputation was dealt a blow.

Hefu cold smiled, as they would say, ‘Intelligence in turn, turns around to bite you.’

Yuan Ping was too scheming, and he had underestimated his allies. Did he really think that others would not notice his small actions?


Inside the meeting hall, many Lords were ecstatic. The young Lords were naturally pleased with Yuan Ping, while the more experience and smart Lords silently frowned.

This Yuan Ping was really a jerk.

He had a special weapon from the start, but he did not take it out. Instead, he allowed them to discuss until they hit a dead end.

Was he just bent on seeing them make a fool out of themselves?

Yuan Ping was not a fool either, so he could sense the weird atmosphere in the hall. After a brief moment of thought, a realization him.

He was too greedy, too greedy.

He needed to do something. Otherwise, he would waste all his effort.

"Guys, I, Yuan Ping, has joined this large alliance. Seeing the alliance in such danger, I'm willing to give up this talisman. Not only that, for the task of infiltrating Tianshuang County, I'm willing to take responsibility for that matter too." Yuan Ping seemed to be smiling, but he was bleeding deep down.

Originally, he had expected the alliance to purchase this talisman. If he placed this talisman on the market, it could sell for more than tens of thousands of gold.

This time, he could only bear the pain.

"Great, Lord Yuan Ping is righteous."

Yuan Ping's actions had gained him praise. Without bothering about the reasons behind his actions, just his contributions to the alliance were evident to everyone.

When Yuan Ping heard such a response, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

After the meeting ended, some Lords took the initiative to talk to Yuan Ping.

Yuan Ping replied to them one by one, as he enjoyed the fruits of his success. Only Hefu had a weird expression on his face.

8th month 6th day, Tianshuang County.

The entire Tianshuang County was already in a state of high alert; outsiders could not even enter. They had even set the teleportation formation to specified teleportation, where only people the Lord selected could use it.

The people within Tianshuang County were scared and jittery.

Not only because of the imminent Battle of Zhaoqing, as within the Song Family, a change had also occurred. After Song Jia's father returned, he laid all the cards out on the table with his father that very night.

All of a sudden, a storm brewed.

The entire Song Family was flipped upside down.

Some people supported Grandfather Song, while some supported Song Jia's father.

The battle of control between the two generations had officially entered a crucial moment.

These past two days made the situation really clear. Song Jia's father, Song Tianxiong, acted quickly and suppressed his second brother, Song Tianli, as he slowly obtained the upper hand.

Song Jia's Grandfather was slowly pushed into a tough spot.

If matters proceeded like this, giving up control was his best option.

At this point, he was also a smart person; he was already prepared to accept his failure. He really did not expect to lose to the hands of his own son.

However, today, the situation suddenly changed.

The grandfather of the Yuan family expressed that he could not bear to watch the younger generation humiliate Grandfather Song, so he wanted to come over to Tianshuang County to seek justice along with two other families.

When Grandfather Song received the letter, he weighed everything and decided to agree.

He did not know the true reason the Yuan Family was so eager; they were scheming something. However, he was currently in a pickle, so the Yuan Family was his best chance.

At this point, he could only try his best to save his own skin.

When Song Tianxiong received the news, he felt furious, but he did not dare to reject.

Aristocratic family; aristocratic families were a circle of friends. If he wanted to live on in that circle, he could not have the title of someone who humiliated the older generation. If not, he would not be able to gain a foothold in the circle.

That morning, the representatives of the three families teleported over to Tianshuang County. The moment the four families met, naturally, each side would express their own views, thinking that they were right.

However, they could not resolve the situation. As such, it ended in a stalemate. The same day, the representatives of the three families decided to just stay; they stated that they would not leave until they settle this matter.

Song Tianxiong was very unhappy about their behavior.

No matter what they said, this was an internal matter.

Why are you all being such busybodies? Even if you are, you can't just stay here and not leave, right?

The entire Tianshuang County was thrown into chaos.

Song Tianxiong's brother, Song Tianli, thought he had found a backing, so he started to make noises again.

Amidst the chaos, a huge scheme slowly creeped in. That night, a man in a black shirt walked out of an inn and headed to the teleportation formation. He stuck a talisman onto the teleportation formation.

A white shine glowed, and the teleportation formation immediately stopped working.

Everything was done in a ghostly manner; no one else even noticed.

The next morning, a fellow that looked like a butler arrived at the relay.

"Who are you?"

During wartime, members of the city protection squad guarded the relay. Song Wen had sent out orders to not allow strangers to collect and send letters at the relay.

"I'm the Yuan Family’s guard. I'm here to send a letter for the Grandfather."

The guard stopped him and said, “The Lord has orders. During wartime, strangers cannot use the relay."

"Are you blind, am I a stranger? Even if I am, is the Grandfather of my house a stranger?" The butler instantly raged out and scolded.

Seeing the situation, the guard did not do anything, “Please calm down, this is my duty. Without orders, no one is allowed to enter."

"You!" The butler was furious, “Such nerve, you wait!"

As he said these words, he was about to leave.

Coincidentally, Song Tianli passed the relay.

When the butler saw Song Tianli, he shouted in delight, “Sir, sir."

"Who's calling me?"

Song Tianli walked over.

"Sir, I'm a butler of the Yuan Family. We met yesterday."

"Oh, it’s you."

After the reminder, Song Tianli recalled that such a person worked for the Yuan Family Grandfather.

Seeing the letter in his hand, Song Tianli asked, “Why, are you here to send a letter?"

"That's right. The Yuan Family Grandfather had something urgent, but he pushed it away to rush over. Now, he's away, but he still needs to handle the urgent matter at home."

"He's so righteous, help me thank him."

When Song Tianli heard these words, he felt touched, See, that is called brotherhood, that is called righteousness. Without the help of the Yuan Family, he would have really lost.

Song Tianli pointed to the guard in front of the relay and asked, “Then what's this?"

"Haiz." The butler sighed, as he frowned," I wanted to send the letter, but I was stopped. They said that it was the orders from Lord Song Wen."

The butler purposely emphasized the words ‘Lord Song Wen.’

"Hen, preposterous."

As expected, when Song Tianli heard these words, he immediately exploded. This master was hot tempered. Furthermore, he had been through a lot today, so he was in a bad mood.

"Insolent servant, do you recognize me?"

"Yes, yes."

Although the guard felt humiliated, he did not dare to retort. No matter what, Song Tianli was a member of the Song Family, and he was a member of the people who lead the county. He, as a guard, did not dare to anger them.

"Good, apologize immediately to the guest."

Song Tianli said in a forceful and fierce manner.

The guard was helpless, and he could only do as said. Who knew that the humble-looking butler would now put on such an arrogant and despicable face.

He had no choice; he was lower ranked than him.

Tianshuang was not like Shanhai City. Rather, there was no other territory that treated NPCs the way Shanhai City treated them.

Knowing or unknowingly, one would feel that you were better than the NPCs.

The butler arrogantly accepted the apology.

Only then did Song Tianli's anger feel appeased, “What are you standing there for? Step aside and let the guest send the letter. If you affect their matters, can you handle it?"

When the guard heard these words, he was put in a tough spot.

Apologizing was not a huge matter but stepping aside was difficult.

Looking at Song Tianli, the guard stuttered, “But, but, the Lord has orders...."

He could not say out the following words, as the furious Song Tianli had walked up and slapped him.

"Bastard. My words cannot be compared to his orders?!"

The guard did not dare to say another word.

The other guard was smart. Seeing the situation, he stepped out to resolve it, "Second master's words, we naturally will listen to. He's new and doesn't know the rules. Please don't be angry."

"Hen." Only then was Song Tianli appeased.