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Chapter 444- Tianshuang County Falls

Chapter 444- Tianshuang County Falls

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When the butler Song Tianli’s actions, he turned around, looked at the latter, and cupped his fist.

"Thank you, Elder Song."

Song Tianli waved him off and walked away. In his eyes, this butler was only a servant; he was just a servant in a somewhat higher position.

In the end, he was still a servant.

Hence, facing such a person, Song Tianli did not have the mode to deal with him.

When the butler saw this treatment, he lowered his head modestly, but coldness flashed in his eyes, Stupid fellow, to actually underestimate me like this. Today is the death day of your family.

After Song Tianli had completely left, the butler waltzed into the relay.

When he passed the guard, he purposely stared at him arrogantly.

The guard did not bother reacting.

The butler walked into the relay and found the manager.

When the territory built a relay, the system would naturally spawn a manager to be in charge of the collecting and sending of mail. The manager did not belong to the territory, so if he died, he would revive in a day.

The manager laughed as he waved, "Guest, are you sending or receiving?"


"Neither? Then what are you here for?"

"To kill you!"


Before the manager could even finish his words, a needle stabbed into his heart with lightning speed. The poison entered his body and spread, causing him to die instantly.

This unassuming butler was actually a martial arts expert the Yuan Family had spent a large sum to hire. For this operation, the Yuan Family had really expended a lot of effort.

With a flash of white light, the body of the manager disappeared. He would only revive a day later. The guards outside did not hear anything, so naturally, they would not enter to take a look.

The butler cleaned up the scene and walked out cooly. Just like that, they had sabotaged both the teleportation formation and the relay, completing blocking the Tianshuang County’s communication route to the outside.

After the butler left, the arrived at a remote alley and shot out a signal bullet before disappearing.

"Who shot the signal bullet?"

Song Wen had just gotten up and was training in the courtyard.



"Go investigate."

"Yes, my Lord!"

At this point, any small movement would trigger his sensitive being. His Father was trying to rally the family and as the eldest son, he had to ensure that nothing went wrong with Tianshuang County.

When he woke up, Song Wen already felt that something was off. When he suddenly saw a signal bullet, he felt a bad premonition, as if something big was about to happen.

Just as Song Wen was frowning deep in thought, the two hundred thousand troops of South Alliance had swarmed toward Tianshuang County. The huge army directly entered the surroundings of Tianshuang County through the teleportation formation.

The moment they received the signal, they immediately charged out of the camp.

The guards at the city gate trembled in fear upon seeing the huge army bear down toward them.

Two hundred thousand troops; when they lined up together, one could not see the end of them. Instantly, a black tide gathered around the city and swarmed toward the county like a flood, as they threatened to swallow up Tianshuang County clean.

Under the blue sky, the black flood charged, their flags waving in the sky.

Formation after formation gathered up orderly, sword-shield soldiers, archers, and cavalry. In the midst of the troops were siege chariots, trebuchet, as well as archer turrets.

Before the army even reached the city, their overbearing presence engulfed the city.

The killing intent covered the sky, making it hard for one to breathe.




The heaven-breaking shouts reverberated through the wilderness.

The soldiers stepped forward along with the beat of the drums, as they shouted their chants. They crushed everything in their way to dust. The commoners living outside the city were all killed; they did not even have a chance to run away.

Within several square miles of the city, the soldiers filled any and all empty space.

Run? Where to?

Amongst the formation, an arrow rain shot out and sent the commoners down the path of the Yellow Springs.

The army did not even flinch, as they stepped on the bodies and moved on. They did not waste any time. It seemed like they felt they had not killed people with lives but a bunch of ants.

In a chaotic world, what pity remained?

The city gate was a disastrous mess.

"Don't squeeze; don't squeeze!"

"Let me in; let me in!"

"Son, where's my son; has anyone see my son?" Amongst the crowd, a madame was walking in the opposite direction, looking worried.

"Close the gates. Quick, close it!"

At this crucial moment, the city guards did not even bother about the lives of the people and directly pulled up the drawbridge. They killed anyone who dared try and stop them.

"Ah, murderer! The army killed people!"

"Devils! You are all devils!"

"You are all going to hell!"

"It's me, your neighbour, save me!" One woman shouted at one of the soldiers, anxiety evident in her words, but her voice still contained a thread of hopefulness.

That guard seemed as calm as water, like he was totally deaf, as he waved his sword. However, on his face, two stream of tears flowed down.

These people were their neighbours; some were even their family members.

Today, however, the soldiers needed to sacrifice them, what kind of cruelty was that? That woman was killed amidst the chaos before she could be saved; her expression filled with shock.

The other woman, who had lost her child, was still shouting out to try and locate him.

"Son, Son!"

Just at this moment, at the corner of the city gate, a young child walked out.

The woman let out tears of joy, as she walked up. She tried to push the people away to get to her son. His face similarly had a wide smile; he looked truly adorable.

Suddenly, a sharp arrow pierced through the air and directly embedded itself in her chest.


The happy expression remained on her face, but immense fear and worry filled her eyes. At this moment, all she thought about was the safety of her child. Her own life was not important.


When the young child saw his mother fall and not rise up, he cried out.

His cries, amidst all the chaos, seemed exceptionally ear piercing. At this very moment, a guard could not take it anymore, so he rushed out to carry the child.


The young child could not stop crying, as his head constantly turned back to the position where his mother fell.

The eyes of the brave mother, upon seeing her child saved, flooded with gratefulness. Along with her, many other civilians were sacrificed.

Before the battle even began, bodies and blood filled the city gates.

In such moments, human life was like dirt.

"Quick, report to the Lord!"

The guard trembled, as he spoke with clattering teeth.


One guard hurried down the city wall and dashed straight for the Lord's Manor.

Even with the guards report, the sound of the war drums had already caused unrest in the city. The commoners inside were far too familiar with this sound.

All of a sudden, the commoners panicked.

Just as Song Wen rushed out of the Lord's Manor, he bumped into the guard that was on his way to report.

"What's happening?"

Song Wen tried to calm himself down. At such a moment, everyone could panic, except for him.

"Lord, Lord it’s bad. An enemy, a large army."

The guard was obvious freaked out, as he stuttered in his speech.

"How many, which army?"

Songwen was not furious, as he asked in a soothing and concerned tone; his words had the power to calm one down.

Hearing Song Wen's words, the guard regained his composure, “We couldn't count them all, but there are at least more than a hundred thousand. There were many flags that we have never seen before."

When Song Wen heard these words, his eyebrows locked up tightly.

Within Tianshuang County, there were only three thousand troops. Song Wu led the main force, which joined the Shanhai City Army under Baiqi.

Song Wen did not expect the enemy to turn their eyes to Tianshuang County.

This did not make sense; it did not make any sense.

The Lords of Zhaoqing Prefecture could not even protect themselves. Why would they launch an attack on TIanshuang County?

Thinking about how the guard mentioned many unknown flags, Song Wen realized that powers outside of Zhaoqing had thrown themselves into the mix.

As for their identity, it was not important anymore.

Most importantly, he had to think of how to get past this situation; Tianshuang County could not fall.

If they fell, they would not just affect Shanhai City's strategy. Most importantly, the county was the hard work of their family. If it fell, the Song Family would lose everything.

Thinking up to this point, Song Wen felt a shiver run down his spine.



Song Wen took out his lord verification item and passed it to the guard, “Take this and teleport to Shanhai City. Ask for help, and say that it is an emergency."

"Don't worry, my Lord!"

The guard knew that a serious matter was on hand, as he turned around and dashed for the teleportation formation.

Similar to Shanhai City, the teleportation formation in Tianshuang County was near the Lord's Manor. Just as Song Wen was about to check on the battle, the guard's shouts rang out.

"Lord, it's bad!"

The guard ran over; his face ashen white.

Song Wen felt another chill run down his spine, as his bad premonition grew stronger and stronger.

"Say it, quickly!"

"Lord, the teleportation formation has stopped working; we can’t use it."


Song Wen panicked, unable to maintain his calm.

At this moment, Song Wen knew that Tianshuang County had lost, and the Song Family was finished.

"Lord, Lord!"

The guard looked at Songwen with concern, as his expression grew more and more anxious.

"I can't fall. Even if we battle to the last one, the Song Family will not surrender."

Song Wen tried his best to calm himself down. He already had no mood to investigate why the teleportation formation had failed. The most important matter was to inform Qiyue Wuyi and Baiqi of the situation.

"Go and check to see if the relay is working."

Song Wen wrote a letter and instructed the guard.

This weird situation made Song Wen sense a huge scheme. At this moment, anything weird and outlandish was possible.

The relay was the only communication channel to the outside for Tianshuang County.

Please be okay, Songwen prayed in his heart.