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Chapter 369- Land of the Military Strategists

Chapter 369- Land of the Military Strategists

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Thread was not the only thing that Star Alliance was interested in.

Rumors had it was that Xingzhe Zichen was chasing after Qing Sikou.

As rumors spread, this matter started to gain more and more attention.

All of a sudden, a lot of attention was paid to Jingdu.

Toward Thread, Ouyang Shuo had a similar idea.

Before this, Ouyang Shuo had been recruiting work occupation players through War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group. Thread was exactly what he wanted.

Currently, Ouyang Shuo was waiting for the right chance to strike.

He had already instructed Black Mamba to use the Black Snake Guards to closely follow this development.

Ouyang Shuo remembered that in his last life, Jianqi Zongheng had pressured Thread into merging with them. Weirdly, their guild leader Qing Sikou did not join them and just disappeared.

Where she went was a total mystery.

Rumors had it that she had given up and just became a casual player.

As the 3rd month came to an end, the footsteps of spring started to arrive.

Along with it, life started to awaken, and the wilderness started to become full of life.

Spring was a crucial point of the year.

To the lords, the spring planting season had begun.

After the grain crisis, none of the lords dared to be careless. They started to personally order the spring planting such that they could get at least half a year of grain from it.

3rd month 25th day, Ouyang Shuo ended his tour and returned to Shanhai City.

The moment he returned, the Four Seas Bank treasurer Meng Zhida came to find him.

After a few months of preparation, the first batch of bank notes were finally ready.

He came to allow Ouyang Shuo to inspect the finished products.

Ouyang Shuo took over the hundred gold bank note and started to scrutinize it.

In ancient printing, there were only two colors—black and white.

The banknote in front of him was bigger than one in real life. It had a picture of the Lianzhou Basin on it, taken from the map.

On the front, it used the symbol on the lord's flag.

Before this, Meng Zhida wanted to use Ouyang Shuo's face, but he had rejected the idea.

When using bank notes, apart from good-quality printing, the key was how to prevent forgery.

As they currently had a limited level of technology, Meng Zhida could only use a laborious process—stamping the Lianzhou Lord's stamp onto every note.

The Lianzhou Lord seal was the symbol of the lord; it could not be forged or replicated.

Whoever tried to do so, nine generations of their family would be wiped.

After receiving Ouyang Shuo’s support, the bank notes would be rolled out in the 4th month.

Coincidentally, the War-Snow Rose Mercenary Group had just finished its equipment sale; they had sold all of it.

In the end, Ouyang Shuo received 286,700 gold. Thirteen thousand gold was used to make up for the costs of building the Black Snake Guards.

Ouyang Shuo kept fifty thousand gold for backup funds. He sent the remaining gold to the Four Seas Bank to support the launch of the bank notes.

The timing was nice. At this moment, Ouyang Shuo also needed to increase his support of the Tianshuang County through the Four Seas Bank.

Although his brother-in-law Song Wen lacked style, he was very by the books when he did things. Under Ouyang Shuo's support, he built the Shanhai Alliance-Tianshuang Alliance to fight with the South Alliance.

All of a sudden, the lords of Lingnan had a decision to make.

Of course, the leader of the South Alliance Hefo was not an easy person to deal with.

Their battle had just began.

Ouyang Shuo naturally sat in. He waited and watched on as a storm brewed in Lingnan.

The next day, under the company of Du Ruhui, Ouyang Shuo attended the Army Military Academy unveiling ceremony.

Actually, a month ago, they had already completed the academy construction. However, they could only push back the unveiling ceremony because they had to wait for their lord-cum-principal to return.

After the unveiling, a system notification spread across the China region.

"System Notification: Representative Figure for Military Strategists Sun Wu has moved into Shanhai City to manage the Army Military Academy and accept disciples. At the same time, the three requirements for one of the hundred philosophy branches—Philosophy of War, to move in has been met."


"System Notification: Military Strategists have moved into Shanhai City, given the title Home of the Military Strategists as a reward. Congratulations, player Qiyue Wuyi!"


The unveiling of the Army Military Academy meant that military strategists had a place to share their thoughts in Shanhai City.

There was a total of a hundred people for the first semester, and they were split into two classes, A and B. All of the students were current soldiers that the divisions recommended. In a pleasant coincidence, they met the third requirement.

With that, the philosophers of war could naturally move into Shanhai City.

The moment the notification sounded, the China region was sent into an uproar.

When the news that War Saint Sun Wu was living in Shanhai City spread out, players could already foresee this happening. As a result, they were not too shocked.

What people felt was just envy.

With that, the Army Military Academy had officially announced itself in the China region.

Ouyang Shuo felt regretful that military strategists did not belong to the ten mains schools. Hence, it could not help him complete the quest.

The Ten Schools of Thoughts referred to Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, Logician School of thought, Yin Yang School of Thought, the Miscellaneous School, School of Diplomacy, as well as the School of Minor-talks, Legalism, and the School of Agriculture. As the school of minor-talks referred to arts, it was not considered a stream of thought.

The Art of War appeared later, during the Spring and Autumn Period. During the philosophy debate, the Art of War was not a power yet. Hence, it was not listed as one of the Nine Streams of Thoughts.

Ouyang Shuo consoled himself while checking the stats of the title.

Land of Military Strategists: Soldiers rank up speed increased by 10%, chance of generals breaking through increased by 10%, soldiers quality increased by 15%, morale increased by 10%.

After he checked the stats, Ouyang Shuo's regret all disappeared. This title was an all round upgrade for the military.

One could see that with the help of the buff, the military would welcome a new batch of intermediate generals. Even advanced ones were not a dream.

Compared to this, the quest was nothing.

Of course, completing it and obtaining the title would grant him a whole bunch of more terrifying stats.

3rd month 27th day, Shanhai City.

After the Beihai Naval Fleet sent the third batch of migrants over, they returned to Beihai Harbor.

They had already cleared out the pirates around Qiongzhou Island. As they had formed a stable foundation in Yazhou, they did not need the protection of the Beihai Naval Fleet anymore.

Even if they needed a fleet, they would just build their own in Yazhou.

The duty of the Beihai Naval Fleet was to protect Beihai City and guard the waters of Lianzhou Prefecture.

Hence, strictly speaking, they were better at close sea combat.

As the Dragon and Tiger Legions were built, the development of the navy seemed to have fallen behind. Firstly, it took time to build the turreted ships. Secondly, they lacked navy generals.

If one said that the building of ships could be solved with time; then the lack of generals was fatal and could not be solved.

Pei Donglai was only an intermediate general. Be it in terms of skill or experience, he could not hold the flag of the navy.

When Ouyang Shuo went to visit Beihai City, Pei Donglai had raised a few points about navy development, which gave Ouyang Shuo a lot of ideas.

During this period of time, Ouyang Shuo took a look at the books during the Qing and Ming dynasties and gained a clearer understanding of how to build a navy.

Hence, he specially invited Pei Donglai and Du Ruhui to discuss this problem.

The three of them spent a whole day in his reading room before confirming the future plans and also the current organizations of the sailors.

Based on the plan, the future navy would be split into fleets, squadrons, divisions, and units. A fleet was similar to an army corp, a squadron similar to a legion, and a division was a division.

They would set up the Nanyang Navy to be in charge of the water battles around the South Pacific; it would have one admiral position. The Nanyang Navy would have several squadrons based on the situation.

Beihai Naval Fleet would be renamed the Beihai Bay Squadron. They would mainly be in charge of the battles around Beihai Bay. There would be one fleet admiral in charge, and his position would be the same as a general.

The Beihai Bay Squadron would be under the Nanyang Navy. At the same time, they would build the Yashan Squadron in Yazhou. They differed from the Beihai Bay Squadron in that they would mainly be in charge of the long distance battles in the South Pacific.

The Beihai Bay Squadron and the Yashan Squadron would be the two main squadrons under the Nanyang Navy.

Under the Beihai Bay Squadron, there would be four divisions.

The current Beihai Naval Fleet would be the 1st division of the Beihai Bay Squadron, and there would be one chief general, who would hold the same power as a major general. The sailor units under the division would each have a major.

The difference between the army and the navy was the lack of a regiment.

Pei Donglai was officially named the chief general of the first division.

The position of admiral and fleet admiral were both left empty.

At the same time, the war ship arrangement was also planned.

The basic arrangement was that a sailor unit would have a turreted boat and four Mengchong Warships as the main combat force, along with twelve cima boats as scouts.

Apart from cima boats, each warship would have one captain, chief officer, second officer, and third officer. Since the cima boats were small and only in charge of scouting, they would only have one captain.

With this, the Shanhai City navy had finally gotten onto the right track.

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