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Chapter 497- Han Xin Uses the Troops

Chapter 497- Han Xin Uses the Troops

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Almost simultaneously, both sides blew their war horns, signaling the start of the attack.

The long, powerful sounds of the horns were like a signal gun, instantly waking up the silent battlefield. The armies in their formations waved their weapons, and under the leadership of their generals, they charged forward.

Even the crimson clouds in the sky instantly thickened considerably, imbued with killing aura. If there was a person from the Yin Yang school of thought present, they would definitely notice a massive dragon within the cloud layer; the dragon spanned numerous kilometers, and it roared out.

Opposite of the massive dragon stood a black-colored devil.

The spiritual entities faced off against one another.

The crimson cloud layer formed their battlefield, while luck and prosperity was their food. In this battle of luck and prosperity, the loser would be completely consumed.

On the battlefield, the first to strike was the Guards Division. In the middle of the battlefield, Lin Yi’s Guards Division moved like a wild horse given free reign, as they swiftly charged forward.


Lin Yi hollered.

With a Shua! sound, the well-trained cavalry trained raised their enormous horse lances in unison. In an instant, they had formed up a horse lance meat grinder. The tips of the lances glinted with a cold shine.

Even the strongest and most courageous mountain barbarian warrior could not defend against the charge of the mixed armored cavalry if they did not have heavy armor and giant shields.

Originally, the Guards Division were considered a heavy armored cavalry force. However, the Qingfu Horses were simply too overpowered. Moreover, the Guards Division used the elite Qingfu Horses.

The elite Qingfu Horse could still charge forward quickly even with a body of armor.

Hence, the current Guards Division could only be termed as a mix armored Cavalry Division, as they had both the flexibility and speed of a light armored cavalry, combined with the defence of heavy armored cavalry. They were simply a nightmare for enemies.

Lin Yi had received the order to lead the Guards Division to mess up the enemy lines. They were tasked with destroying the enemy’s commanding system. They needed to make the front and back unable to assist one another, and the right and left unable to work with one another.

The mountain barbarians did not know anything about formations, so Han Xin decided there was no point in him having formations either. His goal was to destroy their commanding system in one stroke and force them to fight for themselves.

Only then could the Leopard Division behind them claim victory amongst the chaos.

Using attack as a form of defence and taking the initiative; this was Han Xin's strategy.

If one looked down from the top, they could clearly see that the Guards Division was like a golden stream charging around amidst the mountain barbarians. In the middle of tens of thousands of men, they killed their way out.

There was no group of soldiers that could stop their advance.

No one could.

Even if Chiyou sent up his Blood Guards, they would also fail to stop the Guards Division. When a cavalry charged at high speed, it could turn any enemy in front of them to meat and grind them into dust.

Furthermore, the great training of the Guards Division was another key to victory.

The Guards Division was closely linked with one another link as a single entity, and they could replace the people in front of them when they turned. With that, they would switch members, as they progressed. Such a method ensured that they would not run out of energy.

Such a tactic could only be performed after long and arduous training.

When the cavalry charged, the lead horse was the most important, and they were also the most tired one. Facing mountain barbarian soldiers that numbered in the tens of thousands, they needed courage to fearlessly usher the way.

Every time, the one at the front would either be a colonel or Lin Yi.

The Guards Division had never lacked such good men. After all, they were the trump card of Shanhai City, the sharp sword of the territory, and their general was the one granted the title of Huwei.

From above, one could see the Guards Division charging straight. When they entered the midst of the mountain barbarian, they suddenly turned left and shifted. As a result, the mountain barbarian soldiers that had started to run over were tossed aside. They kept on changing their directions, throwing the enemy into a frenzy that did not know how to react.

Ten thousand cavalry swept up the dust in the midst of one hundred thousand soldiers. The only point they avoided was Chiyou’s chariot. Lin Yi wanted to kill Chiyou, but he was afraid of being scolded for disobeying orders.

After all, Chiyou was the soul of the enemy. If they attacked him, the enemy would go crazy. When Lin Yi thought about how the mountain barbarians might stop attacking and just surround the Guards Division, he felt a chill run down his spine.

Even so, this attack could be called a brilliant victory.

Just like this, the Guards Division went around Chiyou's chariot and sent the mountain barbarian army into turmoil. This move had completely frozen the forward momentum of the mountain barbarians.

Under the leadership of Zhang Han and Di Qing, the two troops on the left and right wings first used the archers to eat away at the enemy vanguard forces. Along with the cavalry disturbing the enemy, the infantry finally appeared.

The use of the various troops flowed smoothly like water. This was true war, the art of tactics. In comparison, Chiyou's army was just a bunch of boorish mountain barbarians.

For the start of the war, the Shanhai City Army had unexpectedly gained the advantage and initiative of the battle. Through this, one could see Han Xin's sublime control of troops.

Such a head-to-head battle in the wilderness was a great test of the commander's ability.

In such a huge battle, there were no special tactics, only a grasp of the battle situation. Moreover, the battle situation was not just mysterious, but it often changed quickly. If you stopped paying attention slightly, you would lose your opportunity to strike.

As the commander of the entire army, Han Xin did not only need to ensure victory. He also need to ensure that they did not take too many casualties. If not, after one war, the army would be utterly broken.

If that happened, even with the foundation and base of Shanhai City, they would fail to sustain a couple of battles.

The reason Shanhai City could grow stronger and stronger depended on grasping the biggest victory through the smallest of losses. In the last few wars, Baiqi had achieved this objective.

This was the first time Han Xin had commanded the troops independently, and he did not want to lose to Baiqi.

Although he had obtained the upper hand, there was not a shred of happiness on his face. He was exceedingly clear that the engagement of the infantry of the two sides would be the key to this whole battle.

Their early advantage was not enough to decide the outcome.

The mountain barbarian army was simply too strong. Even after the Shanhai City Army took first blood and destroyed their command system, all the red-eyed mountain barbarian warriors still growled, as they followed the beats of the drums forward.

They did not need any commands, and they only had a single thought in their hearts—charge!

Charge forward; brace the arrow rain!

Charge forward; do not fear any knife or spear!

Charge forward; as their king watched on, kill the enemy!

Blood was honor.

Every single mountain barbarian held an infallible faith. No strike could make them back off. The word retreat did not exist in their dictionary.

Hence, the moment the infantry forces of both sides engaged, Shanhai City was pushed on the back foot.

The early defeat did not affect their morale. Instead, it awakened their killer instinct, causing their violence urges to all pour out.

They finally faced the damn infantry of the enemy, so the mountain barbarian soldiers slashed down with their knives and axes without hesitation. At this moment, only flesh and blood could exchange for glory and honor.

Suddenly, tens of thousands of knives and axes struck down, smashing down on the defence line of the Leopard Legion like a huge wave, forcing all of them to take a step back.

Such power was simply alluring.

Even Han Xin's eyes focused. The strength of the enemy had exceeded his expectations. For the current moment, Han Xin did not do anything, as he left the decision to the generals on the frontline.


"Do not be afraid!"


Although the leaders on the frontlines were shocked, they were not afraid. These leaders were selected from other divisions and gathered at the newly formed legion, so they were all extremely experienced.

"Form up!"

"Move you, brat!"

The Leopard Legion prepared themselves for the mountain barbarian army. Facing such a strong enemy, fighting head on was not a good idea, so they had to use some strategy.

They would use formations.

If their enemy was a rock, what would be their nemesis? Either wield a harder rock, or become water and use gentleness to fight against toughness.

The formation that the Leopard Legion practiced followed such a principle. Under the leadership of the commanders, the mountain barbarian warriors were led one by one into the formation and surrounded.

Just like that, they sliced the entire barbarian army into small pieces. Following which, the Leopard Legion soldiers would force a situation where they outnumbered their direct enemy and ganged up on them.

Just like that, the entire defence line actually miraculously stabilized.

Along with the cavalry troops running disturbances, the entire tempo of the battle aligned with Shanhai City’s desired state.

Han Xin's serious expression relaxed a little.

The formation that he had specially picked out proved effective.

In an infantry battle, the mountain barbarians did not just have the strength advantage, as they also held the numerical advantage.

If they went head-to-head, they would be suppressed. Like quicksand, they would not be able to slip out.

The strength of a formation was evident.

However, at this very moment, a titanic change occured.

Chiyou, who stood on the high platform, suddenly roared out toward the opposite end.


His roar caused the surrounding wilderness to tremble.

On the battlefield, it seemed like all the mountain barbarians had received a chicken blood injection, as their eyes reddened further and their strength quickly rose.

Ouyang Shuo was familiar with such a scene.


That damn Chiyou. With just his own strength, he actually caused his entire army to enter the berserk state.

That was simply too terrifying.

When did berserk become such a common matter?

After all, what kind of concept was that? Imagine one hundred thousand mountain barbarians entering the berserk state simultaneously!

Ouyang Shuo had finally lost his calm and composed expression.

Shanhai City might lose this battle!

Chiyou ah, Chiyou, what kind of monster are you, to actually be so godly?