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Chapter 498- Battle to the Death

Chapter 498- Battle to the Death

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Suddenly, a ferocious wind started to blow across the ground.

After the one hundred thousand mountain barbarians collectively entered the berserk state, they completely flipped the situation of the Battle of Wuzhou. Shanhai City had never been forced by an enemy into such a difficult situation.

Facing one hundred thousand berserk soldiers, the weakness of the Leopard Legion was exposed and obvious, as they were quickly forced back. No matter how strong a formation, it would appear useless before absolute strength.

The mountain barbarians were like a bunch of violent slaughterers, as they waved their giant axes and shattered the formation with brute strength. They swiftly launched a counter attack, killing the Leopard Legion soldiers.

Sometimes, being barbaric was the way out.

All of a sudden, the Leopard Legion suffered heavy casualties, and the defence line wavered on the brink of collapse.

"We cannot go on like this!"

Ouyang Shuo raised his head and looked at Chiyou, as fear filled his heart. Chiyou’s holler had totally frightened Ouyang Shuo.

The largest scale of the berserk state among the Shanhai City mountain barbarians only involved Er’Lai’s 3rd division during the Battle of Gushan County. The event had occurred unexpectedly, caused by both the battle situation and Er’Lai.

On the other hand, Chiyou could apparently control the berserk state of the mountain barbarians.

To them, this ability held a profound meaning. After all, the combat strength of the mountain barbarians would double from their original base under this state.

Ouyang Shuo truly wanted to know what secret technique Chiyou employed to elicit such a reaction. With his sharp senses, he could feel the vigor and vitality of Chiyou instantly decrease by half.

Evidently, Chiyou’s shout had a price.


Ouyang Shuo let out a sigh of relief.

If nothing happened to Chiyou after he made such a move, Ouyang Shuo would genuinely suspect Gaia of bias. Since the situation was so, having them all go berserk once was already Chiyou's limit.

Unless he wanted to risk his vitality drying up and used it again.

Ouyang Shuo believed that if the situation turned grim, Chiyou would personally fight.

This devil had not truly displayed his powers.

Even so, with that shout alone, he sent the Shanhai City Army into a terrible situation.

Devil Chiyou, truly befitting of his name.

"Wang Feng!"

Ouyang Shuo suddenly turned his head and looked at the young general beside the guard.


"Gather the forces and head out together with me!"

"Yes my, Lord!"

Wang Feng did not say anything; he just quickly walked down the commanding platform.


When Han Xin heard the news, astonishment filled his eyes. The battle had just started, and he actually needed the Lord to personally enter the battlefield. Such an event truly made him feel ashamed.

"General does not need to be like that. No one expected Chiyou to be so strong."

"But Lord, your body is worth its weight in gold. What if…." Han Xin tried his best to persuade Ouyang Shuo, "Let me think of a way; the army is far from collapsing."

"Say no more." Ouyang Shuo waved his hand, his attitude resolute, "As for commanding the troops, I’ll leave it to general."

As he spoke these words, Ouyang Shuo turned around and walked down the commanding platform.

When Han Xin saw his Lord’s actions, he helplessly sighed. Only after the Lord disappeared by the staircase did he turn around and refocus on the battlefield.

At this moment, Han Xin felt crystal clear about his role in this battle. He needed to prove to the Lord down there that the troops he had brought were not weak shrimps.

If not, Han Xin would really have no face to remain in the Shanhai City military.

Ouyang Shuo did not choose to lead the troops out of arrogance. He made this decision because he had considered the outcome. It was exceedingly clear to him that at the current moment, the troops needed a morale booster.

At the current moment, what would be more effective than himself? He could only put himself at risk.

Originally, Ouyang Shuo was prepared to wait till the end for a final battle with Chiyou, but the current situation had forced him to act.

He definitely did not think that with his strength, he could alter the entire situation. He only needed to help the Leopard Legion settle down and prevent them from collapsing.

As long as they could the battle drag on till Shi Wanshui and Shan Zhu arrived, they could win. Ouyang Shuo did not wish for the battle to end before they arrived.

If not, they would not only lose this battle, as a lost here would cause a chain reaction.

The moment Chiyou's army won, they would enter Zhaoqing Prefecture. In such a scenario, Sun Bin's troops on the east would face a pincer attack.

It would not end at the lost of Zhaoqing, as such an event would throw the entire Shanhai Territory into chaos. Needless to say, the fall of Shanhai City would mean that the other allies of Shanhai Alliance would face a difficult situation.

Shanhai City stood as the flag bearer of the alliance.

In such a chaotic world, there was no news worse for them than Shanhai City falling. Di Chen and the others would probably wake up laughing from their slumber.

Not talking about matters too far away, at the very least, Bai Hua's situation would worsen. If this dragged on, it would destroy Ouyang Shuo's entire dream.

As such, Ouyang Shuo could not allow this event to happen.

Hence, he had to place himself at risk.

This terrible situation was a result of two factors. Firstly, the environment of the China Region. Secondly, Shanhai City had expanded too quickly.

As a result, Shanhai City faced enemies on all sides.

If he was not careful, he would lose the entire plot.

Of course, if they won, everything would be great for Shanhai City.

This was the most crucial battle since he created the village.

This battle was one that Shanhai City definitely could not afford to lose.

As they were moving stealthily, Shi Wanshui's and Shan Zhu's divisions could not move too quickly. If not, Chiyou's scouts would discover them.

Last night, the intelligence officer had received news sent through the Feng Bird. At 2 PM at the latest, their troops would be able to arrive.

Ouyang Shuo raised his head and glanced at the blazing sun.

It should be around an hour away from noon. This time meant that the Leopard Legion needed to hold on for three more hours.

Ouyang Shuo's mission was to drag this battle on for three hours.

A difficult task!

The berserk state of the mountain barbarians could not actually last for long, so the most crucial matter was to block their strongest assault and not let the army collapse.

If he had the Dragon Legion for this battle, Ouyang Shuo would not feel so worried.

The Dragon Legion was the oldest in the territory. Apart from their new 5th division, the other four divisions had experienced hundreds of battles. Even if they faced the berserk mountain barbarians, they would not feel afraid.

Unfortunately, the ones facing the mountain barbarians were the newly formed Leopard Legion.

One could only hope for them to grow up quickly through this trial of fire.

On an empty space in front of the commanding platform, the three thousand Divine Martial Guards had gathered up.

After Ouyang Shuo came down, he did not say anything. He simply jumped onto Qingdian and grabbed his Tianmo Spear.

"Let’s go!"

He pointed his spear forward and led the way out of the camp.


The three thousand Divine Martial Guards followed closely behind him. Under the cover of the crimson clouds, their red capes appeared even brighter.

Along with the appearance of the Divine Martial Guards, the golden Lord Flag immediately appeared on the battlefield.



"It's the Lord!"


"The Lord is here!"

Seeing the golden flag from afar, the entire Leopard Legion felt pumped.

Ouyang Shuo’s face remained serious, as he directly led his men into the core area of the battlefield. His spear stabbed out and immediately killed a berserk mountain barbarian. Under his spear, the berserk mountain barbarian was only a small warrior.

As he flourished his spear, mountain barbarians fell. None of them could even withstand one of his spear strikes.

Probably due to the crimson clouds, but Ouyang Shuo could feel the Tianmo Spear in his hand grow more lively and bloodthirsty.

On the spear body, blood flowed. It looked like a syringe that craved fresh blood.

Ouyang Shuo smiled slightly, as he rode Qingdian, no enemy could match him.

Meanwhile, the Divine Martial Guards were like a tornado that tore up the battlefield.

"Great! Seeing their lord so majestic, the neighboring Leopard Legion soldiers felt a huge rise in morale.

Killing the enemy was not his goal.

His mission was just to calm them. Hence, he would display his skills and kill the enemy in the most stunning and amazing manner possible.

The mountain barbarians were like paper tigers in front of him.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to let the soldiers realize that the mountain barbarians were not anything to fear. He aimed to remove the fear from their hearts.

As long as one was not afraid, they could make miracles appear on the battlefield.

Ouyang Shuo led his troops around. Everywhere he went, he would mercilessly slaughter and show off the pinnacle of the Yang Family Spear Technique.

Everywhere he went, the Shanhai soldiers would calm down.

Ouyang Shuo's acts were highly effective, as their fear dissipated. They started to rally themselves and use the formation they had prepared.

Only this time, surrounding the enemy was the main goal, killing them was secondary.

They allowed the mountain barbarians to charge about in the formation. They just surrounded them and did not go for the kill. These berserk soldiers felt like they were using all the strength in their bodies to punch a sponge.

Depressed, annoyed.

When their berserk state ran out, the battle would rise again.

Half an hour, in just half an hour, Ouyang Shuo had managed to calm down the troops.

On the commanding platform, Han Xin was both delighted and regretful.

The Lord had completed his mission, so it would be his turn next.

Han Xin stood high on the platform, taking in everything on the battlefield. His brain was like a calculator, working at high speeds.

A moment later, he started to wave the flag and move the troops and generals.

Under his command, the cavalry forces of the various divisions were released. Each soldier type on the left and right wing helped one another out to form one massive formation.

Numerous small formations connected with one another to form a giant formation.

The one hundred thousand mountain barbarians felt like they had suddenly entered a maze, and they could not tell the direction.