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Chapter 499- Wei Zhang Dies in Battle

Chapter 499- Wei Zhang Dies in Battle

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The blazing sun hung high up in the middle of the sky, shining through the red clouds.

In the vast and empty wilderness, both armies killed one another.

Thanks to the hard work of Ouyang Shuo and Han Xin, they had the situation under control. They pulled the Leopard Legion back from the brink of collapse.

Another tough battle would follow.

To both sides, this was a battle that tested mental and physical ability.

At noon, the sun had reached its highest point.

The massacre in the wilderness did not seem to have any intentions of stopping, and no one dared to rest.

Killing shouts and cries filled the ears.

The warriors seemed to be unable to feel hunger, and only killing existed in their eyes. Their killing intent gathered up in the clouds, as the crimson clouds seemed to grow heavier and heavier.

The berserk state of the mountain barbarians had ended, so their battle strength had greatly faltered. The aftereffects of the berserk state also gradually started to show. The mountain barbarian army began to suffer large amounts of casualties.

As they would say, take your life when you were sick.

Han Xin possessed a top-class ability to grasp the opportunity during a battle. He decisively adjusted the formation and ordered the army to mercilessly slaughter the mountain barbarians.

The entire Leopard Legion was like a giant meat grinder, as they sent the mountain barbarian army down to hell.

The mountain barbarian soldiers fell one by one.

On the high platform, this was the first time Chiyou had failed to remain expressionless. Although he had started to learn from the Han people after he entered the wilderness, he still did not understand much about military formations.

Chiyou did not expect that the unassuming formation would actually cause his men to fall to the losing side. However, as he looked at the golden flag, a gold smile appeared at Chiyou's mouth.

The next moment, Chiyou disappeared.


An even more majestic and louder horn sounded out across the battlefield.

"Not good!"

Han Xin was shocked. He looked over at the high platform, but there were no signs of Chiyou. The guards around the chariot had all disappeared.

Along with the sonorous horn, Chiyou led his one thousand Blood Guards. Like a red arrow, they suddenly entered the battlefield. Abruptly, all of the mountain barbarians felt their blood boil.

Their king had appeared.

Similar to the mountain barbarians, Chiyou did not possess a mount. He wielded a giant axe in his hand, as he ran like the wind. In a short while, he appeared in the middle of the battlefield and charged right at the Divine Martial Guards.

"Protect the Lord!"

In the midst of the army, 2nd division Major General Wei Zhang saw through the intentions of Chiyou. As such, he immediately moved his army to try and set up layers to block Chiyou.


Chiyou roared; his voice thundered through the wilderness, and the giant axe in his hand swept forward.

Hua laa!

Like he was cutting tofu, he instantly bisected ten soldiers into two with his giant axe. Their bodies flew into the air, an expression of disbelief still on their faces.


Such a scene was simply too shocking. As a result, the entire battlefield fell silent.


Following which, the soldiers of the mountain barbarian army cheered out.

"Hurray! Hurray!"

“Our king is invincible!”

Chiyou laughed coldly, still not satisfied. His giant axe struck down, and the shadow of his weapon would cover any enemy that stood in his way.

The Devil Chiyou had started his slaughter.

"Ah, save me!"

Cries filled the ear.

All of a sudden, broken limbs littered the area and flesh blood splattered. Even the faces of the soldiers that had experienced hundreds of wars paled upon seeing such a violent and gory scene.

The Blood Guards that followed behind Chiyou were similarly brutal. The one thousand Blood Guards could face an entire division without losing out. Such a scenario was completely unheard of.

The red tornado swept around the middle of the battlefield, and no one could stop it.

Chiyou’s Blood Guards had finally showed themselves to the world. Each one of them was a cold killing machine. They had great individual skill, but they also knew how to coordinate with one another.

Such soldiers were truy unheard of.

"Protect the Lord!"

When Wei Zhang saw Chiyou killing everyone in his path, he charged over and engaged Chiyou.


The Devil Chiyou was as arrogant and crazy as in the past.

The giant axe hacked down; Wei Zhang managed to block this seemingly normal and unassuming move. However, both Wei Zhang and his horse shook. The elite Qingfu Horse was unable to take the move and knelt down onto the ground.

Such ability was unheard of. Even the overlord Xiang Yu did not possess such ability.

However, Wei Zhang would not back down, and he smacked his horse and accepted the challenge.


Chiyou laughed coldly. It was like he was preparing to have some fun with Wei Zhang.

Although Wei Zhang rode a Qingfu Horse, the two of them stood at roughly the same height. With that, one could see how much taller Chiyou was compared to a normal person.

As such, it was not surprising that he did not possess a mount.

In the wilderness, even desolate beasts could not take his weight.

Chiyou himself was a human beast.

Wei Zhang temporarily handled Chiyou, while the warriors of the 2nd division valiantly charged forward and fought the one thousand Blood Guards.

Further away, Han Xin ordered the troops to surround and kill Chiyou.

Han Xin was taking a risk. However, as long as they could kill Chiyou, this battle was theirs.

When the mountain barbarians saw their movements, they were not happy and roared, blocking the path of the Leopard Legion. All of a sudden, the battle grew more and more intense.

Each person was competing against their enemy; none of them wanted to lose out.

This entire battle had its ups and downs, changing constantly.

Similar to Ouyang Shuo, Chiyou had utilized his personal strength to drag the mountain barbarian army out of the dirt.

The entire situation was seemingly going to continue on like this.

Ouyang Shuo, who was not that far away, could see many things. He noticed that as Chiyou killed, his vitality and vigor miraculously increased.

Perhaps Chiyou’s weapon had a property like the Tianmo Spear in his hand, where it could absorb the blood of the enemy?

Thinking about such a possibility, Ouyang Shuo felt terrified.

How many more surprises did Chiyou want to give him!

"We cannot let Chiyou continue killing!"

Ouyang Shuo was resolute. The moment Chiyou absorbed enough energy and sent them into the berserk state once again, this battle would truly be over.

"Chiyou, since you dare appear, prepare to die!"

In Ouyang Shuo's eyes, there was not even a tinge of fear. He was such a character, a person that grew stronger in the face of greater opponents.

"Divine Martial Guards, follow me to kill Chiyou!"

Ouyang Shuo smacked his horse and dashed into the center of the battlefield.

"Lord, no!"

This time, Wang Feng opposed the Lord’s actions, something that he rarely did.

Everyone knew that the current Chiyou was really invincible.

If the Lord headed over now, there was a high chance that he would die. As the commander of the Divine Martial Guards, Wang Feng did not want the Lord to take such a risk. That was because he did not have the confidence to protect the safety of the Lord before Chiyou.

"Impudence!" Ouyang Shuo stared coldly at Wang Feng, as his words actually seethed with rage. This Wang Feng, does he not know how much of an emergency this was? He actually still behaved like an old lady!

"Lord, do not be angry; it's my fault! Let me deal with Chiyou!"

Wang Feng's attitude remained incredibly resolute. He used his eyes to signal for Chen Dameng to block the Lord, while he led the Divine Martial Guards into battle.


Ouyang Shuo was furious; he had not expected Wang Feng to act in such a manner.

"Move aside!"

Watching as Wang Feng led his troops forward, Ouyang Shuo scolded.

Who would have thought that Chen Dameng was also an idiot? He knew that he could not stop the Lord with his strength, so this brutish man went all out.

Chen Dameng suddenly placed his knife against his own throat and declared, "If the Lord goes, I'll kill myself!"


Ouyang Shuo flipped out.

Chen Dameng's expression truly made Ouyang Shuo want to smack him. Why did he not notice before that this guy was so annoying?

"Revolting, you're all revolting!"

Their actions infuriated Ouyang Shuo, but there was really nothing that he could do. He knew that Chen Dameng would definitely act upon his words.

"Watch how I teach all of you a lesson later!"

Ouyang Shuo stared into Chen Dameng's eyes before turning his head to look at the battlefield.

After the Divine Martial Guards rushed over, the 2nd division could finally heave a sigh of relief. In such a short while, thousands of people from the 2nd division had died.

The two guard groups were going to battle for supremacy.

In a one-on-one situation, the Chiyou Blood Guards were fifty percent stronger than the Divine Martial Guards.

What a bunch of monsters.

Luckily, they only numbered a thousand.

If not, the Divine Martial Guards would definitely lose.

Seeing the enemy elite force rush over, Chiyou did not have any more heart to play around. His giant axe suddenly grew fiercer and fiercer, and each blow from his axe was stronger than the last.

Wei Zhang was one of the strongest generals in Shanhai City. In fact, his strength was even above Lin Yi and Wang Feng.

Even so, he was helpless before Chiyou's strikes. He was like a lone boat, while the enemy was the vast ocean.

Wave after wave struck him. If he was even a little distracted, he would really die.


The soldiers of the 2nd division started to head over to assist when they saw Wei Zhang fall into such a bad state.

Unfortunately, they were too late.

Or putting it another way, things happened too quickly.

Chiyou hollered once more. His body suddenly expanded a size, and the giant axe in his hands was like the scythe of a death god, cutting down Wei Zhang.

This time, he had caught Wei Zhang completely off guard, and it was too late to block.

Wei Zhang could only watch on as the giant axe struck down from his shoulder, splitting his body in half.

Blood splattered.

Shanhai City general Wei Zhang dies in battle!


The soldiers of the 2nd division cried out; their eyes red, as they charged toward Chiyou.

"Chiyou give me your life!"

"A bunch of ants!"

Chiyou laughed icily, as he wiped away the fresh blood on his face, making him look even more savage.