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Chapter 500- Mystery of the Devil Bloodline

Chapter 500- Mystery of the Devil Bloodline

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Wei Zhang's death had brought Ouyang Shuo out of his fury. This was the first time that Shanhai City had a general of such a level die in battle. However, the current battlefield was merciless, and it did not allow him to feel sad nor did it allow for the soldiers to cry.

"Chen Dameng!"

Ouyang Shuo's current voice sounded exceedingly calm.

When Chen Dameng heard his tone, he felt a shiver run down his spine, like a cold wind had blown across.


"Send a letter to Han Xin and ask him to command the troops to surround the mountain barbarians. Chiyou and his Blood Guards will be up to us, so choose another ten fierce generals for us to fight him with."

"Yes, my Lord!"

This time, Chen Dameng did not dare to oppose the order. He had a feeling that if he dared to go against this order, he would die at the very next moment.

This strong man might seem brutish, but he was exceptionally smart and quick.

Ouyang Shuo was angry, but he had not lost his rationality. He could clearly see that although Chiyou seemed careless for entering the battlefield, he had actually disrupted the tempo.

In the original battlefield, the Shanhai City Army held the advantage. After all, the mountain barbarians that suffered from the side effects of the end of the berserk state were worse than normal soldiers.

Based on that tempo, even if Shi Wanshui could not rush over, they could still crush the mountain barbarian army; it was just a matter of time.

However, Chiyou had also seen that point. As such, he appeared battlefield. Furthermore, his appearance had stunned everyone. Han Xin had moved the troops to attack Chiyou, giving the mountain barbarians a chance. It was not a smart decision.

It was the same as saying that Shanhai City Army had panicked upon seeing Chiyou's strength.

This was not a good sign.

Now, Ouyang Shuo needed to remedy this mistake.

The moment they controlled the mountain barbarian army, no matter Chiyou’s individual strength, he would not be able to win.

One's personal strength would always remain limited in a huge battlefield. Even Devil Chiyou was not truly invincible. Ouyang Shuo did not believe that if ten thousand arrows were shot at him, he could block them all.

After a short while, Chen Dameng returned. Behind him were ten strong generals.

If they could not take him in a one-versus-one situation, they would just have to gang up on him.

Ouyang Shuo was not a righteous person. On their battlefield, righteousness held no meaning.

Victory was righteousness. Defeat was dog sh*t.


Ouyang Shuo wielded the Tianmo Spear and led them.


The two hundred Royal Guards and the ten fierce generals followed behind him in an orderly manner, as the army automatically gave way for them.

"Chiyou, we meet again!"

Ouyang Shuo slapped his horse and moved in front of Chiyou, as the Royal Guards automatically surrounded him. The Chiyou Blood Guards wanted to assist, but Wang Feng's forces blocked them off.


In Chiyou's eyes, a killing intent gleamed.

How could Chiyou forget his nemesis Ouyang Shuo? It was this person who had helped the Yellow Emperor defeat him. Chiyou had not forgotten about this deep hatred for even a moment.

"You actually have some balls. I thought you would continue being a cowardly turtle." Chiyou mocked Ouyang Shuo. However, when his words were combined with the fresh blood on his face, he looked somewhat comical.

"I could defeat you before, so I can defeat you once more. Only after this time, you won’t see the light of day again." Ouyang Shuo did not bother about Chiyou's provocation.

The current Ouyang Shuo was not some rash child.

He only cared about obtaining victory in this war.

"Stop the useless talk, eat my axe!"

Ouyang Shuo was not enraged. On the other hand, Chiyou found himself infuriated.

The giant axe bore down and a chilly breeze struck his face. However, Ouyang Shuo remained unfazed.

He raised his Tianmo Spear and blocked the battle axe.

Dang! Yet another heavy blow.

However, Ouyang Shuo was not Wei Zhang. After training in the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique, his strength had reached incomparable heights. Moreover, the Qingfu Horse he sat on was the king of Qingfu Horses.

This strike did not achieve anything.

Chiyou's eyes widened, as Ouyang Shuo's strength had exceeded his expectations. During the Battle of Zhuolu, Ouyang Shuo did not act, and the one who fought with Chiyou was Shi Wanshui.

The current Chiyou was more than two times stronger than during that battle. If he fought against Shi Wanshui again, he was sure that he would win within a hundred moves.


Chiyou could not accept it, so he launched a relentless assault.

Ouyang Shuo also wanted to measure the standard that his current strength had reached. He asked Chen Dameng and the others to stand aside and allow him to have a one-versus-one fight against Chiyou.

The two of them fought, one standing, one on a horse.

Chiyou's axe was heavy and strong, and each strike seemed to carry earth splitting might. Ouyang Shuo's Tianmo Spear was devilish, together with the Yang Family Spear Technique, he could not be underestimated.

The two of them fought for over ten rounds.

Ouyang Shuo needed to pay one hundred percent attention to every strike from Chiyou. On the contrary, Chiyou could easily block every attack from Ouyang Shuo.

Comparing the two, the stronger one was easily determined.

The current Ouyang Shuo was not the opponent of a devil like Chiyou.

After over ten rounds, Ouyang Shuo started to pant and beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

Even Qingdian could not hold on, as it breathed out white air through its nose. After all, around half of the force from Chiyou’s attacks transferred from Ouyang Shuo to Qingdian.

If this was a normal horse, it would have been flattened already.

Ouyang Shuo did not want to tangle with Chiyou any longer, so he used his spear to push aside the axe before backing off to a side. When Chen Dameng and the others saw his actions, they surrounded Chiyou to received his attacks.

"Despicable!" Chiyou raged.

Under the orders of Chen Dameng, the Royal Guards formed a huge circle.

During this fight, when they faced Chiyou, the Divine Martial Guards would receive one stroke before immediately backing off.

The cold ones would even sneak attack Chiyou from behind.

Such despicable tactics enraged Chiyou. However, the Divine Martial Guards were not normal soldiers. No matter how strong Chiyou was, he could not kill a bunch of them with just one blow from his axe.

Although the Royal Guards were strong, they did not dare to act careless when facing Chiyou. If they were not careful and Chiyou grabbed his chance, they would definitely be killed.

The Devil Chiyou was titled as a war god presence by many.

Hence, even though the Royal Guards were as careful as they could be, and acted as shameless as possible, some of them would still fall despite having the help of ten fierce generals.

This time, the Royal Guards had suffered heavy casualties.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this scene, his facial muscles twitched. These members were all his babies. Seeing Chiyou easily take away the troops he had spent so much to train, Ouyang Shuo even had the thought of skinning him alive.

Luckily, they had the situation temporarily under control.

Since they could deal with Chiyou, the mountain barbarian army would fall to a disadvantage.

After receiving Ouyang Shuo’s instructions, Han Xin shifted the Guards Division over to massacre the mountain barbarian army.

In the scuffle with the Royal Guards, Chiyou was unable to absorb enough vitality. Ouyang Shuo stood at the side and could feel the situation with Chiyou’s body. If something weird happened, he would take special measures.


Chiyou was growing more and more annoyed, and he finally could not take it anymore. He let loose a long and loud roar. All of a sudden, the vitality and vigor of his body disappeared.

Chiyou had actually mutated once more.

His body was originally terrifying. However, this change had made him a huge step taller.

Chiyou was now three meters tall, and even the armor on his body had ripped open, dangling from his body. His muscles bulged like little mountains.

Ouyang Shuo guessed that the current defence of Chiyou’s body could probably almost compare to armor.

What a monster!

"Devil Possession!"

Ouyang Shuo immediately knew why this had happened to Chiyou.

During the Battle of Zhuolu, Chiyou had also undergone a similar mutation. However, his height was not so shocking at that time. Had the devil bloodline in his body grown purer and purer?

Chiyou’s mutation had caused the devil bloodline in Ouyang Shuo's body to feel like it was being pulled out by some mysterious energy. Suddenly, his bloodline grew restless.

This was far more painful than the previous few times. Ouyang Shuo could feel the primordial energy in his body failing to suppress the devil bloodline.

"Damn it!"

Ouyang Shuo's face instantly turned ashen white, as a piercing pain spread out from his abdomen. Each and every blood vessel in his body looked like it was on the verge of exploding, while his blood tossed and turned; his chi chaotic.


Chen Dameng noticed Ouyang Shuo's situation and was about to rush over.

"Do not panic." Ouyang Shuo withstood the pain, as his voice instantly grew hoarse.

When Chen Dameng heard these words, he stopped in his steps.

"Hei, does not feel good, right?"

Chiyou noticed the weird situation with Ouyang Shuo, and he grinned coldly.

"You know the reason?"

Ouyang Shuo sent Chiyou a deathly stare, as his eyes filled with doubt. He was not sure why their bloodlines would form such a reaction. It was evident that the devil bloodline in his body was at a disadvantage in front of Chiyou; it was completely suppressed.

"Hen, wait for it; the more painful stuff is still to come!" Chiyou did not answer Ouyang Shuo's question and teased, "Absorbing my devil bloodline, how could you not pay a price?"

When Ouyang Shuo heard these words, he remained silent.

"Big devil, die!"

The Royal Guards truly could not stand seeing their Lord in such a state. They did not want to play any more shameless tactics, and they all charged forward together. They wanted to kill Chiyou on the spot.

"Hen, a bunch of ants."

After mutating, Chiyou’s arrogance had increased.


Chiyou hollered, as the axe in his hand transformed into a white light that seemed almost invisible.

As the axe swept across, before the Royal Guards could even react, the axe broke the legs of their war horses, and they knelt on the ground.

All of a sudden, both men and horse flipped.

Devil Chiyou was about to start a massacre once again.

Seeing the Royal Guards fall one by one, Ouyang Shuo stood at a side with a pained expression. The feeling of not having the strength and ability to help was something that he rarely felt.

The pain in his body seemed to grow stronger with each burst of pain.

Ouyang Shuo could feel the blood in his body acting like hot oil, totally bubbling and burning, charging straight for the walls of his blood vessels.

It seemed like Chiyou would break out of their envelopment.