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Chapter 501- Ganging up on Chiyou

Chapter 501- Ganging up on Chiyou

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Just as Chiyou was about to escape the encirclement, a thunderous bellow rang from the battlefield outside.

"Your arrogance ends here, Chiyou. Shi Wanshui is here!"

When Chiyou heard these words, his eyes froze. He would still remember this voice even if he was squashed into pieces. This was the person that killed him during the Battle of Zhuolu.

As they said, your eyes will redden with anger when you meet your enemy.

Chiyou raised his head and turned his sights away from the battlefield. He saw a huge army suddenly appear behind the mountain barbarian forces and waltzed forward. The moment they entered the battlefield, they charged toward the mountain barbarians without hesitation.

This sight left Chiyou astonished.

Apart from that, two generals charged toward Chiyou.

These two generals were Shi Wanshui and the young general Shan Zhu.

The two of them had arrived at the perfect moment.

Ouyang Shuo raised his head and looked to the sky, as he let out a thankful and happy expression. It was around 1:30 PM in the afternoon. Shi Wanshui had arrived thirty minutes early.

Shanhai City would definitely win this battle.

When Chiyou saw Shi Wanshui, he stopped killing the Royal Guards and just waited in the middle of the battlefield.

He wanted to right his wrongs through this battle.

After a short while, Shi Wanshui and Shan Zhu both arrived.

When the Royal Guards saw them arrive, they intelligently backed down and surrounded Ouyang Shuo to protect him.

The devil bloodline in his body was boiling more and more intensely. He could feel that a mysteries power was being birthed inside him.

However, it was like it was locked up, unable to break out.

Truly a horrendous feeling.

Seeing that his safety was not threatened anymore, Ouyang Shuo dismounted. Then, he crossed his legs and focused on rotating the Yellow Emperor Cultivation Technique. At the current moment, only the golden primordial energy could control the devil bloodline.

On the other side, Shi Wanshui had engaged Chiyou, while Shan Zhu fought alongside him.

As the best warrior among the Li Race, Shan Zhu was also born with god given strength. When he was in Lianzhou, Er'Lai was also asked to teach him the cultivation of the Desolate Tiger Art.

This precious technique was like fish to water for Shan Zhu, and his strength surged daily. In terms of the force stat, the current Shan Zhu would rank in the top five of Shanhai.

The two generals pincered Chiyou.

Even so, this battle remained incredibly tough.

During the Battle of Zhuolu, Shi Wanshui had Li Mu and Chang Xian to help him. At the current moment, Shi Wanshui only had the help of Shan Zhu.

Most importantly, the current Chiyou was much stronger than during the Battle of Zhuolu.

The two sides fought for over fifty rounds; their exchanges filled with dangerous and close moments.

Luckily, the Shanhai City Army did not lack great generals. The arrival of Shi Wanshui and Shan Zhu's divisions was the nail in the coffin for the mountain barbarian army. Under the command of Han Xin, they cut them down and surrounded them piece by piece.

Defeat was just a matter of time.

Even the Chiyou Blood Guards were surrounded and suffered heavy casualties. They no longer looked as valiant as before.

Especially after Chiyou activated the devil possession and used up his own vitality. It was like the Chiyou Blood Guards had lost their soul, and their strengths plummeted.

The Divine Martial Guards definitely would not miss this great chance, and they inflicted hefty damage.

Seeing that the battle was pretty much settled, Wang Feng, Lin Yi, Sun Chuan Lin, and the like joined in to attack Chiyou.

This time, Chiyou faced heavy pressure.

Even though he was strong, it was not enough to face so many of them.

Amidst the chaos, God Archer Sun Chuan Lin made the biggest contribution.

Facing such an expert, firing thousands of arrows at once was the best choice.

Unfortunately, Shi Wanshui and the others were tangled with him, so it would not work out. Furthermore, Chiyou was not a fool, so he would not easily become a living target.

However, Sun Chuan Lin was different, as his archery had already reached the peak of perfection. In the chaos, he continuously shot, trying to hit Chiyou. Furthermore, his every arrow targeted the same area.

Such archery was truly unbeatable in the world.

After the devil possession, Chiyou's defence had reached an inconceivable level. Normal arrows would only leave a white mark upon hitting his body.

Sun Chuan Lin was different, as his arrows were accurate and vicious. Each one of them could rip of a layer of Chiyou’s skin. After numerous strikes, even if Chiyou was a genuine devil, he would have to die on the spot.

What made matters worse was that Chiyou could not even hit Sun Chuan Lin.

Shi Wanshui and the others were intelligent people. Since they saw that Sun Chuan Lin's strategy was working, they collaborated to surround Chiyou and create chances for Sun Chuan Lin.


The Devil Chiyou roared in disgust. In this battle, he really could not do anything! Although the mountain barbarians in the distance could hear his shouts, there was nothing they could do; they were in danger themselves.

Chiyou could not care less. If he had to die, he would drag one of them down with him.

Naturally, he chose Shi Wanshui.

Chiyou naturally hated Shi Wanshui to the core.

Chiyou was growing crazier and crazier. He did not care about the attacks of the others, hellbent on killing Shi Wanshui. This time, Shi Wanshui was in a tough spot.

However, he needed to hold on.

Shi Wanshui was also a general that had been through numerous wars. A situation he had never seen before simply did not exist.

Facing the flurry of attacks, Shi Wanshui was totally on the back foot. He could only hope that none of the strikes hit.

All of a sudden, Chiyou was helpless.

At the same time, the young generals like Lin Yi took their chances to stab at Chiyou's body. He started to bleed till blood covered his entire body.

The war god Chiyou was slowly walking to the end of the road.

This battle was so similar to the Battle of Zhuolu, the battle at Xiongli Valley.


Chiyou definitely would not let himself fall in the same manner twice. His eyes were stained red, and the blood in his body started to magically boil.

"Not good!"

When Shi Wanshui saw this scene, his heart trembled. Chiyou was going to give it his all.

Devil Chiyou was such a tough opponent!

Chiyou leaped, jumping over four meters and appearing before Shi Wanshui. Before he even landed, he used all his strength to chop down with the giant axe in his hand.

This time, Shi Wanshui had no time to dodge, so he could only grab his spear and block.


Shi Wanshui could feel a terrifying strength spread through his spear. The vibrations broke his hands, and the strike also caused his organs to shift.


Shi Wanshui spat out a large mouthful of blood, immediately suffering heavy injuries. The war horse under him had also received a heavy impact. It knelt on the ground, looking like it was on the verge of death.

Chiyou's strike was really shocking.


Seeing that his strike had worked, Chiyou let out an evil smile. He still was not satisfied, so he raised his axe and chopped down again.

If this axe hit, Shi Wanshui would definitely die on the spot.

Shi Wanshui was also a tough man, so he beared the pain and suddenly rolled to the side, dodging Chiyou's attack.

Chiyou was not discouraged, and his giant axe chopped down again and again.

Shi Wanshui was in terrible shape, as he continuously rolled around on the ground. His shifted organs caused him to bleed internally after he made such movements.

If he did not have such a good physical body, he would definitely become paralyzed.

Even so, Shi Wanshui did not dare to be careless. He focused all his energy, as he tossed aside the pain and tried his best to avoid the hits.

There were a few times where the giant axe grazed his body.

If he was a normal person, he would definitely be frightened to death.

Shi Wanshui could only pin his hopes on his allies.

No one had expected Chiyou’s leap. Seeing Shi Wanshui in danger, the rest of them hurried over, as they stabbed their spears at Chiyou.

It was like he suddenly had eyes on his back, as he swept his axe and smacked the spears away.

Yet another chaotic battle.

Luckily, they had finally dragged Shi Wanshui back from the brink of death.

Shi Wanshui dodged Chiyou's final strike and immediately fainted, his mouth still bleeding. The Royal Guards rushed over and carried him to the command center for treatment.

Even after heavily injuring Shi Wanshui, Chiyou was not feeling any better, as he got shot twice by Sun Chuan Lin in the process. The last arrow had even penetrated his body, and fresh blood flowed out like a faucet.

Lin Yi and the others were now riled up, and they used all they had learned against Chiyou.

This seismic battle was simply too shocking. Soldiers of both sides had unknowingly stopped and started to pay attention to this battle.

Devil Chiyou was fighting one against five, but he was not at a disadvantage.

Killing Wei Zhang and heavily injuring Shi Wanshui, such feats were unheard of. Even the crimson clouds were influenced, as they started to toss and turn.

As the battle went on, the wounds on his body could not be stopped. Fresh blood covered Chiyou completely.

As the fight continued, they could also feel Chiyou’s strength waning.

This devil finally could not hold on.

However, they did not dare to be careless. When fighting a locked up monster, their last strikes were often the strongest.

Hence, they intelligently changed their strategy and tried to drag on the fight. All of them were good riders. Using their horses and the advantage of their long spears, they did not let him approach.

Chiyou did not have the strength to leap up like before.

The devil of a generation was about to fall.

Chiyou's eyes were completely red, and he had started to lose consciousness.

At this moment, Shan Zhu bravely stepped out and attracted all of Chiyou's attention.

Making use of the chance, the rest of them stabbed into Chiyou’s back.

This was their strongest attack. It held all their beliefs, and the tips of their spears shone brightly with killing intent.

The two spears were like life taking talismans, as they bore through his chest.


The devil could not withstand the massive hit, and he coughed out blood.

Even so, he could still retaliate. His axe swept backward, cutting the poles of both spears.

His immense power swept both Lin Yi and Wang Feng from their horses.

This was Chiyou’s last strike. After this move, he did not have any more strength. His huge body could not stand upright any longer, so he collapsed onto the ground.

The war god Chiyou had finally fallen.