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Chapter 504- Awakening Bloodline

Chapter 504- Awakening Bloodline

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Ouyang Shuo first took up the small bottle. Once he opened it, he found a drop of blood essence.

Devil Blood Essence: After use, activates the full devil bloodline.

It seems like the Chiyou Blood Essence Ouyang Shuo obtained last time was just half of the devil bloodline. However, apparently the heavens would not forsake anyone. This time, he could solve the problem of his bloodline.

Ouyang Shuo covered the bottle and carefully stored it in his storage bag. Then, he picked up the giant axe.

Name: Heaven Splitting Axe (God Weapon)

Hardness: 90

Sharpness: 88

Toughness: 75

Specialty: Weapon Breaker (if opposing weapon hardness is lower than the Heaven Splitting Axe, chance for the axe to break it. Unique item, cannot be dropped.)

Killing Technique: Pangu Splits the Heavens (Releases a strong killing aura like that of splitting the heavens to cut the enemy in half, turning them into dust. Cool Down: one week.)

Limitation: only equippable by mountain barbarians.

Evaluation: In the legends, Chiyou split the heavens; this is a legendary axe forged using the ninth heaven cuprite.

As expected, Chiyou's Heaven Splitting Axe was a rare god weapon. Regretfully, only mountain barbarians could use it.

Lastly, the small book.

Name: Hell Slaughterer True Manual (Emperor Rank cultivation method)

Level: 1/12 levels

Specialty: For each level increase, bone structure +1, comprehension +1, all other stats +1

Restriction: limited to mountain barbarians

Evaluation: the cultivation method of Devil Chiyou, includes internal cultivation technique, battle strategies and the like; a combination-based cultivation technique.

Yet another item with a race restriction.

When Ouyang Shuo read the description, he could only shake his head regretfully.

With that, both the Heaven Splitting Axe and the Hell Slaughterer True Manual should be used together. It was enough to train a mountain barbarian warrior into a legendary general.

The first person that came to Ouyang Shuo’s mind was Shi Hu.

Shi Hu had played a huge part in persuading the mountain mountains, so he should be rewarded.

After checking the stats of the three items, Ouyang Shuo immediately ordered people to craft a coffin to store Chiyou's corpse first. They would choose a place to bury him later.

Apart from that, they also dealt with Wei Zhang's corpse.

The Shanhai City Martial Temple had two king rank general souls. Hence, as long as they returned to Shanhai City, Ouyang Shuo could use one of them to revive Wei Zhang.

After dealing with all the matters, Ouyang Shuo returned to the command center.

Ouyang Shuo instructed Chen Dameng to inform all the generals about a meeting at 8 PM. However, before that time, no one was to disturb him.

Inside his room, Ouyang Shuo carefully took out the bottle with the blood essence and gingerly drank it.

The moment the devil blood essence entered his stomach, his calm bloodline started to boil once again, giving out cheering noises.

Pudong! Pudong!

Ouyang Shuo could feel his heartbeat suddenly speed up, beating five to six times a second. A normal person’s heart only beat one to two times a second.

Along with the increased heartbeat rate, all of the blood in his body started to move and flow quickly. A short while later, the devil blood essence mixed in with the blood around it and did not separate.

Instantly, a huge and endless blood energy exploded out from within his body. Chen Dameng, who stood guard outside, felt shocked and backed off upon feeling the vigor and vitality that spread out.

A blood red color covered Ouyang Shuo’s entire body.

The surging blood energy started to change and modify his body.

The bloodline lock that Ouyang Shuo felt prior to this started to break under the attacks of this energy. In an instant, he could feel a happiness spread out from the deepest parts of his bloodline.

It was like his entire existence had improved by a level.

He had broken through the fences and entered a new world.

A black layer of filth excreted from his pores, smelling extremely horrible.

Ouyang Shuo had once again undergone a transformation.

Under the power of the blood, the blood in Ouyang Shuo's body continued to flow quickly. All his blood seemed to almost turn into paste, exceedingly sticky, reaching the ‘cultivating blood into paste’ level.

At this stage, his vigor and vitality became extremely huge, and his body’s regenerative abilities had improved. The strength of his body evidently improved and growed at a noticeable pace.

The strength of his body had risen to four oxen.

The more terrifying part was his skin, which became tough like copper. His bones had also hardened, while the blood producing function of his spine has increased.

Copper skin, iron bone, indestructible.

The secret behind Chiyou's transformation laid in such factors.

The power of blood was the fountain of Chiyou's strength.

After the washing of the blood energy, Ouyang Shuo's body had undergone a complete transformation. From this moment onward, Ouyang Shuo could compete with generals like Shi Wanshui.

The benefits did not end there. As a result of the blood energy explosion, the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique had absorbed enough energy and upgraded to the ninth layer.

Just that alone helped him to save months of cultivation time.

Good things really came in pairs.

After the upgrade of the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique, Ouyang Shuo's physical body had increase; he now had five oxen of strength. In a short time, his strength had doubled.

With just one punch, he could split apart rocks and mountains.

At this point, the blood in his body slowly calmed down.

Suddenly, a system notification sounded out by his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, consuming devil blood essence and triggering the devil bloodline, completing the first awakening. Awarded 20 thousand reputation points."

Following which, another report rang out.

"System Report: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for being the first person in China to awaken the bloodline, awarded one Peiyuan Pill and 40 thousand reputation points."


With a shua! a white line shone and a small white bottle appeared in his hand. The bottle contained a red pill the size of a yellow bean.

Peiyuan Pill: Solidified Peiyuan, effective for badly injured people.

Ouyang Shuo kept the bottle in his storage bag. His brows were tightly locked, and his expression looked solemn.

This change was truly serious.

Firstly, why would a seemingly normal bloodline awakening trigger a system report? That in itself was unusual.

Gaia was not a good person, so it would not announce the matter if it was not a huge event. The moment it made an announcement, it meant that the bloodline awakening was special.

Secondly, the way the notification was written held a hidden meaning.

Based on Gaia’s words, he had not changed his bloodline. Instead, he had triggered and brought out the bloodline hidden in his original blood.

At this moment, he thought back to the bloodline lock thing from before.

It meant that the devil blood essence only helped lead him to awaken the devil blood in his body.

When did Ouyang Shuo become the descendant of the devil?

Ouyang Shuo remembered clearly that there was nothing about race or bloodline when he created his character.

Moreover, this was only the first awakening. Which meant that when the time arrived, there might be a second or third awakening.

What kind of secrets were hidden in human blood? What level had Gaia's research on human blood reached? Were all these matters just part of game or were they related to real life?

All of these matters were a mystery.

Just like what Ouyang Shuo had felt before, the higher he stood, the more blurry things looked to him. Now, more mysteries bothered him.

Swordsman City.

The moment the system notification went out, the other players did not know what was going on. Only Feng Qingyang's face turned utterly green.

As a descendant of an old martial arts family, he had a far better understanding of the martial arts and bloodline settings of the game.

Since the start, Feng Qingyang had known of the secrets of the bloodline, and he had been working toward awakening it. He did not expect Qiyue Wuyi to be a step faster than him.

"That fellow, what kind of dog sh*t luck does he have!"

Toward conquering lands, Feng Qingyang had little interest; he only cared about the bloodline.

The moment Ouyang Shuo awoke his bloodline, his cabin in the immigration spaceship traveling through the vast black galaxy also started to change.

A red colored blood fog covered Ouyang Shuo. In the nutritional fluid tube, large amounts of high grade nutritional fluids pumped into his body.

In the end, the blood fog actually coagulated into a blood nest and in it, one could hear his heartbeat.

At the same time, in the command core of the fleet, Gaia’s location, an order was given.


"Checked that spaceship zg105, cabin number zg10050078 has triggered section number 31 of the international federation, completing the first high grade bloodline awakening. Reaching requirements, commander please confirm!"


"Confirmation completed, based on section 31-004, giving number zg10050078 the highest grade nutritional fluid, raising cabin AI level, raising his permission level."


"Connecting highest grade nutritional fluid tube!"


"Cabin number zg10050078 AI has been upgraded, will monitor him 24/7 to ensure his safety!"


"Civilian number zg350825216810058271 permission level raised!"