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Chapter 505- Situation in the World

Chapter 505- Situation in the World

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Post-awakening his bloodline, filth covered Ouyang Shuo's body.

After a simple wash up, Ouyang Shuo visited the treatment room to take a look at the badly injured Shi Wanshui.

Chiyou’s shocking strike had knocked him out, and he still had not woken up. The doctor that followed the troops could only help him bandage his wounds and treat the physical wounds.

The doctors in the Shanhai City Army, especially the legion level doctors, were all the elites that the Medical Division developed and trained. Some were even players who were specialists in real life.

Hence, although Shi Wanshui's injuries were grievous, it was not too big of a problem. As for his internal injuries, they could not do anything about them. They would need to wait for Shi Wanshui to deal with them himself when he woke up.

Of course, there were still some risks.

If Shi Wanshui did not wake up early enough, and his internal injuries took too long to heal, it could leave behind problems. In the worse case scenario, he could lose all his martial arts skills.

To someone like Shi Wanshui, losing his skills was the same as losing his life.

When Ouyang Shuo saw the situation, he did not hesitate and took out the Peiyuan Pill. Then, he passed it to the doctor to give it to Shi Wanshui.

As expected, after Shi Wanshui consumed the pill, he immediately looked better. His ashen white face started to have some red.

The doctor took his pulse and turned around, “Lord, don't worry. General Shi is fine."

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “Take good care of him." He turned around as he spoke these words. Since the war had just ended, there were still many other matters he needed to attend to.

After he returned from the treatment room, Ouyang Shuo met Shi Hu in the main hall meeting.

"Greetings, my Lord!"

Although Ouyang Shuo was the Barbarian King, in the military, Shi Hu still called him Lord. The great shaman had trained up this mountain barbarian warrior. Be it in terms of IQ or EQ, he was top class.

He had the simplicity and honesty of the mountain barbarians but also the quick thinking of the Han people. These two different characteristics mixed together to form his unique character.

Pushing Ouyang Shuo to kingship was his most eye catching performance.

"Stand up!"

Ouyang Shuo sat on the leader seat, the war axe and the small book on the table.

When Shi Hu heard this command, he simply stood on the spot.

"These two items, do you recognize them?"

Ouyang Shuo pointed to the axe and the book on the table, smiling as he asked this question.

"I do!"

When they collected Chiyou's corpse, Shi Hu was present. Naturally, he recognized both items. Especially the Heaven Splitting Axe, which was the symbol of Chiyou. All the mountain barbarian warriors dreamed of this weapon.

"Now, they are yours!"

Ouyang Shuo's words were simple, but they Shi Hu stunned. His heartbeat quickened; his heart was about to explode from his chest. All of a sudden, he did not know what to say.

"Why, you don't like it?"

This general followed the rules too strictly sometimes. As a result, Ouyang Shuo wanted to tease him.

"Lord, this is too precious."

Shi Hu still had not regained his composure.

"Just take it, you deserve it." Ouyang Shuo stood up and placed the two items into Shi Hu’s hands.

"Thank you, Lord, for your reward!"

Seeing that, Shi Hu knelt on the ground once more and respectfully bowed.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and returned to his seat, "The meaning and power these two items represent, I am sure you understand. I only hope you don't insult their name."


Shi Hu nodded his head vigorously; his face completely red. Of course, he knew what the Heaven Splitting Axe meant; it was a symbol of climbing up to the strongest warrior throne.

Whether he could make the throne his own would depend on his personal strength.

The Lord could give him weapons, but the Lord could not help him stop the gossips and doubts.

The mountain barbarians had always worshiped the strong and everything depended on one’s own power.

"At the appropriate time, spread the Hell Slaughterer True Manual to Shi Bao and Lei Jingtian." Ouyang Shuo was not going to act like Chiyou and only let one person cultivate it.

Of course, since it was an emperor rank cultivation technique, it had a high requirement on talent and comprehension, so it was not something that every warrior could cultivate

Ouyang Shuo wanted the Hell Slaughterer True Manual to end at his time.


When the Lord mentioned Shi Bao and Lei Jingtian, he was obviously warning Shi Hu to not grow arrogant. There were still other talented mountain barbarian generals behind him.

The mountain barbarians he obtained this time would require generals from his army to lead them. It was more suitable for a mountain barbarian general to lead the mountain barbarian force.

"Back down. On the side of the mountain barbarian army, you still need to put in more time and effort."

Although the mountain barbarians had surrendered and recognized Ouyang Shuo as their king, in the end, they had still lost. As a result, their emotions were a bit out of control, which could potentially lead to them causing chaos.

Since the overall situation was a huge rush, they did not have a full month like the Battle of Zhaoqing to reorganize. Ouyang Shuo was planning to leave in just two days.


Shi Hu nodded and backed down.

After Shi Hu left, Ouyang Shuo finally had the time to read the battle report that the Black Snake Guards sent.

Zhongyuan Region.

Piao Linghuan and Chun Shenjun's two armies had entered together. However, they faced Zhangchu's army’s heavy resistance. Their advances were totally controlled and suppressed.

The entire battlefield had entered a stalemate situation, where victory was tough to decided. News had spread that Di Chen was ready to send his troops down south at any moment.

Hence, the battle situation in the Zhongyuan Region was wholly uncertain.

Southeast region.

Xiong Ba's and Zhan Lang's north and south pincer attack placed Huangchao in a terrible situation. After all, they had already lost at the hands of Zhan Lang. Along with their lack of generals and troops, their weaknesses were exposed.

Based on what the Black Snake Guard stationed at the Jianye intel station had analyzed, if things continued smoothly, they would decide victory in a month.

Zhan Lang and Xiong Ba were both opponents that could not be underestimated. One of them was maturing by the day, and his military talent was showing. The other was an old fox with a lot of help.

With these two working together, it was enough to give Huangchao a headache.

In comparison, Gong Chengshi and Xunlong Dianxue, who both belonged to the southeast region, seemed dull. In the end, not every commoner Lord could grow as strong as Ouyang Shuo.

The part that disappointed Ouyang Shuo was that the alliance Gong Chengshi had formed had not crossed the border till date. It was not that Gong Chengshi did not attack, it was just that his allies did not want to take the risk.

Obviously, Gong Chengshi's control of the Jiangchuan Province was rather weak.

As for Xunlong Dianxue, as a province stood in the middle of them, he was a total onlooker. Ouyang Shuo had instructed him to just give up on hopes of joining in on the southeast battlefield. He should just assist Bai Xue's Consonance City.

Ouyang Shuo was just trying to quickly cut back his losses.

This chaotic war situation had exposed the weaknesses of the Shanhai Alliance. After this war, the prestige of the Shanhai Alliance would not be as high.

On the other hand, the Yanhuang Alliance finally showed signs of making a comeback after the previous setback.

Southwest Region.

Facing the two hundred thousand troops of Taiping Country, even with the help of Luo Shixin's division, Consonance City troops faced defeat after after.

In just a week, they lost four cities.

In the middle part of the war, Bai Hua had to request help from her brother, Moon Shines over the River. She could only ask him to gather twenty thousand adventure gamemode players to join the war.

The moment players died, their levels would fall to zero, and they would lose all their items.

All the members of Qingfeng Pavilion were elites, and it was not easy for them to reach their current level. Who knew how much work Bai Hua and Moon Shines over the River had to put in to make them willing to join.

Solely the compensation fees for the players who died could empty their treasury. However, Bai Hua was forced to the edge of the cliff, so she went all out.

In Ouyang Shuo’s last life, Bai Hua probably also used this trump card.

Of course, in his last life, without the existence of Shanhai City, their situation was better, and they could gather up a bunch of allies.

Ouyang Shuo still remembered that Taiping Country in his last life did not cause much of a storm.

In this life, the reason why Taiping Country could act so arrogant was because of Ouyang Shuo. It was because Ouyang Shuo had allowed the birth of such a monster.

Bai Hua could be said to be taking the blame for Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo did not feel good about this matter, which was why he sent Luo Shixin's division over and persuaded Xunlong Dianxue to send his troops.

Ouyang Shuo bore the teleportation fees for Xunlong Dianxue's division.

Luckily, under the help of both the adventure gamemode players and Xunlong Dianxue, Consonance City managed to maintain their defense line.

This was also the first time that adventure gamemode players had joined a city war on a large scale.

Who knows what kind of chain reaction Qingfeng Pavilion would cause on the future of the China region.

At the very least, Lords would grow more and more interested in the various guilds.


Looking at the battle report, Ouyang Shuo's brows relaxed.

To word it nicely, after the Battle of Wuzhou ended, the hardest time for the Shanhai Alliance had ended too.

After dealing with the Chiyou Army, with Ouyang Shuo unexpectedly becoming the Barbarian King, the strength of Shanhai City had risen instead. At this time, no matter how they assigned their troops, they were too strong.

As such, Ouyang Shuo wanted to hold a meeting to plan for the following military operations.