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Chapter 520- Upping the Stakes

Chapter 520- Upping the Stakes

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11th month, 4th day, the situation on the southwest battlefield suddenly changed.

Shanhai City's three roads of troops divided and conquered, sweeping Xunzhou Prefecture.


Baiqi’s Dragon Legion left a trail of slaughter along the way. Anyone that stubbornly blocked their path were killed without hesitation. One city who did not want to surrender, so when the Dragon Legion broke in, they killed all the people and commoners.

Bones fell, smoke rose.

The city was lit up in flames that burned on for three days and three nights before a sudden rain stopped the fires. Probably even the heavens did not want to see such a cruel and terrible scene.

The moment the news escaped, the world was sent into an uproar.

The name of Asura reverberated through the wilderness once more.

Such a bloody army trained in hell caused every city on the east of Xunzhou to cower in fear. After this battle, basically before Baiqi's army arrived, the defending army would just directly run away from the city.

The commoners left did not dare to act slow, and they would fearfully open the gates to surrender.

Baiqi and his Dragon Legion did not do anything to those that surrendered.

The moment this news spread out, the number of people who surrendered rose.

With that, the journey of the Dragon Legion turned peaceful and smooth.

When Hong Xiuquan received the news, he was furious and chopped off the heads of three generals that deserted their cities, displaying their bodies outside the city. Only then did the situation become slightly better.

Even so, Baiqi and his Dragon Legion progressed quickly on the east side.


The Leopard Legion led by Han Xin took a more flexible and canny approach. Strictly speaking, this was the first time that Han Xin took charge of sieging.

The two battles before this either focused on defence or sneak attacks.

The ability of Han Xin was shown mostly during sieges.

Probably because of Baiqi’s stimulation, Han Xin also gave it his all. He employed numerous strategies; he would bait the enemy out or launch sneak attacks, or he would surround the enemy or forcefully attack. He would act based on the situation, and he was flexible in his execution.

Sweeping across, nothing could stop him either.

As he proceeded west, there was a feeling reminiscent of how he led his sole army to sweep four countries in one swoop. No matter the situation, he would be able to think of a plan.

That was why he was called the war immortal.

The east and west were like a pair of handsome siblings, shining brightly in the sky. The entire south of Xunzhou let out painful cries under the hooves of this army.

On the north, Ouyang Shuo led his troops and played a very safe and passive approach.

Lin Yi’s Guards Division had broken away from the main squad to lead the way, taking control of the passageway between Xunzhou Prefecture and Guilin Prefecture.

After many bloody battles, the two most important passes fell into the hands of the Guards Division.

The strength of the Guards Division had toppled the enemy once again.

Ouyang Shuo, on the other hand, led the three mountain barbarian divisions to pick up their spoils of war.

Compared to the east and west armies, Ouyang Shuo’s actions were more dull and less eye catching. Luckily, he had Pei Ju coming up with plans and tactics besides him, so he was not that far off from the other two armies.

Even so, the north of Xunzhou Prefecture fell quickly.

After all, Ouyang Shuo was leading four divisions, all of them wild cards. Needless to say, there was also the supreme presence of the Divine Martial Guards as their vanguard.

Under the pincer of the three armies, Xunzhou Prefecture was in more and more danger. In less than a week, they had lost half the territory, and they would basically lose one city a day.

At a glance, the three armies were getting closer and closer to Tianjing City in the middle.

All of a sudden, Tianjing City fell into a state of panic.

Fear and terror grew and spread within the city.

Some of the commoners in the city started to pack their bags, and they were ready to leave at any moment. Influenced by the war, the prices of goods in the city rose to sky high numbers.

Just rice tripled in price in just one day.

The rise in prices further increased the demand and fighting for goods.

As time went on, this vicious cycle caused the prices to grow more and more out of hand.

The rulers of the country did not have much experience, so they could only use the army to suppress and kill the merchants who were amassing goods.

Within a day, the officials closed down two Chambers of Commerce

With that, although they stabilized the prices temporarily, their actions increased the fears in the people’s hearts. Some merchants even started to smuggle goods out in fear for their lives.

Before Hong Xiuquan could notice, the resources in the city disappeared at a visible rate and were all sold through the Super Trading Platform.

Apart from the fear of the people, in the imperial court, there was also chaos.

Bad new after bad news spread forth, making the generals and officials painicky.

Debates and fights filled the imperial court of the Taiping Country.

On the question of whether to leave or stay and defend, everyone could not agree. Undeniably, the civil servants suggested leaving, while the generals insisted on fighting till the end.

Both sides were unable to convince each other, so they could only leave the matter to Hong Xiuquan.

The crux of the problem was that as the imperial city of the Taiping Country, Tianjing City could not be forsaken. If they left it, it would be the same as announcing the end of the country.

Even Hong Xiuquan was not willing to make such a decision.

In the end, after two days of debate, Hong Xiuquan decided to recall the west troops to prepare for a life or death battle at Tianjing City.

At the same time, he also arranged for men to rush to Guilin Prefecture up north to prepare their escape.

As they say, a witty hare has three burrows.

Since he had another chance at living, Hong Xiuquan was not the same stubborn person, and he knew to leave himself a way out.

Apart from recalling the west army, he also ordered all the city protection squads to return to Tianjing City. Anyone who did not follow his orders would be beheaded.

All of a sudden, the city protection squads of three prefectures gathered up in Tianjing City.

With that, one could see that Hong Xiuquan was supportive of defending the city.

After all, it was his life's work, and he was not going to give it up so easily.

Apart from the army, Hong Xiuquan had also decided on what to do to Yang Xiuqing.

After the imperial court meeting, Yang Xiuqing was given an imperial decree to move out of the barracks and back into his manor. Without orders, he was not to take a step out.

It was the same as saying that Yang Xiuqing was under house arrest.

Such an ending was merciful.

Probably to Hong Xiuquan, since the country was facing a crisis, he did not want to kill a general for nothing and cause chaos in the military.

No matter what, his loyalty toward the country was undeniable.

The entire Tianjing City, under the smoke of the flames of war, was also covered in a dark current. As Shanhai City grew closer, this current became stronger and stronger.

All of this was seemingly covered up by the war.

Only when it exploded would one truly realize its strength.

11th month, 7th day, Consonance City.

Above the city wall, Bai Hua finally let out a sigh of relief, as she watched the Taiping army retreating like a flood.

Successive battles had seen the west army under the leadership of Shi Dakai push forward stubbornly, as they slowly but resolutely attacked territories. Only two days ago, they had gotten closer and closer to the Consonance City main camp.

Seeing Consonance City surrounded by the Taiping Country Army, Bai Hua frowned.

Just when everyone thought that a bloodbath would ensue on the walls of Consonance City, the Taiping Country unexpectedly decided to leave.

The root of this change naturally laid in Hong Xiuquan’s orders.

After calming herself down, Bai Hua looked toward the generals around her, cupping her fists, "Thank you, generals, for your help. I, Bai Hua, represent Consonance City to express our immense gratitude to all of you."

The generals included Zhang Liao and Cao Can, Luo Shixin from Shanhai City, Xunlong Dianxue, and Qinqiong from Xunlong City. The last group would be the adventure gamemode players gathered by her brother.

Even such a lineup was broken apart by Shi Dakai.

The best general of the Taiping Country Army truly deserved his name. Of course, his followers Xiao Chaogui, Feng Yun Shan, and Li Kaifang were also strong.

"Lord Bai Hua is too courteous. We are all just following orders."

Luo Shixin represented Shanhai City and said.

"That's right. The Shanhai Alliance is one family, so there's no need for such words."

Xunlong Dianxue spoke up at the appropriate time.

After the changes that happened during this period of time, be it Gong Chengshi or Xunlong Dianxue, their positions in the alliance were slowly changing.

Before this, both of them even had the confidence to reach the same level as Ouyang Shuo.

Now, they were not doing anything, while Shanhai City was growing bigger and bigger. The two of them even felt a slight sense of worship toward Ouyang Shuo.

Which was why when Ouyang Shuo asked him to assist Consonance City, he did not even think and just agreed.

In the current alliance, probably only Feng Qiuhuang and Bai Hua had the ability to be on the same level. However, after this huge battle, Bai Hua's attitude would probably experience a change.

Ouyang Shuo’s position in the Shanhai Alliance was getting more and more stable.

"Guys, do not stand just here. Let's return to the manor to talk!"

The one who spoke was Cao Can.

Ever since he joined Consonance City, after the Battle of Julu, the role of Cao Can was like that of a prime minister. He handled administrative matters and had gained the trust of Bai Hua.

That night, Bai Hua held a feast to thank the various generals. The ally troops who came to help were rewarded gold and wine. A happy and joyous atmosphere permeated the entire Consonance City.

Since Shi Dakai's troops had left, why not follow them? Even if they could not destroy them, they could delay their route back and buy time for Shanhai City.

They had their reasons for not doing so.

Firstly, Shi Dakai was an experienced general. Even though he had led his troops to hurriedly retreat, he would have planned his escape. He would not give the enemy a chance to strike.

Secondly, it had to do with Ouyang Shuo’s plan.

Compared to attacking the west army, Ouyang Shuo suggested the army in Consonance City play a bigger hand.