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Chapter 522- Sweeping Kunming Prefecture

Chapter 522- Sweeping Kunming Prefecture

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The military meeting in Consonance City only ended in the dead of night.

In the sky, a shooting sky flashed across the horizon and disappeared into the west.

In the meeting, everyone came to the agreement that Zhang Liao would lead the Consonance City Army legion as the middle army, while Luo Shixin's division would act as the left army, and Qinqiong as the right army.

For both the left and right armies, Consonance City had arranged a guide to point them in the right direction.

Early next morning, the three armies would set off at the same time. Without a sign, they would strike out at the ten plus territories in the west of Kunming Prefecture. Their goal was to conquer the entire prefecture in four days.

Cao Can was appointed as the logistics officer of the army, and he was in charge of taking care of grain transport, officials to take over occupied territories, and the like.

After handing control of the army over to Qinqiong, Xunlong Dianxue would return to Xunlong City.

As the Lord, he could not leave his territory for a long time, especially when his city lacked many capable administrative personnel.

At the same time, he also left Consonance City to avoid arousing suspicions.

In contrast to the previous defence battle, this time, they were striking out at other territories. This matter definitely would involve the division of rewards. Xunlong Dianxue leaving early obviously indicated that he was stepping out of this, and he was not asking for anything in return.

To the Shanhai Alliance, this round of reinforcements by Shanhai City and Xunlong City was the first time the alliance assisted one another. There were a few cooperation elements that had not been perfected yet.

In the future, they definitely needed to strengthen this aspect.

After all, one or two times was okay, but if this happened often, they really could not help their allies for free. Otherwise, it would cause problems within the alliance.

Thanks to the current situation, Ouyang Shuo could only turn a blind eye to that aspect.

11th month, 8th day, Kunming Prefecture.

To Kunming Prefecture, this was a memorable day.

The situation in the wilderness had never ceased to change. Within a day, it was turned on its head. When the sun rose up to the horizon, the three armies had already appeared at the west border.

The various armies of the territories were all camped at the border, causally bathing in the sun. They had no idea that a shocking change was on the verge of occurring.

The three armies mainly consisted of cavalry. As they rushed forward, the rumbling horse hooves caused the entire wilderness to tremble in its wake.

Before the troops could even react, the army had already crossed the border and launched their assault.

Everything happened so suddenly. Even before the beacon tower was lit, the various troops had fallen.

Three armies, all led by strong generals, all with pent up emotions and a desire for revenge.

How could normal troops be the opponents of this overpowered army? Moreover, they lacked a city to defend from, which made matters worse. Facing the elite cavalry in the wilderness, they were destined to be trampled.

With just one collective charge, they scattered the hurriedly assembled enemy formation.

The neighs of the horse sounded out, as the soldiers charged by.

They held their spears and blades upright, as a cold glow spread through the wilderness.

Anywhere that the army passed, corpses dropped and blood flowed.

The red clouds over Kunming Prefecture became thicker, as the killing aura charged toward the clouds.

And at the backlines, Cao Can led the city protection squads. They acted like a road sweeper, as he picked up the armor and equipment and cleaned out the battlefield. He accepted the cities and put out notifications; he took care of everything in a really orderly manner.

Zi Luolan and Tsing Yi were sent to Cao Can's side as assistants. As for Hong Ying, she had accepted a role as a colonel, and she was thrown right into battle.

After destroying the enemy troops, the army did not stop and directly pierced deep. They were like a bunch of wolves that had awakened from winter hibernation, chasing the fastest and meatiest prey.

As they needed to be quick, the army could not stop at any affiliate territories, so they just went around these areas. They aimed straight for the main city. Destroying the stone steele was their main goal.

The city protection squads of the affiliate territories were unable to pose much of a threat to the army. If they really dared to try anything, Cao Can's troops at the back would take them all down.

Hence, the role of Cao Can was to clean up all the problems and worries of the main army.

The role of the three armies was singular: attack, attack, and attack. Attacking cities and occupying them was their only goal; sweeping past Kunming Prefecture was their destiny.

A cavalry force without backline worries, how ferocious could they be? Some territories only reacted when the enemies had arrived right under their city wall. Unfortunately, it was too late.

As the army passed, even the grass could not live.

The bloody glow spread over the skies of Kunming Prefecture.

In the current wilderness, the main goal was to take down the three uprising armies.

However, at this time, Consonance City had suddenly started a war between territories.

This war was more gruesome and cruel.

In the wilderness, only the strong could survive. The weak were only fit to live in the imperial cities. In the battles between Lords, there was only victory and defeat; no middle ground existed.

Even surrendering became a pipe dream.

"The wolves are here!"

Only in the afternoon did the entire Kunming Prefecture let loose such terrified shouts.

Unfortunately, it was all too late.

How could a bunch of late reacting sheeps block the assault of a pack of hungry wolves? The flames of war spread from east to west.

The fear of the Lords, the cries of the people, the numerous soldiers that fell in this bloodbath....

The western region that was still so peaceful in the morning had warped into hell. Smoke rose, and the flames of war broke out.

None of them knew what had happened exactly.

These Lords were paying a heavy price for their laughable ambitions.

"The prestige and status of the Shanhai Alliance cannot be challenged by anyone."

Ouyang Shuo used his actions to emphasis these words.

Only at this point, when the Lords revived in the imperial city, did they start to regret and remember a fact: without the power, do not go and try to provoke the Shanhai Alliance.

If you do, you must be prepared to die. Their mistake was that they did not understand this theory and provoked the tiger.

The reason why Ouyang Shuo wanted to sweep Kunming Prefecture was to reestablish the prestige and might of the Shanhai Alliance.

In the wilderness, blood and fire were always the strongest weapons.


Only on the second day did those territories that fortunately survived have a moment to think about setting up alliances.

Unfortunately it was all too late.

The speed of the cavalry was simply too quick, so quick that it would make one feel despaired.

In just one day, four territories fell.

There were only nine territories remaining in Kunming Prefecture.

The three armies were already at their doors, so how could those Lords keep calm and measure the pros and cons?

They only wished to receive reinforcements to help them in this tough situation.

Unfortunately, too many people had such thoughts.

Who to save? Who not to save?

Everything was undecided.

The Lords who rushed to meet one another could not come to a common consensus in such a short time. Furthermore, Kunming Prefecture did not have a famous and strong leader, causing the meeting to be a total mess.

The hall was noisy and everyone chimed in.

After an entire morning of discussions, all their eardrums had basically turned deaf from the noise. Despite this, they still had no plan. Meanwhile, the sharp blades of Consonance City had never stopped for even a second.

The people of their territories were squealing and crying under the iron hooves of the enemy.

After noon, some of the Lords finally gave up hope and turned and left.

In the end, this alliance could only end in unhappiness, leaving everything up to fate. The only hope of the Kunming Lords had ended. Their fates and what was going to happen to them was fairly predictable.

The advance of the Consonance City troops proceeded unusually smooth.

The successive victories had raised their morale, and they swept away the dark clouds that hung over them due to the battle against the Taiping Country Army. The army was pumped up and filled with killing intent.

At the later stages of the battles, some territories just surrendered and opened their gates.

Such might caused all the Lords of the other four prefectures in Yunnan Province to cower in fear.

"The wolves are here!"

The entire Yunnan Province exclaimed.

The Lords were unable to confirm whether this operation targeted only Kunming Prefecture or the entire Yunnan Province.

Shanhai Alliance's support for Consonance City, how far did it reach?

After all, from the news on the battlefield, troops from Shanhai City and Xunlong City had appeared. At the later stages, who could say with certainty that the other members would not send help?

Especially when the news of Shanhai City sweeping Xunzhou Prefecture spread out; the entire China Region trembled.

Out of the four uprising armies, Taiping Country can be said to be ranked second. Such a strong existence was actually going to be soloed by Shanhai City.

The strength of Shanhai City had once again shocked the world.

In comparison, the situation in Zhongyuan was laughable.

Be it Chun Shenjun or Piao Linghuan, they had no progress. They had lost the luster and shine they had before. Because of that, unhappiness had risen up in the alliance armies and calls for a retreat had started to sound out.

The victory of Shanhai City placed a huge pressure on both of them.

Based on the information from the Black Snake Guards, Chun Shenjun and Piao Linghuan had seemingly placed down their animosity to work together and fight. The alliance army led by Di Chen had also reached the border up north.

One could say that whether or not they could take down the Zhangchu regime was a huge test to the Yanhuang Alliance.

The situation in the wilderness had started to slowly change. The alliance army led by Gong Chengshi, with the might and prestige of Shanhai Alliance, had started to act.

Which was why the Lords of Yunnan Province would feel so terrified. Immediately, the voices calling for the establishment of the Yunnan City-State grew louder and louder.

Moreover, they had already decided to leave Kunming Prefecture to their own fates.