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Chapter 525- Tianjing Coup

Chapter 525- Tianjing Coup

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11th month, 16th day, night, Tianjing City.

As the large number of troops walked the streets, the boisterous Tianjing City instantly quietened down. Although the city seemed quiet and peaceful, the fear in the hearts of the people grew.

During chaotic times, the weak were often the most helpless, always stuck in an easily controlled position.

East of the city, Yang Xiuqing’s residence.

Among the chaos and the storm, Yang Xiuqing, who was still under house arrest, seemed to be left out of the matter, as if he had nothing to do with everything.

There were two huge storms in Tianjing City.

Tang Xiuqing was the eye of one of them. He was under home arrest, but numerous people in the city had placed their stakes on him.

Amongst which, apart from those that supported him because of his huge influence, the Military Intelligence Division and the Black Snake Guards also played an important role.

After developing for close to a year in Taiping Country and receiving sufficient financial help, be it Military Intelligence Secretary Cobra or Black Snake Guards Commander Black Snake, they both had channelled a part of their energy into this place.

There were numerous civil servants and generals in the city that kept in contact with them. Of course, be it the Military Intelligence Division or the Black Snake Guards, they used the identities of mechants when coming into contact with these people.

Now, it was time to reap their rewards. The Dragon Legion and the Leopard Legion being able to avoid Hong Xiuquan's eyes and ears was their credit. However, that could only be considered a small test.

This ‘huge show’ in Tianjing City was the true test of these two intelligence organizations.

"General, we just received the top secret news that the king will get rid of you before he leaves Tianjing." The one who spoke was naturally the spy that the Military Intelligence Division had planted by Yang Xiuqing's side.

Yang Xiuqing was sitting opposite him expressionlessly. Only a bright light flashed across his eyes.

In his heart, waves broke out. First, he was shocked by Hong Xiuqing’s ruthlessness, not wanting to give him a way out. Secondly, he was surprised about the great intel gathering skills of the Military Intelligence Division.

To be able to gain information talked about in the palace, just that was enough to make Yang Xiuqing look at him differently.

One must know that the wariness and caution Hong Xiuquan had toward the people in the palace was really strict. Even a general like Yang Xiuqing did not know anything going on in the palace.

If the maidservants, eunuchs, or the others were found to be communicating with the outside, they would be beheaded. Even so, these measures failed to stop the infiltration of Shanhai City.

"General, it's time to end it."

When he saw Yang Xiuqing still acting slightly hesitant, the soldier had no choice but to increase the intensity of his words.

The moment Hong Xiuquan left Tianjing City, they would have no choice but to talk to the Lord. Hence, no matter what, they had to act today to prevent the fleeing tomorrow.

Silence, dead silence.

At that moment, it was as if the air in the room had frozen.

Only Yang Xiuqing knew how much bloodshed ‘ending it’ would cause.

The moment he took that step, there would be no turning back.

After a long while, he nodded and calmly said, "Since he's not benevolent, he should not blame me for not remembering our brotherhood." As he spoke these words, he tossed out all the doubts and hesitation.

Yang Xiuqing knew that ever since he accepted the conditions of the person in front of him, the relationship between him and Taiping Country had grown further and further apart, and there was no way back.

In such an administration that focused on religion, betrayal was not a simple matter.

If he betrayed them, what he betrayed was not just Hong Xiuquan but the entire faith. The feeling of faith collapsing was more painful than knives and blades cutting the body.

"That's right; let's allow all this pain to end tonight!"

Yang Xiuqing slowly closed his eyes and did not say a word.

When the soldier saw this, he did not say anything more and left. It was their turn next.

Middle of the city, the king’s palace.

The huge palace spread out numerous kilometers from the center of Tianjing City. The number of pavilions and buildings counted in the thousands. There were tens of thousands of halls, filled with endless richest, emanating with the aura of royalty.

Compared to the Nanjiang Governor-General Manor that Ouyang Shuo had expanded, it was a level better.

On normal days, when it reached nighttime, the palace would be completely silent and peaceful. None of the thousands of maids, eunuchs or guards would dare to make a loud sound.

Tonight, it was totally different.

Based on the king's instructions, the palace today was really busy and boisterous. The court ladies and eunuchs were busy packing up all the precious goods in the palace and placing them onto carriages.

Just the private items of the king filled up ten carriages.

Apart from that, they had to move the personal items of his wife and concubines, including the pictures, jewels, china, and silk.

Hundreds of chariots were filled up one by one.

As the darkness enveloped the king’s palace, there was an air of indescribable irony.

A crestfallen-looking Hong Xiuquan dragged his tired body and slowly walked into his sleeping quarters.

The ambition and confidence was sucked from his body, making him feel empty.

His dream of becoming a king of a generation had ended.

Within a night, it seemed like Hong Xiuquan had aged tens of years. Lines and lines of wrinkles appeared on his forehead, and even his hair had started to turn white.

When one's heart died, this was the result.

Hong Xiuquan was extremely clear that even if he retreated to Guilin Prefecture, he would not be able to have peace.

In the huge wilderness, there was no place or stage for him anymore. To Hong Xiuquan, who was living for a second time, this blow was simply too great, and it was something he could not handle.

As they say, the bigger one's hope, the bigger their disappointment.

His current mood was like falling from the skies.

As a result, he hated Yang Xiuqing to the core. Even if he was to leave, he would not let Yang Xiuqing live peacefully. Hong Xiuquan would rather just kill him.

In Hong Xiuquan's mind, the failure of the South Army caused this chain reaction. He did not think that if he had listened to Yang Xiuqing's suggestion to retreat, the current landscape would be totally different.

At the very least, he would not have fallen to this current state.

In the end, since the start, Hong Xiuquan had a knot in his heart.

The betrayal in his last life was still bugging him in this life, and he was not able to find peace.

Occasionally, Hong Xiuquan would awaken from his sleep with the worry that Yang Xiuqing would lead one hundred thousand soldiers to suddenly turn around to attack him.

In truth, it was only by curbing the devils in his heart did he manage to let Yang Xiuqing lead the troops.

With such a heart, how could he lead a regime to stay afloat in the wilderness? With such a king, the defeat of the Taiping Country was all a matter of time.

When Hong Xiuquan walked into his sleeping quarters, he found that it was not Concubine Xiao present but Concubine Chen, making him frown as anger appeared on his face.

Since he appeared in the wilderness, he had married ten concubines. He specially made a timetable and planned a fixed concubine every day to sleep with him.

Hence, he knew who was suppose to come every night.

"Why is it you? Where is Concubine Xiao?"

Hong Xiuquan sent her a deathly state; his eyes did not contain a single thread of warmth and was ice cold. In his eyes, the use of girls was just to breed and to relieve sexual pleasures.

Even if they were his concubines, he did not see them as people. Their positions and statuses were not much different from palace maids.

Hong Xiuquan, as an olden educated person, had even established the society of god worshippers based on western religion. In his bones, he had inherited a certain stubbornness and evil.

Concubine Chen did not dare to show any disrespect and carefully said, "My king, Concubine Xiao is sick, so the empress sent me here instead."

"Is that true?"

When Hong Xiuquan heard these words, he relaxed a little.

Even so, he still sent people to Concubine Xiao's place to confirm.

He was not worried about others; he just could not stand the concubines using acts and methods to earn his love.

In truth, he did not need to do so.

If you asked around, every concubine was scared and fearful when it was their turn. How would they even think about plotting to win his love?

Hong Xiuquan, this person was really interesting.

Even after having a second chance at life, he still thought he was the center of everyone's world. He was the god of the people, the heavens of the concubines, and he controlled everyone's life.


The situation today obviously meant that he was not in the mood, so he asked Concubine Chen to change before sleeping.

"Yes, my king!"

Concubine Chen's nervous heart was finally able to relax.

After a short while, the candle was put out and the sleeping palace was covered in darkness.

Seeing that, the entire surroundings of the palace fell into total silence. Even the palace maids and eunuchs who were handling the items took a different route.

However, Concubine Chen, who laid next to Hong Xiuquan, did not fall asleep. A chilly glow flashed in her eyes.

This girl, apart from her identity as Concubine Chen, she also had a mysterious identity. She was a high-level agent planted by the king's side by the Black Snake Guards.

She was a pinnacle existence amongst the Black Snake Guards.

Among the Snake Guards, there was a special spy know as a Death Guard. Each Death Guard would only be in charge of one mission during their life. As it would be a very dangerous mission, even if they completed it, they would basically die. If they fortunately survived, the Black Snake Guards would help plan a comfortable life for them.

To let Concubine Chen be accepted smoothly into the palace, the Black Snake Guards had expended a lot of effort. This chess piece was a core existence in Tianjing City.

They had changed numerous Snake Guards before succeeding with Concubine Chen. This was also the reason why the Black Snake Guards had the confidence to start up waves in Tianjing City.