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Chapter 534- It Ends

Chapter 534- It Ends

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The red sun hung high up in the air, and the killing in Guiping Pass still showed no signs of stopping.

At the middle portion of the city wall that had Ouyang Shuo as its core, something magical happened.

On this chaotic battlefield, Ouyang Shuo had actually entered a contemplation realm known as ‘forgetting oneself’.

This so-called realm was not literally forgetting that one existed.

It meant to put down all the thoughts in one’s heart and focus on one's true heart.

Ouyang Shuo's true heart was the Killing Sword Sword Technique.

Hence, in his heart, apart from the killing sword, there was nothing else.

It was such a pure realm that made his heart, soul, mind, and body all combine into one, as he was thrown into the comprehensions of the killing sword.

A moment in this realm was like a day in normal life, even numerous days.

Most importantly, some hard to grasp concepts could be easily explained and understood in this realm.

This was called enlightenment.

Hence, anyone who walked the path of cultivation would yearn for and wish to enter this realm.

In this realm, although Ouyang Shuo did not focus on the outside world, his Chixiao Sword continued to move, displaying the Killing Sword Sword Technique.

The emanated sword intent could capture any killing intent from the enemy. The sword intent would automatically lock in anyone who wanted to kill Ouyang Shuo.

Hence, be it soldier or general, Ouyang Shuo's killing intent would cover anyone who stood before him.

Under the killing sword, no one could live.

With the Chixiao Sword in hand, Ouyang Shuo did not look like an emperor but an asura. He turned and charged on the city wall. Each time he slashed out, he would be able to take the life of one or even several alliance army soldiers.

Under the cover of his sword intent, any action or intention of the enemy would become as clear as day before him.

As time moved on, Ouyang Shuo grew more familiar and attuned with the Killing Sword Sword Technique. Moreover, along with endless killing, a blood aura had started to manifest around the sword.

Chixiao Sword, the sword of an emperor.

The sword itself was not like the Tianmo Spear, which knew how to absorb the blood essence of the enemy.

Hence, the blood aura could only congeal on the sword, becoming thicker and thicker. This scene was also similar to the nameless general that appeared when Ouyang Shuo had just started practicing the Killing Sword Sword Manual.

This also meant that Ouyang Shuo had truly started to grasp the essence of the killing sword.

Such terrifying might and majestic strength was something only a general of a generation possessed. No one expected such an aura to appear on a Lord, whose body and identity were so precious.

On the battlefield, be it the Divine Martial Guards or the mountain barbarian warriors that were resting at the side, both could feel their blood boil.

To be able to fight for such a Lord, they would even be willing to die for him.

The morale of the entire army swelled.

"Kill him!"

The alliance army sword-shield soldier commander was a brute with a moustache. His large eyes and fierce face sent shivers down one's spine. As he had a huge moustache, he was called General Huzi.

Seeing the scene, General Huzi personally led his troops to surround and kill Ouyang Shuo. In an instant, hundreds of soldiers, including General Huzi, swarmed toward Ouyang Shuo.

"My Lord!"

The Divine Martial Guards were alarmed. They wanted to assist Ouyang Shuo, but the alliance army soldiers blocked them.

"Lord, be careful!"

The mountain barbarians wanted to pick up their weapons, but they found that they did not even have the strength to stand. The side effects of the berserk state had entered its most crucial phase, where one would feel sore and be unable to use their strength.

It seemed like Ouyang Shuo would perish in the chaos.

General Huzi let out a cruel smile upon hearing the shouts from the Divine Martial Guards. He grinned, as he knew that he had captured a big fish.

As long as they killed this fellow, they would win.

General Huzi was even thinking about the scene where he would receive a reward from his Lord.

Apart from that, the sword in Ouyang Shuo’s hands made Huzi drool.

Such a god sword obviously looked special at a glance.

If he could snatch it away and give it to his Lord, how good would that be?

Thinking about this point, General Huzi grew more and more vicious, slashing out with his large blade.

The current Ouyang Shuo was still engrossed in comprehending the killing sword, knowing nothing about the surrounding events. He could only wave his sword instinctively.


In a moment, hundreds of swords slashed at Ouyang Shuo from all directions.


Be it the Divine Martial Guards or the mountain barbarian warriors, their eyes turned blood red.

Just at this moment, Ouyang Shuo grinned, and like happiness, like comprehension, he slowly spat out the words, "Kill all life!"

Suddenly, he spun 360 degrees on the spot, sweeping out with his Chixiao Sword.

Instantly, the blood aura that covered the sword broke out and transformed into sharp red blades that shot out at the soldiers around him.

Numerous soldiers fell, and even General Huzi was hurt.

The enemy encirclement was broken.


The Divine Martial Guards cheered out.

Such might; one might ask who on this earth could challenge their Lord.

Now, the worship and respect the soldiers felt toward Ouyang Shuo had reached the highest level.

The mountain barbarians at the side even started to shed tears from all the emotions.

They all recognized their Barbarian King.

The new Barbarian King possessed strong martial arts skills, and he was both intelligent and morally upright.

It was truly a blessing for the mountain barbarian race to have such a great Lord.

The warriors were so happy that they continuously shed tears.

What about Ouyang Shuo? His killing had not stopped.

The Chixiao Sword in his hand shone brightly, as it reaped soul after soul, life after life.

"4th, killing general!"

Ouyang Shuo's eyes focused, as the Chixiao Blade in his hand thrusted out like the horn of a goat, suddenly appearing in front of General Huzi.

A general fell just like that.


The soldiers all around him cried out in alarm. Their general dying had caused their morale to fall.

On the contrary, the morale of the Divine Martial Guards was sky high.

Just like that, relying on Ouyang Shuo’s courage, the army miraculously held on once more.

At this very moment, rushed footsteps sounded out from below the city wall.

Pei Ju led the three thousand surrendered soldiers and finally appeared. If one looked on carefully, they would notice that less than three thousand soldiers had actually appeared.

Moreover, flecks of blood covered even Pei Ju's body.

It was obvious that convincing the surrendered soldiers did not go smoothly. Some hiccups must have occured.

Luckily, the end result was an acceptable one.

With the addition of the new blood, the defence of Guiping Pass slowly calmed down.

This batch of Taiping Army soldiers were the original defenders of the pass, so they were really familiar with it. They were able to smoothly enter their role, and they did not need any time to adapt.

When Ouyang Shuo saw that, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The toughest moment had finally passed.

With the Divine Martial Guards as the core, and the Taiping Army soldiers as a support, the entire defence line was as stable as Mount Tai.

This battle could be said to have had three peaks.

This intense battle lasted from morning till night.

Both sides went all out, not leaving any stones unturned, as they showed all their trump cards.

When the two thousand mountain barbarians recovered and reappeared on the city wall, the battle was settled.

The alliance army had lost their chance to take down Guiping Pass.


Under the cover of the sunset, Li Mu's expression was exceptional ugly. A battle that he was so confident in had ended up with his troops suffering heavy casualties, forcing him to retreat in failure.

Attacking Guilin Prefecture was his most important military operation since he appeared in the wilderness. Before attacking Guiping Pass, everything had gone so perfectly.

But the pass in front of him had caused him and his army to suffer heavy losses.

"Back off!"

As expected from a general of his generation. Although his heart was filled with regret, he did not lose his rationality. He was clear that with the remaining soldiers on hand, taking down Guiping Pass was a total pipe dream.

Since that was the case, why not back off to Guilin Prefecture to discuss future plans?

Li Mu believed that with the strength and ability of the advisor, he would be able to think of a way.

As the sun set, less than forty thousand troops backed off from the front lines. After some slight adjustments, they followed the uneven mountain path back into the valley.

This soul shocking battle of the pass ended beautifully at this point.

Guiping Pass, city wall.

Looking at the alliance army that slowly backed away, Ouyang Shuo fell into deep thought.

"Who is the general?"

"Based on what the Military Intelligence Division reported, he's the famous Warring States general, Li Mu. Not only is he the main commander for the troops attacking Guiping Pass, he's the commander of the overall alliance army."

The one replying to Ouyang Shuo was Pei Ju.

"Li Mu, huh? No wonder."

Ouyang Shuo raised his head and looked at the vast night sky, not saying a word. As he stood straight under the cover of the setting sun, he appeared incredibly majestic.

Pei Ju looked at the back view of the Lord, feeling guilty in his heart. He had learned of the battle situation. If it was not for the Lord going all out, the outcome would be detrimental to them.

Since the reinforcements had come too late, the Lord had nearly died.

Be it any territory, this could be considered an offence worthy of death.

However, when the Lord saw Pei Ju, he calmly said, "You are here!"

Following which, he continued to throw himself into the battle.

There was not a word of blame nor a word of question.

As a result, Pei Ju felt really uncomfortable. His Lord trusted him, but he had nearly messed up. Hence, he was filled with guilt.

Remembering what had happened in the prison, Pei Ju would always feel regretful and afraid.

Thinking back to an hour and a half ago.

Pei Ju had led a hundred Divine Martial Guards to the prison. This was called a prison, but in truth, it was more like a small-sized barrack.

The three thousand Taiping Army soldiers were locked up here.