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Chapter 541- Vicious Bait

Chapter 541- Vicious Bait

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"As for the old troops that you commanded."

When Ouyang Shuo raised this matter up, he noticed that the six generals that had just relaxed suddenly tensed up once more. He laughed in his heart, “Shifting them all under your control is impossible, but I'll make sure that in your new division, half of the force will be composed of your old soldiers. How does that sound?"

Ouyang Shuo’s two promises could both be considered sincere. Hence, the generals seated basically had no reason to reject.

"The Lord treats us so well. We will be loyal to you till death!"

Hu Yihuang and Qin Ri Gang were relatively loyal generals, and they stood out at the right time to express their loyalty.

"We will be loyal to you till death!"

Following which, the local protection squad general Yang Fuqing pledged his loyalty. Yang Fuqing was clear about the situation. Moreover, those two promises satisfied his wishes.

More importantly, he currently led less than ten thousand men. If he could become a major general, it would be a promotion. Naturally, he felt delighted.

When Ouyang Shuo saw them voice their loyalty, he nodded his head. If the time was right, arranging Yang Fuqing to become a major general of a Garrison Division was also possible. It could be considered a reward to him.

Only Lin Qi Rong, Shi Zhenji, and the old fox Ceng Tianyang remained.

The three of them looked at each other. Evidently, they had not expected the situation to end up like this. Facing such great terms, if they dared to go against it, their ambitious hearts would be revealed.

After a short while, the three of them had no choice but to suck it up, kneel down, and swear their allegiance.

Although that was the case, the faces of Lin Qi Rong and Ceng Tianyang lacked any unusual expression. On the contrary, they looked like they were touched and grateful.

Ouyang Shuo sat on the Lord’s seat, with a happy expression, as he laughed and looked down at these two actors deep in their acts. These two probably did not know that the Military Intelligence Division had long since noticed their nefarious intentions.

In truth, a cold and delighted feeling had started to rise in Ceng Tianyang's heart.

Ceng Tianyang had not expected the Lord in front of him to actually pay such a hefty price to recruit their old forces.

He really is stupid, Ceng Tianyang exclaimed in his heart.

Originally, he was still thinking of starting a storm within Tianjing City, leading his troops to attack Lin Fengxiang residence to kill the Lord and enact revenge.

Now, however, he had temporarily shelved that thought.

Ouyang Shuo had promised him a major general position, and he could also retain half of his old forces. As a result, he could take this chance to infiltrate the Shanhai City Army.

This was truly a divine opportunity.

With that, he could play many more different tricks.

Be it spreading the religion around within the Shanhai City Army to recruit believers and expand his strength, or giving Shanhai City a fatal blow during an important battle, both were incredibly tempting ideas.

Just thinking about it made him excited.

In comparison, killing Ouyang Shuo just once seemed a little dull.

Hence, to Ceng Tianyang, Ouyang Shuo's actions were basically leading the wolf into the room.

Just these thoughts were enough to leave Ceng Tianyang delighted.

Ceng Tianyang and Lin Qi Rong took a quick glance at one another. They knew what the other was thinking about without any verbal communication.


If one said that Ceng Tianyang and Lin Qi Rong were acting, then Shi Zhenji's expression was peculiar, as it was a mix of confusion and unhappiness.

In contrast to his clan Brother Shi Dakai, Shi Zhenji was a young general filled with ambition. In truth, prior to the meeting, he had a terrible impression of the Lord because of his biases toward Yang Xiuqing.

Before this, Ceng Tianyang had secretly probed out Shi Zhenji's thoughts. The old fox had revealed his desire to start a coup when the Lord arrived in Tianjing City.

Shi Zhenji did not express any interest or reaction toward Ceng Tianyang's probe.

This meant that he was tempted in his heart, just that he had not decided to act.

Old fox Ceng Tianyang was incredibly crafty, so he immediately understood Shi Zhenji’s thoughts. Recently, Cui Tianyang had increased his meetings with Shi Zhenji.

Originally, Shi Zhenji was exceedingly close to being convinced by Ceng Tianyang.

Unexpectedly, the meeting today had entirely changed Shi Zhenji's impression of the Lord.

In truth, Shi Zhenji was extremely curious about this Lord that he had never met. He was curious about what kind of person could lead such an army and destroy the Taiping Country.

During the meeting yesterday, Shi Zhenji had only looked on from afar. At that time, Ouyang Shuo had appeared extraordinarily gentle and warm, which was not something that would appeal to generals like him.

During this close encounter today, Shi Zhenji had gained a whole new understanding of Ouyang Shuo.

Although the man who sat on the Lord seat was young, his young age was not noticeable. He sat there stable like a mountain, and he possessed a sort of aura and might that made one afraid to do anything stupid before him.

This was the case even for these generals.

Although Ouyang Shuo had not said much, the entire military meeting had remained under his control.

His two promises undoubtedly proved that he was magnanimous, and he was also an ambitious Lord with both charm and schemes.

Shi Zhenji could not help but compare him to the old king.

In this comparison, the winner and loser were instantly decided.

When he was in the military, he had heard his clan brother Shi Dakai speak about how he did not agree with some of the king's decisions. However, since the king had made his orders, Shi Dakai had no choice but to abide.

Shi Zhenji also felt that the old king was exceedingly scheming and a little fake. In truth, he was a pretender that lacked the air of a king.

Especially compared to the man in front of him, the old king’s lacking points became even more apparent.

Hence, the current Shi Zhenji wavered. For his clan brother to waste his potential and future, even his dreams and ambitions, was it worth it?

That was probably not what Shi Dakai wished to see.

Shi Zhenji had a feeling that the Shanhai City Army was his ideal home.

All of these thoughts happened the instant he pledged his loyalty. At that moment, he was unable to ascertain how much of his loyalty was real and how much of it was fake.


After the six generals had finished pledging their allegiance, Ouyang Shuo followed through by announcing the specific organizational matters.

The Guards Division 1st regiment would escort the thirty thousand city protection forces led by Lin Qi Rong and Yang Fuqing to Mulan Stronghold for organization.

These thirty thousand soldiers would form a garrison force, mixing in with the other Garrison Divisions.

The twenty thousand troops led by Hu Yihuang and Shi Zhenji would be split into two groups. Hu Yihuang would lead ten thousand west to meet up with the Dragon Legion that was sweeping Zhen An Prefecture.

The Guards Division 2nd regiment would escort the ten thousand led by Shi Zhenji toward the Withered Flower Stronghold that was under construction for organization.

This plan seemed casual. However, it was really well thought out.

Hu Yihuang was a general that could be trusted. Hence, he was sent to Zhen An Prefecture, which was currently in a relatively chaotic state. On the other hand, Shi Zhenji was a rather uncertain element, so he was organized into the Leopard Legion.

After all, the entire Xunzhou Prefecture was under the control of Shanhai City, so even though only one regiment escorted them, if Shi Zhenji had any weird thoughts, he would not be able to cause any waves.

And looking at Shi Zhenji’s current expression, as long as Ouyang Shuo called him for a meeting alone, he might be able to completely recruit this young general.

Ouyang Shuo really cherished talents.

Similarly, Qin Ri Gang would lead 25 thousand Tianjing City troops toward Zhen An Prefecture along with Hu Yihuang to meet up with the Dragon Legion.

Likewise, Ouyang Shuo had arranged the 3rd regiment of the Guards Division to escort them.

It was not that Ouyang Shuo did not trust Qin Ri Gang, but he was afraid that the 25 thousand soldiers might cause trouble. As such, he had arranged a Guards Division regiment just in case.

As for the old fox Ceng Tianyang, he led the 25 thousand remaining Tianjing City troops to Withered Flower Stronghold for organization.

This time, Ouyang Shuo had arranged for the 4th and 5th regiments to act as escorts.

Ouyang Shuo was not ready to deal with Ceng Tianyang in Tianjing City. However, when he arrived at Withered Flower Stronghold, what happened to him would not be up to him. Ouyang Shuo believed that Han Xin would not let him down.

At this point, the one hundred thousand Taiping Army troops were moved out of Tianjing City.

Ouyang Shuo had given them two days to prepare. These two days was the time needed to gear up and prepare. It was also his last test to the rebels in the army.

After all, the moment they left Tianjing City, it would not be so easy for them to cause problems.

The various generals naturally did not have any objections toward his proposal. At this point, the military meeting had officially ended.

Looking at their fading back views, Ouyang Shuo let out a cold grin.

Today, Ceng Tianyang and the rest were so ‘well-behaved’ because they were afraid of exposing themselves, but more importantly, Ouyang Shuo’s two promises tempted them.

They were probably thinking about using this chance to infiltrate the inner workings of Shanhai City.

Unfortunately, they did not know that it was all a bait Ouyang Shuo had set down.

The moment they bit onto it, they could never get free.

Ouyang Shuo had set out such a plan because they did not know the difference between the military system of Taiping Country and Shanhai City.

In the old Taiping Country, a commander held enormous power. They could develop trusted soldiers, appointing generals in their army, and also prepare grain for their missions.

It was the same as saying that as long as they followed the orders of the king, everything else was up to the general. His one word could send people to their graves.

In comparison, Shanhai City had a far more complete and strict military system, restricting and controlling all the generals.