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Chapter 548- Prayer

Chapter 548- Prayer

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To find out the specific effects and functions of the Silver Prayer House, Ouyang Shuo needed to personally test it out.

Entering the Silver Prayer House, he found an interface console on the first floor hall. After he walked over and activated it, a system notification sounded out in his ear.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi for activating the Silver Prayer House. Since it is your first time activating it, you have obtained one chance to pray, will you pray?"


"System Notification: please choose the type of prayer!"

In an instant, five choices appeared on the console.

The first choice was the rice valley on the first floor, representing an agricultural type wish. Every choice below it had a clear distinction. The second layer weighing scales represented a business related wish, the third layer copper coin represented a culture related wish, and the fourth layer silver ingot represented a technology related wish. Finally, the gold ingot on the top layer represented other types of wishes.

The higher one went, the greater the difficulty, and the higher the gold cost.

Ouyang Shuo thought about it and chose the most simple agricultural type wish.

"System Notification: Prayer type confirmed, please choose the prayer mode. Friendly Reminder: there are two prayer modes, one is the self-decided prayer, while the other is a random prayer."

The self-decided prayer was easy to understand. One just needed to speak their wish. It just had to be the same as the prayer type and could not exceed the one hundred thousand gold upper limit.

For example, for the current agricultural wish type that Ouyang Shuo chose, he could pray for about the weather, the growth of his crops, fertile soil, and the like.

The good part about this system was its straightforwardness. The cons would be that if one was unable to grasp the difficulty of the wish, it might exceed the one hundred thousand threshold and cause the player to waste a prayer opportunity.

After a moment of consideration, Ouyang Shuo decided to test out the random prayer.

The good thing about the random prayer was that all the wishes had a 100% chance of coming true.

"I choose a random prayer!"

"System notification: Prayer mode confirmed, prayer has officially begun!"

The moment these words landed, Ouyang Shuo saw a familiar spinning wheel.

On the virtual spinning wheel, there were 24 wishes. Each wish had a specific gold cost that went from ten thousand all the way to one hundred thousand.

The ten thousand gold wishes were definitely the most simple ones. Ouyang Shuo took a look; there were some that raised the territory fertility by 5%, or raised the precipitation in the territory by 8%.

Further up, there were wishes for 5% increase in yield, 10% increase in sunlight, 10% increase in the anti-pest ability of crops, and 10% reduction in land reclamation difficulty.

Apart from that, each type had a different chance, reflecting the difference in gold cost.

Ouyang Shuo made some rough calculations. No matter which wish he chose, it would bring greater effects than the gold it used.

Which meant that unless the prayer failed, it would definitely bring benefit. The more gold spent, the higher the rewards.

Thinking about this point, Ouyang Shuo regretted choosing the most simple agricultural wish type.

All wishes had one similarity; they all lasted for a year. A year later, the buff would disappear.

Such a setting could be called logical. If not, it would really be too overpowered.

As the prayer started, the spinning wheel began to move.

As Ouyang Shuo looked on, the spinning wheel needle started to spin slower and slower, seemingly close to stopping. The time, Ouyang Shuo had no control over where it stopped. If not, it would not be called a random prayer anymore.

The needle wavered at a section with three wishes around it. In order, they were raise territory fertile land by 5%, with a cost of ten thousand gold, raise the anti-pest ability of crops by 15%, with a cost of thirty thousand gold, and raise territory crop production by 15%, with a cost of one hundred thousand old.

Seeing these wishes, Ouyang Shuo's heart was in his mouth.

Even an idiot would know that the third wish was the most valuable. Just one hundred thousand gold could raise the agriculture production by 15%.

With just the current scale of agriculture in the territory, it could still produce over five hundred thousand gold.

One must know that agricultural products did not only refer to items such as rice; other times such as cotton, peanuts, and potatoes were also within this range.

With the agricultural scale of the seven prefectures, a 15% raise in production was incredibly humongous.

As such, it was not hard to understand why territorial specialties would have a more substantial impact the further the game progressed.

Just when he blinked his eyes, the needle passed the first wish and spun on the second wish. However, the needle had nearly used up its momentum, and it looked like it was about to stop.

"Move some more, move some more!"

Ouyang Shuo could not help but mutter these words; it was like he was cheering on the needle.

As if a century had passed, the needle moved like an old man. Although it was hard for it to move, it still inched forward.

It seemed like the needle was going to move past the second box and enter the third one.

Ouyang Shuo raised his voice once more, "Move a bit more, a bit more!"

Unfortunately, the needle seemed to have lost all its momentum, and it stopped turning. In the end, it stopped at the intersection between the second and third box.

This sight left Ouyang Shuo stunned.

"So what's the situation now?"

Luckily, the system gave him a prompt answer.

"System Notification: Congratulations player Qiyue Wuyi, drawing the wish ‘raise anti-pest ability of crops in the territory’, automatically deducting thirty thousand gold. Friendly Reminder: The effective date of this wish is from Gaia 3rd year ,1st month, 1st day, to Gaia 3rd year, 12th month, 30th day."

When Ouyang Shuo heard this notification, his face instantly turned black.

"Your grandma is a freaking bear!"

Ouyang Shuo could not help but curse his own luck stat. Even if he had the buff of the luck of the entire territory, he still had such a bad stat.

If Bing'er had performed the draw, Ouyang Shuo was 100% sure that the system would choose the third wish and not the second one.

His face darkened; it was really a case of being unlucky no matter where he went.

Ouyang Shuo facepalmed and let out a sad sigh.

The next time he did a prayer, he would definitely bring along Bing'er, this ‘super invincible lucky star.’

Luckily, it was already the middle of the 12th month, so based on the time regulation of the hidden buildings, he could make a wish once again on the 1st day of the 1st month.

As a result, in just half a month, Ouyang Shuo could make his second wish.

Moreover, at that time, Ouyang Shuo could also enter the recruitment hall and recruit another historical person. Who knows which great person he would obtain at that time.