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TranXending Vision

Author:Li Xianyu

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UpdateTime:5/1/2018 1:45:25 PM

Updates:Chapter 133 - Cheat On Your Wife With Me

Xia Lei, whose parents were no longer around, had to work hard to support himself and his sister. One day, he got into an accident at work which burnt his left eye. After he awoke in the hospital bed, he discovered that his eye was not blind – it gained abilities! Now, he is using these abilities to right wrongs and make a better life for himself and others. Will Xia Lei triumph over the corrupt and privileged with his newfound power? I am destined to be the protagonist of this era! 超品透视
《TranXending Vision》 Text
Chapter 1: Unexpected Calamity
Chapter 2: X-ray Vision
Chapter 3: Not Tempted
Chapter 4: Complex Woman
Chapter 5: Call Me Big Sister
Chapter 6: Catch the Wolf by the Tail
Chapter 7: Kneel, Even if You Don’t Want To
Chapter 8: Cover Up With Just a Hand
Chapter 9: Faster, Faster, Much Faster!
Chapter 10: Chief? Kick Him to the Curb!
Chapter 11: A Feast for the Eyes
Chapter 11: Perfect Welding
Chapter 13: The Lady Chief Can Act Spoilt
Chapter 14: Godly Window to Academics
Chapter 15: I Didn’t See Anything
Chapter 16: I Didn’t Think You Were So Mean
Chapter 17: Letting out the Tigress
Chapter 17: Beautiful Sister-in-law
Chapter 19: Supercilious Punk
Chapter 20: Compass: Application Unknown
Chapter 21: Ning Jing’s Tummy
Chapter 22: Seeing into the Belly
Chapter 23: First Bit of Business
Chapter 24: Foreign Languages are Actually Easy
Chapter 25: Picked Up a Good Girl
Chapter 26: Actually A Bad Person
Chapter 27: Fishing for a Big One
Chapter 27: The Air of Youth
Chapter 29: Just Classmates
Chapter 30: Pretend to be My Boyfriend
Chapter 31: A Nicer-Looking Toad
Chapter 32: Pressuring the Group with Skill
Chapter 33: Treat Me To Soy Milk
Chapter 34: Your Husband Really Is Here
Chapter 35: I’ve No Interest In Watching You Bathe
Chapter 36: Queen of Shentu Empire
Chapter 37: Double Kings or Four Twos
Chapter 38: The Ice Beauty’s Control
Chapter 39: A Couple So Perfect You Could Make a Gold Statue of Them
Chapter 40: Tricky Mother-in-law
Chapter 41: So What If You Can Speak English
Chapter 42: Quarrelsome But Loving Couple
Chapter 43: Deliberately Finding Fault
Chapter 44: Someone Beat His Face
Chapter 45: New Workers
Chapter 46: First Business Negotiations
Chapter 47: Natural Lip-reader
Chapter 48: Mature Ms Perfect
Chapter 49: Haughty Female Boss
Chapter 50: I Can Eat The Cake No Matter How Big It Is
Chapter 51: Thief
Chapter 52: Let’s Sleep on the Sofa
Chapter 53: Big Catfight
Chapter 54: A Gathering of Distinguished Folk
Chapter 55: Get Outside and I’ll Fight You
Chapter 56: Where Have You Gone, Hubby?
Chapter 57: A Blush-inducing Misunderstanding
Chapter 58: The Younger Gu and Her Dog
Chapter 59: Winner Takes All
Chapter 60: I’m Actually Here to Stir Up Trouble
Chapter 61: A Threatening Mark
Chapter 62: Beauty of Beauteous Hair Salon
Chapter 63: Can You Hold Me For A While?
Chapter 64: You Have Guts
Chapter 65: Wing Chun Is Not Difficult
Chapter 66: Long-legged Wing Chun Beauty
Chapter 67: Applying X-ray Vision to Martial Arts
Chapter 68: Wing Chun Newbie Overthrows the Monk!
Chapter 69: Beatdown
Chapter 70: Comforting Treatment
Chapter 71: 200,000 For a Burglar
Chapter 72: He’s A Dog
Chapter 73: Mysterious Client
Chapter 74: We’ll Still Be Brothers In Our Next Life
Chapter 75: Scouting the Enemy’s Camp at Night
Chapter 76: Put My Socks On
Chapter 77: Blocked Again
Chapter 78: Logic Is Not Worth Money
Chapter 79: This Woman Is Arrogant
Chapter 80: Valuable Commodity
Chapter 81: Conflict
Chapter 82: This Piece of Land is Mine!
Chapter 83: You Are My Little Apple
Chapter 84: Arrival of the Old Leader
Chapter 85: Selling Water in the Desert
Chapter 86: Land Up for Auction
Chapter 87: Destroy You in Minutes!
Chapter 88: Learning the True Forms
Chapter 89: Beautiful Leg Attack
Chapter 90: Company Anniversary
Chapter 91: Good Food and Beautiful Women
Chapter 92: Burning Anger
Chapter 93: Pair of Burglars
Chapter 94: Unlocked In One Try
Chapter 95: What Do You Want to Do?
Chapter 96: Value of Land
Chapter 97: One Step, One Kill
Chapter 98: I’ll Kneel and Kowtow
Chapter 99: Mysterious Father
Chapter 100: Birth of Thunder Horse Manufacturing
Chapter 101: Keep It Quiet
Chapter 102: Our Child Would be in Preschool Now
Chapter 103: Despicable Person
Chapter 104: Kamsutram Oil
Chapter 105: The Truth Revealed
Chapter 106: Masks are Expensive
Chapter 107: Military Purposes
Chapter 108: Jing-Du
Chapter 109: Consultant of the Mysterious Department
Chapter 110: Bureau 101
Chapter 111: Unrestrained Anger
Chapter 112: So It Was Him
Chapter 113: Deliciousness and Orders
Chapter 114: My Shorts are Torn
Chapter 115
Chapter 116
Chapter 117
Chapter 118
Chapter 119
Chapter 120
Chapter 121
Chapter 122
Chapter 123 - Beautiful Werden
Chapter 124 - Opposites
Chapter 125 - Featherweight Champion? Pshaw!
Chapter 126 - This Spy Can't Make It
Chapter 127 - Hunter in the Darkness
Chapter 128 - Buns and Dogs
Chapter 129 - First-time Doctor
Chapter 130 - Stealing Classified Information
Chapter 131 - Man With No Way Out
Chapter 132 - Swing The Hoe Well and No Wall Shall Stand
Chapter 133 - Cheat On Your Wife With Me