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Unrivaled Medicine God

Author:Feng Yise

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Updates:Chapter 102: All Out Array Formations!

A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor. Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants. Once again, walking the Great Dao of Alchemy. How can I defy the heavens . . . with the medicine in my hands! 绝世药神
《Unrivaled Medicine God》 Text
Chapter 1: Can This Thing Even Be Eaten?
Chapter 2: Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art
Chapter 3: Grabbing Medicine
Chapter 4: Questioning
Chapter 5: Vomiting Blood
Chapter 6: Changing the Prescription
Chapter 7: Bleeding from the Seven Orifices
Chapter 8: Courting Death
Chapter 9: It's Impolite Not to Reciprocate
Chapter 10: Giving Him a Dose of His Own Medicine
Chapter 11: Silencing
Chapter 12: Nine Yin Divine Link Meridian
Chapter 13: A Father and Son Talk
Chapter 14: Explosive Yuan Pill
Chapter 15: Discerning Medicine
Chapter 16: Provoking with Words
Chapter 17: Trust and Choice
Chapter 18: Increasing Strength
Chapter 19: Conspiring
Chapter 20: Return Journey
Chapter 21: Bronze Assassin
Chapter 22: Instant Flash
Chapter 23: I Will Only Use One Finger
Chapter 24: Good Dogs Don't Get Underfoot
Chapter 25: Deathmatch
Chapter 26: Grabbing Air
Chapter 27: Stacking Waves Layered Palm
Chapter 28: Each Preparing for Battle
Chapter 29: Wager
Chapter 30: Allow You Three Moves
Chapter 31: Abilities Astounding Everyone
Chapter 32: Violent Beating
Chapter 33: You Really Have Guts
Chapter 34: The Endless Trials
Chapter 35: Six Astral Array
Chapter 36: The Price of Sleeping
Chapter 37: Assistant
Chapter 38: Advancement Test
Chapter 39: Lin Tiancheng
Chapter 40: Entering the Illusionary Spirit Tower
Chapter 41: Gray Dream Tapir
Chapter 42: Another Instant Kill!
Chapter 43: Dream Tapir’s Extra Ingredient
Chapter 44: Black Rank Advancement Test, Passed!
Chapter 45: Scared Me Shitless
Chapter 46: Arranging a Battle
Chapter 47: Incurring Everyone's Wrath
Chapter 48: I Just Want You
Chapter 49: Refining Medicinal Essence
Chapter 50: Drawing a Circle with Left Hand, Drawing a Square with Right Hand
Chapter 51: Feng Zhirou
Chapter 52: Going to Apologize
Chapter 53: The Drunken Star Manor Makes Its Move
Chapter 54: Resolving Concerns for Father
Chapter 55: Shocked Inwardly
Chapter 56: Pitiable Wan Yuan
Chapter 57: Small Talk
Chapter 58: Can I Stand on the Right?
Chapter 59: Test Starts!
Chapter 60: Your Level Is Too Low
Chapter 61: Opponent?
Chapter 62: Important Things Need to Be Said Thrice
Chapter 63: Accidentally Said the Truth
Chapter 64: He Really Knows Alchemy?
Chapter 65: Godlike Technique!
Chapter 66: Miracle, Legendary Realm!
Chapter 67: Testing Medicinal Efficacy!
Chapter 68: Awe from a Single Fist
Chapter 69: Visiting Together!
Chapter 70: Denied Entrance
Chapter 71: A Scheme!
Chapter 72: Lin Tiancheng’s Plan
Chapter 73: Lu-er in Danger!
Chapter 74: Soul Guiding Incense
Chapter 75: Really Want to Kill Someone!
Chapter 76: The Strong Breaks the Rules!
Chapter 77: Have You All Thought Things Through?
Chapter 78: Despicable Lin Tiancheng
Chapter 79: You Don’t Have the Heart of a Powerhouse!
Chapter 80: Battling Lin Tiancheng!
Chapter 81: Unfavorable Situation!
Chapter 82: Appearing to Be Weak!
Chapter 83: Huge Uproar!
Chapter 84: Breakthrough for You to See!
Chapter 85: Sentence You to Death!
Chapter 86: Imminent Danger!
Chapter 87: As If There Was Nobody Present
Chapter 88: Definitely Take Your Head Within a Year!
Chapter 89: Nine Heavens Road
Chapter 90: All for Naught
Chapter 91: Death Zone? Life Land?
Chapter 92: I’m Inferior to Him
Chapter 93: Strong Gale
Chapter 94: Crushing All Resistance
Chapter 95: Long Tang’s Transformation
Chapter 96: Illusionary Realm
Chapter 97: Heart Realm!
Chapter 98: Heart Like Still Water!
Chapter 99: Essence Energy Vortex!
Chapter 100: Peak Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm!
Chapter 101: Former Hall Master, Martial Hall
Chapter 102: All Out Array Formations!