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Chapter 449: Goddess Tea and Cake

Chapter 449: Goddess Tea and Cake

Ye Cang shrugged. He looked at the place FlameEmperor had disappeared from, his eyebrows erect. First?

After calculating the battle results, Ye Cang’s little party as well as CloudDragon, BlackIce, and the others managed to get the most outstanding achievements. The top ten spots received 30% experience, equipment between DarkGold and Distinguished. Achieving first place, CloudDragon got a dark gold ring. Second was LordAsked. Third was Ye Cang, who had skipped the first 2 hours of the war. Each of them obtained a gold ranked equipment, however Ye Cang directly threw his reward into the cart and stuck a price on it.

Over at NalanPureSoul’s battlefield, they had suffered a defeat. MistyVeil won a dangerous victory.

Ye Cang looked at his own achievement points. It was enough to make him a 100-man commander. The army gave him a reward and medal for his promotion. He sighed, vowing to work harder. Good or bad, he was an earl that was also a puny 100-man commander…

On the battlefield, Ye Cang and the other’s deeds became a hot topic. Zhang ZhengXiong ferocious roar and his charge that even knocked FlameEmperor flying. Standing at the front to take all the heat. Super many life-saving skills and healing abilities. Completely unkillable, and can protect the people around him. He was like an unmoving king, standing there an intimidating everyone. Lin Le leading the troops, killing HeavensDomain, Instant, and also taking out the stronghold. Even the tigerkin Little Ren became famous for that arial combo against Instant.

Ye Cang and FlameEmperor’s short duel was also brought up endlessly.

Ye Cang sat at Allie’s house, drinking tea and pondering over his battle with FlameEmperor. As long as he could adapt to that physic-defying tempo, it wouldn’t be hard to kill him… He began to contemplate it.

Allie sat beside him, smiling without a word. After a while, Ye Cang suddenly thought of something. “I almost forgot. Allie, what do you think about me opening a restaurant…”

The hot tea Allie had just sipped was spat all over Ye Cang’s face as she burst into a coughing fit. Then with a strange expression, she said, “Cough cough… cough cough, you… should give up. However, I plan to open a tea house to supplement the family’s expenses, and to find something to do. Father is always out doing administrative things. He only comes home for a few days at the end of each year.”

Ye Cang took a handkerchief and wiped his face, appearing extremely calm. Such a treacherous woman. She clearly wants to open her own, yet is afraid that my cooking skills will threaten her business. Humph humph, I’ve already seen through your plan.

“Oh… is that right? Where?”

“I haven’t decided yet…” Allie smiled.

Ye Cang carefully thought for a moment. He himself often had to go out to fight monsters, level, and loot equipment, so he couldn’t look after the store. Then why not let Allie do it? That way, when he’s free, he could make an appearance. He recalled a coffee shop he had seen at the night market before. He, A’Xiong, and Lele had gone there. They had beauties to keep you company and play with you, and their business was very popular. It often required reservations! Yes! That’s it!

Ye Cang explained the maid themed coffee shop to Allie. Allie looked at him strangely, “It sounds really weird. You sure it’s ok?”

“It’ll definitely work!” Ye Cang said confidently.

“Alright then. The store’s location…” Before Allie could finish speaking, Ye Cang smiled and interrupted, “How about in the goddess association. Two birds with one stone…”

Saying that, Ye Cang began to take care of it. He had Rica hire many cuties, started some simple training and then opened for business. Clothing-wise, he selected a pure but short skirt type. As the store manager, Allie was shocked by the scene of a line forming even though they just opened for business. She was even more dumbfounded by the customer’s generocity. Simply letting a cute girl chat and play some games could earn her an extra 10-30 silver. Her pastries that originally only costed a silver, which she planned to sell for three silver, Ye Cang directly packaged them into a 30 silver set meal and 15 silver a-la-carte. Some of the more expensive deserts even sold for up to two gold.

Ye Cang saw that the things Allie made also gave attribute bonuses and they weren’t low either. Obviously, he had to increase the price. This was also Little Ye Tian’s idea. Not even one day later and White Stone City’s goddess association branch also opened the same tea house. The store was called . The moment it appeared, it was instantly a player favorite. However, the expensive price and the fact that it was only open to goddess association members had many players complaining.

Little Ye Tian quickly pushed out a membership card system and this membership card wasn’t only for the restaurant. It would also give preferential treatment in the association. Even ThornyRose coveted the two store’s popularity. This was no different than a maid cafe! She looked at the portrait of the three goddesses hanging in the store and thought of the schedule in the planner. The three goddesses’s next appearance would be at Mallows’ shrine’s public square. The ticket prices had already been announced. They were seriously using them like idols; it was basically a concert… More importantly, the three goddesses really liked it! ThornyRose sighed. Those three ‘korean’ idols who were being sold by Ye Cang yet even helped him count the money…

LordAsked looked at the maid cafe inside the goddess association and couldn’t help smiling. He looked at it contemptuously and said, “Such a scam…”

Yet out of the corner of his eyes, he caught Ji Xiao playing extremely happily with a cat-eared, short skirted, elf cutie. He immediately began to tremble, “That bastard…”

White Stone City.

“That guy is unexpectedly skillful at making money…” CloudDragon looked at the maid cafe like tea house and smiled.

BlackIce took a look inside, then rolled her eyes because she saw VastSea and YellowSprings inside joking around with a blond bunny girl. She facepalmed, feeling somewhat ashamed for them. She heard some employees gossip, “It’s those two. Two big men only requesting one girl. Not only are they miserly, one is even making boring sex jokes. Hah! Luckily little bunny is a native so she’s more innocent.”

“Don’t say it. This is the customer’s request, we should just act as requested. President pays us very well. I make more here in two hours than I do in an entire day at a maid cafe. And that’s when the business is good too.”

“True. Someone’s requesting you, hurry over.”

BlackIce decisively ignored them and rushed out of the tea house. CloudDragon saw her strange expression and asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing…” BlackIce shook her head.

The scene returns to Black Rock City. With his core member discount, OldWangFromNextDoor was playing joyfully. He felt like he was in heaven.

“Brother Wang, can he really find a girlfriend?” Fang Ci looked at Wang’s wretched appearance as he played games with a native waitress, and muttered.

FrozenCloud shook her head fiercely, “Impossible. Completely impossible… No one would like someone who…”

Before she could finish speaking, the two of them saw Ye Cang’s group of 3 also playing games; especially Ye Cang who was playing seriously. He had an extremely earnest expression, without any improper thoughts. Zhang ZhengXiong’s his desperation was showing through, appearing completely different than on the battlefield. As for Lin Le, he was naively and innocently lifting skirts.

“President, Vice-presidents, pervert~~” The cuties screamed

SpyingBlade and the others broke out in cold sweat as they watched the three. FrozenCloud forced a smile and changed the topic, “Pretend that I didn’t say anything…”

Saying that, FrozenCloud felt a bit displeased as she watched Zhang ZhengXiong. Humph, damn pervert.