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War God Asura

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Updates:Chapter 88 Uncle Pan’s Story

He has been abandoned by his clan. He has been considered waste from his childhood but he is a “Peerless Genius”. His father with the help of another person has sealed his Dantian to stop him exposing his exceptional talent but after his rebirth, he becomes the most dazzling star of the continent. However he faces crisis and difficulties as his Dao goes against the Heaven’s will. Overcoming everything, eventually he achieves the highest boundary “The God of War”. Xiu Luo Zhan Shen 修罗战神
《War God Asura》 Book 1
Chapter 1 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 2 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 3 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 4 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 5 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 6 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 7 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 8 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 9 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 10 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 11 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 12 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 13 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 14 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 15 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 16 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
Chapter 17 [Rebirth Of A Genius]
《War God Asura》 Book 2
Chapter 18 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 19 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 20 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 21 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 22 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 23 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 24 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 25 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 26 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 27 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 28 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 29 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 30 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 31 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 32 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
Chapter 33 [Joining Imperial Wind Pavilion]
《War God Asura》 Book 3
Chapter 34 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 35 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 36 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 37 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 38 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 39 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 40 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 41 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 42 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 43 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 44 [Joining Inner Court]
Chapter 45 [Joining Inner Court]
《War God Asura》 Book 4
Chapter 46 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 47 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 48 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 49 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 50 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 51 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 52 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 53 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 54 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 55 [Practicing Soul Devouring Secret Art]
Chapter 56 Late Night Gift Pill
Chapter 57 Fierce Cultivate Competition
Chapter 58 Encounter an ambush
Chapter 59 Heavenly ThunderSymbol
Chapter 60 There is Enemy Come to Attack
Chapter 61 Critical Moment
Chapter 62 Vice Palace Hall Master
Chapter 63 Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 64 Elder Cang
Chapter 65 Painstakingly Cultivate Start
Chapter 66 Soul Explosion
《War God Asura》 Book 5
Chapter 67 Returned To The Inner Court
Chapter 68 Gao Mansion Might
Chapter 69 Inner Court Great Elder
Chapter 70 Imperial Wind Command
Chapter 71 Hunting Competition
Chapter 72 All Participants Arrived
Chapter 73 Hunting Competition Begin
Chapter 74 Hero Saves A Beauty
Chapter 75 The Best Partner
Chapter 76 Conflict
Chapter 77 God Rank Demon Beast
Chapter 78 Father's Letter
Chapter 79 Reverse Result
Chapter 80 First Place
Chapter 81 The Temple of Essence
Chapter 82 Martial Essence
Chapter 83 Li Xiao Han’s Strength
Chapter 84 The Third Level
Chapter 85 Today's Humiliation
Chapter 86 Soul Attraction
Chapter 87 Peaceful Village, Uncle Pan
Chapter 88 Uncle Pan’s Story