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Chapter 577: The Number One Expert In The Empire

Chapter 577: The Number One Expert In The Empire

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Darkstone Empire, Imperial City.

Because the Young Genius Competition was approaching, there were many unfamiliar faces in the Imperial City.

These unfamiliar faces were either from the various powers of the Darkstone Empire, or from the various Imperial Kingdoms under the Darkstone Empire.

In the past few days, the Imperial City’s guards had started to become busy.

Because battles frequently erupted all over the Imperial City.

These battles were mostly caused by the young geniuses from the various powers that were gathered in the Imperial City.

Every single young genius that could come to the Imperial City to participate in the Young Genius Competition was a proud son of the heavens with extreme arrogance, and no one was convinced of the other’s supremacy.

Along with the Young Genius Competition coming closer and closer, the Imperial City once again returned to calmness.

"Supposedly, the Young Genius Competition that starts three days from now will be held in the square at the center of the Imperial City… I wonder if it’s true."

"If it’s true, then I must surely join in to watch the excitement!"

"It’s already confirmed, this news is true… Presently, the City Guard have already started building combat rings at the square in the center of the Imperial City!"

Along with the Young Genius Competition coming closer, the Imperial City of the Darkstone Empire became more and more bustling with noise and excitement.

At a spacious courtyard in the Imperial City.

The group from the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom were all gathered together.

"Why hasn’t Duan Ling Tian returned? The Young Genius Competition is going to start in three days." Chi Ming frowned.

"Hmph! Duan Ling Tian has entirely no awareness that he has to bring glory to our Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom… I’ll absolutely not forgive him if he misses the Young Genius Competition this time!" Prince Sheng’s expression was gloomy as his eyes emitted a cold and indifferent light. "Revered Elder Chi, if Duan Ling Tian misses the Young Genius Competition… Then I hope you don’t interfere when I punish him!"

Prince Sheng’s words caused Su Li, Luo Zhan, and Chen Shao Shuai to become gloomy.

They were able to perceive the killing intent contained in Prince Sheng’s words.

Prince Sheng had aroused killing intent towards Duan Ling Tian.

Three days later.

Nine combat rings stood at the center square of the Imperial City, and a spacious high platform stood around the nine combat rings.

On this high platform, tables and chairs were neatly placed on it, and it was obviously a spectating area.

It could be imagined that this spectating area was prepared for the various representatives and the various powers of the Darkstone Empire.

Outside the nine combat rings, streams of people surged and were bubbling with noise.

Presently, at the empty space between the nine combat rings and the high platform, there were many young geniuses scattered about.

In terms of age, the eldest amongst this group of young geniuses was at the age of 36 or 37.

"Why hasn’t Duan Ling Tian arrived?" Su Li, Luo Zhan, and Chen Shao Shuai stood together as they looked all around, yet they didn’t find a trace of Duan Ling Tian.

As for Chi Ming and Prince Sheng, they were now seated on the seat on the high platform.

"Looks like Duan Ling Tian has really not taken this Young Genius Competition seriously… I’ll surely make him feel miserable once he returns!" Killing intent shot out from Prince Sheng’s eyes as he spoke in a low voice.

"Prince Sheng, I believe Duan Ling Tian won’t break his promise… It’s surely because he encountered something that he hasn’t made an appearance yet." Chi Ming eyes contained slight worry mixed within.

"Hmph!" Prince Shen grunted coldly, and he thought to himself. "It’s best if he’s dead!"

Presently, the people on the high platform grew more and more numerous.

These people were all the higher-ups that were from the various powers of the Darkstone Empire, and the members of the various Imperial Kingdoms under the Darkstone Empire.

"Isn’t this Revered Elder Chi Ming?" An old man wearing azure clothed acted surprised after noticed Chi Ming.

Chi Ming looked at the azure clothed old man, and his face sank. "Wei Kun!"

"I thought you people from the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom wouldn’t come… According to my knowledge, the whatever five great young masters of your Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom only have ordinary natural talent." The corners of Wei Kun’s mouth curled into a wisp of disdain.

"No matter how ordinary they are, they wouldn’t be inferior to your grandson." Chi Ming spoke indifferently.

"Chi Ming, you!!" Chi Ming’s words caused Wei Kun to burst into rage, and the Origin Energy on his body leaped up as he instantly wanted to attack.

"Revered Elder Wei!" The middle aged man standing by Wei Kun’s side restrained the old man, and he reminded. "This is the Darkstone Empire’s Imperial City."

Wei Kun took a deep breath when he heard this, and the Origin Energy on his body that hadn’t completely risen up gradually died down.

But the gaze he shot at Chi Ming was filled with provocation.


Suddenly, the clouds and mist high above in the distant sky roiled.

Subsequently, a luxurious palanquin appeared.

There was a total of eight martial artists at the Void Prying Stage or above at the front and back of the palanquin, and they carried it on their shoulders as they filled to role of a bearer.

At the side of the palanquin was a large word written with exquisite writing.


After a short moment, the eight Void Prying Stage martial artists carried the palanquin to the side of the high platform.

This scene caused many young geniuses from all over to be dumbstruck.

"What a parade!" Luo Zhan’s pupils constricted and he spoke with astonishment. "Could it be that the person in the palanquin is the Darkstone Empire’s Emperor?"

"The Emperor probably won’t be coming… It ought to be some great figure in the Darkstone Empire." Chen Shao Shuai shook his head.

"It’s King Yong." Right at this moment, Su Li spoke.

King Yong?

Luo Zhan and Chen Shao Shuai were stunned.

"The King Yong that’s said to be the closest to the Void Interpretation Stage in the Darkstone Empire?" Luo Zhan was shocked.

Darkstone Empire, King Yong.

He’d heard of King Yong long ago.

Supposedly, the Darkstone Empire’s King Yong was the number one expert in the Darkstone Empire.

"Early on when we were still young, King Yong had already been publicly acknowledged as the expert that was closest to the Void Interpretation Stage in the Darkstone Empire… According to me, it’s extremely like that he had already stepped into the Void Interpretation Stage!" said Chen Shao Shuai.

"It’s possible." Luo Zhan nodded.

When King Yong became famous, he was only a youth.

Now, over ten years had passed, and King Yong’s strength would surely be extremely terrifying.

"Although they’re both Princes… Our Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s Prince Sheng is far from able to compare with King Yong." Chen Shao Shuai’s gaze stared fixedly at the palanquin in the sky.

Making eight Void Prying Stage martial artists willingly be a bearer of his palanquin, such a parade wasn’t something that anyone could enjoy.

"Greetings, King Yong!" Meanwhile, the representatives of the various powers and Imperial Kingdoms on the high platform stood up and respectfully bowed towards the palanquin.

Chi Ming and Prince Sheng were amongst them as well.

Prince Sheng whose face was covered in killing intent when he mentioned Duan Ling Tian earlier now had a humble expression when facing this palanquin.

Meanwhile, the palanquin’s curtain was pulled open, and a tall figure slowly walked out.

This was a middle aged man in a white robe with golden edges, his expression firm, and he emitted a dignified aura from between his brows.

There was a conspicuous red mole between his brows.

It was precisely the number one expert of the Darkstone Empire…

King Yong!

After King Yong left the palanquin.

"Long live King Yong." Meanwhile, the people that stood outside the nine combat rings bowed respectfully to King Yong.

King Yong looked around the surroundings and nodded indifferently, and then he descended onto the high platform with a calm expression before sitting on the seat at the absolute center.

"The young geniuses brought by the various representatives ought to have already arrived, right?" King Yong’s gaze flashed past the various representatives on the high platform.

For a time, besides the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s Chi Ming and Prince Sheng, the others had all nodded.

In next to no time, the two of them had become the center of attention.

"What? The young genius the both of you brought hasn’t arrived yet?" King Yong looked at Chi Ming and Prince Sheng as he asked indifferently.

Although his tone was calm, but the people present were able to feel a trace of pressure from it.

"King Yong, we…" Before King Yong, Chi Ming felt extremely pressure, and he took a deep breath before intending to explain.

But he hadn’t finished speaking when he shut his mouth.


High above in the sky, a violet colored figure seemed to have transformed into a violet colored bolt of lightning that instantly flashed over and descended onto the empty space between the high platform and the nine combat rings.

"Duan Ling Tian!" Chi Ming’s gaze lit up, and then he looked at King Yong and said respectfully, "King Yong, all the young geniuses of our Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom have arrived."

King Yong nodded indifferently and withdrew his gaze from Chi Ming.

Meanwhile, the numerous gazes of the people present descended onto the violet colored young man that had just arrived, and even more of them were shocked by the violet clothed young man’s age.

"This young man, that only looks to be around 25 years old, is one of the young geniuses of the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom that came to participate in the Young Genius Competition?"

"The various Imperial Kingdoms under our Darkstone Empire only possess five positions each… Two young men that aren’t over 30 have actually come from this Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom!"

"Looks like this Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom really does lack talented people."

"Yeah. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be to the extent of allowing two young men to seize the positions to participate in the Empire’s Young Genius Competition."

No matter if it was the representatives of the various powers and Imperial Kingdoms on the high platform, or the people in the distance that were watching the show, they were all discussing animatedly now.

"Chi Ming, looks like your Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom really lacks people with talent… According to my knowledge, any one of your Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s five great young masters seems to be over 30 years of age, right? These two people ought to not be figures amongst the five great young masters of your Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom." The azure clothed old man that had conflict with Chi Ming earlier spoke with a ridiculing smile.

"Wei Kun, talk after the young geniuses of your Bazho Imperial Kingdom are able to defeat the both of them… Now, keep your stinking mouth shut!" Chi Ming replied extremely bluntly.

"Hmph! Looks like you’re extremely confident of the two of them." Wei Kun snorted coldly, and disdain was mixed within between his brows.

Two little kids that weren’t above 30 years old.

As far as he was concerned, the two of them were unable to pose any threat to the young geniuses of the Bazho Imperial Kingdom.

"Duan Ling Tian, why have you only arrived now?" Luo Zhan looked at the violet clothed young man that had just descended by his side, and he asked curiously.

"I encountered some matter to deal with on the way and was delayed." The violet clothed young man was precisely Duan Ling Tian, who was worn out from his journey.

Originally, according to Duan Ling Tian’s estimations, he ought to have been able to return to the Imperial City of the Darkstone Empire a few days ago.

However, he was instead delayed by something on the way.

Seven days ago, when Duan Ling Tian arrived at the mountains at the northern part of the Darkstone Empire, he unexpectedly noticed two ninth level Void Prying Stage demon beasts battling each other to their hearts content.

He originally thought that the two demon beasts were fighting for some treasure.

So, Duan Ling Tian had killed both of them when they fought to the point of exhaustion, and then he started searching the surroundings.

But after searching for a few days, he was still unable to find anything, and he could only leave with disappointment in the end.