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Chapter 593: Ninth Level of the Void Prying Stage

Chapter 593: Ninth Level of the Void Prying Stage

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"This fellow Duan Ling Tian actually knows such a terrifying figure." Su Li glanced at Duan Ling Tian as he shook his head, and he was rather shocked.

He originally thought that him being able to encounter his Master was already a great fortunate encounter that others could only envy.

But Duan Ling Tian’s fortune was even more exaggerated. He’d become acquainted with a 15 or 16 year old young girl that was an existence at the Void Interpretation Stage or above.

In terms of fortuitous encounter, Duan Ling Tian’s had surpassed him.

"Hiss hiss~" The two little pythons stuck out their heads from beneath Duan Ling Tian’s sleeve, and their eyes revolved ceaselessly as they flicked their tongues.

It was more like they were cheering for the young girl.

The time of 15 minutes passed by in the blink of an eye for Duan Ling Tian and the others.

But to the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger, it was undoubtedly extremely great torture.

Although the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger was frozen to the point it was unable to move, Duan Ling Tian and the others were still able to see the flickering strands of terror in its eyes that had sprung wide open.

"Young Miss Xue Nai, 15 minutes have passed." After 15 minutes, King Yong who was still holding up the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger looked at Han Xue Nai, and his face carried a bitter smile of helplessness since the beginning.

He was sure that the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger had never suffered such a ‘punishment’ in its entire lifetime.

But he was also sure that even if the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger suffered this punishment, it wouldn’t dare be the slightest bit displeased towards the young girl.

This young girl was utterly not an existence that the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger could go against.

"Big guy, remember well… When this Young Miss speaks in the future, you can only nod in agreement! If you dare question me again, then watch out that this Young Miss will freeze you into a popsicle again." Han Xue Nai glared at the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger that was frozen within ice, and then he didn’t seem to make any movements.


She just snapped her finger, and right at this moment, the ice that confined the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger within it had instantly shattered into pieces before transforming into mist that covered the sky and completely vanished from the world.

"Aowu~" After the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger was freed, its body that was like an enormous mountain slightly trembled.

Its enormous eyes that looked at Han Xue Nai lightly flashed before revealing terror that came from the heart.

Now, before Han Xue Nai, the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger was obedient like a little cat.

Duan Ling Tian and the others all sighed with emotion when they saw this scene.

In this world where the strong are respected, the strong were enough to rule over everything.

At the beginning, this Three-Eyed Flame Tiger became enraged from Han Xue Nai’s words, and it aggressively wanted to swallow up Han Xue Nai to prove its dignity.

Yet in the end, it was instead torture by Han Xue Nai.

Now, the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger was tortured to the point it was convinced of Han Xue Nai’s superiority, causing it to not dare be displeased in the slightest towards Han Xue Nai, and all it had was extreme terror that came from the bottom of its heart.

"Everyone ascend the back of the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger, we’ll be leaving to the Darkhan Dynasty right away!" Meanwhile, King Yong’s voice entered into the ears of everyone.

"So King Yong brought us here because he wanted to Three-Eyed Flame Tiger to carry us to the Darkhan Dynasty."

"The Three-Eyed Flame Tiger was originally only called over by King Yong to help carry us over… But unexpectedly, it actually encountered this little devil. It can be said that it’s truly unfortunate."

"Yes, anyone that offends this little devil will be struck with misfortune!"

"I really envy Duan Ling Tian for being able to form a relationship with this little devil."

Many young geniuses discussed animatedly.

Meanwhile, everyone stood on the back of the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger successively.

The Three-Eyed Flame Tiger’s body was enormous like a mountain, and its back was extremely spacious as well and was sufficient to accommodate many people.

"This Three-Eyed Flame Tiger’s back… In terms of area, it’s even able to compare with a football field of my previous life." Duan Ling Tian looked around and as he gazed at the flat back of the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger, he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion in his heart.

"Big Brother Ling Tian." Han Xue Nai followed by Duan Ling Tian’s side like a shadow, and she teased the two little pythons that stuck their heads out from beneath Duan Ling Tian’s sleeve as she greeted Duan Ling Tian.

At this moment, Duan Ling Tian looked at Han Xue Nai with an extremely complicated gaze.

He’s already felt Han Xue Nai wasn’t simple all those years ago, but he never imagined that she would actually possess such a terrifying strength.

"If Xue Nai is really only a little over 20, yet possesses this cultivation of hers… Then her background…" It was slightly difficult for Duan Ling Tian to imagine.

"Xue Nai." Duan Ling Tian looked at Han Xue Nai was asked slightly uncertainty via voice transmission. "You… How old are you?"

Han Xue Nai’s lively eyes spun when she heard Duan Ling Tian, and then she replied via voice transmission. "21."


Duan Ling Tian was dumbstruck.

Duan Ling Tian recovered from his shock after a short while, and then he couldn’t refrain from asking. "Then why is your appearance always like this…? All those years ago when I met you for the first time, you have the same appearance as you have now. Your appearance has never changed this whole time."

Han Xue Nai lowered her little head when she heard this, and she said with slight helplessness, "Big Brother Ling Tian, actually, I don’t want to be like this as well… But the cultivation method I cultivate is like this, and I’m helpless.

"Only when my cultivation arrives at a certain level would I be able to break through the shackles of having a young appearance, and I’ll be able to grow like an ordinary person."

Cultivation method?

Duan Ling Tian came to a sudden understanding.

If all of this was because of the effect of her cultivation method, then it could be understood.

Of course, if it was someone else, they would perhaps feel that it was unbelievable.

A mere cultivation method was able to allow a person to maintain a young appearance for many years?

Only Duan Ling Tian knew that the ability of some cultivation methods exceeded the imaginations of ordinary people.

There was no need to go so far, just the Rebirth Martial Emperor was enough.

The Rebirth Martial Emperor cultivated the Three Lives Rebirth Technique all those years ago, and he was able to use the same soul but different body to experience three lifetimes…

In the eyes of an ordinary person, this was an inconceivable and unbelievable thing.

But it did indeed exist.

If it wasn’t for an unexpected event, the Rebirth Martial Emperor’s third lifetime would have probably started already.

In that way, the current Duan Ling Tian wouldn’t exist.

"So that’s how it is." Duan Ling Tian heaved a sigh of relief as he finally confirmed that Han Xue Nai wasn’t an old granny.

"Xue Nai, can you tell me of your origins?" Duan Ling Tian asked curiously.

It was as if there were thousands of ants crawling in his heart, and they had become restless because of his curiosity that was aroused from Han Xue Nai’s origins.

"Hehe… Big Brother Ling Tian, you’ll naturally know in the future. Even if I tell you now, you might not know of it."

Han Xue Nai’s reply was ambiguous.

I might not know of it even if she told me?

Duan Ling Tian neither agreed nor disagreed when he heard Han Xue Nai’s reply.

After all, he wasn’t the frog at the bottom of the well like Han Xue Nai thought he was.

Perhaps in the eyes of Han Xue Nai, he was only a bumpkin that had never left the Darkhan Dynasty, a rash fellow that had never been to the Foreign Lands.

However, in reality, he instead possessed the memories of an extremely formidable Martial Emperor that had experienced two lifetimes.

"This little girl Xue Nai is still acting mysterious with me… Perhaps her background is related to the Rebirth Martial Emperor." Duan Ling Tian thought to himself.

According to the memories of the two lifetimes Rebirth Martial Emperor had experienced, he’d had a great deal of interaction with the top few great powers in Cloud Continent during his peak period.

As far as Duan Ling Tian was concerned, it was extremely likely that Han Xue Nai was from one of those powers.

Coincidentally, one of those few powers was lead by a person surnamed Han.

"The Ancient Han Clan!" According to the memories of the Rebirth Martial Emperor, that Han Clan was one of the most ancient clans in Cloud Continent, and it had experienced countless amounts of years without perishing.

In Cloud Continent, there were only two clans that could be traces back to the ancient times, and the Han Clan was one of them.

When he thought up to here, Duan Ling Tian understood in his heart and didn’t delve deeper into it with Han Xue Nai.

It was just like Han Xue Nai had said, if he was able to become a Martial Monarch or even a Martial Emperor in the future, he would surely interact with the top powers of Cloud Continent.

At that time, he would be easily able to inquire if Han Xue Nai was someone from the Ancient Han Clan.

"Let’s go!" Suddenly, King Yong’s stern shout sounded out by Duan Ling Tian’s ears.

King Yong asked the Three-Eyed Flamed Tiger beneath them to leave, yet the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger didn’t make a single movement, and it stood on the spot while remaining unmoving.

It was as if it had become stiff on the spot.

This caused the group of young geniuses to be slightly speechless. "Could it be that this Three-Eyed Flame Tiger still thinks it’s been frozen and unable to move?"

"Xue Nai." When he saw King Yong’s expression becoming more and more unsightly, Duan Ling Tian looked at Han Xue Nai.

Han Xue Nai nodded with understanding, then she lightly raised her leg to step on the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger beneath her, and then shouted in a delicate voice. "Big guy, move quickly! Otherwise, I’ll freeze you into a pop…"

She hadn’t finished saying ‘sicle’ when the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger seemed as if it was given stimulants, and its body flashed out to head directly towards the Darkhan Dynasty.

The caused the people present to be unable to help from sighing.

Especially King Yong, a strand of bright light flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, King Yong was even planning in his heart if he should properly teach the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger a lesson, and make it be afraid of him like it was afraid of Han Xue Nai.

In this way, he wouldn’t have to worry about the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger not listening to him.

It could be imagined that if the Three Eyed Flame Tiger were to know of King Yong’s current thoughts, it would probably be terrified to the point it cried and fainted.

"Xue Nai, you accompany Little Black and Little White, I want to cultivate for some time." After Duan Ling Tian passed the two little pythons to Han Xue Nai, he sat down cross-legged on the spot and silently started cultivating.

Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, Lightning Wyrm Form!

At the same time that he cultivated, Duan Ling Tian didn’t forget to arouse the medicinal strength of the Void Fuse Fruit that had accumulated in his body to combine with the medicinal strength of the Void Strengthening Pill and urge the speed of his cultivation to increase.

Needless to say, the Void Fuse Fruit’s medicinal strength was extremely shocking.

Seven days later, Duan Ling Tian successfully charged through the bottleneck and stepped into the eighth level of the Void Prying Stage…

Half a month later, he successfully stepped into the ninth level of the Void Prying Stage!

Meanwhile, not much of the medicinal strength of the Void Fuse Fruit remained.

"Ninth level of the Void Prying Stage!" In a short half a month of time, his cultivation had undergone such a great transformation, and it caused Duan Ling Tian to be exceedingly pleased.

After Duan Ling Tian awoke, he temporarily didn’t continue cultivating, and he instead sized up the surroundings.

Only now did he notice that practically all the others had sat cross-legged on the spacious back of the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger and were cultivating, and even King Yong and the two old men by King Yong’s side were no exception.

Only Han Xue Nai was bouncing about chasing the two little pythons, and similar to her current appearance, she wasn’t like a 21 year old in the slightest.