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Chapter 595: Experts Everywhere

Chapter 595: Experts Everywhere

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Not only was the gate to the Darkhan Dynasty’s Capital heavily guarded, even the sky above the Capital had numerous guards that formed neat groups and flashed past.

These guard that were in the sky above the Capital looked fiercely at the horizon in all directions, and so long as they saw something off, they would charge forward.

Since these guards were able to fly in the air, they were undoubtedly existences at the Void Prying Stage or above, and it caused Duan Ling Tian to be extremely shocked.

"This is the hidden resources and reserves of a Dynasty… A group of guards that patrolled in the sky were all existences at the Void Prying Stage or above!" Duan Ling Tian sighed in his heart.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but recall his hometown, the Crimson Sky Kingdom.

In the entire Crimson Sky Kingdom, there were only those few Void Prying Stage martial artists, whereas in the Darkhan Dynasty, it was all Void Prying Stage martial artists that guarded the gate and patrolled the skies.

It was completely like the difference between the sky and earth between the two of them.

"If the Darkhan Dynasty is compared to the busiest large city in the Earth of my previous life, then the Crimson Sky Kingdom is simple those remote villages that even a road couldn’t be found in." This thought couldn’t help but emerge in Duan Ling Tian’s heart.

Presently, it wasn’t only Duan Ling Tian that was shocked by the guards in the sky. Even Mo Xuan and the others couldn’t help but have an expression of shock.

"So many Void Prying Stage martial artists are actually only the patrolling guards of the Darkhan Dynasty’s Capital?" Zhong Nan’s pupils constricted, and he was slightly astonished.

"No wonder they say that in the Darkhan Dynasty, Void Initiation Stage experts were numerous like stray dogs on the streets, and Void Prying Stage experts walked all over the place… I’d thought earlier that this was people exaggerating, yet now it would seem that these words were truly too appropriate." Gao Yu Hai put away the fan in his hand as he sighed with emotion.

Only Han Xue Nai, King Yong, Su Li, and Long Yun were the people present that were still able to maintain their composure.

Duan Ling Tian clearly noticed the composed expressions of the four of them.

He wasn’t surprised by Han Xue Nai’s composure, as she was from the Foreign Lands, after all.

He was similarly not surprised by King Yong, as the number one expert of the Darkstone Empire had surely come to the Darkhan Dynasty on many occasions.

Su Li and Long Yun had caused him to feel surprised.

"Su Li, could it be that you’ve come here before?" Duan Ling Tian couldn’t help but ask Su Li via voice transmission.

"Yes." Su Li replied. "I came here with Master once… According to my knowledge, Long Yun ought to have come here with my Martial Uncle Saber."

Duan Ling Tian came to a sudden understanding, and he felt that their composure was understandable.

"King Yong." Meanwhile, Zhong Nan looked at King Yong, and he asked curiously. "Up until now, I haven’t seen a single person enter the Darkhan Dynasty’s Capital from the sky… Could it be that the Capital doesn’t allow people to enter and leave from the sky?"

"Kind of." King Yong nodded.

"Kind of?" King Yong’s words caused everyone including Duan Ling Tian to feel deeply bewildered.

King Yong continued. "The sky above the Darkhan Dynasty doesn’t allow anyone aside from the members of the Imperial Family to enter and leave through it."

Duan Ling Tian and the others came to a sudden understanding.

As the power that ruled the Darkhan Dynasty, the Imperial Family undoubtedly implemented hegemony.

Of course, Duan Ling Tian was sure that if it was an expert that possessed the strength to look down upon the Darkhan Dynasty’s Imperial Family, then the expert was similarly able to casually fly in and out through the Capital’s sky.

When faced with an expert like that, the Darkhan Dynasty’s Imperial Family would probably not dare say a word.

This world where the strong were respected was like this.

"Let’s go!" Under King Yong’s lead, Duan Ling Tian’s group headed towards the gate of the Capital.

Duan Ling Tian’s ground carried out their registration under the lead of King Yong.

"Darkstone Empire’s King Yong?" The guard that was in charge of registering Duan Ling Tian’s group glanced at King Yong with slight surprise, and after he registered them, he passed 14 command tokens to King Yong.

Every one of them had one of these tokens, and it was used to enter and leave the Capital.

After they registered themselves, in the next three years, they would only have to produce this command token to enter and leave the Capital, and there was no need to continue registering themselves.

Under King Yong’s lead, Duan Ling Tian’s group walked into the Capital, and what entered their eyes was numerous complicated large streets that caused Duan Ling Tian and the others to be unable to help themselves from being dazed by it.

As the Capital of the Darkhan Dynasty, it was bustling and prosperous.

Every single large street had carriages that formed dragons that flowed endlessly.

"Big Brother Ling Tian, when are we leaving? There’s another two and a half months of time before the arranged date between you and the other possessors of the jade swords." Han Xue Nai’s voice transmission entered into Duan Ling Tian’s ears in a timely manner.

Duan Ling Tian couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

This young girl Xue Nai’s interest to the Sword Monarch’s Treasure seemed to be even greater than him.

Of course, he was able to perceive that Xue Nai entirely wanted to go join in the fun as she felt it was fun.

"We’ll leave after we’ve settled down… It’s alright like this, right?" Duan Ling Tian replied with slight helplessness.

Han Xue Nai’s cheeky eyes flashed when she heard this, and she nodded in satisfaction.

"Let’s first go have a meal, and then we’ll stay in an estate than was purchased by our Darkstone Empire’s Imperial Family," King Yong said to all of them.

All of them had no objections.

Duan Ling Tian and the others weren’t surprised that the Darkstone Empire possessed an estate in the Capital.

Under the lead of King Yong, they casually found a restaurant and had a meal.

After that, Duan Ling Tian’s group followed behind King Yong to arrive at the estate.

The estate was extremely large, and it was divided into the front courtyard and rear courtyard.

"There are 108 independent small courtyards at the rear courtyard… During this period of time, all of you can stay in the east courtyard of the rear courtyard. There are 20 independent little courtyards in the east courtyard." King Yong brought Duan Ling Tian and the others to the rear courtyard before instructing, and then he brought the two old men behind him and left.

Duan Ling Tian and the others started to distribute the small courtyards in the east courtyard.

But no one entered any of the small courtyards first.

Besides Duan Ling Tian, the others had slight fear in their eyes as they looked at the yellow clothed young girl that followed by Duan Ling Tian’s side.

When he saw this scene, how could Duan Ling Tian not know what the others were thinking, and he looked at Han Xue Nai and said, "Xue Nai, you choose first."

"Big Brother Ling Tian, I’ll stay at a courtyard beside yours… Those two courtyards look good and are close together. How about we stay there?" Han Xue Nai’s gaze descended onto the two small courtyards in the distance that were connected together.

These two small courtyards were situated at a corner of the east courtyard, and both sides of them were planted fully with plants and flowers, causing them to seem extremely peaceful and quiet.

"I don’t mind." Duan Ling Tian shrugged.

As far as he was concerned, even if they chose these small courtyards, he would probably be unable to stay for a few days.

He was soon to leave with Han Xue Nai to head towards the Pheasant Ridge of Eastern Mulberry Empire to gather with the other possessors of the jade swords.

At that time, they would enter the Sword Monarch’s Treasure.

When they came out, quite a long time would have surely passed.

"I only hope that I can rush back before the Dynasty Martial Competition begins." Actually, Duan Ling Tian didn’t have the slightest confidence towards if he was able to return before the Dynasty Martial Competition started.

After all, everything within the Sword Monarch’s Treasure was something unknown to him.

Of course, he could choose to not go to the Sword Monarch’s Treasure at this time.

But in this way, he wouldn’t have any confidence in being able to become eminent in the Dynasty Martial Competition and the qualification to participate in the Martial Competition of the Ten Dynasties.

Just like King Yong had said earlier, there were many young geniuses in the Darkhan Dynasty that possessed a strength that was not inferior to Mo Xuan.

If he didn’t have any special fortuitous encounter before the martial competition, then he wouldn’t have any confidence to become eminent and seize the qualification to participate in the Martial Competition of the Ten Dynasties.

Even though his natural talent had attained the limit from consuming the 10,000 Year Stalactite Milk, his age was far inferior from those young geniuses that were almost 40 years of age.

He’d taken a great loss in age, and he could only make up with fortuitous encounters.

To him, no matter if it was the Sword Monarch’s Treasure or the Rebirth Pill, they could be considered to be fortuitous encounters.

Presently, he was creating fortuitous encounters for himself!

He had no knowledge of what could be obtained in the Sword Monarch’s Treasure, and he was only betting on his luck, whereas, he was able to anticipate the benefit the Rebirth Pill brought to him, but he hadn’t found the last medicinal material, Ageless Root, yet.

So Duan Ling Tian had placed his hopes on the Sword Monarch’s Treasure.

"I only hope that the Sword Monarch’s Treasure doesn’t disappoint me." Duan Ling Tian thought to himself.

Along with Duan Ling Tian and Han Xue Nai entering their own small courtyards, Su Li and the others started choosing the small courtyard that belonged to themselves before moving into them.

Normally, there would be people to send food over, so everyone practically stayed in the room in their small courtyard, silently cultivating and didn’t leave.

On the third day, Duan Ling Tian and Han Xue Nai went to look for King Yong together and Duan Ling Tian went straight to the point. "King Yong, I intend to leave the Capital for a period of time."

"You must rush back before the martial competition begins." When he saw Han Xue Nai by Duan Ling Tian’s side, King Yong didn’t ask any further and directly agreed.

"Alright." Duan Ling Tian replied before leaving the estate with Han Xue Nai.

"Hiss hiss~" Meanwhile, the two little pythons stuck their heads out from Duan Ling Tian’s sleeve, and their eyes contained slight excitement mixed within.

They knew the objective of Duan Ling Tian’s trip this time, and they were similarly filled with interest towards the Sword Monarch’s Treasure.

The two people and two pythons left the Capital.

"Xue Nai, shouldn’t we find a demon beast to carry us?" Duan Ling Tian looked at Han Xue Nai and asked.

"Big Brother Ling Tian, you’re so stupid… We don’t need to find another demon beast." Han Xue Nai shook her head, and then she led the way towards the western mountain range.

Duan Ling Tian seemed to have realized something, and his eyes revealed a trace of a strange sheen. "I forget that Three-Eyed Flame Tiger might disregard me, but he would listen to every order of Xue Nai’s."

In the gorge at the continuous mountain range, the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger lay there and was intending to take a nap.

Flying all the way here had caused it to be exhausted since long ago.

Especially when it thought of how it could stay away from that little devil, his mood was extremely good.


Suddenly, a fierce beast entered the gorge by mistake.

The Three-Eyed Flame Tiger roared with a low voice, and a terrifying suction force swept out before he swallowed that fierce beast into his stomach.

After he burped, the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger closed its eyes in satisfaction. "I can finally have a nice nap…"

Right at this moment.

"Big Guy!" A voice that was moving like the voice of an oriole cause the body of the Three-Eyed Flame Tiger that was enormous like a mountain to tremble.

For a time, the entire gorge started to shake along with the intense trembling of his body.