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Chapter 695: Unity of Man and Saber

Chapter 695: Unity of Man and Saber
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"My guess is Long Yun is able to kill him within ten breaths after he makes his first move… Do you want to bet with me?" Su Li’s voice transmission continued to transmit out.

Ten breaths?

Su Li’s words caused Duan Ling Tian to realize Su Li’s confidence towards Long Yun.

He felt that Su Li wouldn’t just randomly talk nonsense.

After all, Su Li’s master and Long Yun’s master were senior and junior brothers, and perhaps Su Li knew of some important things.

For example, Long Yun had currently mastered a shocking martial skill, whereas, that martial skill came from Long Yun’s master.

"Since you’re speaking like this, you’re obviously extremely confident of Long Yun… If I still bet with you at a time like this, then wouldn’t I be an idiot?" Duan Ling Tian derided via voice transmission.

Su Li was first stunned when he heard this, and then he revealed a bitter smile.

He seemed to have been slightly too anxious, and it caused Duan Ling Tian to not fall into his trap.

After hearing what Su Li said earlier, Duan Ling Tian was filled with interest towards the battle before him, and he started to watch the battle with concentration.

Presently, Feng Yun Xiang had executed the martial skill he executed when facing Feng Tian Wu earlier, and it formed saber images that covered the sky and swept menacingly towards Long Yun.

Every single saber image was filled with peerlessly fierce killing intent.

On the other side, when faced with the saber images that covered the sky as they swept down, Long Yun’s eyes abruptly squinted, and with a raise of his hand, the spirit saber that Duan Ling Tian saw once before had appeared once more.

During the first round of the selections, Duan Ling Tian had once seen Long Yun utilize this spirit saber to resist the pressure that was emitted by the two old men.

At that time, Duan Ling Tian had discerned that this was a grade three spirit saber.


Along with the Origin Energy in Long Yun’s hand pouring into the spirit saber, numerous ancient horned dragon silhouettes swiftly condensed into form.

"That’s…" In next to no time, the spectators noticed a shocking thing, and that was the ancient horned dragon silhouettes above Long Yun weren’t much different in amount when compared to the ancient horned dragon silhouettes above Feng Yun Xiang.

There were 23 ancient horned dragon silhouettes and over 8,000 ancient mammoth silhouettes in the sky above Long Yun, and it was only a few thousand ancient mammoth silhouettes lesser than Feng Yun Xiang.

"Grade three spirit weapon!"

"This saber cultivating young genius of the Darkstone Empire possesses a grade three spirit weapon as well?"

The entire Cage Battle Arena was instantly in an uproar once again.

Grade thee spirit weapon!

Another grade three spirit weapon!

The previous grade three spirit weapon belonged to the Feng Clan’s Feng Tian Wu, whereas, this grade three spirit weapon instead belonged to this young saber cultivator of the Darkstone Empire.

Up until now, two grade three spirit weapons had appeared in the Dynasty Martial Competition.

"Grade three spirit weapon!" After Feng Yun Xiang found out that the spirit saber in Long Yun’s hand was a grade three spirit weapon, his expression couldn’t help but go grim.

What a young man a little over 30 years of age that possessed a grade three spirit weapon represented was something he was extremely clear about.

"Exactly what is his background?" For a time, he couldn’t help but arouse a sense of fear in his heart, and even his attack became slightly sluggish.

At this moment, he felt deep fear towards Long Yun’s mysterious background.

Om! Om! Om! Om! Om!

Long Yun attacked, swinging his saber again and again like a bolt of lightning, and for a time, the Origin Energy saber lights that contained the amplification of his spirit weapon and Saber Concept tore through the sky.

Instantly, numerous saber lights that were condensed into form from Origin Energy moved to intercept the saber imaged that covered the sky and became slightly sluggish because Feng Yun Xiang was distracted.

Originally, even if Long Yun attacked swiftly, he’d attacked at the last minute after all, and it was equivalent to making efforts at the last moment and was unable to condense sufficient amounts of saber lights to defend against the saber images that covered the sky.

Right when most of the spectators thought that Long Yun would lose.

Om! Om! Om! Om! Om!

After the Origin Energy saber lights that flashed out from the spirit saber in Long Yun’s hand flew to midair, all of them actually split into three, and these saber lights that split up to continue without losing momentum in the slightest to intercept the saber imaged that covered the sky.

For a time, the saber lights and saber images were comparable in amount.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The saber lights and saber images collided with each other and emitted waves of oppressive explosions. At the same time, strands of roiling waves of air swept out to transform in a fierce gale that swept towards the surroundings.

For a time, the clothes on most of the spectators in the Cage Battle Arena couldn’t help but flutter with the wind.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Long Yun easily crushed the saber images that covered the sky and flawlessly defended against Feng Yun Xiang’s attack.

In the next moment, Long Yun’s movements caused many people to reveal bewildered expressions.

Logically speaking, Long Yun ought to press on and attack without letting up now, yet he didn’t do this and instead held the grade three spirit sword tightly in his hands before holding it horizontally above his head.


Origin Energy skyrocketed on Long Yun’s body, and it contained the peerlessly fierce and swift seventh level Saber Concept.

At this moment, everyone around the Cage Battle Arena even had the misconception that Long Yun seemed to have fused into one with the grade three spirit saber in his hand and transformed into an enormous saber.

The reason they had this misconception was because the skyrocketed Origin Energy on Long Yun’s body had formed into the shape of an enormous saber before enveloping Long Yun’s entire body within it.

"Unity of man and saber!" Suddenly, Long Yun spoke word by word, his voice low and heavy, and it didn’t contain the slightest emotion.

"Unity of man and saber?" Feng Yun Xiang had originally recovered from his shock, yet when he heard Long Yun’s words at this moment, his face couldn’t help but become grim and be extremely shocked in his heart.

As someone who similarly cultivated the saber, he naturally knew what these words meant.

The unity of man and saber represented a supreme stage of saber cultivation.

Saber and man weren’t distinguished between each other, the man was a saber just like the saber was the man, both lived and died together.


In the next moment, the Origin Energy that was shaped like an enormous saber and covered Long Yun shook abruptly, then it carried along Long Yun to flash out like an enormous flying saber, and it split the airflow in the sky.

After it arrived nearby Feng Yun Xiang, the enormous sword suddenly stood upright before aiming at Feng Yun Xiang and howled as it abruptly descended in the next moment while carrying the might to split everything.


As the enormous saber descended, an enormous saber light whistled out from its tip.

If one were to look carefully, one would be able to notice that the saber light that whistled out from the grade three spirit saber Long Yun held with both hands contained his Origin Energy, Saber Concept, and amplification from his spirit saber.

When the enormous sword formed from Origin Energy that enveloped Long Yun descended, his entire body followed it to slant down, and the grade three spirit saber in his hand slashed down towards Feng Yun Xiang from midair.

This scene occurred in the blink of an eye, and it was swift to the point that some people were unable to react to what had happened.

"No!!" Feng Yun Xiang seemed to have realized how terrifying this strike of Long Yun’s was, and he shouted out with a grim voice as his figure flashed out with the intent of dodging.

But would he be able to dodge it?


The enormous saber that slashed down seemed to have locked onto Feng Yun Xiang, as no matter where he headed, it still slashed down towards him.


Feng Yun Xiang wasn’t in time to get far when he was slashed into two by the saber light that whistled out from the tip of the enormous saber.

The top figure in the younger generation of the Feng Clan had fallen here halfway on his path of growth.

When Feng Yun Xiang’s corpse was about to split into two and reveal a bloody scene, the enormous saber suddenly changed its course.


The blade of the saber tore through the sky as it gave rise to a wave of ear piercing howls of the wind, and it slapped towards Feng Yun Xiang’s corpse that hadn’t split up yet.


An enormous bang sounded out, and Feng Yun Xiang’s corpse transformed into a rain of blood that covered the sky as it sprayed down and not a single intact piece of him could be found.


The Cage Battle Arena was deathly silent.

Up until now, even though it wasn’t the first time someone had died in the Dynasty Martial Competition today, this method of dying that was even more brutal than being torn into pieces had appeared for the first time.

At the same time, the enormous saber transformed from Origin Energy in the sky above the Cage Battle Arena had gradually dispersed and only a young man remained standing there with his sword before him.

Drip! Drip!

The tip of the spirit saber in his hand was still ceaselessly dripping with dazzling and resplendent blood, the blood scattered through the sky and seemed to have transformed into numerous little roses.

The numerous roses ceaselessly descended onto the Cage Battle Arena.

"Yun Xiang!" On the first-class spectating area that belonged to the Feng Clan, the Feng Clan’s Patriarch Feng Tian Nan and the few higher-ups were the first to recover from their shock, and all of them had dark expressions.

Feng Yun Xiang, the former number one genius of their Feng Clan’s younger generation had been killed just like this?

At this moment, they wished for nothing more than to make a move and kill Long Yun.

But when they thought of the grade three spirit saber in Long Yun’s possession and the expert that might exist behind Long Yun, they were completely helpless.

"Su Li, you knew since long ago that Long Yun had this move?" Duan Ling Tian withdrew his shocked gaze and looked at Su Li as he asked curiously via voice transmission.

Needless to say, Long Yun’s attack earlier had caused him to be shocked.

Even though it was still an extremely far distance away from the true unity of man and sword, but it was truly rare for a seventh level Void Initiation Stage martial artist to be able to achieve it to such an extent.

To a certain extent, that saber already possessed the form of a Heaven Rank martial skill.

"What do you think?" Su Li didn’t reply directly, but it wasn’t difficult to guess the answer in his heart.

At the same time, the deathly silent Cage Battle Arena gradually became bustling with noise and excitement.

Numerous gazes once again converged onto Long Yun as expected.

"It’s difficult to imagine that the saber strike from before was executed by a seventh level Void Initiation Stage martial artist… At the instant he transformed into an enormous saber and attacked with the grade three spirit sword in his hand, I even had the feeling that his entire body seemed to have really transformed into a saber!"

"I had this feeling as well… He said ‘unity of man and saber’ earlier. Perhaps it’s the unity of man and saber in the legends!"

"I might not be the true unity of man and saber. But, this saber skill he executed has already surpassed the scope of most high grade Earth Rank offensive martial skills."

"When he said he wanted to kill Feng Yun Xiang earlier, I thought he was bragging… Now it would seem like he wasn’t talking nonsense, but really possessed this strength."

The gazes the crowd of spectators in the surroundings of the Cage Battle Arena looked at Long Yun had changed completely as they discussed animatedly.

"Duan Ling Tian, that sword cultivating young man, and this saber cultivating young man are all from the Darkstone Empire… Are the lands of the Darkstone Empire so good that it’s able to give birth to so many monstrous geniuses?" Suddenly, a spectator couldn’t help but say this, and these words caused the entire Cage Battle Arena to be stirred.

"My wife is going to give birth next month… I’ve decided! Once my child is born, I’ll bring my family to settle down in the Darkstone Empire."

"My wife has already been pregnant for a few months as well. I intended to bring her to the Darkstone Empire to give birth and benefit from the luck of the Darkstone Empire. Perhaps my child will be as outstanding as the three of them in the future."