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Chapter 698: No.7, No.8, No.9

Chapter 698: No.7, No.8, No.9
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Duan Ling Tian still remembered that when he met Tian Wu for the first time all those years ago, it was on the stage of the Groom Search Competition outside the Phoenix Nest City’s City Governor’s Estate.

He’d fought Feng Tian Wu on their first meeting.

During that battle, Feng Tian Wu had executed a similar martial skill, and later on, he found out from Feng Tian Wu that the martial skill was called Flower Rain.

"The martial skill Tian Wu executed now doesn’t seem to be Flower Rain…" In next to no time, Duan Ling Tian noticed that even though the martial skill Feng Tian Wu executed now was similar to the martial skill, Flower Rain, from that day, it was obviously greatly stronger than Flower Rain.

When Feng Tian Wu attacked while combined with her eighth grade Fire Concept, the whip images that whistled out seemed to have transformed into numerous flaming shooting stars that covered the heavens and the earth as they enveloped Su Li.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Needless to say, Su Li’s strength was extremely strong, and relying on a cultivation and Concept that was equal to Feng Tian Wu and a grade three spirit weapon that was inferior to the grade three spirit weapon in Feng Tian Wu’s possession, he was still able to block Feng Tian Wu’s attack that covered the heavens and the earth.

Every single time Su Li’s figure flashed, he seemed to have transformed into a sharp sword that flashed out swiftly and brought about a wave of sword howls.

The three foot long blade in his hand was swift like a bolt of lightning as if formed an impermeable sword net that stopped the spirit whip in Feng Tian Wu’s hand time and time again.

The situation of the battle became more and more intense, whereas, the atmosphere in the Cage Battle Arena became silent and heavy.

"This fellow Su Li is actually so strong? Looks like that master of his isn’t simple." When he saw Su Li rely on a strength that was inferior to Feng Tian Wu, yet still be able to use sword skills that were simplified from their complicated form to fight with Feng Tian Wu and not fall into a position of dis advantage, Duan Ling Tian couldn’t help but be shocked.

For a time, he was filled with curiosity towards Su Li’s master.

"Su Li’s master should be a Void Transformation Stage expert without a doubt… Since he’s capable of teaching Su Li to such an extent, his comprehension towards the ‘Sword’ has already arrived at a certain level. At least, he ought to have already comprehended Advanced Sword Concept!"

Advanced Concept was also called Void Transformation Concept.

Normally speaking, only an expert at the Void Transformation Stage was capable of mastering such a Concept.

Of course, nothing was an absolute.

If one’s comprehension ability far surpassed one’s natural talent, then a Void Interpretation Stage martial artist had the possible of comprehending Void Transformation Concept.

A martial artist like this was even more rarer than a Void Transformation Stage martial artist.

Moreover, any one of them were extremely terrifying existences.

15 minutes of time passed swiftly.

Feng Tian Wu and Su Li were unable to decide on the victor.

Half an hour passed.

The situation of the battle remained the same.

Meanwhile, some spectators couldn’t refrain from urging impatiently. "If this continues on, then when will it end? The ranking battle between the ninth level Void Initiation Stage young experts still have to be held after this!"

"Exactly! If Su Li and Young Miss Tian Wu fight for an entire day and night, then wouldn’t we have to wait for an entire day and night?"

"In my opinion, there’s utterly no point in continuing to battle like this, it should be considered as a tie."

Many spectators were slightly impatient, and some put forward suggestions.

In the sky above the Cage Battle Arena, after the two old men that presided over the martial competition looked at each other, they looked at the Emperor.

The Emperor nodded to them.

Instantly, the two old men looked at Feng Tian Wu and Su Li who were still in battle and were intending to announce the outcome as a tie.

"Young Miss Tian Wu…" One of the old men hadn’t finished speaking when he stopped abruptly.

It wasn’t that someone had interrupted him, but it was he himself who opened his mouth but didn’t emit any sound, and he stared blankly at the scene before him.

Under the gazes of everyone present, without any sign, another ancient horned dragon silhouette had appeared in the sky above Feng Tian Wu…

So long as it was someone with a discerning gaze, they would be able to notice the reason.

At this moment, the strands of crimson red energy within the Origin Energy on the spirit whip in Feng Tian Wu’s hand had obviously become even more condensed.

"Ninth level Fire Concept!" Duan Ling Tian, who was watching the battle between Feng Tian Wu and Su Li concentratedly, couldn’t help but be visibly moved.

Never had he imagined that Feng Tian Wu would actually comprehend ninth level Fire Concept at this critical moment. "She’s worthy of being a possessor of the Fire Spirit Body, Tian Wu is simply like the favorite of the Fire Concept." Duan Ling Tian couldn’t help but be stunned.

The others were shocked as well.

"Even this is possible?"

"My god! How old is Young Miss Tian Wu? Her cultivation is at the eighth level of the Void Initiation Stage and has comprehended ninth level Fire Concept… I truly feel that the more than half my lifetime that I’ve lived was lived in vain!"

"It isn’t just you, aren’t I the same?"

The animated discussions in the surroundings of the Cage Battle Arena were mostly filled with dejection.

After Feng Tian Wu comprehended ninth level Fire Concept at the last minute during the battle, her strength increased greatly, and she forced back Su Li who’d originally been in a tie with her.

Right when she was prepared to seize this opportunity to follow up with an attack.

"I admit defeat." Su Li spoke out with a tone that had no lack of a sigh.

At this moment, Su Li felt it was slightly regretful.

Originally, the difference in their grade three spirit weapons caused his strength to be slightly weaker than Feng Tian Wu, but the sword skills he executed were undoubtedly slightly stronger than Feng Tian Wu’s martial skills.

So in terms of true strength, he wasn’t inferior to Feng Tian Wu.

But never had he imagined that just when he thought this battle with Feng Tian Wu would end in a tie, Feng Tian Wu had actually comprehended ninth level Fire Concept at the last minute.

Feng Tian Wu, who had comprehended ninth level Fire Concept, was equivalent to possessing the strength of another one ancient horned dragon, and it broke the balance that was maintained between him and Feng Tian Wu.

Continuing the battle would be pointless.

Because he didn’t have the slightest confidence of being victorious, and even ending it with a tie was impossible.

"Su Li, you’re worthy of being Big Brother Duan’s friend… Your sword skill is extremely strong, and if it wasn’t for my strength surpassing you, I wouldn’t be a match for you." Feng Tian Wu spoke sincerely when facing Su Li who admitted defeat.

"Young Miss Tian Wu, you’re too kind. Your natural talent and comprehension ability is truly shocking to me." Su Li spoke with slight embarrassment.

Natural talent? Comprehension ability?

Feng Tian Wu’s beautiful eyes that flickered with bright lights instantly dimmer down when she heard Su Li, and then she sighed in her heart. "If it’s possible, I’d rather not possess this natural talent and comprehension ability… I only hope to be an ordinary person."

Her natural talent and comprehension ability were reliant upon the Fire Spirit Body to be so monstrous, whereas, as the possessor of the Fire Spirit Body, the pressure she endured wasn’t something an ordinary martial artist could imagine.

When a person knew since extremely early on that when they turned 30, they would face a calamity that allowed no survival, the way they felt was something only one who’d really experienced it once would understand.

"Young Miss Tian Wu has successively defeated Long Yun and Su Li… She’s ranked No.7 in the Dynasty Martial Competition’s rankings and obtained the rewards of the Darkhan Dynasty’s Imperial Family, 1,000 low grade Origin Stones." One of the old men raised his hand and passed a Spatial Ring to Feng Tian Wu.

1,000 low grade Origin Stones!

Instantly, the entire Cage Battle Arena was in an uproar again.

"1,000 low grade Origin Stones, an entire 10 times the reward given for the person that was ranked No.10… If I’m able to obtain so many Origin Stones, then I’ll even be able to laugh myself awake while dreaming!"

"Stop dreaming! Ordinary martial artists like us might not even be able to gather 100 Origin Stones in our entire lifetimes, let alone 1,000 low grade Origin Stones."

"Yeah, ordinary martial artists like us can only accept our fate!"

Many spectators with ordinary cultivations couldn’t help but sigh sorrowfully.

Feng Tian Wu herself instead didn’t reveal the slightest expression of happiness when facing 1,000 low grade Origin Stones, and she received the Spatial Ring with a calm expression before returning to the first-class spectating area that belonged to the Feng Clan and sat by Feng Wu Dao’s side.

"Big Brother Wu Dao, congratulations." The Darkhan Dynasty’s Emperor looked over towards Feng Wu Dao and congratulated repeatedly.

Feng Wu Dao glanced at the Emperor and nodded indifferently.

The Emperor didn’t feel the slightest displeasure from Feng Wu Dao’s casual gesture, because he knew that this man nodding to him was already a show of respect.

If it was another person, perhaps Feng Wu Dao would utterly pay no attention.

"Lord Wu Dao, congratulations."

"Patriarch Feng, congratulations."

Meanwhile, many people from other powers congratulated Feng Wu Dao and Feng Tian Nan.

Feng Wu Dao had a calm expression as if he didn’t hear them, and he paid no attention to them, whereas, Feng Tian Nan instead was slightly numbed as he squeezed out a trace of a stiff smile and nodded as he replied to them successively.

Obviously, he still hadn’t been able to let Feng Yun Xiang’s death go.

Feng Yun Xiang being defeated by Feng Tian Wu first wasn’t a big deal… But in the end, he’d actually died at the hands of the Darkstone Empire’s Long Yun, and it caused his Feng Clan to lose face greatly.

But his Feng Clan just happened to be unable to do anything to Long Yun.

At least, before they confirmed the ability of the expert standing behind Long Yun that gave Long Yun the grade three spirit saber, the Feng Clan didn’t dare act rashly.

In the sky above the Cage Battle Arena.

The other old man looked at Su LI and Long Yun. "Su Li, Long Yun… The rankings of No. 8 and No. 9 will be decided from amongst the two of you."

"I admit defeat." Long Yun glanced at Su Li before admitting defeat again.

Even though there was unwillingness in the depths of his gaze, but he knew as well that he wasn’t a match for Su Li now.

"Master, don’t worry… I’ll sooner or later be able to defeat Su Li and bring honor to you!" Long Yun silently promised in his heart.

"In this way, Su Li is ranked No. 8 in the rankings of the Dynasty Martial Competition today… Su Li, you’ll obtain the reward bestowed by our Darkhan Dynasty’s Imperial Family, 500 low grade Origin Stones." With a raise of his hand, two Spatial Rings had appeared, and he passed one of them to Su Li.

Within it was exactly the 500 low grade Origin Stones.

"Long Yun, you’re ranked No. 9 in the Dynasty Martial Competition today, and you’ll obtain 200 low grade Origin Stones as your rewards." Subsequently, the old man passed the other Spatial Ring to Long Yun.

After Su Li and Long Yun received the Spatial Rings, they flew towards the second-class spectating area that the members of the Darkstone Empire were seated at under numerous envious and jealous gazes that came from all around.

"Eh? Su Li and Long Yun obtained so many Origin Stones, yet they actually seem as if they aren’t happy in the slightest bit, truly strange." In next to no time, someone noticed an inkling.