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Chapter 707: The Last Three Battles

Chapter 707: The Last Three Battles
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"Slitting the throat with a single move once more!"

"If it wasn’t for Duan Ling Tian holding back, the Second Prince would have died for sure!"

"What a swift strike! What swift speed!"

Even though the people present weren’t surprised that Duan Ling Tian was capable of defeating Bai He, they were still shocked by Duan Ling Tian’s speed.

Duan Ling Tian had attacked twice, respectively against Ye Xiao and Bai He.

But both of them ended up with a similar fate, their throats were sliced before they could even react.

"Duan Ling Tian!" In the second-class spectating area where the members of the Darkhan Dynasty were seated, King Yong revealed a smile.

Duan Ling Tian’s display had exceeded his expectations, and it caused him to be extremely pleasantly surprised at the same time.

Before this, he’d never imagined that a member of their Darkstone Dynasty would actually be able to proceed to this extent, and if not for himself being sure that everything before him was real, he would feel that he might be dreaming.

But no matter how shocked the other people in the Cage Battle Arena were, the Dynasty Martial Competition still continued, and it went on like a raging fire.

Perhaps intentionally, or unintentionally, Duan Ling Tian, Zi Shang, and Bai Hao had all chosen to first challenge the other three young geniuses as their opponents.

In next to no time, the other three had lost at the hands of the three of them.

"In today’s Dynasty Martial Competition’s ranking battles the results for the fourth, fifth, and sixth have been decided… It’s respectively Zhang Shou Yong, Ye Xiao, and Bai He." In the sky above the Cage Battle Arena, the old man announced with a sonorous voice.

"Sixth place will obtain 2,000 low grade Origin Stones as a reward. Fifth will obtain 5,000 low grade Origin Stones. Fourth will obtain 10,000 low grade Origin Stones!" The other old man continued.

As expected, as soon as the old man finished speaking, the scene was in an uproar.

10,000 low grade Origin Stones?

For a time, numerous burning gazes descended onto Zhang Shou Yong in unison. "Just fourth place is already able to obtain a reward of 10,000 low grade Origin Stones?"

"Then wouldn’t the people ranked in the top three obtain even more Origin Stones?"

"The hands of the person that obtains first in the Dynasty Martial Competition will probably go weak from counting the Origin Stones he receives."

The attention of the surrounding crowd had moved to the rewards of today’s Dynasty Martial Competition.

Even more people were curious about the reward for the people in the top three.

No one was surprised by how wealthy the Darkhan Dynasty’s Imperial Family was.

They knew that the Origin Stone Vein in the Darkhan Dynasty was controlled in the hands of the Imperial Family.

Perhaps some top powers were able to take a share of it, but more than 50% of the Origin Stones mined from the vein would still be controlled in the hands of the Imperial Family.

"Just fourth place gets 10,000 low grade Origin Stones?" Duan Ling Tian’s gaze lit up. "Doesn’t that mean that it’s very likely first will obtain a few tens of thousands of low grade Origin Stones?"

When he thought up to here, Duan Ling Tian’s heart was filled with yearning to obtain first place in today’s Dynasty Martial Competition.

Meanwhile, Zhang Shou Yong, Zi Shang, and Bai He had each received their respective Spatial Ring that contained the Origin Stone reward before returning to the first-class spectating areas where they sat.

They looked along with the others towards the last three young geniuses that remained in the distant sky.

A violet clothed young man and two white clothed young men.


A gust of wind lightly blew by, and it caused the clothes of the three of them to flutter.

The battle was imminent!

"Now, the three of you will decide the top three rankings in the martial competition today." The old man looked at Duan Ling Tian and the others as he spoke slowly.

The three of them were competing for the top three ranks, in other words, any one of them would be facing two battles, whereas, the there were a total of three battles, the final three battles.

Only three battles were required for the final rankings to be decided upon.

Along with the old man speaking, the clamorous noise in the Cage Battle Arena slowly died down and gradually vanished.

The entire Cage Battle Arena returned to calm.


A figure was the first to fly out and stand at the central area of the sky above the Cage Battle Arena.

It was a white clothed young man.

"Zi Shang!" Duan Ling Tian’s brows raised.

At this moment, Zi Shang only had two choices.

One was to choose Duan Ling Tian as his opponent and challenge Bai Hao in the next round, the second choice was to choose Bai Hao as his opponent and battle Duan Ling Tian after that.

In next to no time, Zi Shang made a choice.

"Bai Hao!" ZI Shang’s gaze descended onto Bai Hao, and his burning gaze was filled with battle intent.


Bai Hao flew out when he was challenged, and he stood opposite of Zi Shang as he stood in confrontation with Zi Shang.

Two white clothed figures stood facing each other, and it was a dazzling scene.

"I wonder who will win in the battle between Zi Shang and Bai Hao!"

"As it is now, their chances of winning should be fifty-fifty… After all, since the beginning until the end, we’ve been unable to discern their exact strength."

"I think that Bai Hao’s chances of winning are higher."

It wasn’t only the surroundings crowd of spectators that didn’t know who would win between Zi Shang and Bai Hao, even Duan Ling Tian was unable to guess who was stronger between the two of them.

Zi Shang and Bai Hao had comparable cultivations.

This was the information they possessed up until now, whereas in terms of Concept, they couldn’t be sure even until now.

As for spirit weapons, if Zi Shang didn’t conceal a spirit weapon, then Bai Hao would surely surpass him in terms of spirit weapon.

After all, Bai Hao possessed a grade three spirit weapon.

Even though it wasn’t the weapon he was skilled in using, it could be used as the weapon he was skilled in using, so it didn’t affect the exertion of his strength.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Zi Shang and Bai Hao moved at practically the exact same time.

Zi Shang soared into the sky as a zither appeared out of thin air in his hand, at the same time, his palm descended as Wind Concept and Fire Concept combined into his Origin Energy to form a swiftly revolving vortex at the center of his palm, and it directly pressed onto the face of the zither.


Practically the instant Zi Shang’s hand descended, a spirit spear appeared in Bai’s Hand, and as he flashed like a bolt of lightning towards Zi Shang, the material flames that skyrocketed on his body caused him to seem to have transformed into a ball of flaming clouds that flashed in the sky.

The temperature in the sky rose abruptly.

Along with a wave of violent winds blowing over from all directions, Duan Ling Tian felt a gust of hot wind assault him, and it enveloped him within. "What an overbearing Fire Concept!"


The instant Zi Shang’s hand descended, an ear piercing sound of a zither sounded out.

At the same time, a strong wave of air came from the center of Zi Shang’s palm, passed through the zither, and swept towards the surroundings like undulating ripples.

Within these ripples, slightly material Origin Energy could be faintly seen, and besides that was an azure colored energy and a red colored energy that grew ceaselessly.

At this moment, Zi Shang had once again utilized the skill he used to defeat Bai He.


When faced with this skill of Zi Shang’s, Bai Hao neither dodged nor moved aside, and his hands shook suddenly before raising up the spirit spear and smashing down towards the wave of air that spread out.


An enormous bang resounded out as the spirit spear in Bai Hao’s hand was smashed out fiercely by him like a spirit rod.

Instantly, two formidable energies collided with each other, and the material flames on the spirit spear in Bai Hao’s hands gushed out as if it had transformed into a ferocious demon beast that opened up its bloody mouth and pounced over.

On the other side, Zi Shang refused to show weakness as well, and his palm descended, it pushed out wave after wave to greet Bai Hao’s attack.


Another enormous bang sounded, and the spirit spear in Bai Hao’s hand shook as he retreated a few meters back in a slightly sorry state, whereas, Zi Shang wasn’t any better, and he’d retreated a few meters as well.

The formidable collision of their probing attacks caused slight rosiness to suffuse both their faces, yet the eyes they looked at each other with was instead filled with battle intent that soared ceaselessly.

In the sky above them, numerous ancient horned dragon silhouettes had slowly condensed into form in the end.

In the sky above Bai Hao, a total of 31 lifelike ancient horned dragon silhouettes had appeared.

Ninth level of the Void Initiation Stage!

Grade three spirit weapon!

Ninth level Fire Concept!

Second level Rod Concept!

At this moment, Bai Hao had revealed his true strength for the first time.

On the other side, there were originally 32 ancient horned dragon silhouettes in the sky above Zi Shang, but in the blink of an eyes, two of them had completely vanished, and it was as if they’d never appeared.

"It’s the energy received from relying on the method of using Fire Concept to draw assistance from Wind Concept! Presently, as the Wind Concept and Fire Concept ZI Shang exerted had successively vanished, the strength bestowed onto him from the method of using Fire Concept to draw assistance from Wind Concept would naturally vanish as well." It was extremely easy for Duan Ling Tian to guess what had happened before him.

But he still couldn’t help but be surprised.

"When relying on his Wind Concept to fuel his Fire Concept, Zi Shang is actually able to obtain the strength of an extra two ancient horned dragons…" Flowing lights flickered within Duan Ling Tian’s eyes as he looked at Zi Shang, and his feelings were slightly complicated.

In next to no time, his attention had moved to the 30 ancient horned dragon silhouettes that appeared in the sky above Zi Shang, this was the strengths Zi Shang possessed before relying on his Wind Concept to fuel his Fire Concept.

Ninth level Void Initiation Stage!

Grade four spirit weapon!

Besides that, according to Duan Ling Tian’s conjecture, his Wind Concept and Fire Concept ought to be respectively a seventh level Wind Concept and fourth level Fire Concept.

When the strength of the two types of Concepts were combined together, it was comparable to the strength of 11 ancient horned dragons.

Solely in terms of strength, it was comparable to the strength of Bai Hao’s two Concepts.

But because the spirit weapon in his possession was a grade lower than the spirit weapon in Bai Hao’s possession, under the condition that their cultivation and Concept were equal, his strength was instead slightly weaker.

Of course, all of this was under the precondition that he didn’t utilize his Wind Concept to fuel his Fire Concept.

Once he utilized his Wind Concept to fuel his Fire Concept, it was sufficient to allow his Fire Concept to advance by two levels and obtain an extra two ancient horned dragons worth of strength.

So if both of them were to fight with their full strengths, it would still be Zi Shang who was superior in terms of strength that they could exert.

"Fueling Fire Concept with Wind Concept?" Bai Hai’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict when he saw the two ancient horned dragon silhouettes that vanished in the blink of an eye, and he spoke out with slight astonishment.

"Your eyesight isn’t bad." Zi Shang spoke indifferently.

Fueling Fire Concept with Wind Concept?

Bai Hao’s words instead caused many people present to be filled with bewilderment.

Although they’d never heard of this thing, but the two ancient horned dragon silhouettes of Zi Shang’s that vanished in the blink of an eye had similarly caused them to be bewildered.

"Imperial Uncle, this disciple of yours is actually already capable of relying on the ability of using his Fire Concept to draw assistance from his Wind Concept and advance the might of his Fire Concept! It’s truly shocking." The Darkhan Dynasty’s Emperor looked at the black clothed old man by his side and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

The shock on the old man’s face gradually vanished, and replacing it was a gratified smile.

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