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Chapter 738: In Confrontation

Chapter 738: In Confrontation
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"Little Tian." Nie Rong and Nie Yuan looked at Duan Ling Tian at the same time, and the space between their brows contained dense worry.

"Grandpa Nie, Uncle Nie, don’t worry." Duan Ling Tian indicated for them to be at ease with his gaze.

But even then, Nie Rong and Nie Yuan still didn’t have the slightest confidence in their hearts.

They were utterly unable to wrap their heads around why Duan Ling Tian would be so brazen to actually trespass forcefully into the Flying Rainbow Sect.

It wasn’t that they’d never thought that perhaps Duan Ling Tian’s current strength was already sufficient to suppress all those old fellows of the Flying Rainbow Sect, so he dared act in this way.

But with a quick thought, it seemed to be a slightly wishful thought.

How old was Duan Ling Tian?

Even if his natural talent was any higher, would he who was far from being at the age of 30 be able to possess a cultivation at the seventh level of the Void Prying Stage or above?

As far as they were concerned, this was extremely unrealistic.

Under the perturbed feelings of Nie Rong and Nie Yuan, numerous swift howls of the wind sounded out from the distant sky.

After a short moment, three figures had finally appeared before Duan Ling Tian’s group of three.

These were three old women past the age of 70, one wore azure clothed, the other blue clothed, and the last wore yellow clothes.

"Supreme Elder!"

"Supreme Elder!"

The crowd of Flying Rainbow Sect disciples on the Martial Practice Grounds bowed to the three old women.

The three old women were precisely the three Supreme Elders of the Flying Rainbow Sect.

According to rumor, all three of them were existences at the seventh level of the Void Prying Stage or above.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three old women stood in midair not far away from Duan Ling Tian’s group of three, and their gazes locked onto Nie Rong at the first possible moment.

Because they only knew Nie Rong amongst the three people before them.

"Looks like you really didn’t take our words seriously… I remember that I reminded you before you left the last time that if you dared take a single step into our Flying Rainbow Sect again, then I’d surely cripple your cultivation!" The azure clothed old woman’s gaze were like blades as she stared fixedly at Nie Rong and spoke with a low voice.

Nie Rong’s face sank slightly, and he was angered to the point his body trembled.

At this moment, he only hated himself for being too weak.

If his strength was stronger that this old fellow, he’d make a move to teach the old fellow a lesson long ago. Why would he have to suffer humiliation like this?

"Old fellow, you’re courting death!" Nie Rong was willing to endure silently, but it didn’t mean that Nie Yuan was willing as well, and when he heard someone saying they wanted to crippled his own father’s cultivation, how could Nie Yuan continue looking on coldly from the side?

After he shouted out with a grim voice, his fierce gaze locked onto the old woman in azure clothes, and he was ready to attack at any moment.

"Hmm?" The azure clothed old woman’s face instantly sank when she heard Nie Yuan’s voice.

But when her gaze descended onto Nie Yuan’s face, she couldn’t help but be stunned because Nie Yuan’s face was truly too similar to Nie Rong, and one with a discerning gaze would be able to discern that they were father and son with a single glance.

Instantly, the azure clothed old woman started laughing from her extreme rage. "I was wondering who it was… So it’s that little bastard from all those years ago! I truly never imagined that the little bastard from all those years is already so old. Are you intending to see you mother for the last time by coming to our Flying Rainbow Sect with your father today?"

"You… You’re courting death!" Nie Yuan couldn’t refrain himself any longer when he heard the azure clothed old woman’s words of ridicule, and the Origin Energy on his body skyrocketed and he intended to make a move.

But he was instead stopped by Nie Rong.

"Third level of the Void Prying Stage? Your natural talent isn’t bad… But unfortunately, this little cultivation of yours isn’t enough when you’re facing the three of us!" The azure clothed old woman sneered as she looked at the 4,000 ancient mammoth silhouettes in the sky above Nie Yuan.

"Why’re you talking so much nonsense with them, just cripple them directly!" Amongst the two old women that hadn’t spoke since the beginning, the blue clothed old women spoke indifferently.

Her tone was extremely cold and indifferent without the slightest feelings, and it seemed as if she was the judge of life and death that was resolutely giving out her judgment.

Even though the final yellow clothed old woman didn’t speak, but her actions of taking a step forward as Origin Energy skyrocketed on her body had undoubtedly indicated her stand.

At this moment, a lifelike ancient horned dragon silhouette had appeared in the sky above the yellow clothed old woman and coiled down from above.

Seventh level of the Void Prying Stage!

This yellow clothed old woman was obviously a seventh level Void Prying Stage martial artist.

"This is an ancient horned dragon silhouette?"

"According to rumor, besides our Flying Rainbow Sect’s Sect Leader, the other three Supreme Elders are also existences at the seventh level of the Void Prying Stage or above… Looks like all of this is true."

"Of course it’s true! I’ve even seen the Sect Leader fight, and the Sect Leader is an expert at the eighth level of the Void Prying Stage! But unfortunately, she’s currently heavily injured and it has affected her cultivation."

"Supposedly, after the Sect Leader was heavily injured, even though her meridians were repaired by healing medicinal pills, yet her meridians contain a large amount of blood clogged within, and it’s difficult to remove. This was the reason that her Origin Energy suffered an extremely great restriction."

The group of Flying Rainbow Sect disciples discussed animatedly on the Martial Practice Grounds.

Of course, there were some things that they knew in their hearts yet didn’t speak out about it.

"If it wasn’t for the Sect Leader being injured, would the three Supreme Elders dare be so unbridled?" These were to truest thoughts in their hearts.

Most people looked at Nie Rong and Nie Yuan with gazes of pity as they knew clearly of the methods of the three Supreme Elders, and they knew that even if Nie Rong and Nie Yuan were fortunate enough to survive today, they would still suffer greatly.

"What a pity for this handsome and elegant young master, he’d probably going to be harmed by them." On the Martial Practice Grounds, many Flying Rainbow Sect disciples looked at the violet clothed young man who stood between Nie Yuan and Nie Rong, and their hearts were filled with pity.

Even though none of them had ever spoken with the violet clothed young man, yet their first impression of the violet clothed young man was extremely good, and they hoped from the bottoms of their hearts that he wouldn’t suffer any harm.

But they also knew that the matter before their eyes wasn’t something they could interfere in.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After the yellow clothed old woman, the azure clothed old man and the blue clothed old woman took a stride forward at the same time as the Origin Energy on their bodies rages, and an ancient horned dragon silhouette appeared in the sky on each of them.

"Another two seventh level Void Prying Stage experts!" The crowd of Flying Rainbow Sect disciples couldn’t help but gasp.

Even though they’d hears numerous times in the past that the three Supreme Elders of their Flying Rainbow Sect were existences at the seventh level of the Void Prying Stage, but it was only limited to something they’d heard, and it was a completely different notion when compared to seeing it with their own two eyes.

The three lifelike ancient horned dragon silhouettes that appeared in the sky above the three old women coiled to bring extremely great visual shock to the crowd of Flying Rainbow Sect disciples, whereas, the expression of Nie Rong and Nie Yuan sank in unison.

Subsequently, the both of them looked at each other and seemed to have formed some sort of tacit agreement before taking a stride forward at the same time, and then they protected Duan Ling Tian safely behind them.

"Little Tian, leave, quickly!"

"Right! Leave quickly, we’ll stop them."

Nie Rong and Nie Yuan’s voice transmissions entered into Duan Ling Tian’s ears at the first possible moment, and it was filled with anxiousness.

Warmth couldn’t help but arise in Duan Ling Tian’s heart when he heard these voice transmissions.

He knew clearly in his heart that Nie Rong and Nie Yuan didn’t know of his true strength at this moment, so their current actions were purely heartfelt feelings of not wanting him to suffer any injury.

"This matter has nothing to do with you… A dignified Supreme Elder of the Flying Rainbow Sect ought to not make a move against a young man, right?" Nie Rong spoke with a low voice.

"Hmph!" Nie Rong’s words were replied by the cold grunt of the azure clothed old woman. "I don’t care who he is. But since he dares to follow the two of you to cause trouble in my Flying Rainbow Sect, then don’t blame me for being merciless!"

"He’s the same as the both of you, he can leave after his cultivation is crippled… Otherwise, die!" The blue clothed old woman’s eyes flickered with a grim light as she spoke in a low voice.


The clothes on the yellow clothes old women fluttered as cold lights flickered within her eyes, and she instantly locked onto Duan Ling Tian.

Nie Rong’s expression instantly went grim when he heard this.

"You call yourselves Supreme Elders of the Flying Rainbow Sect… If it’s according to me, all three of you are the shame of the Flying Rainbow Sect! Don’t think I don’t know why all of you are against my Mother, it’s utterly not because of her marrying my father, but it’s instead because in your opinions, my Mother seized away the position of Sect Leader of your adopted daughter!" When faced with such a dangerous situation, Nie Yuan completely shed all pretenses, and he ridiculed. "In my opinion, what qualifications does that woman who can’t even accept defeat have to compete with my mother?"


Nie Yuan’s words were like a stone that caused a thousand ripples.

Not only was Duan Ling Tian unable to help but be stunned, even the crowd of Flying Rainbow Sect disciples on the Martial Practice Grounds couldn’t help but look at Nie Yuan.

There seems to be some story behind the scenes?

"Die!" Right at this moment, the yellow clothed old women shouted out coldly and directly attacked.

Her target wasn’t Duan Ling Tian who she’d locked on to earlier, but it was instead Nie Yuan who’d just finished speaking resolutely. Obviously, she’d turned angry out of embarrassment from Nie Yuan’s words, and she’d slightly lost all reason.

The Flying Rainbow Sect disciples present saw a yellow bolt of lightning flash through the sky, and it flashed directly towards the middle aged man that seemed to be the Sect Leader’s son.


Right at this critical moment, an extremely swift sword light descended from high above in the sky to obstruct the yellow colored bolt of lightning that flashed swiftly towards Nie Yuan.

Subsequently, a white colored figure appeared before Nie Yuan.

This was an old woman in white colored plain clothes with a slightly pale countenance, and she obviously carried internal injuries.

Moreover, because of making a move earlier, it caused the hand she held her sword with to shake slightly.

"Mother!" Nie Yuan couldn’t help but call out lightly when he saw the familiar figure before him, and his gentle voice came from the heart.

Duan Ling Tian’s brows raise as it was the first time he’d seen his Uncle Nie speak with such a gentle tone, and he was able to discern the love and respect Uncle Nie had towards the white clothed old woman.

"Sect Leader!" At the same time, the crowd of Flying Rainbow Sect disciples on the Martial Practice Grounds bowed respectfully towards the white clothed old woman.

"Cough cough… Supreme Elders, are the three of you intending to kill me as well after you kill them?" The white clothed old woman, the Sect Leader of the Flying Rainbow Sect, Meng Ping, coughed twice and her countenance turned even paler as her hoarse voice sounded out, and it contained traces of rage mixed within.

"Sect Leader, you jest." The azure clothed old woman had a calm expression when facing the white clothed old woman’s question, and she said indifferently, "We just want to make them learn a lesson, and we didn’t really want to kill them."

"Yes, Sect Leader… You’re injured, so you should quickly return to rest. We’ll help you deal with a small matter like this one." The blue clothed old woman spoke out as well.

"Sect Leader, please leave." The yellow clothed old woman’s tone was direct and resolute, and her pair of sharp eyes flickered with cold lights like a blade.