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Chapter 822: Composite Chain Sword

Chapter 822: Composite Chain Sword

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After Qi Feng, it was the possessor of the number 4 token, Qin Kong, that ascended the arena, and his gaze directly locked onto the possessor of the number 10 token, Su Li.

Su Li's cultivation was at the second level of the Void Interpretation Stage, and he'd comprehended third level Intermediate Sword Concept and first level Intermediate Water Concept. Coupled with the grade three spirit sword in his possession, he possessed the strength of 110 ancient horned dragons.

Qin Kong was a fourth level Void Interpretation Stage martial artist that had comprehended fourth level Void Interpretation Concept. Not to mention he possessed a grade three spirit weapon, even if he only possessed a grade four or grade five spirit weapon, he would similarly possess the strength to crush Su Li.

Under a situation of such great disparity, Su Li didn't make a move and admitted defeat frankly.

The possessor of the number 5 token, Ta Mu, was from the Daryuan Dynasty, and his body was robust like a cow.

The grade three spirit weapon in his possession was a pair of gloves, causing his fists to be like cannonballs, and anyone that was smashed by his fists would be heavily injured to the point of clinging on their last breath even if they escaped instant death.

"The possessor of the number 10 token, Su Li!" Ta Mu challenged Su Li just like the earlier Qin Kong.

Su Li had admitted defeat without ascending the arena earlier, so he couldn't refuse Ta Mu's challenge. But just like the last battle, he still admitted defeat straightforwardly.

Even though the concept Ta Mu comprehended was inferior to Qin Kong and Qi Feng, yet it was a third level Void Interpretation Concept as well, and coupled with his fourth level Void Interpretation Stage cultivation, Su Li was far from being a match for him.

It was precisely because of this that Su Li admitted defeat resolutely and didn't waste time.

After Ta Mu, it was the possessor of the number 6 token, Lu Yong, that entered the arena, and after he ascended the arena, his gaze flashed past Zi Shang, Ou Chen, Ye Ling, and Su Li.

He could only choose one of these four people.

"Su Li!" In the end, he chose Su Li.

Su Li was challenged for the third time.

"Haha… Su Li, your number 10 token is really a hot potato." Zhang Shou Yong looked at Su Li and couldn't help but joke.

Even though Duan Ling Tian didn't say anything, yet a smile suffused his face, and it was sufficient to show that he was slightly taking pleasure in Su Li's misfortune like Zhang Shou Yong.

Su Li laughed bitterly, yet he didn't admit defeat this time and simply ascended the arena to stand in confrontation with Lu Yong.

Lu Yong was the Crown Prince of the Darming Dynasty, the personal disciple of Vice Fort Master Feng Wei, and his cultivation was at the third level of the Void Interpretation Stage and had comprehended second level Fire Concept.

Besides that, Lu Yong had also comprehended fifth level Elementary Wind Concept and third level Elementary Lightning Concept.

Lu Yong's spirit weapon was a grade three spirit fan that only possessed a frame.

When he exerted all his ability, his strength was comparable to the strength of 105 ancient horned dragons, and when compared with Su Li's strength that was comparable to the strength of 110 ancient horned dragons, it was inferior by five ancient horned dragons.

"There seems to be something off… Logically speaking, Lu Yong's strength is inferior to Su Li, and he ought to be afraid of Su Li. Yet now…" Duan Ling Tian's eyes narrowed as he faintly felt something was amiss when he saw the fully confident Lu Yong.

"Ha!!" Under the gazes of everyone present, Lu Yong chose to attack first and seize the initiative, and he exerted his full strength, causing the grade three spirit fan in his hand to transform into a flaming fan that emitted an extremely scorching aura.

For a time, the airflow in the sky shook and gave rise to a wave of hot waves when they encountered the flaming fan in Lu Yong's hand, and it spread out to all directions and blew towards everyone in the surroundings.

Duan Ling Tian felt a dense scorching aura assault his face, and he instantly noticed the changes in the Fire Concept in Lu Yong's fan, causing his face to be unable to refrain from going grim.

"Su Li, watch out! He has already comprehended third level Intermediate Fire Concept!" Duan Ling Tian hurriedly sent a voice transmission to warn Su Li.

Meanwhile, as the flaming fan in his hand soared through the sky, the phenomenon of the heavens and the earth abruptly arose in the sky above Lu Yong whose entire body was coiled by flames like a large fireball as he charged towards Su Li.

115 lifelike ancient horned dragon silhouettes condensed into form.


After receiving Duan Ling Tian's warning, Su Li who was prepared and had transformed into an enormous sword soared past Lu Yong who surged over like a giant fireball.

An ear piercing sword howl resounded out as fierce Sword Concept was emitted, and it caused many people who were nearby to feel a chill run down their spines.

"It's useless! A difference of five ancient horned dragons is sufficient to allow me to easily crush you!" The surging large fireball was like a cannonball as it shot out towards the enormous sword, and at the same time, Lu Yong's sonorous voice resounded out.

"Is that so?" Su Li's voice wasn't the slightest bit afraid, and the enormous sword he'd transformed into while combined with his Water Concept and Sword Concept abruptly shot into the sky when he finished speaking.

"Hmph! You won't be able to flee." Lu Yong's cold grunt resounded out as the fireball that emitted waves heat shot into the sky to pursue Su Li, and he seemed as if he wouldn't stop until he caught up to Su Li.


The enormous sword charged into the sky, yet the fireball behind it grew closer and closer.

The difference of a strength of 5 ancient horned dragons caused the speed of the enormous sword to be inferior to the giant fireball.

"What does Su Li plan on doing?" Zhang Shou Yong had a puzzled expression when he saw this scene, and he was utterly unable to guess the purpose behind Su Li's actions.

As far as he was concerned, Su Li's current actions would undoubtedly completely expose him before Lu Yong, causing him to face danger at any moment.

Duan Ling Tian frowned as well.

He kept having the feeling that it was impossible for Su Li to make such a low level mistake.

"Could it be that this fellow Su Li still has a trump card?" Suddenly, Duan Ling Tian took a glance at Sword 13 and after he noticed Sword 13 had a calm and collected expression, this thought arose within his heart.

Subsequently, Duan Ling Tian's gaze lit up as he stared with concentration at the enormous sword that was ceaselessly being chased up to by the giant fireball.

Perhaps Su Li would really be able to give him a pleasant surprise.


The enormous sword continued charging up, whereas, the fireball grew closer and closer.


Suddenly, a wave of ear piercing buzzing sound out, and it caused everyone to be unable to help but look over with concentration.

The air flow in the air at the source of the sound flashed out and seemed to form circle after circle of ripples that spread ceaselessly towards the surroundings, and it was an extremely magnificent sight.

But everyone paid no attention to this as their gazes had all descended onto the enormous sword that had suddenly changed directions.

The enormous sword turned around and the tip of the sword aimed towards the giant fireball that was charging up into the sky.


Suddenly, everyone noticed the enormous sword shook suddenly before swiftly plunging down, and it actually pierced straight at the giant fireball that was charging towards it.

The enormous sword plunged down and carried the strength of 110 ancient horned dragons.

The two of them were about to collide and if nothing unexpected happened, victory and defeat would be revealed right away.

"Su Li's about to lose." This was the thoughts in the hearts of most people present. After all, the difference of 5 ancient horned dragons was like a chasm that was difficult to surmount.



Finally, the enormous sword and giant fireball collided together, causing intense and dazzling sparks to shook out, and it caused numerous balls of flames to condense into form.

Under the gazes of everyone present, the enormous sword and giant fireball collided with each other, and because of the difference in level of Concept, the power of water that countered fire was unable to be realized.

In the blink of an eye, the giant fireball remained unchanged, yet the enormous sword had been weakened by a small portion.


An enormous bang resounded out. The enormous sword seemed to have given up resistance, whereas, the giant fireball's strength became even stronger, and it fiercely collided with the enormous sword, causing the enormous sword to shatter.

Right when everyone thought that Lu Yong who controlled the giant fireballs had defeated Su Li, who controlled the enormous sword.

"Impossible!!" An exclamation of shock sounded out abruptly, and it was filled with disbelief.

"It's Lu Yong's voice!" Instantly, everyone couldn't help but look over with concentration. With a single glance, they saw that when the enormous sword shattered, Su Li who was within it held a sword with both hands as he continued plunging down.

At this instant, Su Li's entire strength had been channeled to the sword in his hand, and the 110 ancient horned dragon silhouettes that had gradually dispersed because the enormous sword had shattered earlier condensed once more.


The three foot long blade descended straight down, and when the giant fireball had completely exerted its strength on the enormous sword and didn't have enough time to regain its strength, the three foot long blade penetrated the fireball that was in a weakened state and descended towards Lu Yong's head.

"Stay your hand!!" Feng Wei's expression went grim when he saw this, and he shouted out explosively and wanted to make a move to save his personal disciple, Lu Yong.

But unfortunately, it was too late.


Su Li and his sword plunged down from the sky, and the matchlessly sharp blades followed along Lu Yong's head to pierce into Lu Yong's body.

As soon as Lu Yong died, the giant fireball dispersed and vanished without a trace.

After he pulled out his sword, Su Li whose clothes were tattered and had blood in the corners of his mouth revealed a smile.

So what if it was the difference of 5 ancient horned dragons?

He, Su Li, still annihilated Lu Yong under his sword!

"Su Li!!" Feng Wei shouted out coldly as the clothed he wore swelled up, and he intended to take revenge for his personal disciple, Lu Yong.

But unfortunately, he hadn't made a move when he was stopped by Ning Can. "Feng Wei, calm down! Don't forget that life and death is disregarded in the ranking battles of the Martial Competition of the Ten Dynasties! As the Vice Fort Master of Skywolf Fort, if you make a move because of your own personal intentions, what position would you place the Skywolf Fort in?" As he finished speaking, Ning Can's tone became grim.

Feng Wei calmed down when he heard this, yet his eyes still arose ghastly hatred as he stared fixedly at Su Li.

So long as he had the slightest chance in the future, he would absolutely not let Su Li off, even if Su Li was the personal disciple of Sword 13.

Even though in terms of natural talent and comprehension ability, Lu Yong couldn't be considered to be at the top amongst the group of young geniuses that were participating in the martial competition this time, yet because Lu Yong's character was to his liking, so he'd always been extremely satisfied with this personal disciple of his.

Yet now, his personal disciple was killed right before his eyes, how could he not be enraged?

"As expected of the extremely famous Heaven Rank sword skill in the Blade Sect, the Composite Chain Sword, it really is extraordinary!" Hui Ming's eyes lit up and couldn't help but praise.

The middle aged monk that stood by Hui Ming's side, Hui Jing, focused his gaze onto sword 13. "Vice Sect Master Sword, could it be that this young man is your disciple?"

"Baldy Hui Jing, even though your strength isn't much, needless to say, your eyesight isn't bad." Sword 13 nodded.

Hui Jing laughed bitterly.

He was an eighth level Void Transformation Stage martial artist at any rate, yet he'd become someone with a strength that isn't much when spoken about by Sword 13.

Of course, he knew clearly in his heart that Sword 13 possessed the qualifications to say this.

According to his knowledge, the current Sword 13 had already broken through to the ninth level of the Void Transformation Stage, and he was far from being able to compare with Sword 13.

Perhaps only his Senior Brother Hui Ming by his side had the strength to fight Sword 13.