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Chapter 852: Chen An’s Scheme

Chapter 852: Chen An’s Scheme

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"I do!" Chen An nodded fiercely as he said in a grim voice, "After he forcefully took the fiancée I'd made a marriage agreement with and forced the members of my fiancée's clan to come to our Chen Clan to break off the engagement, he's always been staying at my fiancée's clan!" A trace of a cold light flickered faintly in the depths of Chen An's gaze.

But unfortunately, Chen Wei didn't notice this.

"What?!" Chen Wei's expression became even more gloomy when he heard Chen An.

As far as he was concerned, if it wasn't for that fellow who impersonated a disciple of his Five Element Sect's Wood Sect and used the power of the Five Element Sect to seize his younger brother's fiancée, then he would perhaps be able to attend his younger brother's wedding when he returned this time.

But now, not only did he not get to attend the wedding, his younger brother's fiancée was taken away!

Since he was young, he'd always doted upon his younger brother the most, and he would give the best to his younger brother… Now, how could he endure it when he heard his younger brother had suffered such a humiliation?

"Big Brother, my fiancée is the Ye Clan's Young Miss, Ye Xuan. That fellow is in the Ye Clan right now… You must take revenge for me!!" Chen An revealed a sorrowful expression as he added fuel to the fire, and then he stretched out his hand to pull on Chen Wei's arm before walking out in a hurry.

"Little An, I know you're extremely angry, and Big Brother is extremely angry as well… How about this? I'll go notify Father and Master before following you to the Ye Clan. No matter what, Master rarely comes to our Chen Clan, and I can't leave him aside as soon as I return." Chen Wei stopped moving and spoke to Chen An.

But how could Chen An allow him to see his father? Once he met his father, wouldn't all the lies he'd said earlier be unraveled instantaneously?

"Brother! I've already endured it for a very long time, and I don't want to continue enduring it… If you don't want to take revenge for me, then I'll go myself!" Chen An's eyes flickered with a strand of a cunning bright light, and then he roared in a low voice before letting go of Chen Wei's arm and seemed to transform into a gust of wind that charge out of the Chen Clan.

"Little An!" Chen Wei's face went grim, and he who was worried about the safety of his younger brother hurriedly chased after Chen An. With his speed, he caught up to Chen An not long after he left the entrance of the Chen Clan.

"I'll go with you! It just happens that I want to see that person that dares impersonate a disciple of our Five Element Sect's Wood Peak to seize your fiancée!" Because of Chen An's pitiful narration earlier, his heart was filled with a ball of flames since long ago, and he wished for nothing more than to arrive at the Ye Clan right away and expose that person's true face.

It wasn't just that, he also wanted to cripple that person's cultivation and bring him back to the Five Element Sect's Wood Peak!

As far as he was concerned, that person had actually dared to impersonate a disciple of the Wood Peak to commit deeds that caused widespread indignation and discontent, so that person must be personally judged by the Enforcement Elders of the Wood Peak!

Only in this way would he be able to completely clean the name of the Wood Peak.

"Brother, the entire Ye Clan have been suppressed by that Duan Ling Tian with his martial strength, causing them to do everything he tells them… So when we go over, the members of the Ye Clan will surely drive us out! They have no other choice but to act in that way, so you must not blame them." Chen An spoke to Chen Wei with a heavy expression, yet the depths of his eyes contained slight complacency.

"What?!" Chen Wei was slightly shocked when he heard this. "The members of the Ye Clan were suppressed by his martial strength? Didn't you say that Duan Ling Tian is only a young man? According to my knowledge, the Ye Clan's former patriarch is an existence at the third level of the Void Interpretation Stage. Could it be that even the Ye Clan's former patriarch is unable to deal with him?"

Chen An's expression went imperceptibly grim before recovering, and then he sighed. "Brother, there's something you don't know… The Ye Clan's former patriarch passed away three years ago."

"So that's how it is." Chen Wei nodded, and then he couldn't help but sigh. "I remember when I returned four years ago, I'd once visited the Ye Clan's former patriarch… At that time, I didn't notice anything wrong with him, how did he pass away so quickly? It's truly a pity."

Chen An broke out in cold sweat in his heart as he continued. "I heard he encountered a formidable enemy outside and was heavily injured, causing a hidden injury to be left behind. After that, he couldn't hold on any longer and passed away."

"Brother, you'd already broken through to the Void Interpretation Stage when you returned four years ago… What's your cultivation now?" Chen An seemed to have thought of something and couldn't help but ask.

"I just broke through to the fourth level of the Void Interpretation Stage last month," said Chen Wei.

"Mmm." Chen An nodded, yet he said in his heart, "Brother is only at the fourth level of the Void Interpretation Stage now, and he's surely not a match for that Duan Ling Tian… But I never thought that Big Brother would be able to do anything to that Duan Ling Tian! After all, Duan Ling Tian is an existence that's even capable of defeating the Supreme Elder."

Chen An's thoughts were extremely simply. He wanted to make Duan Ling Tian injure his older brother, causing his older brother's Master, Ke Zheng, the elder of the Five Element Sect's Wood Peak who was a formidable existence at the Void Transformation Stage to be infuriated.

As far as he was concerned, with how much that Senior Ke doted on his older brother, Senior Ke would surely not let the matter go after his older brother was heavily injured by Duan Ling Tian.

"Once Senior Ke is enraged, he'll surely kill that Duan Ling Tian! In this way, the hatred in my heart will be resolved! Duan Ling Tian, not only did you destroy the marriage agreement between me and Ye Xuan, you actually want to interfere in my business. I'll make you die a graveless death!" At this moment, Chen An was extremely satisfied of his scheme.

As far as he was concerned, his scheme was flawless.

After a short moment, Chen Wei and Chen An arrived before the entrance to the Ye Clan Estate, and the expression of the two disciples that guarded the entrance went grim when they saw Chen An.

"Brother, let's go in!" Chen An completely disregarded these two Ye Clan disciples and directly moved to trespass into the Ye Clan Estate.

"Second Young Master Chen!" The two Ye Clan disciples stopped Chen An, and their expressions changed indeterminately.

They felt slightly curious. Wasn't the marriage agreement between this good for nothing Young Master of the Chen Clan and our Ye Clan's Young Miss broken off? What's this good for nothing Young Master coming to our Ye Clan for?

Moreover, he's coming to look for trouble and obviously came with ill intent.

Could it be that he isn't afraid of Young Master Duan teaching him a lesson?

Right when the two Ye Clan disciples had a myriad of thoughts in their minds, Chen An made a move.

Bang! Bang!

Two palms slapped out, one for each of them, and he directly blasted the two Ye Clan disciples flying, causing them to collide with the pillar at the side of the entrance and lose consciousness.

"Little An?" The scene before him occurred suddenly, and Chen Wei only recovered from his shock after Chen An finished knocking the two Ye Clan disciples out, causing him to be unable to help but frown. "What're you doing?"

"Brother, don't worry. I've only knocked them out. The Ye Clan members have all been coerced by that Duan Ling Tian now. If I don't knock them out, then they'll surely not dare allow us to enter." Chen An explained.

Chen Wei nodded. Even though he kept having the feeling that something was amiss, yet he didn't think any further.

Of course, it was also because he'd never doubted his younger brother, nor did he ever think that his younger brother would deceive him.

Chen Wei and Chen An trespassed all the way into the Ye Clan and arrived outside the Ye Clan's Audience Hall.

All the Ye Clan disciples on the way that came to question Chen An were injured successively by Chen An, and it instantly drew the rage of the comparatively stronger Ye Clan disciples, causing the group of Ye Clan disciples to make a move in unison.

Meanwhile, Chen An couldn't withstand it any longer.


Chen Wei took a stride forward, his robes fluttering without the wind as a vast and enormous energy gushed out from his body to directly blast the group of Ye Clan disciples flying.

The group of Ye Clan disciples fell to the ground and emitted muffled groans, yet all of them didn't emit a single shrill cry.

Perhaps, as far as they were concerned, letting out a shrill cry before the good for nothing Young Master of the Chen Clan was an extremely great humiliation, and they were unable to accept a humiliation like that.

"Quickly, go get the Patriarch!"

"I'll go get the Grand Elder!"

"I'll go get the Second Elder!"

Instantly, besides a portion of Ye Clan disciples that stared fiercely at Chen Wei and Chen An, some Ye Clan disciples flew off to go notify the Patriarch and elders.

In next to no time, the Ye Clan's Patriarch, Ye Ting, and the group of elders converged together and came over in a formidable array.


"Grand Elder!"

"Second Elder!"

The Ye Clan disciples that surrounded Chen Wei and Chen An opened up a path as they respectfully greeted Ye Ting and the others over.

The expression of Ye Ting who heard Chen Wei had come over to cause trouble was extremely ominous, but when he walked into the crowd and saw Chen Wei who stood by Chen An's side, his expression eased up slightly.

"I was wondering why Second Young Master Chen would dare trespass into our Ye Clan Estate, so it turns out that Eldest Young Master Chen has returned." Ye Ting glanced coldly and indifferently at Chen An before shooting his gaze at Chen Wei, and it seemed to contain slight fear mixed within.

He wasn't afraid of the Chen Clan's Eldest Young Master, Chen Wei, but he couldn't help but be afraid of the Five Element Sect that stood behind Chen Wei.

Moreover, he'd heard that not only had Chen Wei joined the Five Element Sect, he'd even taken an elder of the Five Element Sect as his master, and this was something Ye Ting had to fear.

After all, even the weakest elder in the Five Element Sect was an existence at the Void Transformation Stage.

Merely the strength of a single existence like this was sufficient to annihilate his Ye Clan.

"Patriarch Ye." Chen Wei nodded to Ye Ting. He didn't come to the Ye Clan with his younger brother today for the sake of denouncing the Ye Clan's crimes, and he'd instead come for the sake of looking for the person that impersonated a disciple of the Five Element Sect's Wood Peak to seize his younger brother's fiancée.

So, he was very courteous when facing Ye Ting.

"Eldest Young Master Chen, I wonder why you and your younger brother have come?" Ye Ting asked indifferently. "Our Ye Clan seems to have no relationship with your Chen Clan now, right?"

"Patriarch Ye, I'm happy for my younger brother for being able to be engaged to your daughter… But no matter what the reason was, your actions of coming to my Chen Clan to break off the engagement seems to be going a little too far, right?" said Chen Wei.

"Breaking off the engagement?" Ye Ting came to a suddenly understanding when he heard Chen Wei. "So Eldest Young Master Chen has come because of this… But could it be that your father didn't tell you that this matter had already ended completely?" When he spoke up to here, Ye Ting looked at Chen An, and he kept having the feeling that something was off with the incident today.

Chen Wei's reputation in Driftcloud Town had always been extremely good. He was absolutely not a person that relied on his backing to bully others nor was he an unreasonable person. But, his actions of coming to the Ye Clan to denounce the Ye Clan's crimes with Chen An today was truly slightly strange.

"Hmph!" Chen Wei hadn't spoken when Chen An had already said angrily, "Ye Ting, you brought that Duan Ling Tian to come to my Chen Clan to break off the engagement and caused my Chen Clan to lose face greatly, and you even forcefully tore me and Little Xuan apart… Could it be that you don't feel guilty in the slightest?" As he finished speaking, Chen An had an agitated expression as tears streamed down from his face and dripped down to the ground.

Ye Ting was stunned.

The group of Ye Clan elders were stunned.

All the Ye Clan disciples were stunned.

What exactly is this Chen Clan's Second Young Master doing?