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Chapter 867: Elder Ghost’s Terror

Chapter 867: Elder Ghost’s Terror

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Right when the five great Vice Fort Masters of the Skywolf Fort were at a loss for what to do, two figures had appeared high above in the sky of the Skywolf Fort.

"Sh*t! It's that Young Miss!" As the leader of the five Vice Fort Masters, Luo Fu, noticed the two young women at the first possible moment, and his face went grim.

"That Young Miss looks to be extremely furious… She wouldn't destroy our Skywolf Fort, right?" Meng Li gasped.

"What should we do now?" Feng Wei laughed bitterly.

Even though it was the first time he'd met those two young women three days ago, after he found out about the background of the yellow clothed young woman from his Master, he was terrified to the point of being helpless.

What a joke!

Could his Skywolf Fort afford to offend an existence that could take a Martial Monarch Stage expert as a servant?

"I think we should go appease her… Otherwise, the Skywolf Fort might really be destroyed by her." Ning Can laughed bitterly.

"Let's go…together." Luo Fu deeply agreed, and then he called out to the other four before all of them soared into the sky to arrive nearby the two young women in a short moment.

Presently, strands of cold energy were sweeping out in all directions from the yellow clothed young woman.

The cold energy covered the heavens and the earth as it descended, and it wasn't long before it caused the entire Skywolf Fort's inner fort to seem as if it had fallen into extreme winter.

"How cold!" Many elders of disciples flew out from everywhere in the inner fort.

When they saw the two young women and five Vice Fort Masters that were facing each other high above in the sky, all of them stopped and watched the show from afar.

"So it's this Young Miss that's putting on a show of force!"

"I heard even the Fort Master went into hiding because of her."

"I'm really curious about who she is. She's actually capable of making our Skywolf Fort's Master be so afraid of her… After all, our Fort Master is an existence at the peak of the Void Stage, and he's only half a step away from the Martial Monarch Stage!"

"I'm sure that her identity and background isn't simple."

"It's not just her background that isn't simple, even her strength is obviously extraordinary."

Numerous elders and disciples of the Skywolf Fort discussed animatedly, and their faces were filled with helpless bitter smiles.

Their Skywolf Fort was one of the four great powers of the southern area of the northern desert at any rate, and it wasn't the slightest bit afraid of the Blade Sect, Empyrean Temple, and Emotion Severing Sect that were similarly one of the four great powers.

Yet now, it had cowered before a young woman around the age of 15 or 16.

Moreover, the strongest in the Skywolf Fort, the Fort Master, had even specially gone into hiding and taken the young woman as a dreadful monster when he heard the young woman had arrived.

High above in the sky, the five great Vice Fort Masters of the Skywolf Fort were filled with fear and a perturbed feeling when facing the yellow clothed young woman.

"Young Miss Xue Nai." Luo Fu who was in the led braced himself and greeted her.

"Young Miss Xue Nai."

"Young Miss Xue Nai."

The other four Vice Fort Masters squeezed out a smile with difficulty and greeted her in succession.

"I've already waited for three days yet your Skydog Fort's big dog hasn't come out…" Han Xue Nai looked at Luo Fu's group of five, and her beautiful face held oppressive coldness as she said in a chilly voice, "If he still doesn't come out today… Then I'll freeze you five little dogs into popsicles!"

Freeze into popsicles?

At the same time that Luo Fu's group of five laughed bitterly when they heard this, they were indifferent to it in their hearts.

Even though the young woman had comprehended Ice Concept and possessed extraordinary strength, but as far as he was concerned, the young woman ought to be unable to do anything to them.

"Young Miss Xue Nai, our Fort Master has really gone out on a long journey." Luo Fu laughed bitterly.

"Yeah." Ning Can and the others nodded successively.

"I'll know if he really gone out for a long journey in a moment." As soon as Han Xue Nai finished speaking, she took a stride forward. Instantly, the icy cold aura that was accumulating force in her body since long ago swept out.

The bone piercing coldness swept through the sky and caused even the airflow in the sky to be frozen.

The five great Vice Fort Masters of Skywolf Fort didn't even have the time to reach when the cold energy that was icy cold to the extreme had already enveloped them.

The terrifying cold energy was like numerous dreadful monsters that collided fiercely onto them.

In next to no time, Feng Wei's face went grim.

Because he noticed that after the cold energy enveloped his entire body, his body started to become stiff.

In the next moment, the cold energy was like cancer that piercer into every single pore on his body and charged into his meridians, and it froze his meridians and Origin Energy.

It wasn't just that, the flesh, blood, internal organs, tendons, and bones in his body were frozen as well, and no matter how he urged his Origin Energy, he was unable to suppress the bone piercing cold energy.

"Sh*t!" At this instant, Feng Wei's face went pale.

He realized a terrifying problem, and it was that all of them had underestimated this little girl.

Originally, he was afraid of this little girl because of the enormous force behind the little girl and not the little girl's strength.

Yet now, he noticed that the little girl's strength even surpassed him.

In the blink of an eye, a dignified seventh level Void Transformation Stage expert like him was frozen into an ice sculpture. What level of strength was this?

Feng Wei's heart was filled with bitterness as he sensed the coldness that came from all over his body and the Origin Energy he was utterly unable to mobilize.

He even noticed that the current state within his body was because the little girl who in his eyes possessed a strength that wasn't worth mentioning had showed mercy.

Otherwise, he'd have been frozen to death long ago.

Feng Wei stood in midair and transformed into an ice sculpture, and the Origin Energy on his body was completely extinguished.

The reason he didn't plunge down was because a shapeless force was holding him, causing him to not plunge down and transform into pieces.

At the same time, Ning Can and Yu Tang, the two existences at the eighth level of the Void Transformation Stage had successively transformed into ice sculptures.

Through the ice sculptures, one could see the extremely unsightly expressions they had.

Just like Feng Wei, they'd never imagined that Han Xue Nai's strength was so terrifying to actually restrain them in a single move.

When they were barely able to move their eyes and saw that Meng Li and Luo Fu who stood before them had transformed into ice sculptures as well, they were completely helpless.

Even the two great ninth level Void Transformation Stage Vice Fort Masters of their Skywolf Fort couldn't escape the fate of becoming an ice sculpture, let alone them?

Five ice sculptures stood in midair, and if it wasn't for a shapeless force holding them up, they'd have plunged down and been smashed into pieces, causing them to perish without leaving a corpse behind.

The hearts of the five people that were sealed within the five ice sculptures were filled with terror because they realized how dangerous their situation was.

A single thought of the yellow clothed young woman would cause them to die without a doubt!

"Fort Master, quickly come out!"

"Fort Master, save us!"

Presently, only this single thought remained in their hearts.

Due to the Origin Energy in their hearts being completely sealed in ice, they were incapable of sending a voice transmission to beg for mercy from the young woman before them.

Otherwise, they would surely put down their pride and pitifully beg for mercy.

"Big dog!" Han Xue Nai who controlled the fate of the five great Vice Fort Masters of the Skywolf Fort suddenly spoke out, and her voice contained Origin Energy, causing it to spread throughout the entire inner fort and pervade all corners of it.

"Five breaths of time… If you don't come out within five breaths of time, then I'll crush all these five little dogs of your Skydog Fort!" Han Xue Nai's voice swept through the sky and entered clearly into the ears of every single person in the inner fort, and her voice was filled with an indisputable tone.


The entire inner fort went into an uproar.

"Who exactly is she? She was actually capable of freezing our Skywolf Fort's five great Vice Fort Masters into ice sculptures by herself."

"The Ice Concept of legend is really so terrifying?"

"When did our Skywolf Fort become the Skydog Fort? The Fort Master is a big dog, the five Vice Fort Masters are little dogs, then what are we?"

"Perhaps, in her eyes, we're only a group of puppies."

The group of elders and disciples of the Skywolf Fort laughed bitterly as they looked at the yellow clothed young woman high above in the sky.

At this moment, in their eyes, the yellow clothed young woman was utterly a Little Devil that couldn't be offended, and anyone who offended her would be struck with misfortune.

"Elder Ghost, who exactly is she? She's only around the age of 15 or 16 yet possesses such a terrifying strength… Could it be that she's a Demon?" At a corner of the inner fort, Zi Shang stood there as he looked at the yellow clothed young woman from afar, and he asked with a fearful expression.

"She isn't a Demon." A ghastly and hoarse voice reverberated in Zi Shang's mind. "She's like you, a human…"

"What?!" ZI Shang's pupils constricted, and he couldn't help but gasp. "Elder Ghost, you aren't joking, right? She… How old is she? How could a human possibly possess such a terrifying strength at this age?"

"Her strength is probably not inferior to that elusive Fort Master of the Skywolf Fort, right?" Zi Shang asked.

"Unless that Skywolf Fort's Master is at the Martial Monarch Stage of this continent of yours, perhaps he would still be able to go against her… Otherwise, it's impossible for him to be a match for her." Elder Ghost's voice continued. "Besides that, I sensed a trace of a familiar aura when she attacked… If she really cultivated that cultivation method, then the power behind her…" As he finished speaking, Elder Ghost's voice started trembling, and he seemed to have recalled something terrifying.

"What about the power behind her?" Zi Shang perceived the terror in Elder Ghost's tone and couldn't help but ask curiously as he really wanted to know what power could cause Elder Ghost to be so terrified.

"Extremely formidable! Formidable to the point you're unable to imagine it!" Elder Ghost's voice seemed to become extremely solemn as he spoke word by word. "No matter what happens in the future, you must not offend this Young Miss… Even if I was at my prime, I was only an existence that was like an ant in the eyes of the group of weakest people in that power she belongs to."

"What?!" Eldest Ghost's words utterly shocked Zi Shang.

A person as formidable as Elder Ghost in his prime was only an existence that was like an ant in the eyes of the group of weakest people in the power the yellow clothed young woman belongs to?

Exactly how formidable would that power be?

If the past, Zi Shang had heard Elder Ghost boast numerous times about how formidable he was at his prime… Now was the first time that Zi Shang found out that even Eldest Ghost would have a moment of terror.

"Who exactly is she?" Zi Shang looked at the young woman that stood high above in the sky with a scorching gaze. "If I'm able to strike up a relationship with her, then wouldn't I be able to soar into the sky with a single leap?"

"There's still another two breaths of time… Looks like the big dog doesn't want to care about the fate of these five little dogs!" Han Xue Nai spoke out once more, and at the same time, the shapeless force she stretched out showed signs of withdrawing.

"Young Miss Xue Nai, show mercy." Right at this moment, an aged voice that was filled with helplessness resounded in the air.