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Chapter 874: Slander

Chapter 874: Slander
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Duan Ling Tian couldn't help but shiver when he heard Ye Xuan.

If this little girl were to become formidable in the future, I'm afraid she'd be another 'Little Devil.'

When he thought of the Little Devil, Duan Ling Tian's gaze became dreamy as the figure of a yellow clothed young woman appeared in his mind.

The yellow clothed young woman was precisely Han Xue Nai.

"I wonder what Xue Nai is doing at this moment… Besides that, I wonder if Little Gold, Little Black, and Little White have left that place?" Duan Ling Tian sighed in his heart, and when he returned to his senses, he'd already descended behind Chen Wei onto a pavilion with three floors.

"Every single floor of this pavilion has a main bedroom, you three arrange it amongst yourselves." Chen Wei said to Duan Ling Tian's group of three, "All of you can come look for me if there's anything lacking… I'm living in that pavilion." As he spoke, Chen Wei pointed towards a pavilion with two floors in the distance.

"Okay." Duan Ling Tian's group of three nodded and then entered the pavilion.

Huang Daniu took the lowest floor, Ye Xuan took the second floor, and Duan Ling Tian moved into the top floor.

Once one left the main bedroom on the top floor, a boundless blue sky and white clouds would appear before one's eyes.

While Duan Ling Tian's group of three entered the pavilion, the spectating Wood Peak disciples that were watching the show dispersed successively, but their faces were filled with indescribable excitement.

"I truly never imagined that Senior Brother Chen and Elder Ke would bring such outstanding young experts back."

"Our Wood Peak can hold our heads up high this time… The Battle of the Five Peaks is only the beginning."

"There're another three days more before the Battle of the Five Peaks… It's truly a cause for anticipation."

Smiles appeared on the faces of the Wood Peak disciples.

They were Wood Peak disciples and shared both the honor and disgrace of the Wood Peak, so the Wood Peak being the existence at the bottom amongst the five peaks caused them to be treated with disdain by the disciples of the other four peaks and be unable to walk with their heads held high.

They were sick of days like this since long ago.

This time, when they saw a chance to free themselves from this, they were naturally excited to the extreme.

Not long after, most of the Wood Peak disciples knew what had happened earlier.

For a time, the Wood Peak disciples that found out about this matter were seething with excitement.

Right when most Wood Peak disciples were seething with excitement, there were some Wood Peak disciples that were exceptions…

Luo Chen was one of them.

After he consumed a healing medicinal pill, Luo Chen's swollen face recovered to normal and no trace of his having suffered an injury could be discerned from his face.

But his expression was extremely unsightly at this moment, and he stood in the air with a slightly perturbed expression.

A pavilion with three floors stood near the peak of the Wood Peak. This pavilion stood alone by the side of a precipitous cliff, and it looked to be extremely dangerous, causing one to be unable to help but feel terrified.

Luo Chen's face was filled with conflicting emotions as he looked at the pavilion before him, and then he gritted his teeth in the end before flying out to descend onto the pavilion.

"You've returned?" Right at this moment, a red clothed old man walked out of the room on the third floor of the pavilion. The old man had a robust figure, a curly beard, and looked to be a crude and careless person.

"Master." Luo Chen was respectful and reverent when facing the old man, yet his expression was slightly unsightly. His mouth twitched but he didn't speak a word in the end, and he seemed as if it was difficult for him to open his mouth.

"What?" The curly bearded old man discerned that something was amiss and asked with a bewildered expression.

"Master." Luo Chen took a deep breath. He knew clearly in his heart that even if he didn't tell his master about Hong Xi, it wouldn't be long before his Master would find out.

So, he chose to make a confession.

"Hong Xi, he…" Luo Chen looked at the curly bearded old man, his master, with a slightly perturbed expression, and after he slowly spat out three words, he hesitated once more as if he was unable to continue.

A while back, his Master could be said to have paid a great price in order to pull Hong Xi into the Five Element Sect, into the Wood Peak.

Besides all the time he'd wasted, he'd also spent many grade three spirit weapons and Concept Fragments on the power that Hong Xi was from.

Yet now, Hong Xi had died, and died in the Wood Peak!

"What happened to Hong Xi?" The curly bearded old man's face went grim.

"Master, Hong Xi… Was killed!" Luo Chen took a deep breath and finally mustered up the courage to speak out.

"What?!" The old man's pupils constricted as cold lights flashed within, and then he asked with a grim voice. "Was it the members of the Water Peak, Fire Peak, or Earth Peak that did it?"

"None of them." Luo Chen shook his head.

"None of them?" The old man frowned. "Then how did he die? Could it be that the members of the Gold Peak did it?"

When he mentioned the gold peak, the old man's eyes emitted a trace of fear.

"No." Luo Chen shook his head once more and laughed bitterly. "It was someone from our own Wood Peak."

"Our Wood Peak?" The old man was shocked, and then he frowned as he asked. "Could it be that he offended an elder or perhaps offended a middle aged disciple?"

As far as he was concerned, with Hong Xi's strength, unless it was an elder of the Wood Peak or a disciple of the middle aged generation, practically no one was capable of killing Hong Xi in the Wood Peak.

Hong Xi's strength was equal to the most outstanding experts of the Wood Peak's younger generation, Chen Wei and Luo Chen, and even if Chen Wei or Luo Chen made a move against Hong Xi, it would be impossible for them to kill him.

"No!" Luo Chen shook his head once more.

"No?" The corners of the old man's mouth twitched slightly as he revealed astonishment from his eyes. "Could it be… It was the young disciples brought back by the other elders that did it?"

"Yes." Hong Xi nodded as two fierce lights shot out from his eyes. "It was the young disciples that Chen Wei and Elder Ke brought back… They killed Hong Xi as soon as they arrived!"

The old man's eyes flashed with a bright light, and then he went silent.

Meanwhile, Luo Chen looked at the old man and urged him anxiously. "Master, the reason they dared kill Hong Xi was none other than because Hong Xi hadn't officially registered himself as a disciple of the Five Element Sect and firmly believed the sect wouldn't interfere…"

"Presently, those two fellows haven't registered themselves as well. So even if they die, the sect won't pursue the matter! Master, you must take revenge for Hong Xi and kill those two fellows." As he finished speaking, Luo Chen's eyes emitted piercingly cold lights that seemed ready to swallow his enemies up.

He originally wanted to provoke and suppress Chen Wei today, yet never had he imagined that not only had he failed in suppressing Chen Wei, even the companion by his side was killed by the people by Chen Wei's side.

At the instant Hong Xi was killed, he noticed the gazes of ridicule the surrounding crowd of Wood Peak disciples looked at him with.

It was the first time in his life that he'd suffered such a great humiliation!

Now, he only wanted to cause the death of those two fellows that caused him to suffer such humiliation, and his heart would forever be ill at ease until they died.

"Two?" The old man that fell into silence couldn't help but frown when he heard Luo Chen. "What you mean is the two of them joined forces to kill Hong Xi?"

"Yes!" Luo Chen nodded.

He knew clearly in his heart that if he said Huang Daniu had killed Hong Xi by himself, then his Master might not do anything to Huang Daniu for the sake of the Wood Peak's future.

Yet now, when he said that the two of them had joined forces to kill Hong Xi, everything was completely different.

Before the old man could reply, Luo Chen grunted. "How could they possibly be a match for Hong Xi if they didn't join forces? Besides that, this is also Chen Wei's fault. It was he who stopped me and didn't allow me to save Hong Xi… It was precisely because of this that Hong Xi was killed by those two fellows." As he finished speaking, Luo Chen had an expression of grief and indignation, and it seemed as if everything he said was the truth.

At least, the curly bearded old man believed it.

"Hmph!" The old man grunted coldly when he heard what Luo Chen said. "If they killed Hong Xi under the circumstances of it being a one on one battle, then it's fine… Even if the Wood Peak doesn't have Hong Xi, it wouldn't be affected!"

"But they actually dared join forces and annihilated a would-be Wood Peak disciple that was more outstanding than them… Two people that are inferior to Hong Xi are utterly useless to our Wood Peak." As he finished speaking, the old man's face was covered in a layer of ice.

"Since they acted audaciously and recklessly and killed Hong Xi because Hong Xi was a would-be Wood Peak disciple… Then I similarly can kill them since they're only two tiny would-be Wood Peak disciples." The old man's words were filled with coldness.

A would-be Wood Peak disciple was a disciple that the Wood Peak was willing to accept, and the disciple was willing to join the Wood Peak, yet had not officially become a member of the Five Element Sect.

A person like this wasn't protected by the Five Element Sect.

"Master, if you want to kill them, then let's hurry over and kill them now before Chen Wei brings them along to register themselves and become official disciples!" A trace of complacency flashed within the eyes of Luo Chen who clearly sensed the rage of his master, and he couldn't help but urge the old man.

"Lead the way!" The old man nodded, and he obviously felt that Luo Chen was right.

"Yes!" Luo Chen flew out with delight, and he led the way and plunged down the mountain.

As for the old man, he followed neither swiftly nor slowly behind Luo Chen from the beginning until the end, and he arrived at a pavilion on the mountainside with Luo Chen.

"It's Luo Chen!"

"His master, Elder He, has come as well."

Instantly, many people stuck their heads out from the nearby pavilions, and they recognized Luo Chen and the curly bearded old man.

"What have they come for?"

"They wouldn't have come to deal with the two young disciples that Chen Wei and Elder Ke brought back, right?"

"It isn't likely… Perhaps Luo Chen would do such a thing, but Elder He would surely not do it."

"Elder He thinks wholeheartedly for the Wood Peak, and he surely wouldn't do something that's harmful to the Wood Peak."

Because of the appearance of the curly bearded of man, the Wood Peak disciples in the numerous pavilions didn't dare approach to watch what was happening as they were afraid they would accidentally offend Elder He.

Elder He's temper was renowned in the Wood Peak for being irritable, and few people dared offend him.

"They're inside?" The old man, the Wood Peak's Elder He Gang looked at the pavilion with three floors beneath him, and a strand of cold light flashed in his eyes as he asked with a low voice.

"Yes, Master." Luo Chen replied respectfully, before using his Origin Energy to supplement his voice as he flashed towards the pavilions.

His voice was concentrated, so even though it spread throughout the pavilion, it wasn't heard by the other Wood Peak disciples in the other pavilions that were watching from nearby.

"Duan Ling Tian, Huang Daniu, come out and die!" These were Luo Chen's words.

In the pavilion, the expressions of Duan Ling Tian, Huang Daniu, and Ye Xuan sank when they heard Luo Chen.