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Chapter 880: The Ungrateful Bastard, Hu Fei

Chapter 880: The Ungrateful Bastard, Hu Fei

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The incident today had finally come to a conclusion.

But the news of the Wood Peak's elder, He Gang, crippling his own cultivation still spread throughout the Wood Peak with an extremely swift speed and even spread to the other four peaks of the Five Element Sect.

For a time, practically all the members of all the five peaks knew about the incident where two disciples that had just arrived at the Wood Peak forced He Gang to cripple his own cultivation.

Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu were completely famous!

Earth Peak.

Even though it was the lowest peak amongst the five peaks, it was only in comparison to the other four peaks of the Five Element Sect. If it was compared with any other mountain, then the Earth Peak was an existence that stood like a giant amongst dwarves.

The peak of the Earth Peak pierced straight into the sky, and when looked at from afar, one was utterly unable to clearly see what was at the top.

At the mountainside at one side of the peak was a spacious platform, and atop the platform stood a palace that occupied a vast area.

This place was the Earth Peak's Conference Hall, and the higher-ups of the Earth Peak would normally confer about things here.

"Peak Master." An old man that was fatigues from a journey stood in the Conference Hall, and he bowed respectfully as he looked at a middle aged fatty that sat at the head seat.

The middle aged fatty wore an earthen yellow robe, his body was both short and overweight, and he was only around 1.5 meters tall.

"Elder Tang, why have you returned?" The short middle aged fatty was the Earth Peak's Master, Tian Gu, and his small eyes that were already covered by the flab on his face narrowed to become a line, causing him to look harmless.

The old man that stood there was precisely Tang Lin that had hurried back from Settlement City and was in charge of the Earth Peak's point of operations in Settlement City.

"Peak Master, I returned because I have an important thing to report." Tang Lin spoke respectfully.

"Is it about the Wood Peak's Yang Ling returning from Settlement City? And those two young experts that the Wood Peak recruited?" Tian Gu asked indifferently.

"Peak Master, you… You know everything?" Tang Lin was surprised, and then he asked with a perplexed expression. "But Peak Master, you said two young experts? According to my knowledge, the Wood Peak has only recruited a single young expert that's extraordinary."

"Your information is lagging behind." Tian Gu shook his head. "I just obtained news half an hour ago that those two new young experts of the Wood Peak caused a great stir as soon as they arrived."

"Huh?" Tang Lin's eyes flashed and was slightly curious.

"They killed a would-be Wood Peak disciple that possessed a strength equal to Chen Wei and Luo Chen right after they arrived at the Wood Peak… That would-be Wood Peak disciple was brought back by He Gang," said Tian Gu.

Tang Lin was instantly stunned when he heard this.

Even though he knew that the Wood Peak had recruited a young expert that was capable of easily defeating Chen Wei, he never imagined that the young expert would be so brave as to cause such a stir upon arrival at the Wood Peak.

Moreover, he killed someone that the Wood Peak's He Gang brought back.

He Gang was an existence at the sixth level of the Void Transformation Stage like him, and He Gang's status in the Wood Peak wasn't inferior to his status in the Earth Peak.

"He Gang probably wouldn't let the matter go just like that, right?" Tang Lin's eyes flashed as he asked.

He deeply understood how explosive He Gang's temper was.

"He Gang?" Tian Gu laughed coldly. "He did indeed not let it go… But, the outcome will probably exceed your expectations."

"Yang Ling and Ke Zhang stood up for them?" When he heard Tian Gu's words, Tang Lin vaguely realized that the two young experts Yang Ling and Ke Zheng brought back ought to have not been harmed by He Gang.

"It wasn't just them who stood up for those two young experts… Right when He Gang wanted to kill those two young experts, all the Wood Peak disciples present stood up to protect the two of them, and they didn't let He Gang harm them in the slightest!" When he spoke up to here, Tian Gu sighed. "Even though the Wood Peak has declined, the unity of its disciples is far from something our Earth Peak disciples can compare to."

When he first got the news, the first thought that emerged in Tian Gu's mind wasn't about how great those two young experts were, and he was instead shocked by how united the Wood Peak disciples were.

With wills that were united like a fortress, what would they be unable to do?


Tang Lin gasped when he heard this. "I truly never imagined that those two people Ke Zheng and Tang Lin brought back actually possessed such charisma… Looks like the Wood Peak disciples have taken them to be the hope of the Wood Peak." As he finished muttering, a strand of cold light flashed within Tang Lin's eyes.

As a member of the Earth Peak, he naturally didn't hope for the Wood Peak to rise once more, as once the Wood Peak rose, it would mean that it was very likely for their Earth Peak to be the peak that stood at the bottom.

20 years ago, the Wood Peak was the like sun in the midday sky, and it was their Earth Peak that was at the bottom.

"With their strengths, they indeed possess the qualifications to be taken as the hope of the Wood Peak. But after the trouble He Gang caused, they aroused the intention to leave the Wood Peak…" Tian Gu continued.

"Hmm?" Tang Lin was first stunned, and then his eyes glowed. "Peak Master, our Earth Peak can strive to pull them over! I never imagined that He Gang has helped us."

"Let me finish." Tian Gu was slightly displeased from being interrupted by Tang Lin, and he continued after Tang Lin closed his mouth embarrassedly. "At the critical moment, Yang Ling and Ke Zheng made an appearance…"

Subsequently, Tian Gu told Tang Lin of all the information he'd obtained earlier.

This included the matter of the Wood Peak's elder He Gang crippling his own cultivation and the death of He Gang's personal disciple, Luo Chen.

"What?! He Gang actually agreed to their demands and crippled his own cultivation?" Tang Lin's pupils constricted, and his heart was filled with shock.

He Gang, an existence at the sixth level of the Void Transformation Stage had crippled his cultivation that he spend most of his life attaining because of the absurd demands of two little kids.

As far as he was concerned, the actions of He Gang were truly stupid!

But he couldn't help but feel admiration towards He Gang's resolution. For the sake of the Wood Peak's unknown 'future' and to take responsibility for the mistake he made, he resolutely crippled his own cultivation.

He Gang was worthy of respect!

"I never paid much attention to He Gang in the past, yet never had I imagined that he would be able to act to this extent in major issues of right and wrong." Even Tian Gu, the Peak Master of the Earth Peak, couldn't help but reveal a trace of admiration when mentioning He Gang.

"After He Gang did that, it's impossible for that Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu to leave the Wood Peak and join our Earth Peak… What a pity." Tang Lin knew clearly in his heart that it was impossible for Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu who'd made a promise before the two Wood Peak elders and crowd of Wood Peak disciples to join any of the other four peaks.

Not to mention Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu might not be willing, even if they were willing, the Wood Peak wouldn't be willing to take things lying down.

At that time, even the Wood Peak's Master would probably interfere.

Even though the Wood Peak had declined, that was only limited to the younger generation.

Amongst the five peaks, the experts in the senior generation of the Wood Peak were only inferior to the number one peak in the Five Element Sect, the Gold Peak.

20 years ago, the Wood Peak's Master was the number two expert in their Five Element Sect that was only inferior to their Sect Master. Even though he'd suffered an injury later on, no matter how heavy his injuries were, they ought to have recovered after so many years had passed.

During these past few years, the reason why their Earth Peak and both the Fire Peak and Water Peak dared to poach the disciples of the Wood Peak on many occasions was because the Wood Peak's Master disdained to lower himself and interfere in 'trifles' like this.

But the matter this time wasn't a trifle and was related to the cultivation of a sixth level Void Transformation Stage elder.

Once Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu went back on their words, then the Wood Peak's Master would probably kill them at the first possible moment!

This was something that Tang Lin didn't doubt in the slightest.

"I returned this time mainly for the sake of notifying Peak Master about the young expert the Wood Peak recruited… But never had I imagined that the Wood Peak didn't just recruit a single young expert. Moreover, those young experts caused such a stir." Tang Lin sighed. "Looks like I came for nothing this time."

"It isn't a waste… Since you've returned, then stay and guide those little fellows. The Battle of the Five Peaks will be beginning in a few days." Tian Gu's eyes flashed with a cold light. "The rise of the Wood Peak is already inevitable! But I think that no one from our Earth Peak wants to see our Earth Peak be at the bottom in the Battle of the Five Peaks this time."

"Moreover, the rankings of the five peaks this time is related to the quota to enter 'that place'… It has an extraordinary meaning to our Earth Peak!" As he finished speaking, Tian Gu's eyes flickered with strands of burning desire.

Tang Lin nodded heavily as he naturally knew the meaning of that place to the Five Element Sect and the Earth Peak.

Fire Peak, on a platform on the mountain side.

Three Fire Peak disciples were gathered together and were chatting happily.

"Have all of you heard about the incident in the Wood Peak?" Suddenly, a Fire Peak disciple's expression went heavy as he asked the other two people.

"I heard about it. I truly never imagined that the Wood Peak would be able to find two young experts that were so outstanding… For the sake of keeping these two young experts, the Wood Peak's elder He Gang, an existence at the sixth level of the Void Transformation Stage, even crippled his own cultivation! The resolution of the Wood Peak this time is really great."

"Supposedly, those two young experts were brought back to the Wood Peak by Elder Yang Ling and Elder Ke Zheng."

"Elder Yang Ling? That master of Hu Fei's in the past? The number two expert of the Wood Peak?"

"Exactly! Supposedly, after Hu Fei was poached to our Fire Peak by the Peak Master ten years ago, that Elder Yang Ling severed his own arm out of his extreme rage, and then he left to sect. I never imagined that he returned again this time."

"It can be right? Even if Hu Fei betrayed him, there's no need for him to cripple himself, right?"

"You probably don't know the story… Supposedly, when Elder Yang Ling met Hu Fei all those years ago, Hu Fei was an orphan that was being chased by a pack of wolves and fell down an extremely high precipice! It was Elder Yang who passed by that saved him. Moreover, Elder Yang Ling brought him back to the Five Element Sect and fostered him into a genius."

"I heard of it as well… The arm Elder Yang Ling severed seemed to be the arm he used to pull up and save Hu Fei with. He obviously did that because he regretted saving an ungrateful bastard all those years ago."

The three Fire Peak disciples discussed animatedly, and their words were filled with contempt towards Hu Fei.

"Could it be that the three of you don't know that discussing someone behind their backs is extremely rude?" Suddenly, a chilly voice sounded out.

Subsequently, a young man that was completely enveloped in a fiery red robe appeared before the three Fire Peak disciples.