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Chapter 891: A Head-On Fight

Chapter 891: A Head-On Fight

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"W-When did Daniu comprehend the Sixth Level Intermediate Earth Concept?" When Duan Ling Tian saw the 185 silhouettes of the ancient horned dragons above Huang Daniu's head, he could not help but be taken aback.

He was not surprised that Huang Daniu's cultivation base had made a breakthrough to the Sixth Level Void Interpretation. After all, just like him, Huang Daniu had also consumed the Origin Enhancing Fruit. Its medicinal efficacy was enough to help him make a breakthrough.

However, what took Duan Ling Tian by surprise was the fact that Huang Daniu had actually comprehended the Sixth Level Intermediate Earth Concept.

He still remembered that when he first saw Huang Daniu a month ago, he was still at the Fifth Level Intermediate Earth Concept. In other words, his Sixth Level Intermediate Earth Concept was only recently acquired.


Suddenly, a series of turbulent air flow resonated in the air and attracted Duan Ling Tian's attention.

Right above the head of Nangong Yi who locked in a stalemate with Huang Daniu, the Heaven and Earth Energy became chaotic as it converged into the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon at a stunning speed.

100 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared first. It seemed like it was trying to tell all the people in the surroundings the cultivation base that Nangong Yi possessed.

Seventh Level Void Interpretation.

Without delay, another 90 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons emerged and wriggled as they descended, accumulating their strength for their next strike.

"Eighth Level Intermediate Water Concept!" When Duan Ling Tian saw this, his eyes narrowed instantly.

It had never crossed his mind that Nangong Yi's strength was actually this powerful. In addition to his remarkable cultivation base, he had even comprehended the Eighth Level Intermediate Water Concept!

Without the use of any spirit weapon, his strength had already amounted to the strength of 190 ancient horned dragons.

Compared to Huang Daniu who borrowed the Earth Energy with his Earth Concept, Nangong Yi was still better than him by one tally. He still had a strength that was five ancient horned dragons more than him.

"S-Seventh Level Void Interpretation… Eighth Level Intermediate Water Concept…" When Huang Daniu saw the strength that Nangong Yi displayed, he also turned pale in astonishment.

After taking a deep breath, color began to appear again on his face. His eyes were staring fixedly at Nangong Yi.

Although the difference of five ancient horned dragons was quite huge, he was still a match for Nangong Yi with the power that he borrowed from the Earth Energy.

After all, the Earth Energy had given him an extra strength of 35 ancient horned dragons.

If he had not borrowed the Earth Energy with the help of his Earth Concept, the gap between Nangong Yi and him would not be as simple as only five ancient horned dragons. Instead, it would be a gap of 40 ancient horned dragons.

The gap of 40 ancient horned dragons was more than enough for Nangong Yi to defeat him in just one blow.

"Senior Brother Yi is so powerful!"

"No wonder Senior Brother Yi dare to agree to Huang Daniu's absurd request earlier! It turns out that there's no need for him to fear Huang Daniu who relies on the Earth Energy at all."

"So what can this Huang Daniu do after borrowing the Earth Energy? He's still no match for Senior Brother Yi anyway!"

Many Five Element Sect's disciples who were watching the scene were staring fixedly at Nangong Yi with their intense gaze.

In their eyes, Nangong Yi was a presence that they could not surpass but could only look up to. At the same time, he was also the main pillar of their Five Element Sect's future.

"Bring it on." Nangong Yi smiled at Huang Daniu. His entire body was enveloped in a halo that was formed by a turquoise blue wave.

The moment Huang Daniu heard this, he inhaled deeply. Every muscle in his body swelled up, and the khaki-colored energy around his body started to fluctuate again.

In the next moment, a part of his khaki-colored energy split up and formed a stone platform beneath his feet in a rapid speed.

The instant the stone platform appeared, Huang Daniu immediately made his move.


Both of his legs crashed on the stone platform, resulting in a loud ear-piercing bang.

The stone platform instantly cracked. A series of cracks that spread to all directions appeared on top of it and interlocked with each other, making it look just like a spider web.

In a flash, the cracks were all over the platform. With a "Boom", the platform exploded and turned into dust.


At the same time, Huang Daniu who had borrowed the energy from the stone platform shot out abruptly. He charged towards Nangong Yi like a cannonball. He lifted up his hand, and he smashed a fist towards him.


The blow was like an avalanche. A vast amount of khaki-colored energy surged out like a khaki-colored divine dragon that was barring its claws while charging towards Nangong Yi.

At the same time, in the space above Huang Daniu's head, 185 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons charged out as well and rushed towards the 190 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons above Nangong Yi's head.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Huang Daniu spared no effort in his blow. The punch that contained 185 ancient horned dragons shook the air and caused it to become turbulent. It set off a series of ear-jarring sound of explosion.

"If I have to face Huang Daniu who had borrowed the Earth Energy, even I would not be able to withstand that blow if I don't use my Soul Skill!" The scene in front elicited a complicated look in Duan Ling Tian's eyes.

He suddenly felt that, from the past until now, he seemed to have been a little too dependent on his Soul Skill. Of course, in his heart, he knew clearly that the reason he relied on his Soul Skill Thousand Illusions so much was because it was the strongest technique that he had mastered so far.

Due to the fact that the level of his Spiritual Energy was higher than his cultivation base, the effect of the Soul Skill was much more powerful than his own ability.

'Perhaps, it's not quite good that my Spiritual Energy did not make a breakthrough to the Seventh Level Void Interpretation after my cultivation base had entered the Sixth Level Void Interpretation last time,' Duan Ling Tian thought to himself.

After all, to a certain extent, the presence of this Soul Skill Thousand Illusions had affected Duan Ling Tian's desire to improve. At the very least, he had slacked a little when it came to the cultivation of his martial skill.

Nine Dragon's Radiant Flash — ever since Duan Ling Tian had entered the Initial stage in Driftcloud Town, he had never once cultivated it. Instead, he had focused all of his attention on elevating his cultivation base and comprehending Concept. He had attended to one thing and lost sight of another.


A loud noise reverberated, it prompted Duan Ling Tian who was lost in his thoughts to return to his senses. He lifted up his head to look at the source of the sound.

It turned out that in the face of Huang Daniu's overwhelming blow that contained the strength of 185 ancient horned dragons, Nangong Yi did not choose to shrink from it. Instead, he decided to go against it directly.

All the same, a punch was smashed out and directly clashed with Huang Daniu's punch.

Instantly, khaki-colored energy and blue-colored energy collided together. After making a deafening loud noise, it set off a series of horrifying sound of explosion.

At the same time, the air flow in the air was constantly suppressed and exploded, resulting in waves of hurricanes that surged all over the place in continuous succession.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The hurricanes continued to wreak havoc as it blew the robes of the people on the scene and whistled continuously.

Some of the Five Element Sect's disciples who had lower cultivation base turned pale and could not help but stepped backwards to a certain distance as they narrowed their eyes and tried to withstand the hurricane that was charging from the front.

On the other hand, people who had no fear towards this hurricane, including Duan Ling Tian, were looking at the changes in the scene with a glum look on their faces.

Nangong Yi had actually chosen to directly confront Huang Daniu. It was apparent that he also had the same intention as Huang Daniu to finish everything off in one blow…

Finishing the battle in one blow might seem simple. However, in actual fact, the skills that were needed were not little.

First of all, the person who had a head start would gain the upper hand.

— and the upper hand had been taken away by Huang Daniu.

Under such circumstances, even if Nangong Yi's strength was five ancient horned dragons more than Huang Daniu, nobody dared to say that he would be able to suppress Huang Daniu with such a direct hit.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the distance, a series of explosions kept resonating. The air flow in the air swept across and ceaselessly set off waves of hurricanes that spread in all directions.

During the match, Nangong Yi and Huang Daniu suddenly halted in mid air. Their fists were smashed against each other.

A gush of aqua blue energy that was like waves and waves of tsunami kept rolling forward. It was as if it was going to send the obstacle in front flying backwards.

In the face of that khaki-colored energy, it had no time to show any mercy. The energy that was still bubbling up continued to rush out ceaselessly, and it even formed a sort of strange resonance with the Gold Peak nearby.

The two of them were locked in a stalemate without any changes.

"After borrowing the Earth Energy, Huang Daniu's actually THIS strong? He's basically fought to a standoff with Senior Brother Yi!" One of the Five Element Sect's disciple exclaimed in surprise.

"No matter what the result is today… This Huang Daniu will definitely be well-known in our Five Element Sect and become a new strong young powerhouse in our sect."

"With Huang Daniu's strength and the help of the Earth Energy, I guess only Senior Brother Chen and Yi are able to fight against him in our Five Element Sect. Even Senior Brother Hu Fei is no match against him."

"Exactly! Although Senior Brother Hu Fei has already broken through to the Seventh Level Void Interpretation, he's only comprehended the Seventh Level Void Interpretation Concept. Without the help of any weapon, his strength is ten ancient horned dragons weaker than Senior Brother Yi."

"Not to mention that he's also five ancient horned dragons weaker than Huang Daniu currently. If the both of them clash directly, Senior Brother Hu Fei is most likely not a match for Huang Daniu."

"However, this Huang Daniu needs to be in a specific environment before he can borrow the massive energy that the Earth Energy possesses… Senior Brother Hu Fei can always avoid this kind of specific environment that's beneficial to Huang Daniu."

"Hmm, you do have a point as well."

The group of Five Element Sect disciples buried their heads together in discussions. With their words, they started to compare Huang Daniu and Hu Fei unconsciously.

"T-This Huang Daniu actually possesses such strength?" Hu Fei's face darkened to the highest degree the moment he heard those words.

Previously, when he had found out from a few Fire Peak's disciples that the person who had slapped him twice was actually Huang Daniu, he could not wait to tear his body into countless pieces and smashed his bone into dust!

At first, he had thought that no matter under what circumstances, trash like Huang Daniu was doomed to be crushed by him.

However, right now, Hu Fei finally noticed that as long as Huang Daniu borrowed the Earth Energy, he was basically no match for Huang Daniu if he did not use any spirit weapon.

This made him felt enraged with shame!

If it was his turn later to fight against Huang Daniu, and he decided to be a rogue and insisted on staying near that side of Gold Peak, he would not be able to defeat Huang Daniu.

It seemed like the Battle of the Five Peaks had never stated before that one could not rely on the Earth Energy. At that time, they could only call it a tie.

He did not have confidence in defeating Huang Daniu who had the Earth Energy.

Under the watchful eyes of the others, Nangong Yi and Huang Daniu continued to be locked in a stalemate. The energy on their hands continued to emanate out as they smashed into each other. They were evenly matched and neither side got the better of the other.

"T-That is…" Suddenly, Duan Ling Tian narrowed his eyes as he stared fixedly at Nangong Yi's fist. It seemed like he had noticed something.