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Chapter 900: The Profound Assimilation Formation

Chapter 900: The Profound Assimilation Formation

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During the team battle stage, two representatives from each Peak would team up and fight against another two representatives from the other four Peaks. The battle would be carried out in a two-on-two manner.

Compared to the individual battle stage, the team battle was more like a formality.

For Wood Peak, Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu teamed up together.

Duan Ling Tian was responsible for confusing his opponents using the Illusory Space while Huang Daniu was responsible for the physical attacks. With just a stride, they took down the Nangong Twins from Gold Peak.

"Yes!" Huang Daniu who had wounded the Nangong Twins with a few strikes laughed heartily as he swaggered about in borrowed plumes.

Nobody was surprised by this result. After all, they had already known about Duan Ling Tian's terrifying innate ability.

After they had defeated the Nangong Twins, none of the other three Peaks dared to battle Wood Peak. This was because they knew that they would only be looking for their own death if they had gone against them. It would serve them better to conserve their strength.

Although Cha Bai, the Peak Master of Fire Peak, and his direct disciple, Hu Fei, hated this a lot, they still did not dare to go up against Wood Peak who was like the sun in mid-sky.

"Since it's like this, Wood Peak wins the first place in the team battle. Coupled up with Wood Peak's results in the individual battle, Wood Peak wins the first place in our Five Element Sect's Battle of the Five Peaks this time. In the next three years, Wood Peak will be the First Peak of our Five Element Sect!"

The First Peak of the Five Element Sect!

Guo Chong announced all this unhurriedly. He was quite at ease and magnanimous about it.

However, the disciples of Gold Peak were all sighing one after one another.

The glory that belonged to them before this had now been taken away by Wood Peak. It left quite a bitter taste in their mouths.

Wood Peak, the Peak that was at the bottom for the last twenty over years had risen again and soared to the top. It took everyone by surprise.

"That Duan Ling Tian's innate ability is what helped Wood Peak to soar to the top… With him there, Wood Peak would naturally rise again."

All the people from Five Element Sect present on the scene was very clear about this.

In front of the Nangong Twins from Gold Peak, the other three Peaks admitted defeat right away. Gold Peak proceeded to take the second place after Wood Peak. During the next three years, it would become the Second Peak of the Five Element Sect.

"Duan Ling Tian, we from Gold Peak will regain the glory of the First Peak of the Five Element Sect after this three years!" Nangong Yi announced loudly after he swept a glance across the sky, and his gaze finally landed on Duan Ling Tian.

A strong sense of confidence emanated from Nangong Yi, so much so that many of the Five Element Sect's disciples could not help but be awed by it.

"As expected of Senior Brother Yi. He's not cocky when he wins nor is he disheartened by his defeat."

"With Senior Brother Yi and Chen there, Gold Peak will definitely regain its glory of being the First Peak again!"

"The fact that Duan Ling Tian relied on his innate ability is not fair anyway!"

Many of the disciples from the other Four Peaks continued to say.

Of course, their words had also earned the disagreements from the Wood Peak's disciples.

"Hurmph! What unfair? The innate ability is Senior Brother Ling Tian's technique! It's not something that you can easily possess you know!"

"Senior Brother Ling Tian is much younger than the Nangong Twins, and he still managed to take the first place for our Wood Peak! I'm sure he'll be able to do that again after three years!"

"I have faith in Senior Brother Ling Tian!"

The moment Duan Ling Tian heard Nangong Yi's words and saw the enthusiasm of the Wood Peak's disciples, he could not help but smile wryly to himself.

Three years later?

At that time, it was very likely that he would no longer be in the Five Element Sect anymore.

Immediately afterward, the remaining three Peaks — Fire, Water, and Earth — battled to determine the final three ranks for the team battle stage.

With Hu Fei and his Seventh Level Void Interpretation, Fire Peak unsurprisingly obtained the third place. Coupled with its individual battle result, Fire Peak became the Third Peak of the Five Element Sect for the next three years.

Soon, it was Water and Earth Peak's turn to battle it out.

Between the two female disciples from Water Peak, Tan Huan was stronger. On the other hand, at Earth Peak's side, Tian Zhen was the stronger one.

During the individual battle stage, Tan Huan had won against Tian Zhen by a small margin.

Even then, she did not dare to slack at all during the battle. She slowly advanced and strengthened herself with every step. She first used an agile martial technique to dodge Tian Zhen's attack, and she inflicted injuries on the other Earth Peak disciple before she won against Tian Zhen by a small margin again.

"Shit!" Although Tian Zhen was mentally prepared, he still could not help but feel a little disappointed the moment he was defeated.

"You went easy on me," Tan Huan nodded at Tian Zhen.

The final ranking of the team battle stage had finally been decided.

Fourth Place, Water Peak.

Coupled with its individual battle stage, the Water Peak would become the Fourth Peak of the Five Element Sect in next three years.

The Earth Peak obtained the last place and became the Fifth Peak of the Five Element Sect.

"To every senior, junior, brother, and sister. I, Tian Zhen, have disappointed you. I'm sorry for letting you down." After Tian Zhen was defeated, he bowed towards the crowd of Earth Peak disciples. Bitterness could be heard in his voice.

"Senior Brother Tian Zhen, you've done your best! All of us could see that!"

"This time we've fallen, but we'll definitely rise again in the next three years! I have faith in our Earth Peak!"

The Earth Peak disciples were saying one after another. Everyone was burning with enthusiasm.

Although Earth Peak had dropped to the bottom, their morale remained. It elicited a sense of admiration from the disciples of the other four Peaks.

"Duan Ling Tian!"

"Duan Ling Tian!"

Nobody knew when, but the Wood Peak disciples were crying Duan Ling Tian's name loudly in unison. All of them were in high spirits, and their energy was like the sun in mid-sky.

Duan Ling Tian had stolen the spotlight from the audience once again.

With his own strength, he managed to turn the tide and helped Wood Peak to rise to the top, allowing it to become the First Peak in the Five Element Sect for the next three years.

"To all Peak Masters, the Battle of the Five Peaks is over now. Please arrange the matter for the future as soon as possible," Guo Chong, the Sect Leader of the Five Element Sect, announced loudly as he looked at the other Peak Masters of the four Peaks, "Ten days later, each of you will bring the two most powerful young disciples from your Peak to Gold Peak."

"At that time, Gold Peak will activate the Profound Assimilation Formation and help the two most outstanding young disciples from each Peak to elevate the Concepts that they have comprehended," Guo Chong announced in a go.

Profound Assimilation Formation!

The moment the words left Guo Chong's mouth, many of the Five Element Sect's disciples began to look puzzled.

However, the eyes of the Peak Masters from the Four Peaks, including Qi Yu the Peak Master of Wood peak, immediately lit up. Hints of excitement could be seen in their eyes.

"Profound Assimilation Formation?"

At first, Duan Ling Tian had thought that he had heard wrong, but when he heard the clamor of discussion by the Five Element Sect's disciples beside him, he realized that he did not hear wrongly at all.

Naturally, he knew what Profound Assimilation Formation was.

It was just that it had never ever crossed his mind that just a mere Five Element Sect would also have the Profound Assimilation Formation.

"From the Rebirth Martial Emperor's memories, the Profound Assimilation Formation was created by him… By right, there are only a few forces that are close to him in this Cloud Continent that knew about the arrangement of this Profound Assimilation Formation." Puzzled, Duan Ling Tian furrowed his brows together.

According to reasons, it was absolutely impossible for those forces to share the arrangement method with other forces with how precious the Profound Assimilation Formation was.

"However, it has already been tens of thousands of years since the second reincarnation of the Rebirth Martial Emperor… Perhaps, something has happened in this ten thousand years that allowed the arrangement methods of the Profound Assimilation Formation to spread throughout the Cloud Continent." When Duan Ling Tian thought of this, he instantly felt at ease.

Ten thousand years were more than enough to change many things.

However, when he recalled the functions of the Profound Assimilation Formation, he could not suppress the excitement in his heart.

Profound Assimilation Formation was an Inscription Formation that could help a martial artist to comprehend Concept and Profundity at a fast speed. Other than a huge amount of Origin Stones, the materials that it needed were a large number of Concept Fragments and Profundity Fragments.

Once the Profound Assimilation Formation was activated, the Concept and Profundity Fragments that were added into it would be consumed without restraint, and it would help the martial artist who was in the formation to comprehend Concept and Profundity swiftly.

'This time, my Concept would be able to complete its new transformation. According to my understanding of the Profound Assimilation Formation by the Rebirth Martial Emperor, I can definitely rely on my Spiritual Energy to achieve a certain degree of control over the Profound Assimilation Formation and take away the good fortune of others!' Duan Ling Tian became excited as he thought of this.

The Profound Assimilation Formation was originally created by the Rebirth Martial Emperor. Although he had passed it on to many people, the person who understood the Profound Assimilation Formation the most was still the Rebirth Martial Emperor himself.

Duan Ling Tian who possessed the Rebirth Martial Emperor's memories was equivalent to the Rebirth Martial Emperor himself. Wanting to tamper with the Profound Assimilation Formation was an extremely simple matter to him.

'Activating the Profound Assimilation Formation just once would already require a lot of Concept Fragments… It seems like the Five Element Sect is really going all out for the sake of that secret that the Martial Emperor left behind,' Duan Ling Tian thought to himself.

"Now, let's just hope that ten days later, when the Gold Peak activates the Profound Assimilation Formation, they'll put in more Fragments of Wind, Thunder, Earth, and Sword Concepts. Based on my understanding of the Profound Assimilation Formation, along with the ability of mine that allows me to comprehend two Concepts at the same time, I can greatly elevate all four Concepts without restraint." A light glinted in Duan Ling Tian's eyes, and he was full of anticipation.

"Peak Master, what's that Profound Assimilation Formation?" At this moment, Huang Daniu's voice suddenly entered Duan Ling Tian's ears. He was asking Qi Yu, the Peak Master of Wood Peak about it.

Like most of the other Five Element Sect's disciples, it was obvious that this was Huang Daniu's first time hearing about the Profound Assimilation Formation.

"The Profound Assimilation Formation is an Inscription Formation." When Qi Yu said this, he paused and swept a glance towards Duan Ling Tian. When he noticed that Duan Ling Tian had his attention on him as well, only then did he continue, "The Profound Assimilation Formation is mainly composed of Origin Stone that is engraved with Inscriptions and some other valuable materials. Other than this, what's most important is the huge amount of Concept Fragments that are inserted in it because the Profound Assimilation Formation needs to consume plenty of Concept Fragments to help the person inside it comprehend Concepts at a fast speed. As we all know, once a martial artist who has comprehended a Concept obtained the Fragments of the Concept that he comprehends, the speed that he comprehends Concept would advance at a tremendous pace. And it's exactly this Profound Assimilation Formation that can help speed up this process! As for how fast, well, to a certain extent, it would depend on the comprehension of the person in the formation. The person who enters the formation will have his comprehension level magnified. The higher the comprehension level, the faster the speed he would comprehend the Concept," Qi Yu explained.

"Comprehending Concept at a tremendous pace?" Huang Daniu'e eyes lit up right away. "I've just comprehended the Sixth Level Intermediate Earth Concept a few days ago. Will I be able to comprehend the Seventh Level Intermediate Earth Concept there?"

"Of course! As long as your comprehension is high enough and there are enough Earth Concept Fragments inside the Profound Assimilation Formation, let alone Seventh Level Intermediate Earth Concept, you might even stand a chance to reach the Eight Level Intermediate Earth Concept," Qi Yu added again.

Eight Level Intermediate Earth Concept?

Huang Danu was stunned! Completely stunned and bewildered!

He had just comprehended the Six Level Intermediate Earth Concept a few days ago and now, after another ten days, he stood a chance in comprehending the Eight Level Intermediate Earth Concept?