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Chapter 905: Waiting

Chapter 905: Waiting

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Guo Chong's words instantly reminded the other four Peak Masters, including Qi Yu. Astonishment could instantly be seen on their faces.


If there was still somebody who had not finished absorbing and digesting the Concept Energy that was contained in the Profound Assimilation Formation, how high would his Concept be elevated?

"T-This is almost impossible." Very quickly, as if he had come to some realization, Tian Gu shook his head as he frowned, "Since several thousand years ago when the Profound Assimilation Formation became popular in the entire country, there has never been a case of someone being inside for more than three and a half hours, let alone ten hours! It's usually only three hours more or less!"

"Perhaps, something has happened to the Profound Assimilation Formation," Tian Gu voiced out his speculation.

"You do have a point," Yu Fang who was standing by the side nodded her head. A hint of worries could be seen in between her brows. "If something has really happened to the Profound Assimilation Formation, they should be okay, right?"

The moment these words left her mouth, Guo Chong, Qi Yu and Cha Bai's faces immediately turned solemn.

Tian Gu's words earlier had struck a chord in them.

Now, after Yu Fang had said like this, they could not help but be worried, worried about the safety of their disciples who were inside the Profound Assimilation Formation.

Time went by quietly.

Just like that, a day had quickly gone by.

"It has already been a day and yet, there's still no movement at all! No! I'm going to break into the Profound Assimilation Formation!" After waiting for a day, Cha Bai could no longer bear it anymore as he flew out.

He lifted his hand and a Flaming Saber consolidated in his hand and slashed downwards with a howl.


The Flaming Saber landed on the Profound Assimilation Formation viciously in fury. However, the moment it came in contact with the fog on top of the Profound Assimilation Formation, it vanished without a trace.

The fog on the Profound Assimilation Formation was like a fearsome beast with a bloody open mouth that swallowed the Flaming Saber whole.

"It's useless." Tian Gu shook his head when he saw Cha Bai was about to make another attempt. "That's an Inscription Formation that was arranged by a Martial Monarch Stage powerhouse. Moreover, it's also a Formation that requires a very high-level Spiritual Energy! Unless you're a Martial Monarch powerhouse yourself, you won't be able to break it open at all!" Tian Gu was an Inscription Master himself. He absolutely had the authority when it came to this respect.

For this reason, although Cha Bai's face was still pretty glum, he was no longer as hasty anymore after he heard Tian Gu's words.

"Peak Master Cha Bai, we understand your feelings." A helpless and wry smile could be seen on Yu Fang's face, "However, just like what Peak Master Qi Yu had said earlier, what we can do right now is wait. Wait for the Profound Assimilation Formation to disperse and for them to finally come out."

Cha Bai nodded his head before he swept a glance at Guo Chong and Qi Yu who were sitting cross-legged in the air below. He took a deep breath as he proceeded to sit in the air cross-legged as well. He would cultivate while he waited for his direct disciple, Hu Fei, to come out of the Profound Assimilation Formation.

Very soon, another day had gone by.

"There's still no movement at all." Qi Yu opened his eyes and glanced towards the Profound Assimilation Formation on the high platform not far away as he muttered, "Duan Ling Tian, Huang Daniu. Please don't let anything happen to that two little fellows. The future of Wood Peak still relies on the two of you."

After Qi Yu had seen Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu's strength, he had already treated the two of them as the main pillars of Wood Peak's future. Moreover, he even had the idea of grooming one of them into becoming the next Peak Master of Wood Peak as well.

Naturally, the reason why he chose only one of them was not because both of their talents were equal so it was difficult for him to decide. However, it was because he had a feeling that Duan Ling Tian would most likely not stay in the Wood Peak and the Five Element Sect in the future.

After all, he was a Variant, an existence that was well known in the Cloud Continent as God's Favourite. Such an existence would never be bound by the Five Element Sect.

The Five Element Sect could be considered as one of the three major forces in the eastern side of the northern desert. However, it could only be regarded as a tiny third-grade force by the border in the entire Cloud Continent. It was not worth mentioning at all in front of those genuine powerful forces.

As long as Duan Ling Tian was willing, he would not hesitate to regard him as the successor of the Peak Master of Wood Peak.

However, if Duan Ling Tian was unwilling, he would not insist on it and would choose the second best person, Huang Daniu, as the successor of the Peak Master of Wood Peak.

Although Huang Daniu was not as powerful as Duan Ling Tian, he was still much more outstanding compared to the other Wood Peak disciples.

"What? Are you worried about Duan Ling Tian and Huang Daniu?" Suddenly a familiar voice reverberated in his ear through Voice Transmission. He knew perfectly well who the owner of this voice was without having to turn around and look.

"Aren't you worried about your two beloved disciples too?" Qi Yu glanced at Guo Chong who was nearby and replied him with a question through Voice Transmission as well.

The moment Guo Chong heard this, he let out a wry smile immediately.

How could he not be worried?

Of course, he was worried!

For many years, he, who had no sons, had long treated his direct disciples as his own.

"Have you asked Duan Ling Tian before if he would be willing to continue to stay in our Five Element Sect in the future?" Guo Chong looked at Qi Yu and asked again with his Voice Transmission.

Before Qi Yu could answer him, he immediately added again, "If he's willing to stay in the Five Element Sect, let alone becoming the Peak Master of Wood Peak, I can even give him the Sect Leader's position in the Five Element Sect."

The instance Qi Yu heard his words, he could not help but be a little moved. "Then, how about your two direct disciples?"

"Them?" Guo Chong could not suppress his sigh when Qi Yu mentioned the Nangong Twins. "That two fellows have an ambition that's bigger than the sky! They've made up their minds that after they leave that place, they'll leave the Five Element Sect to wander around and see the outside world together. Actually, their ambitions are not too bad. Moreover, they've stayed in the Five Element Sect since they were young and have never left before. It's not unusual for them to yearn to go out."

Qi Yu nodded his head.

"Their ambitions are just too huge so it's impossible for them to be the successor of the Sect Leader of Five Element Sect. If Duan Ling Tian is willing, I can pass on the Sect Leader's position to him without him having to join Gold Peak," Guo Chong added.

"You really think that Duan Ling Tian will be interested in the Sect Leader's position that even your two beloved disciples are not interested in?" Qi Yu shook his head. He paused for a moment before he continued in a solemn tone, "Don't forget, he's still a Variant!"

A Variant!

When Guo Chong heard Qi Yu's word, he became silent immediately.

That was right.

A Variant. What kind of existence was that? How could he possibly be bound by the Five Element Sect?

Even the top-class forces in the Cloud Continent would be willing to fight each other to death for a Variant to join them.

"I keep feeling like something's wrong with the situation in the Profound Assimilation Formation… By right, the Formation should not have any problem at all." Guo Chong quickly changed the topic as he looked at Qi Yu and asked, "What do you think? Is it possible that this actually has something to do with Duan Ling Tian? He's a Variant after all!"

"You're asking me? Who should I ask then?" Qi Yu rolled his eyes at Guo Chong. Looking at the way they were now, it did not feel like he was talking to a Sect Leader at all. Instead, they looked like two ordinary brothers who were having a leisurely chat together.

Guo Chong turned quiet at once.

However, he was not bothered at all by Qi Yu's lack of formality.

In front of others, he might put on the haughty air of a Sect Leader in front of Qi Yu to show the prestige of a Sect Leader. However, he had never once considered himself as one when he was alone with Qi Yu. Instead, he would still treat Qi Yu like the Junior Brother who used to roam around with him last time.

At that time, he had saved Qi Yu's lives many times before, and Qi Yu had also saved his lives many times as well.

Although Qi Yu and he were not in the same Peak, not to mention that they were usually in a competitive relationship, they were still sworn friends who were ready to die for each other. That was engraved deeply into their bones

Presently, in the Five Element Sect, the friendship between the both of them was only known to themselves. Even the other Peak Masters of the three other Peaks did not know that they had such a friendship between them.

Otherwise, that Cha Bai, the Peak Master of Fire Peak, would not dare to intentionally instigate conflicts in the relationships between the two of them in front of Guo Chong, the Sect Leader of the Five Element Sect so blatantly.

If Cha Bai found out that the two of them had such a friendship between them, he would most likely be so enraged that he would throw up blood (literally!).

It turned out that all of his actions of wasting so much saliva was merely a big joke in the eyes of Guo Chong and Qi Yu.

"It has already been two days but the Profound Assimilation Formation has yet to disappear," Guo Chong sighed.

"Let's wait for a while more. I have a feeling that we no longer have to wait for long anymore," Qi Yu responded.

"Alright," Guo Chong nodded and then continued to close his eyes to attain mental composure.

Following suit, Qi Yu closed his eyes and waited patiently as well.

Not long after the two of them closed their eyes, Cha Bai, who was hovering at the other side, slowly opened his instead.

Looking at the high platform that was shrouded by the Profound Assimilation Formation, he muttered to himself, "Hu Fei, with your achievement in the Fire Concept and the help of the Profound Assimilation Formation this time, you'll be able to comprehend the Ninth Level Intermediate Fire Concept right?"

From Cha Bai's words, it was obvious that he had great expectation for Hu Fei.

Not long after, Tian Gu and Yu Fang opened their eyes as well. After sweeping a glance at the high platform that was still shrouded in the Profound Assimilation Formation, they let out a soft sigh before closing their eyes again.

Time continued to pass by.

One hour.

Two hours

In just a blink of an eye, another seven hours had gone by.

Inside the Profound Assimilation Formation, a purple figure was sitting there. His body that was completely shrouded and intertwined with four solidified energies was emanating waves and waves of vast majestic aura.

This purple-clad young man was sitting there motionlessly like a mountain, and he resembled an eminent monk.

If one was to look closely, one would easily notice that two of the forces around the young man's body was being enhanced in a tremendous pace, and the other two energies were emitting a terrifying aura.

The terrifying aura was like a wind that was roaring, thunder that was bawling, and earth that was quaking…

Furthermore, there was another tyrannical aura that was intertwining and lingering around the purple-clad young man like a shadow. If somebody else was here, he would easily recognize this tyrannical aura in just a glance — it was the Sword Concept!

Moreover, it did not seem like a normal Sword Concept.

"The Concept Energies that are refined from the Earth and Sword Concept Fragments by the Profound Assimilation Formation are almost fully digested now! Five more hours to go!" The purple-clad young man, Duan Ling Tian, muttered to himself.