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Chapter 919: Ghost Flame’s Approach

Chapter 919: Ghost Flame’s Approach

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The five people present were none other than the five Vice Fort Masters.

The five Vice Force Masters were led by Luo Fu, and the other four were Meng Li, Ning Can, Yu Kang and Feng Wei.

Feng Wei was Luo Fu's disciple. He was also the only one in his middle age among the five Vice Fort Masters. The other four were old men that were over seventy years old.

At this moment, all five of them had a glum look on their faces.

They had a clear understanding of the Profound Assimilation Formation. It could only run for three hours at the most, and it would automatically turn itself off after that. At that time, the individuals that were in the formation would come out, and the Concept that they had comprehended would improve more or less.

However, it had already been four hours currently, and the Profound Assimilation Formation did not show any signs of shutting down at all. It was as if something had gone wrong. Their hearts were heavy due to the current situation.

"Don't tell me something really happened inside?" Feng Wei's face was very gloomy.

"I don't think so… The Profound Assimilation Formation is an Inscription Formation that was personally drawn by a Martial Emperor powerhouse. By right, there shouldn't be any problems at all!" Luo Fu shook his head. His wise eyes were brimming with radiance when his gaze was trained on the high platform that was shrouded by fog. "I think something that we're not aware of is happening inside! "

Although Meng Li, Ning Can and Yu Kang did not speak a word at all, they were all staring at the Profound Assimilation Formation on the high platform with utmost concentration. A hint of worry could be seen on their faces.

Compared to the five Vice Fort Masters' restlessness outside of the Profound Assimilation Formation, the inside was absolutely tranquil. Nine young talents were sitting cross-legged at different places while they quietly comprehended their Concepts.

Gusts of Concept that had substantialized rose from the surroundings of the nine young talents. They were either Wind, Fire, Water, Thunder or Earth Concepts. All five of these belonged to the Nature Concepts.

There was another person whose body was entangled with a sword-shaped energy. It was the Sword Concept's materialized form.

Eight of the young talents were sitting like a statue, there were no movements at all. Only one person could be seen sometimes frowning and sometimes relaxing.

It was a white-clad young man who looked like he was just slightly over thirty years old. Although his eyes were closed, his face was unusually cold. Especially the black flame mark in between his eyebrows that could instill chill in people the moment they laid their eyes on it!

At this moment, the black flame mark looked like it was alive as it burnt brightly!

"Elder Ghost, how did you do it?" A voice echoed from the depth of the white-clad young man's mind. A hint of surprise could be heard in the voice.

Inside the depth of the white-clad young man's mind, two orbs of vast Concept Energies that were similar to two clouds that were rolling constantly was situated near the solidified soul.

One of the Concept Energy was green while the other one was red. They were the Wind and Fire Concept respectively.

"Hurmph!" At the same time, a cold, hoarse and ancient voice suddenly grunted in the white-clad young man's mind, "It's only a mere Inscription Formation that was laid out by a Martial Monarch Stage Inscription Master. Did you really think that it would be able to stop me, the Ghost Flame? Although the remnant of my soul is not as powerful as I was during my prime, it's still very easy for me to extract some Concept Energy from the Profound Assimilation Formation and force it into your body you know? If I'm still in my prime, it won't even be a problem for me to extract all the Concept Energy refined from the Wind and Fire Concept Fragments and insert them into your body, okay?!" Disdain could be heard in the hoarse and ancient voice as he said this.

From his words, it was as if he looked down on the Profound Assimilation Formation that the Martial Emperor had laid out.

"Yes, Yes! What a lousy Martial Emperor powerhouse. It's like trash compared to you, Elder Ghost!" Flattery was apparent in this voice.

Without any warning, the voice changed topic, "Elder Ghost, how high would the two waves of Concepts that you extracted be able to raise my Wind and Fire Concepts to?"

"The Void Transformation Concept!" The hoarse and old voice echoed again.

"V-Void Transformation C-Concept? Elder Ghost, you're not joking right?" The other voice was filled with surprise.

"Ever since you've coincidentally gotten your hands on the Devilseal Tablet fragment, when have I ever lied to you? The remnant of my soul lives in your body. " The hoarse and ancient voice sounded slightly angry.

"No, of course not! Elder Ghost, please don't be offended by the words I said. I was just thinking about how incredible this is! I'm just too excited!" The former voice was a bit alarmed.

"Hurmph!" The ancient voice snorted again before it continued, "Zi Shang, you lad! You must remember that the things that I can give you are much greater than your imagination! As long as you remember your promise to help me reconstruct my soul in the future, I'll definitely not treat you badly," the ancient voice echoed again.

"Yes, yes!" Zi Shang's voice hurriedly replied. He dared not slack at all.

"Alright, I'll pass the control of your body back to you now. You'll combine the two Concept Energies and your two Concepts on your own." After the hoarse and ancient voice finished his sentence, it immediately died down.

Meanwhile, Zi Shang sat cross-legged while the black mark between his brows disappeared without a trace. It was as if it was never there. The situation was very strange.

Zi Shang opened his eyes slowly, a sharp gleam flashed across his eyes as he muttered to himself in a cold voice, "Duan Ling Tian, when we meet again next, I'm going to give you a huge surprise! Even if Elder Ghost can't get rid of you on his own, I'm strong enough to destroy you! As long as I obtain the Devilseal Tablet from you, my future will definitely be very bright! Even the Martial Emperor powerhouses from the Cloud Continent will soon be squashed under my shoes!" As he spoke to himself, an evil grin slowly crept up on his face. It took a while before his laughter finally died down.

Zi Shang immediately closed his eyes again and proceeded to merge the two Concept Energies in the depth of his mind. A big flame rose up from around his body instantly. It brought gusts of blue winds with it. With the assistance from the wind, the fire raged and rose sharply.

Time passed by quietly.

Three days had gone by in just a blink of an eye.

"It has already been three days and the Profound Assimilation Formation is still not shutting down!" In the underground palace of the Skywolf Fort's inner fort, Ning Can kept pacing back and forth beside the high platform that was shrouded in fog. His face could not hide the worry he felt for his direct disciple, Zi Shang.

"Since we've already waited for three days, we might as well wait for a little longer," Luo Fu, who was standing by the side, suddenly piped up.

Although he said those words, there were still traces of concern in his eyes.

"Huh?" His brows furrowed suddenly as if he could sense something. When he looked at the Profound Assimilation Formation, he noticed that the high platform was still shrouded in fog.

The fog suddenly whirled and looked like it was about to converge.

"The Profound Assimilation Formation is about to shut down now?" Ning Can stopped pacing instantly.

The other three Skywolf Fort's Vice Fort Masters who were sitting cross-legged by the side as they cultivated also opened their eyes one by one. They stood up to watch the fog that continued to converge on the high platform together.

In just a short while, the fog dissipated, and the nine figures that were sitting cross-legged on the platform appeared in front of their eyes one by one.

Eight young men and one young woman.

If Duan Ling Tian was here, he would recognize that young girl in just a glance. That was none other than Ye Ling, the strongest powerhouse among the young talents in Darqing Dynasty whom he had met once in the Martial Competition of the Ten Dynasties.

After the Martial Competition had ended, Ye Ling continued to stay in Skywolf Fort and received key training. Her current cultivation base was completely different to how it was before.

Soon, the nine people opened their eyes one after another and finally woke up.

Ning Can first took a look at the white-clad young man who was his direct disciple, Zi Shang, before he asked eagerly, "Zi Shang, how's the progress of your Wind Concept?"

"Master, Zi Shang did not disappoint you," Zi Shang smiled faintly. The energy beside him immediately whirled and continued to release waves of hot aura.

In just a blink of an eye, a big flame rose up and enveloped his entire body. It made him look like a majestic and fiery giant.


Meanwhile, the Heaven and Earth Energy above the air whirled and gathered to form the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon.

Silhouettes of ancient horned dragons gradually solidified into form.




The number kept increasing.

Under the astounded gaze of the crowd, the ancient horned dragons finally stopped increasing and stopped at one number.

"I-It's the strength of 200 ancient horned dragons !" Luo Fu gasped and exclaimed. He was dumbfounded. "The First Level Advance Fire Concept! Zi Shang, y-you've actually comprehended the Void Transformation?"

The Void Transformation Concept!

The other eight young disciples of the Skywolf Fort immediately stood still as they stared at the 200 silhouettes of the ancient horned dragons in dismay. They were alarmed, and they were not able to recover from their shock for a long time.

"Z-Zi Shang, y-your Fire Concept was only at the Void Initiation before you entered the Profound Assimilation Formation right?" Ning Can asked absent-mindedly.

The Void Initiation Concept?

The moment the words left his mouth, the other four Vice Fort Masters was alarmed as well.

It was only at the Void Initiation Concept before he entered the Profound Assimilation Formation, but it was raised to the Void Transformation Concept the moment he stepped out of it?

Did he skip the Void Interpretation Concept?

"Yes," Zi Shang nodded. When he saw the dumbfounded expression on their faces and the look of horror in their eyes, he felt a burst of pleasure in his heart. He enjoyed this feeling a lot.

In the next moment, his heart jolted as a flurry of green hurricane suddenly solidified around his body and merged with the burning flame.

The flame instantly soared and rose up higher than before.

At the same time, another 400 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared in the sky above his head followed by the addition of another 100 ancient horned dragons.

"The strength of 400 ancient horned dragons… T-Third Level Advance Wind Concept?"

"T-That strength of 100 ancient horned dragons is the power that was raised after he fueled the First Level Advance Fire Concept with his Wind Concept? Something like the Earth Concept borrowing the Earth Energy?"