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Chapter 920: Feng Tian Wu’s Elevation

Chapter 920: Feng Tian Wu’s Elevation

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The five Vice Fort Masters of Skywolf Fort stared in shock at the 700 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons that were above Zi Shang's head. Shock was the only emotion that they could feel at the moment.

The Third Level Advance Wind Concept was equal to the strength of 400 ancient horned dragons!

The First Level Advance Fire Concept was equal to the strength of 200 ancient horned dragons!

Moreover, he also had the strength of another 100 ancient horned dragons after he fueled the Fire Concept with the Wind Concept.

It came up to the strength of 700 ancient horned dragons after it was all added together!

The eight Skywolf Fort's disciples who were present were gaping. They did not recover their senses for a long period of time.

After a while, one Skywolf Fort's disciple finally managed to regain his senses. He could not help but swallow hard before he murmured, "Didn't the Vice Fort Masters tell us that after entering the Profound Assimilation Fort, the lower levels of the Void Interpretation Concept could rise two to three levels, but the high levels could only rise one or two levels?" As his speech reached this point, he turned to look at Zi Shang before he continued, "B-But he…"

"Perhaps something went wrong with the Profound Assimilation Formation. I feel like I've been inside for more than three hours so maybe our progress is as huge as Zi Shang as well," another Skywolf Fort's disciple hastily adjusted his Concept while he was speaking, "Before I entered the Profound Assimilation Formation, I've comprehended the Fifth Level Intermediate Thunder Concept. If nothing went wrong, I should be able to reach the Void Transformation Concept too!"

Everybody, including Zi Shang, immediately shifted their attention to the space above this Skywolf Fort's disciple. His Heaven and Earth Energy was whirling and brewing above him as it gradually formed the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon.

A sneer could be seen on the corner of Zi Shang's mouth.

Could this garbage be compared to him?

In just a short while, silhouettes of ancient horned dragons began to appear above the Skywolf Fort's disciple. The number continued to increase before it finally stopped at 80.

The strength of 80 ancient horned dragons that represented the Seventh Level Void Interpretation Concept.

"Seventh Level Intermediate Thunder Concept? How's that possible?!" When he saw the 80 silhouettes of the ancient horned dragon above himself, the Skywolf Fort's disciple turned glum instantly. "This is far too different from Zi Shang's!"

At this moment, the remaining Skywolf Fort's disciples, including Ye Ling, proceeded to test and display their Concepts one by one.

In the end, they realized that among them, the biggest elevation was only an increase of three [1 levels. One of the Skywolf Fort's disciple's Fourth Level Void Interpretation Concept managed to rise to the Sixth Level Void Interpretation Concept.

Each and every gaze instantly fell on Zi Shang. All of them had an astonished and perplexed look. A proud smile could be seen on Zi Shang's face. He really enjoyed this kind of feeling very much.

'Unfortunately, my cultivation base is still a little bit far behind… I hope that I'll be able to make a breakthrough to the Seventh Void Interpretation when I enter the Martial Emperor's secret treasure!' Zi Shang thought to himself.

Blade Sect.

As one of the four major forces in the southern district of the northern desert, Blade Sect was located in two adjacent vast valleys.

One of the two valleys were named Saber Valley. It was where the Saber Sect was located. The other was named Sword Valley, where the Sword Sect was located.

In between the Saber and Sword Valleys, there was a hill that housed a succession of architectural complex. This complex was where the senior officials of Blade Sect usually stay and cultivate.

In the palace on the hill, five people were standing before a high platform at the moment. The high platform was shrouded in fog.

Among the five of them, two were old men while the other three were middle-aged men.

If Duan Ling Tian was here, he would be able to recognize the three middle-aged men with just a glance. They were none other than Sword 13, the Vice Sect Master of Sword Sect, Saber 5, the Vice Sect Master of Saber Sect, and Feng Wu Dao, the elder of Sword Sect from Blade Sect.

However, Feng Wu Dao was staring fixedly at the fog of the high platform with a glum look on his face at the moment. He was a little nervous.

"Sect Masters," Feng Wu Dao could not help but look at the two elderly man and said with a look of dismay, "The Profound Assimilation Formation really will not harm a Fire Spirit Body?"

"By right it won't. Moreover, there has never been a case where an incident happened after the Fire Spirit Body entered the Profound Assimilation Formation," one of the tall and sturdy old men shook his head.

"Don't worry. Since Tian Wu that little girl has an innate spirit body, she'll only benefit from the Profound Assimilation Formation that's filled with Concept Energy. No harm will come to her at all," another thin old man said.

The two old men were the two Sect Leaders of Blade Sect. One ruled Saber Sect while the other ruled Sword Sect.

"Unfortunately, Tian Wu that little girl can't consume any spirit fruit. Otherwise, she would have quite an accomplishment when she enters the Martial Emperor's secret treasure with the Fire Concept she comprehends and her shocking strength!" Sword 13 let out a sigh.

The moment Feng Wu Dao and the two old men heard this, they became quiet as well.

Feng Tian Wu had a remarkable comprehension in the Fire Concept, but her cultivation base was still only at the Third Level Void Interpretation. It was much more inferior compared to many other Blade Sect's disciples.

If it wasn't for her remarkable Fire Concept, she would not even be qualified to enter the Profound Assimilation Formation and enjoy the baptism of the several hundred Concept Fragments.

"It's going to be three hours soon." Blade 5 stood at the side, his eyes lit up immediately. He had an eager expression on his face as he looked at the Profound Assimilation Formation before him that was shrouded on the high platform.

Upon hearing Blade 5's words, the other four people immediately shifted their gazes towards the Profound Assimilation Formation.

A moment later, the fog on the high platform converged and revealed its true state.

Ten young men and women were sitting cross-legged in various parts of the platform. After a while, they finally woke up one by one.

"Wu'er!" When Feng Wu Dao saw a figure that was slowly rising, a relieved and happy smile crept up on his face. The heart that was lifted high could finally be put down.

"Father." Upon hearing the voice, she looked at Feng Wu Dao as a smile appeared on that delicate face that was so beautiful that it could topple the world, "I'm sorry for worrying you."

"It's alright as long as you're unharmed," Feng Wu Dao shook his head.

At this moment, the Heaven and Earth Energy in the sky swirled, and the sky started to change.

All the other nine Blade Sect's disciples, including Su Li, Long Yun, and Zhang Shou Yong, demonstrated their Concepts one after another. They mobilized their Heaven and Earth Energy and formed the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon.

Their Concepts were more or less elevated by two to three levels.

"Tian Wu, let us see how many levels your Fire Concept had risen up to?" The thin old man looked at Feng Tian Wu kindly.

"Yes, Sect Master." Upon hearing the Sect Master of Sword Sect's words, Feng Tian Wu did not waste any time. The red robe on her body suddenly billowed. It resembled fire that was burning with great intensity.

"Su Li, you're really not interested in this Feng Tian Wu at all? If you're not interested, your Senior Brother, I, will go ahead and court her!" The green-clad young man standing beside Su Li was staring at Feng Tian Wu with a great burning desire in his eyes. He was itching to make her his.

"Senior Brother Lian, I've told you before. Tian Wu already has somebody she likes." Su Li frowned as he continued, "And that person is somebody that you can't afford to offend!"

"The one that you're speaking of is that guy who originally followed you here to our Blade Sect, yet halfway through the journey, he got hunted down by the Skywolf Fort people until he went missing? That Duan Ling Tian you mean?" The green-clad young man laughed in disdain, "Let alone the fact that he might already be dead, I'm not afraid of him even if he's still alive! The First Place in the Martial Competition of the Ten Dynasties? Come on! That kind of rubbish Martial Competition is not even worth mentioning okay?!"

Upon hearing the green-clad young man cursing Duan Ling Tian, Su Li's face darkened at once. His eyes gleamed coldly, and his fists were clenched tightly. However, he did not make any movements at all.

Putting aside the fact that this green-clad young man had quite a reputable identity, just his strength alone far exceeded his own strength.

A cultivation base at the Eighth Level Void Interpretation and a comprehension of the Ninth Level Sword Concept was not something that he could compare to.

At this moment, nobody heard a word of the exchange between Su Li and that green-clad young man because everyone's attention was fixed upon Feng Tian Wu.


Meanwhile, waves of hot air swept out from around Feng Tian Wu's body. It set off flurries of hot hurricanes that blew in all directions.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The raging hurricanes that brought about hot air made several Blade Sect's disciples, whose cultivation base was much lower, turn pale immediately.

Under the watchful eyes of the others, Feng Tian Wu was completely covered in flames that soared up to the sky. It served as a foil to the red long robe on her body and made her look like a fire elf.


The Heaven and Earth Energy swirled in the air followed by the emergence of the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon.

In a few moments, 100 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared.

"N-Ninth Level Intermediate Fire Concept?" When everyone saw the 100 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons above her, they immediately became terrified. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

They regained their senses quickly as horror dawned on their faces.

They regained their senses so quickly because after the emergence of the 100 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons, another 100 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared again in the sky as the flames continued to soar from Feng Tian Wu's body.

200 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared before everyone.

"First Level Advance Fire Concept!" Everyone, including the two Sect Leaders of Saber and Sword Sects, could not help but narrow their eyes instantly. Their faces were filled with bewilderment.

Before Feng Tian Wu entered the Profound Assimilation Formation, she seemed to have only comprehended the Fifth Level Intermediate Fire Concept.

However, after she came out from the Profound Assimilation Formation, she had already comprehended the First Level Advance Fire Concept?

When they saw the 200 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons became 300 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons a moment later, everyone turned numb as they stared at the scene before their eyes with their mouths agape.

"S-Second Level Advance Fire Concept?!" Su Li gasped.

"N-No… It's not only Second Level Advance Fire Concept! The number of ancient horned dragons is still increasing!" Zhang Shou Yong muttered. His eyes were as big as saucers.

Indeed, the number of ancient horned dragons above Feng Tian Wu's head was still increasing. The 300 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons soon became 400 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons. Immediately afterward, it became 500 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons.

— and it was still increasing.

Everyone had gone completely numb without realizing it.

"I-Is this the Fire Spirit Body? Don't tell me she absorbed all of the Concept Energy from the Fire Concept Fragments that the Profound Assimilation Formation managed to refine?" Sword 13 was flabbergasted as he murmured to himself.