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Chapter 928: Heart-Stopping Performance

Chapter 928: Heart-Stopping Performance
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Hong Qing, the disciple of the Sect Leader of Crimson Moon Sect was the favored one in Crimson Moon Sect.

Apart from his strength that was far superior to his peers, he also possessed an extremely rational mind and calm judgment. He was able to remain cool-headed in the face of disasters.

After seeing Qi Yu, the Peak Master of Wood Peak in Five Element Sect displayed a strength that was at the peak of Void Stage that was comparable to his master, a sense of danger began to rise in his heart.

Just as he expected, his master and Qi Yu were evenly matched in power. Neither side got the better of the other.

Guo Chong, the Sect Leader of Five Element Sect, who used to be the only powerhouse who was at the peak of Void Stage in Five Element sect, had just single-handedly killed the three Vice Sect Leaders of Crimson Moon Sect the moment his master shook off his bindings.

The other Crimson Moon Sect's disciples were also being massacred by the Five Element Sect's disciples under the guidance of the three Peak Masters.

When his master, Ren Ji, the Sect Leader of Crimson Moon Sect, ordered them to flee, he did not flee because he knew that he would not be able to escape them.

He would become an easier target to hunt if he had chosen to escape.

For this reason, he made himself scarce until he saw the purple-clad young man who was standing not too far away. It instantly reminded him of the fact that this young man had just killed seven of their Crimson Moon Sect's disciples with just a slice of his sword.

The instance he thought of the purple-clad young man's age, jealousy rose in his heart immediately.

He was not even thirty years old yet he had already possessed a cultivation base at the Eighth Level Void Transformation and had possibly comprehended the Intermediate Thunder Concept that was at the Eighth Level or higher. Without any spirit weapon, he had demonstrated a strength that was more than 200 ancient horned dragons.

When Hong Qing was at that age, his strength was not even half of Duan Ling Tian's strength!

Although he was jealous, he could sense that the purple-clad young man played quite an important role in Five Element Sect. He must be the main subject of cultivation in the Five Element Sect or perhaps, the next Sect Leader of Five Element Sect.

For this reason, he had made up his mind since he knew that he would definitely die today. He had decided that he would kill the purple-clad young man and destroy the future pillar of Five Element Sect when everyone's attention was diverted.

"Die!" When Hong Qing pounced on Duan Ling Tian, his eyes were completely bloodshot.

A spirit saber appeared in his hand out of thin air. Blazing flames rose up from the saber as it transformed into a Flaming Saber that emanated a wave of fierce aura.


The Heaven and Earth Energy whirled in the sky, and the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon rapidly solidified into form.

440 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons bared their teeth and fangs at Duan Ling Tian. It looked like they were about to tear him into pieces when they bore down on him menacingly!

Hong Qing was a martial artist at the Ninth Level Void Interpretation. When his Origin Energy fully burst out of his body, his strength was equivalent to 120 ancient horned dragons.

The spirit saber in his hand was a grade two spirit weapon, it would be able to boost 80% of the owner's Origin Energy which was equivalent to ninety over ancient horned dragons.

The Ninth Level Intermediate Fire Concept was equal to the strength of 100 ancient horned dragons while the Second Level Intermediate Saber Concept was equal to the strength of thirty ancient horned dragons.

When Hong Qing unleashed his entire energy without any reservations, his strength would be equivalent to more than 440 ancient horned dragons.


The Flaming Saber in Hong Qing's hand was swift and dexterous as it sliced through the sky and charged at Duan Ling Tian like a shadow. Explosions were set off at the place that it had gone past, and it continued exploding for a long period of time.

Waves of hot aura swept out in all directions and transformed into gusts of hot wind. It blew and many of the Five Element Sect's people shuddered for a moment before they finally realized what was happening.

"Shit! It's that Hong Qing! He's trying to kill Senior Brother Ling Tian!" One of the Five Element Sect's disciples, who responded the fastest, shouted.

Horror immediately dawned on the two Peak Masters and eighteen disciples of Five Element Sect.

"Duan Ling Tian!" Huang Daniu who had just slaughtered a Crimson Moon Sect's disciple immediately turned to look at Duan Ling Tian the moment he heard that shout.

The instance he saw that Hong Qing's Flaming Blade was just a foot away from Duan Ling Tian, his face turned pale at once.

"Shit! I didn't notice that Hong Qing!" Other than Cha Bai, the Peak Master of Fire Peak, who had a cold look on his face, the faces of Yu Fang and Tian Gu, the Peak Masters of Water and Earth Peaks respectively, turned grave as well the moment they saw this.

However, it was too late now even if they wanted to go to his rescue. Hong Qing's Flaming Saber was about to fall on Duan Ling Tian.

"Duan Ling Tian!" The Nangong Twins, Tan Huan, Tian Gu, and the rest of the Five Element Sect's disciples' hearts leaped.

At this moment, they could only hope that Duan Ling Tian's innate ability would work on Hong Qing. Otherwise, he would definitely die.

"Duan Ling Tian, I'll avenge my seven Crimson Moon Sect's brothers who died today! Avenge my Crimson Moon Sect! Killing you is equivalent to cutting off the Five Element Sect's arm!" When Hong Qing was charging towards Duan Ling Tian, his Voice Transmission pierced through Duan Ling Tian's ears. He shouted in a frenzy, and it made Duan Ling Tian's eardrums shake from the extreme vibration.

Duan Ling Tian narrowed his eyes immediately when he saw the Flaming Blade that was fast approaching him. This Flaming Blade that looked extremely fast to the others appeared awfully slow in his eyes. It was so slow that he even had the time and mood to reply Hong Qing's Voice Transmission.

"With just the strength of only 440 ancient horned dragons, I really wonder where you get your confidence from!" Duan Ling Tian's calm Voice Transmission entered Hong Qing's ears and made his face darkened slightly.

"You're just bluffing!" Hong Qing roared. The blazing flames on the Flaming Saber in his hand broke out and enveloped Duan Ling Tian from the top. If this flame really touched him, he would definitely die, if not crippled.


The Flaming Saber pierced through the air and set upon him as if God's Brush drew a boundless wildfire that shrouded Duan Ling Tian.

"Senior Brother Ling Tian!" When everyone saw Duan Ling Tian was shrouded by the boundless wildfire from the Flaming Saber, many of the Five Element Sect's disciples could not help but shut their eyes right away. They refused to watch his blood splattering all over the place.

However, in the next moment, the sound from a series of explosions that were set off by the Flaming Saber suddenly came to a halt.

Curiously, they opened their eyes again.

When they looked at the far distance, their eyes narrowed immediately. Disbelief immediately crept up on their faces. It was as though they had just seen something that would be unforgettable in their entire lifetime.

"T-This…" From Cha Bai, Yu Fang, Tian Gu, the Peak Masters of Fire, Water, and Earth Peaks, to the Five Element Sect's disciples like Huang Daniu, Shen Wei, the Nangong Twins, Tan Huan, and Tian Zhen, all of them were staring in bewilderment with their mouths agape.


What did they just witness?!

In the distance, Hong Qing was still there, and the Flaming Saber was still there as well.

However, the great wildfire that accompanied the slicing motion of the Flaming Saber was currently being forced back by a bloodcurdling force that rose up to the sky.

"This…" At the same time, Guo Chong and Qi Yu, who had just killed Ren Ji, the Sect Leader of Crimson Moon Sect, by joining their forces, happened to witness this scene as well. They were instantly dumbfounded.

Under the watchful eyes of the others, the purple-clad young man merely stood there with his purple robe that looked as though it had transformed into purple flames that were billowing in the light breeze.

At this moment, gusts of khaki energy rose up from around the purple flame, and in the khaki energy, there were streaks of lightning that resembled purple electrical snakes that emitted a threatening aura. Moreover, there was another wave of sharp aura that rose up from the purple flame. From afar, it looked like a gigantic sword that sailed across the sky with tiny star-like and sword-shaped energy around it.

However, none of these caught the crowd's attention. What attracted their attention was the purple-clad young man's hand that was lifted up in the sky. His hand was directly in front of his brows. The blazing Flaming Saber that was so close to him was locked in between two of his fingers.

He had seized the naked blade with just his bare hands!

The Five Element Sect's disciples who were watching from the side instantly felt chills running down from their heads.

"D-Did Senior Brother Ling Tian just took on that blow from Hong Qing's spirit saber with his bare hands?"

"Hong Qing is a Ninth Level Void Interpretation martial artist, and the spirit saber in his hand is a grade two spirit saber! Moreover, he has already comprehended the Ninth Level Intermediate Fire Concept and Second Level Intermediate Saber Concept. When he unleashes his full power, it's equivalent to the strength of more than 440 ancient horned dragons! And yet, it was all blocked by Senior Brother Ling Tian!"

"And it's only with two fingers!"

As the Five Element Sect's disciples buried their heads together in heated discussions, many of them could not help but gasp in shock as well.

How powerful was that person who managed to take on a blow that contained the strength of more than 440 ancient horned dragons with his bare hands?

"Look! The Heaven and Earth Phenomenon above Senior Brother Ling Tian is beginning to solidify into form," somebody shouted.

Everyone from the Five Element Sect, including the senior officials, immediately gazed at the space above Duan Ling Tian. The silhouettes of ancient horned dragons that were gathered there reflected in their eyes clearly.

It was a total of 500 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons!

The silhouettes of 500 ancient horned dragons were grouped systematically in the sky. At least, that was what Guo Chong, the Sect Leader of Five Element Sect, and Qi Yu, the Peak Master of Wood Peak, could see.

As powerhouses whose cultivation bases were at the peak of the Void Stage, their eyesights were not something an average person could match.

They could see that the 500 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons were being grouped respectively in this manner — 200, 100,100, and another 100 silhouettes.

"T-This Duan Ling Tian has already broken through to the Void Transformation?" Guo Chong was extremely dumbfounded. He could not help but look at Qi Yu.

"I also have no idea when he managed to break through to the First Level Void Transformation. By right, just with that two spirit fruits alone would not be enough for him to make such a huge leap from the Seventh Level Void Interpretation to the First Level Void Transformation," Qi Yu shook his head. As he reached the end of his sentence, his face became dazed and blank.

"Perhaps… He had some special encounter," Guo Chong's gaze once again turned to the purple robe figure in the distance as he let out a sigh, "I can still accept the fact that he's already at the First Level Void Transformation… However, not only did this little fellow manage to comprehend the Ninth Level Intermediate Thunder Concept, he actually comprehended the Ninth Level Intermediate Earth Concept and Ninth Level Intermediate Saber Concept as well? What an insane power of comprehension!" A wry smile crept up to the corner of Guo Chong's mouth.

"He's a monster through and through!" Qi Yu smiled wryly as well.

Duan Ling Tian, whose hand were shrouded with the First Level Void Transformation's Origin Energy that was merged with the three Ninth Level Void Interpretation Concepts, stared directly into the eyes of Hong Qing. Hong Qing's face had long turned ghastly pale.

Duan Ling Tian asked nonchalantly, "Now… Do you still think I'm bluffing?"