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Chapter 958: The Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Concept Fragment

Chapter 958: The Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Concept Fragment

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"Emotion Severing Sect?" The moment Xiao Ping heard Zhang Yan's words, Xiao Ping was immediately stunned. After he mulled it over, he asked, "The Emotion Severing Sect is a third-rate force from the southern district of the northern desert right?"

Zhang Yan's face remained cold and aloof, he did not bother answering Xiao Ping at all.

However, Xiao Ping had already figured out the answer on his own. He smiled mockingly at Zhang Yan when he looked at him again. "A third-rate force disciple like you dare to actually brag in front of me, Xiao Ping? What a joke! Do you even know who I, Xiao Ping, am?"

Zhang Yan still remained quiet.

"Let me tell you, I, Xiao Ping, am the disciple of Izumo Sect, one of the three great second-rate forces in the northern desert! A third-rate force disciple like you, who is as feeble as an ant, actually dare to be arrogant in front of me, Xiao Ping?" When he reached here, a cold light shone brightly from his eyes as he continued to say coldly, "You WILL die today!"

The instance Xiao Ping finished his words, he did not continue to speak anymore. With a swift move, he pounced on Zhang Yan. The narrow saber in his hand charged out and bit at Zhang Yan's vital part as though it had transformed into a snake.


The Heaven and Earth Energy in the air whirled as the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon reappeared once again.

The silhouettes of over 930 ancient horned dragons reappeared again above Xiao Ping before they bared their claws and fangs at Zhang Yan in an imposing manner.

Xiao Ping, the Izumo Sect's disciple, was ranked in the top three among the ten Izumo Sect's young disciples who had entered the Martial Emperor's secret treasure this time.

It was due to this reason that Xiao Ping had great faith in his own strength.

In his opinion, a disciple of a mere third-rate force was as feeble as an ant in front of him. He would need only one blow to completely wipe him off this world.

Faced with a raging Xiao Ping, Zhang Yan's face remained unperturbed. However, his gaze had turned completely cold as he reached both of his hands out in a flash.

In just an instant, a spirit weapon glove that was refined from God-knew-what materials appeared on both of Zhang Yan's hands. The moment the gloves emerged, a chilling aura immediately exuded out from it.

"Ice Concept?!" Xiao Ping's gaze froze, and astonishment could be seen on his face when he noticed the chilling aura that was exuding out of Zhang Yan's hands.

Ice Concept could be considered as the Nature Concept that was the most powerful. Unless one was blessed with extraordinary talents and opportunities, it was almost impossible for a person to comprehend it.

However, the moment he saw the 200 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons that appeared on top of Zhang Yan's head, a smirk crept up on Xiao Ping's face immediately. "Ahh, so you're only at the First Level Advance Ice Concept!"

From what he could see, the First Level Advance Ice Concept was basically not a threat to him.

However, in just a short while, colors drained from his face immediately.

This was because as Zhang Yan's hand emitted waves of chilling aura, his Origin Energy soared up and transformed into a raging fire that merged perfectly with the chilling aura.

In just an instant, a blue flame emerged from Zhang Yan's hands, emitting tides of hot and cold waves. The contradicting combinations brought a sense of invisible pressure on others.


At the same time, another 300 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared beside the 200 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons on top of Zhang Yan's head.

Among them, the 200 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons came from the First Level Advance Fire Concept.

The Fire Concept was born out of the Ice Concept.

This was one of the ingenious technique from the ultimate cultivation method 'Supreme Emotion Forsaking Technique' that Zhang Yan cultivated.

As for the other 100 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons, it was drawn from Zhang Yan's cultivation base at the Seventh Level Void Interpretation.

Almost at the same time, another 78 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared. It was the boost that was given by the grade two spirit weapon glove on Zhang Yan's hands.

There was a total of 578 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons.

However, it did not end there.

"The Union of Ice and Flame!" As Zhang Yan's glacial voice left his mouth, the blue ice flame that formed from the combination of ice and fire on his hands suddenly soared up and burst into a wave of bloodcurdling aura.

In an instant, another 400 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared next to the 578 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons above Zhang Yan's head.

It was a total of 978 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons!

If Pei An, the Sect Leader of Emotion Severing Sect, saw this, he would definitely turn pale from shock.

This was because this meant that his direct disciple, Zhang Yan, had already mastered the Mastery Stage of the Union of Ice and Flame. It could raise the power given by the ice-fire combination up to twofold.

The Union of Ice and Flame was a technique from the Supreme Emotion Forsaking Technique. The Initial Stage allowed the combined force of the ice and flame to be raised by 50% while the Mastery Stage could raise up to 100%.

At this moment, Zhang Yan indeed had mastered the Mastery Stage of the Union of Ice and Flame!

"H-How's this possible?!" Colors drained from Xiao Ping's face as he witnessed this implausible scene.

This silhouettes of 978 ancient horned dragons above the Emotion Severing Sect's disciple had far exceeded the over 930 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons that he had when he exerted his full power.

At the same time, the narrow saber that Xiao Ping slashed at Zhang Yan began to show signs of slowing down because of the agitation that rose up in his heart.

At this moment, a figure that was burning with a majestic blue ice flame suddenly pounced forward. In just a blink of an eye, he arrived before Xiao Ping. Xiao Ping's face became ashen immediately.


Xiao Ping dared not waste a second any longer. The force of the narrow saber in his hand multiplied as he slashed it directly at Zhang Yan as though wanting to cut him into two halves.

"Hurmph!" A snort could be heard from Zhang Yan instantly. In the next moment, Zhang Yan's hand slapped down like a leaf fan at a swift speed and pinned the narrow saber down on Xiao Ping's hand.


A smack sounded and slapped the narrow saber in Xiao Ping's hand off its original trajectory. From the very beginning until now, Zhang Yan's hand was still holding the narrow saber.

In an instant, the narrow saber was covered in a layer of frost. The frost swept out and covered Xiao Ping's body. It caused him, who originally wanted to flee, to come to a halt right away.


At this moment, Zhang Yan's other hand that was intertwined with blue ice flame struck as swift as a lightning. Like a leaf fan, it came down at Xiao Ping's head.

"NOOO!" Horror dawned on Xiao Ping's face immediately when he saw Zhang Yan's palm, that was intertwined with blue ice flame that contained the strength of 978 ancient horned dragons, striking at his head.

He wanted to switch to a defensive posture, but he realized that his body had become slow due to the frost emitted from Zhang Yan's palm. Due to this reason, it was too late for him to defend against the attack.


Zhang Yan's palm landed on Xiao Ping's head. Similar to slapping a watermelon, his head was cracked open instantly. The red and white substance that splashed out was completely covered by a layer of cold ice, and it prevented the substance from splashing on Zhang Yan.

Xiao Ping's body fell to the ground and fanned up a layer of dust. The narrow saber in his hand fell on to the ground as well with a loud 'Clang!'

With a raise of his brow, Zhang Yan casually took Xiao Ping's Spatial Ring and grade two spirit saber before storing them in his own Spatial Ring.

He then proceeded to take away the Spatial Ring and grade two spirit sword from Liu Qi, who had been dead for quite some time and the Fire Concept Fragments that were scattered all over the floor.

There were hundreds of Fire Concept Fragments in total. After storing each and every one of them away, a rare faint smile crept up on the corner of Zhang Yan's mouth.

"My reapings are good today." Zhang Yan raised his brows, a hint of joy could be seen in his eyes.

This time, he could be considered as the fisherman who profited when the snipe and the clam grappled.

Very soon, Zhang Yan's gaze fell on the exquisite box at the top of the cavern's center. Without wasting any time, he flew out and took the box down.

"I wonder what's contained inside." Curious, Zhang Yan raised a hand and opened the exquisite box.

In the next moment, a fragment that was gleaming with an intense fiery red chi appeared before his eyes, it caused his eyes to lit up instantly, and his breathing quickened.

"This is not a Concept Fragment! Don't tell me this is a Profundity Fragment? Or maybe a Fire Profundity Fragment?" Zhang Yan gasped.

Almost at the same time, a familiar yet foreign voice rang out from the box and entered his ears. It carried a terrifying and penetrating power that spread out in all directions.

"Congratulations, young man. This Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity Fragment is yours now." Very soon, Zhang Yan was hit by a realization. He recognized that this was the voice of the Martial Emperor who left behind the secret treasure.

"This box actually contains the Polyphony Formation, but the voice just now seemed to have a strong penetration power. I think it must have spread to the surrounding area right?" The moment he thought of this, Zhang Yan's eyes narrowed instantly.

Just as he returned to his senses, he immediately heard three streaks of swift wind whistling that entered the cavern that he was in.

In the next instance, three figures appeared before his eyes.

"Junior Brother Liu!" One of the owners of the figures was a black-clad young man. The moment he saw Liu Qi's body on the ground, horror dawned on him at once.

It was apparent that he and Liu Qi were both disciples of Izumo Sect.

"Senior Brother Xiao!" The instance the other two young men saw Xiao Ping's body, horror dawned on their faces as well. Their gazes that were now trained on Zhang Yan had an additional hint of horror in them.

The two of them exchanged glances, and as though they had reached a tacit agreement, they quickly turned around to try and escape the place.

What a joke!

They would never be a match for a person who could even kill their Senior Brother Xiao.

"Since you're already here, don't think of leaving anymore!" Zhang Yan breathed out. He lifted his hands, two waves of majestic blue ice flame swept out and chased after the two Izumo Sect's disciples before it enveloped and killed them.

The two bodies fell with two soft 'thud' that disturbed the dirt on the ground.

"Ice Concept? Fire Concept?" That black-clad Anicca Sect's disciple's face darkened a little. His eyes gleamed eerily as he glared at Zhang Yan. "You have quite an incredible strength for being able to kill Junior Brother Liu and that Xiao Ping from Izumo Sect. Be that as it may, you're still nothing compared to me!"

The moment the Anicca Sect's disciple finished his words, he charged at Zhang Yan like an arrow that left the bow.

A spirit weapon appeared in his hands. His Origin Energy and Concept followed suit like a shadow and merged with the spirit weapon.

At the same time, over 930 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared above his head and pounced toward Zhang Yan all at once.

"Zhang Yan?" When the Anicca Sect's disciple was charging toward Zhang Yan, a figure similar to a fire elf emerged soundlessly in the cavern.