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Chapter 959: Eighth Level Advance Fire Concept!

Chapter 959: Eighth Level Advance Fire Concept!

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It was a woman whose beauty could overthrow a kingdom. Her surroundings seemed to pale in comparison when she stood there.

Her red dress fluttered even though there was no wind. Her graceful and slender figure was so charming it made one's mind raced with thoughts and caused one to have the urge to rush toward her and pull her into a tight embrace.

However, her appearance was too quiet that it did not alert Zhang Yan and that black-clad Anicca Sect's disciple.

"Second Level Void Transformation? A comprehension at the Third Level Void Transformation Concept?" The moment Zhang Yan, whose face was originally a little solemn, saw the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon that the Anicca Sect's disciple had drawn out, a smirk crept up on the corner of his mouth immediately.

At first, he thought this guy dared to spout such words was because he possessed a strength that was more powerful than Xiao Ping, the Izumo Sect's disciple that he had killed earlier.

However, right now, it looked like he only possessed a strength that was equivalent to Xiao Ping.

'Perhaps, he thought Xiao Ping was not as strong as him,' Zhang Yan thought to himself.

Xiao Ping, who possessed a strength that was on par with this Anicca Sect's disciple, had also died in his hand with just one blow. Naturally, this Anicca Sect's disciple would not be an exception.

With only one blow, ice flame blasted out of Zhang Yan's hands and killed him instantly.

"The Union of Ice and Flame?" When Zhang Yan was about to leave after killing that Anicca Sect's disciple and taking his Spatial Ring and his spirit weapon, a gentle and sweet voice sounded by his ears without any warning.

Zhang Yan was not unfamiliar with this voice. For this reason, his face could not help but turn a shade paler immediately.

'Since when did she arrive?' An inconceivable thought formed in his mind before he turned around and looked at Feng Tian Wu, the fire elf-like woman who stood nearby.

Feng Tian Wu was no stranger to Zhang Yan.

Several months ago, during the Martial Competition of the Ten Dynasties that was organized by Skywolf Fort, Feng Tian Wu had displayed an extraordinary strength.

However, compared to him, her strength was still far behind. It was not worth mentioning at all!

It did not cross Zhang Yan's mind that in just a few months, Feng Tian Wu would actually possess a strength that allowed her to appear behind him soundlessly.

He could not imagine the outcome at all if she had launched an attack on him.

Beads of sweat instantly appeared on Zhang Yan's forehead.

"Feng Tian Wu?" Calmly, Zhang Yan stood opposite of Feng Tian Wu in a stalemate. Faced with this woman who was infatuated with Duan Ling Tian, he did not dare to slack at all.

The fact that she could appear behind him without making any sound meant that she was no longer the person she used to be.

When Feng Tian Wu looked at Zhang Yan while she stood there, that beautiful face was so calm that it was as though she had no emotions at all. Unhurriedly, she opened her mouth and bluntly told Zhang Yan of her intention toward the Profundity Fragment in his hand, "Hand over that Ninth Level Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment and leave."

It was apparent that she was also attracted by the Martial Emperor's message that had a great penetration energy.

Zhang Yan's eyes narrowed as he answered coldly, "Let's see if you have the ability to make me hand over the Profundity Fragment!"

If the Feng Tian Wu from before had said such words to him, he would have thought of it as one of the greatest jokes in the world.

However, he did not dare to think like that anymore.

The fact that Feng Tian Wu could appear behind him soundlessly indirectly meant that her strength was at least on par with him or maybe even a little better than him.


In the face of Zhang Yan's provocation, Feng Tian Wu narrowed her eyes. The red dress on her body fluttered and made her look as though she was a real fire elf that was particularly eye-catching.

Without any warning, waves of milky Origin Energy rose up from her body like a milky flame that danced around her body gently and rhythmically.

At this moment, the Heaven and Earth Energy whirled above her head as the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon solidified into form.

As a red spirit snake-like long whip appeared in Feng Tian Wu's hand, the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon changed again. More silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared out of thin air.

"T-This…" The moment Zhang Yan saw the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon appearing above Feng Tian Wu, his aloof face froze a little.

It was not that her Heaven and Earth Phenomenon was particularly horrifying, it was just that it had exceeded his imagination!

First, 60 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons appeared above Feng Tian Wu's head, and then it was followed by another 42 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons.

The Fourth Level Void Interpretation?

Grade three spirit whip?

A grade three spirit whip that gave a 70% boost?

Very soon, Zhang Yan's attention shifted and landed on the red spirit snake-like long whip in Feng Tian Wu's hands. Astonishment could be seen in his eyes.

A grade three spirit weapon that could give a 70% boost could be considered as the best of the best out of all grade three spirit weapons.

It was hard for Zhang Yan to imagine which weapon craftsman could actually refine such a terrifying grade three spirit weapon.

"Wait a minute!" In the next moment, he was hit by a pang of realization, and his eyes narrowed immediately. "How could she possibly just be at the Fourth Level Void Interpretation? If she's really just a Fourth Level Void Interpretation martial artist, it would be impossible for her to appear behind me without me noticing at all!"

Zhang Yan was very certain about this.

Within seconds, the instance Zhang Yan saw the milky flame around Feng Tian Wu turned fiery red, he immediately got his answer that solved the confusion in his heart.

The milky flame on Feng Tian Wu soared up and became fiery red as it transformed into a monstrous real flame before engulfing her entire person in it. Waves of bloodcurdling aura emanated out of the flame.

At this moment, Feng Tian Wu flew up and stood high up with her graceful slender figure as the flame soared up in the sky. She was completely engulfed by the obscuring flame. It seemed as though she had transformed into a true fire elf.


Heaven and Earth Energy whirled once again beside the 102 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons above Feng Tian Wu's head and gathered into a new Heaven and Earth Phenomenon.

In just a flash, 200 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons emerged right before Zhang Yan's eyes.

"The First Level Advance Fire Concept?" The moment he saw this scene, his eyes narrowed right away.

Zhang Yan's eyes continued to narrow again and again. Eventually, it was repeated so many times that his eyes had become numb.


What did he just witness?!

The Heaven and Earth Phenomenon above Feng Tian Wu's head continued to rise all the way up to 1002 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons before the Heaven and Earth Energy in the sky finally disappeared, and the sky finally regained its tranquility.

"T-The Eighth Level Advance Fire Concept!" The scene before him completely crushed the aloofness on Zhang Yan's face. He was flabbergasted and bewildered.

Eighth Level Advance Fire Concept was equivalent to the strength of 900 ancient horned dragons!

Zhang Yan felt like everything was a dream seeing when he saw such a Concept appearing on a Fourth Level Void Interpretation martial artist.

In his opinion, this was something that was practically impossible.

A Fourth Level Void Interpretation martial artist who had comprehended the Eighth Level Void Transformation Concept. If he did not see this with his own eyes, he would never have believed this to be true.

"No wonder you dared to ask me to hand over the Profundity Fragment even after you've seen my strength. So, it turns out that your strength is actually this powerful huh!" Zhang Yan exclaimed in a deep voice. The gaze that had shifted to Feng Tian Wu turned solemn.


Just as Zhang Yan's words left his mouth, waves of raging and tyrannical flames rose up from his body as well.

However, unlike the red flames that were on Feng Tian Wu, the flame on his body was blue instead.

Ice flame!

Waves of hot and cold aura emitted out of the ice flame. The contradicting combination caused the air surrounding Zhang Yan to quiver before it set off the sound of a faint explosion.


All of a sudden, Feng Tian Wu made her move. Her speed was incredibly fast, all that was left behind was a streak of fiery red flame. A hot aura that covered the entire world swept out as a vast flame shrouded the place where Zhang Yan stood.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

The red spirit snake-like long whip in Feng Tian Wu's hand lashed out and fell nimbly on Zhang Yan like a fiery rain. The speed was so fast that it was like streaks of lightning was striking him.

Zhang Yan's face turned completely grave. Without any warning, his hands trembled and started to wave around in front of him.

Finally, a thick shield condensed in front of him. The thick shield was solidified from gusts and gusts of ice flame.

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

The long whip on Feng Tian Wu's hand transformed into a fiery rain that blotted out the entire sky as it charged down at Zhang Yan's shield. It caused the shield in front of him to quiver.

In the end, the shield could not hold under the attack and was completely smashed.


In that instant when the shield shattered, Zhang Yan retreated swiftly without wasting any time.

"I can only go head-on now!" Taking a deep breath, Zhang Yan's gaze turned colder as he glared at the red-clad woman that was charging toward him from afar. The tyrannical flame surrounding the red-clad woman brought an ultimate sense of coercion to him.


Seeing the red-clad woman once again waving the red long whip in her hand, Zhang Yan went forward to take it down instead of retreating.

In the next moment, the gusts of ice flame twining around Zhang Yan's hands stretched out and grasped the red long whip as fast as a lightning.


A loud sound reverberated in the air. That was the sound of the red long whip smacking at both of Zhang Yan's palms. Flame energy soared out and pressed on Zhang Yan like it was crushing dead leaves.

"Barf!" The vital energy and blood in Zhang Yan's body surged up as his throat tightened, a mouthful blood that was eye-catching rushed out of his mouth.

However, although his internal organs were injured, Zhang Yan was still tightly grasping on to the grade three spirit whip in Feng Tian Wu's hand.

At the same time, an icy aura swept out of his hands as he tried to suppress Feng Tian Wu's Fire Concept with his Ice Concept.

Water subdued Fire.

Ice was formed from water and was colder than water.

For this reason, the ability of ice subduing fire would be greater than that of water.

Waves of icy aura spread out from his hands. With the help of the third-grade spirit whip in Feng Tian Wu's hands, it rolled out like a mat and engulfed Feng Tian Wu.

For a moment, the soaring flame on Feng Tian Wu's body came to a halt as though it was being repressed.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Yan's eyes brightened.

However, very soon, his eyes narrowed again as horror dawned on his face.


A few seconds after the flame on Feng Tian Wu's body came to a halt, it suddenly exploded without any warning, melting and driving out the chilly aura that shrouded her body. Tyrannical flame surged into the red long whip and endowed the long whip with a greater power.

The long whip quivered, and the flame soared up and shook off Zhang Yan's hands before it continued to shoot out a heinous flame that charged at Zhang Yan in an overbearing manner like a flaming behemoth.

"SH*T!" In the face of this scene, Zhang Yan's face changed greatly. His eyes shrank immediately.