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Chapter 960: Feng Tian Wu’s Changes

Chapter 960: Feng Tian Wu’s Changes

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Zhang Yan's Ice Concept might have been able to suppress the Fire Concept if both of their strengths were equal.

At that moment, Zhang Yan's Ice Concept was nothing at all in front of the Eighth Level Advance Fire Concept that Feng Tian Wu had comprehended. It could be easily crushed.

'Whoosh! Whoosh!'

Faced with the burning flame that was getting bigger and bigger on the whip in Feng Tian Wu's hand, Zhang Yan forcefully attacked with the strength of 978 ancient horned dragons' with both his palms.

However, his force was inferior to the burning flame on the whip that contained a thousand ancient horned dragons' strength as Feng Tian Wu swept the whip out.


A loud thud spread out, and a series of ear-piercing explosions reverberated over and over again. The flames in the air engulfed Zhang Yan like a gigantic flame beast. It took awhile for the flames to disappear.

Zhang Yan's body was thrown off as he spat out blood that rose from his throat. He looked extremely pale.

"Here you go!"

When Zhang Yan saw Feng Tian Wu coming after him, he solemnly lifted his arm and tossed the Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity Fragment that he took from the exquisite box earlier to her.


A chill filled Feng Tian Wu's eyes as soon as she caught the box. She glared at Zhang Yan with a murderous intent.

"Oh, no!"

Zhang Yan's expression changed greatly when he saw Feng Tian Wu's murderous intent.

He had figured out that Feng Tian Wu wanted to end his life to prevent the news of her obtaining the Profundity Fragment from spreading.


Without any delay, Zhang Yan who was covered in blue Ice Flame fled like a blue lightning without even turning his head back.

After running for a while, Zhang Yan slowed down when he realized that there was no whistling sound behind him.

At the same time, there were still drops of cold sweat on his forehead.

'Why didn't she come after me?'

'Did I overthink the situation?'

Zhang Yan began to run again as he shook his head. Soon, he entered another cave and disappeared completely.

Due to the fact that Zhang Yan had fled quickly, he did not notice the changes that were happening to Feng Tian Wu.

Indeed, Feng Tian Wu had wanted to kill Zhang Yan when she caught the Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity Fragment that he tossed over. She could not let Zhang Yan spread the news of her obtaining the Profundity Fragment after all.

If that happened, troubles would come looking for her.

Although she was not afraid of troubles, she did not like troubles.

However, when she was about to kill Zhang Yan, she noticed the Profundity Fragment in her hand seemed to be resonating with a certain energy in her body that caused her Origin Energy to run rampant.

At that moment, the only thing that she could do was watch as Zhang Yan fled further and further away before her eyes as she hurriedly practiced her cultivation to suppress the rampant Origin Energy in her body.

'It's the Fire Spirit Body's energy again?'

Feng Tian Wu managed to figure it out easily.

A forceful smile suddenly appeared on the corner of her lips without her noticing.


Just when she finally managed to slow down the Origin Energy that was running rampant in her body, a flash caught her eyes. She noticed that a red chilly glow was flashing in the Profundity Fragment in her hand, and suddenly her palm was cut open.

Blood spurted out from her palm. It flowed out endlessly and covered half of her palm.

'Drip! Drip!'

Drops of blood were dripping from Feng Tian Wu's palm accompanied by a crisp and clear sound.

Feng Tian Wu's expression changed. When she was about to stop the bleeding using her Origin Energy, she noticed the Profundity Fragment that was flashing with flaming red energy suddenly melting. It turned into a pool of flaming red liquid and entered her body through the wound on her palm.

At the same time, she noticed that the wound on her palm was healing on its own. She would have thought it was just an illusion if it was not for the blood stain that remained.

'Where did the Profundity Fragment go?'

Feng Tian Wu's expression changed when she regained her senses.

She recalled that the Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity Fragment seemed to have entered through her palm and into her body earlier.

Meanwhile, Feng Tian Wu seemed to have noticed something and narrowed her eyes immediately.

At this moment, she could clearly sense a burning stream was entering her arm from her palm as it spread all over her body.

Apart from that, the Fire Spirit Body energy that had been latent in her body began to run rampant all of a sudden with the arrival of the burning stream.

It felt like a passionate host that was welcoming its guest.

All of a sudden, Feng Tian Wu seemed to have sensed something again. She thought to herself, as waves of monstrous flames began to burn on her body, "Is this … the Ninth Level Advance Fire Concept?" Her body was constantly emitting a scorching aura.

Feng Tian Wu looked at the sky above her head almost as soon as the flames began to burn. The Heaven and Earth Phenomenon was forming above her head.

A thousand ancient dragons' silhouettes hovered above her head rearing to go.


Without using any Origin Energy or any spirit weapon, she managed to draw out such a Heaven and Earth Phenomenon just by merging the Heaven and Earth Energy with the Fire Concept.


She did not know when but her comprehension of Fire Concept had ascended from the Eighth Void Transformation to the Ninth Void Transformation!

At this moment, Feng Tian Wu seemed to have noticed something again. She shook her head expressionlessly as she thought to herself, "That's not right… I feel that it can be even more powerful than this."



When Feng Tian Wu was deep in thought, the flames that surrounded her body soared, and its color turned darker.

Meanwhile, the Heaven and Earth Energy stirred in the air before it eventually formed the silhouettes of a thousand ancient horned dragons. Unfortunately, it vanished before it could solidify into form.


When the thousand ancient horned dragons faded away before it managed to form, Feng Tian Wu's expression on her pretty face shifted. She was in pain, and she let out an involuntary scream, "Ahh!"

When she activated the Fire Concept for elevation earlier, all she could feel was that her body seemed to be burning on its own. An unknown burning energy was rising in her body, and it made her feel as though she was going to explode.

Therefore, she stopped the Fire Concept's elevation immediately.

At this moment, the unknown burning energy was spreading all over her body and making her feel like she was going to explode finally quieted down.

"That's the energy from the Fire Spirit Body, but it seems like there's another energy… I know! That's the energy that was transformed from the Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity Fragment!"

Feng Tian Wu's pretty face looked pale. She did not expect the Profundity Fragment that had strangely melted into liquid and entered her body would bring about such a major change to her body.

First, her Fire Concept had abruptly ascended to the Ninth Advanced Level. Then, she could faintly feel as though she could elevate the Fire Concept even further when she was connecting the Ninth Level Advance Fire Concept. Finally, the elevation of the Fire Concept which was two times more powerful than the Ninth Level Advance Fire Concept!


Perhaps it could no longer be considered as Fire Concept.


Feng Tian Wu breathed in the chilly air as she thought to that point, 'Isn't that the energy that can only be obtained by comprehending the First Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity?'

First Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity was twice as powerful as Ninth Level Advance Fire Concept. As soon as it was connected and performed, it was as powerful as the strength of two thousand ancient horned dragons!

"So I can connect and perform First Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity now?"

Feng Tian Wu was stunned when she thought about what had just happened. She could not believe what had just happened, and there was disbelief in her eyes.

She thought to herself and began to look into her body to see what was happening.

A flaming red fragment appeared before her eyes immediately. It was the Fire Profundity Fragment that was formed after she comprehended the Advanced Fire Concept. It was now a Ninth Level Fire Profundity Fragment.


Soon, Feng Tian Wu realized that the Ninth Level Fire Profundity Fragment was different from ordinary Concept Fragment. There was a tiny gap on top of it.

There was a wave of flaming red energy sparkling on top of the tiny gap that seemed real.

"Isn't that the Profundity Fragment's sparkling energy? It seems my Ninth Level Fire Concept Fragment is transforming into the First Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity?"


Feng Tian Wu's eyes widened, and disbelief was written all over her pretty face again.

"Although I can connect and perform the First Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity now, the energy coming from the Fire Spirit Body in my body almost caused my body to explode!"

'If I didn't retract the Fire Profundity in time, I'm afraid it wouldn't take long for my body to explode… At that time, I'll explode into ashes from the Fire Spirit Body's energy without having to wait until I'm thirty!'

Feng Tian Wu inhaled deeply, and she was anxious when she thought of that.

"So what was that exactly?"

Apart from forcing smile on her pretty face, Feng Tian Wu did not know what else she could do when she thought about the changes in her body.

"It was the Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Concept Fragment! It should be the energy from the Fire Spirit Body in my body that melted it into liquid. When it entered my body, it brought changes to my body."

She immediately suppressed the anxiety she felt as soon she figured out the answer after recalling the cause and effect.

After verifying the cause, Feng Tian Wu could not help but sigh. "I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse… I've finally successfully comprehended the Fire Concept to the Ninth Advanced Level! At the risk of my body exploding, I can even connect and perform the First Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity by force!"

A Profundity Fragment actually caused such a change to her body, Feng Tian Wu did not see that coming at all.

"Whatever… I'll die anyway if my cultivation base doesn't break through to the Void Transformation in a couple of years."