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Chapter 966: Another Exquisite Box!

Chapter 966: Another Exquisite Box!

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At this moment, both Su Li and Zhang Shou Yong were completely stunned as well.

A Profundity Fragment was enough to make them go crazy from surprise.

It did not matter if the Profundity Fragment was low level, it was birthed from a Martial Monarch's body after all.

To them, a Martial Monarch was an existence that only existed in rumors and was out of their reach.

At this moment, the voice of the Martial Emperor who left the secret treasure behind entered their ears and reminded them that this Profundity Fragment was no ordinary Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment but an Eighth Level Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment instead.

An Eighth Level Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment!

There were a total of nine levels for the Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment, and each level was stronger than the one before.

The First Level Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment could help a Ninth Level Void Transformation martial artist who had comprehended the Ninth Level Void Transformation Concept to break through to the Martial Monarch Stage and become a Martial Monarch powerhouse.

Apart from being able to help a Ninth Level Void Transformation martial artist in obtaining a Martial Monarch Stage cultivation base, the Eighth Level Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment also allowed one to raise the Profundity that one had comprehended to the Eighth Level in just a flash after one made a breakthrough to the Martial Monarch Stage.

One could easily imagine just how precious this Eighth Level Monarch Stage Profundity Fragment was.

The young man's gaze was fixed on the Eighth Level Monarch Stage Wind Profundity since the beginning. As he lifted up the exquisite box, he could not suppress the laughter that rose up from his chest. "Hahahahaha…"

His laughter quickly died down as he stared solemnly at Huang Daniu and the four others, their faces were ghastly pale. Finally, his gaze landed on the two young men standing beside Huang Daniu. It was Su Li and Zhang Shou Yong.

"The people from Anicca Sect are all trash!" The young man exclaimed unhurriedly, his tone was derisive.

"YOU!!" The two Anicca Sect's disciples' faces darkened when they were mocked. They were so angry that they were speechless for a long time.

The Anicca Sect?!

The moment they heard the young man's words, Huang Daniu and the other two were momentarily taken aback. They did not think the people they helped out earlier were actually disciples from Anicca Sect. No wonder the both of them were so strong.

"Even the people from the second-rate forces are here?" Huang Daniu and the other two exchanged glances with each other. For a second, they could see the shock in each other's eyes.

Although they knew that the Martial Emperor's secret treasure had other entrances, they had no idea what kind of people would enter from the entrances.

Presently, it seemed like even the people from the second-rate forces were here as well.

"The people from Anicca Sect are trash! Izumo Sect's people are just the same as well!" Without warning, an aloof voice echoed inside the cavern.

A figure appeared soundlessly before everyone's eyes.

It was a black-clad young man with an evil face and a cold look. His eyes appeared lifeless yet it contained a murderous intent that gave off an invisible sense of pressure.

Nobody knew when the black-clad young man appeared.

It was only when the black-clad young man began talking that everyone, including Huang Daniu, noticed him.

Colors drained from the face of the Izumo Sect's disciple who was holding the exquisite box. He glared at the black-clad young man with dread in his eyes as he asked, "Who are you?!"

"Dead man, there's no need for you to know who I am," the black-clad young man spoke again. His voice remained cold. Before anybody could figure out what was happening, he morphed and disappeared before everyone's eyes.

"Where is he?" Huang Daniu, Su Li, and Zhang Shou Yong were still bewildered when they suddenly saw something flashed past their eyes.


The sound of a heavy thud reverberated.

In the next second, they saw the Izumo Sect's disciple, who was holding the exquisite box that contained the Eighth Level Monarch Stage Wind Profundity Fragment, suddenly dropped to the ground without warning. There were no signs of injury on his body at all.

However, everyone, including Huang Daniu, could see that he was no longer breathing. It was apparent that he had been killed.

The black-clad young man stood beside the Izumo Sect's disciple with a calm expression as though the Izumo Sect's disciple's death had nothing to do with him at all. Nobody knew when but the exquisite box that was originally in the Izumo Sect's disciple's hands was already in his hands. The Eighth Level Monarch Stage Wind Profundity Fragment was constantly gleaming with waves of blue chi.

"That's fast!"

When Huang Daniu and the others looked at the young man in black again, their eyes were narrowed in shock.

From the very beginning until now, they did not have any clue at all in regards to when the black-clad young man killed that Izumo Sect's disciple. That person's speed was incredibly fast.

'Even a martial artist at the First or Second Level Void Transformation would not be so fast right?' Huang Daniu thought to himself.

Horror quickly dawned on Huang Daniu's face. This was because he noticed the black-clad young man's cold eyes began looking at them after he put away that exquisite box in his hands.

Killing intent flashed out for a moment.

At that moment, everyone, including Huang Daniu, was immediately on their guards as though they were facing their mortal enemy.

At this moment, the black-clad young man opened his mouth to say, "If any of you can resist and survive my first blow, you may live." His voice was cold and detached, yet it made Huang Daniu and the others seized in panic.

Before they could figure out what was happening, the black-clad young man had already lifted his right leg and stomped on the ground like lightning. It was as though he had a great hatred toward the ground.


When the black-clad young man stomped his foot, a loud sound reverberated in the air. The airwave was so terrifying that colors drained from the faces of Huang Daniu and the others.


In the next instance, all of them could see that countless cracks began to spread in all directions from the place where the black-clad young man's foot landed. It looked like a giant spider web.

The numerous cracks that spread out contained seven waves of appalling force that fanned out along with the cracks, and it rolled toward the seven of them, including Huang Daniu.

"Damn it!" Horror dawned on Huang Daniu and Zhang Shou Yong instantly. They were martial artists who had comprehended the Earth Concept so their senses toward it were very keen.

They could clearly sense that these seven forces were Earth Concept! Moreover, it was Advance Earth Concept, and its level was not low.

The moment horror dawned on their faces, they could only adjust and control the Earth Concept they had comprehended hastily to strike a resonance with the Earth in an attempt to resist the overbearing Earth Concept.

When Huang Daniu made his move, he yelled out to remind Su Li, "Su Li, FLY!"

The instance Su Li heard the speech from that black-clad young man, he was already tensed and on his guard. When he heard Huang Daniu's sudden cry, he rushed up into the air without wasting any more time.

Boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Almost immediately after Su Li leaped into the sky, the sound of explosions filled the air.

All Su Li could feel was a terrifying wave of impact that pushed him to the top of the cavern. It caused him to hit the top of the cavern with a 'thud' without any warning, and it made him dizzy.

As for Huang Daniu and Zhang Shou Yong, they did not suffer much from the impact and only spat out a mouthful of blood because they managed to cast their Earth Concepts in a timely manner and resonated with the Earth.

As for the two remaining Izumo Sect's disciples and the two Anicca Sect's disciples, they were not as lucky as the other three.

Four of them exploded, and all that was left was the remains of their bodies and blood that covered the entire ground.

"You guys are lucky," the aloof voice echoed once again and entered Huang Daniu and the others' ears.

It was the black-clad young man's voice.

The moment the words left his mouth, the black-clad young man disappeared before Huang Daniu and the other two people's eyes without a trace.

"Damn it! Just wait until my strength is better than his, I won't let him get away!" Huang Daniu fumed.

Su Li finally managed to stabilize himself and descended from the air. When he saw the five large pits that appeared on the cavern's vast ground, he asked with widened eyes, "What happened?"

"That guy used his Earth Concept to attack us earlier. Other than Zhang Shou Yong and I, who could communicate with the Earth with our Earth Concept in time to obtain shelter from the Earth and resist his Earth Concept, the Earth Concept that swept toward you guys exploded," Huang Daniu explained with a hint of dread in his voice.

"I was scared to death earlier. It was a good thing that you, Daniu, reminded Su Li in time or else, he would most likely end up like them." Fear still lingered upon Zhang Shou Yong's face as he looked at the remains of the bodies on the blood covered ground.

"Daniu, thank you," Su Li expressed his gratitude to Huang Daniu. It was indeed due to the reminder from Huang Daniu earlier that he managed to soar up into the air promptly and escaped the exploding Earth Concept.

"You don't have to thank me, I merely reminded you unconsciously. What's most important is that you managed to react in time and soared up into the sky. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to escape this death even with my reminder," Huang Daniu proclaimed as he shook his head.

When he reached the end of his sentence, his face turned grave before he continued again, "Who the hell was that guy? He didn't even see us as living beings! Even after he obtained the Profundity Fragment, he still wanted to kill us!"

The moment Su Li and Zhang Shou Yong heard his words, their faces turned grave as well.

With just a few words, the black-clad young man had taken control of their destinies.

That feeling left them with a very bitter taste in their mouths.

In the Martial Emperor's secret treasure, in another cavern that was a great distance away from the cavern that Huang Daniu and the two others were in, a series of loud sound echoed from the cavern. It only died down and became silent after a very long time.

Two young men were standing inside the cavern.

The ground around them was fully covered in stones. Hundreds of blue fragments were scattered among the stones as well. They were none other than the Water Concept Fragments.

If Duan Ling Tian was here, he would definitely be able to identify the two young men in just a glance as the two Sun Moon Sect's young disciples who survived previously.

Hu Lin and Zhang Ping.

"Hu Lin, there are so many puppets guarding the treasure here. I'm sure it must be something extraordinary right?" If one was to look at the top of in the center of the cavern, one would see an exquisite box embedded there. It was obvious that some extraordinary treasure was contained in there.

"Why don't you take it down and have a look?" Hu Lin answered indifferently. With a flash of his figure, he proceeded to remove the exquisite box.


At this moment, a combination of extreme coldness and heat suddenly spread through the air. The contradictory combination caused Hu Lin to stop in his track. Both Hu Lin and Zhang Ping's faces turned grave immediately.

In the next second, a figure appeared before their eyes.

"It's you!" Hu Lin and Zhang Ping's face turned a shade darker when they saw the young man before them.

This young man was no stranger to them.

It was none other than the person leading the group of Emotion Severing Sect's disciples — Zhang Yan.