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Chapter 967: Zi Shang Is Still Alive!

Chapter 967: Zi Shang Is Still Alive!

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"Ah, so it's you two." With an aloof expression, Zhang Yan stared at the two Sun Moon Sect's disciples before he replied nonchalantly, "The two of you are really lucky. You actually stumbled upon a Profundity Fragment huh?"

Profundity Fragment?

The moment they heard Zhang Yan's words, both Hu Lin and Zhang Ping could not help but narrow their eyes immediately, their face had a stunned expression as well.

After a moment, Hu Lin returned to his senses first. The first thing he did was to stare at the exquisite box embedded in the top center of the cavern before he muttered to himself, "You mean the treasure contained inside the exquisite box is actually a Profundity Fragment?"

In the face of Hu Lin's inquiry, Zhang Yan said, "It has nothing to do with you anymore whether the Profundity Fragment is inside the box or not!" His voice was tranquil and as bleak as harsh winter, there were no emotions in it at all.

Zhang Ping had just returned to his senses, and he unconsciously asked, "Why?"

"This is because a dead man doesn't need to know so many 'whys'!" Zhang Yan spoke with his calm voice again. The moment the words left his mouth, he had already made his move. He lifted both of his hands and bent his arms back as his back quivered for a moment

Both of his arms and back were pulled taut like a strong bow.

The quivering back was like a bow that was pulled tautly. Slightly trembling, it looked like it was about to launch an arrow at any given time.

"What a shameless boast!" Upon hearing Zhang Yan's words, Zhang Ping finally regained his full senses. Hu Lin, on the other hand, snorted as the Origin Energy rolling from his body swept out while his Concepts followed closely like shadows.


In the next second, another three-foot-long blade appeared in his hands. It was none other than the grade two spirit sword that he brought along with him.


Hu Lin's eyes were cold and distant. As though he had transformed into a hurricane, he slashed his knife at Zhang Yan without any reservation.

The Heaven and Earth Energy whirled on the sky and gathered a total of over 600 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons that bared their claws and fangs at Zhang Yan in an overbearing manner.

The First Level Void Transformation!

Second Level Advance Sword Concept!

As the most powerful person among the current Sun Moon Sect's disciples, this was Hu Lin's real strength.


Just as Hu Lin made his move, Zhang Ping regained his senses as well. A grade two spirit saber appeared in his hands out of thin air, and his Origin Energy indulged in a wanton massacre as his Concept entered it.

Without any hesitation, he joined forces with Hu Lin to charge at Zhang Yan.

There was a total of over 500 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons above Zhang Ping's head, it was just 100 silhouettes fewer than Hu Lin.

The First Level Void Transformation!

The First Level Advance Saber Concept!

Zhang Ping, the second strongest person among the current Sun Moon Sect's disciples, possessed a strength that was second only to Hu Lin.

Hu Lin and Zhang Ping swept out toward Zhang Yan, one holding a saber while the other was holding a sword, and aimed at his vital point with no mercy.

Zhang Yan's palms were wide opened, and his arms were pulled back. His back that was like a strong bow trembled slightly as the grade two spirit weapon gloves on his hand had an additional wave of blue flame around them.

The hot and cold aura coexisted together. The contradictory combination compressed the air flow in the air and set off a series of spontaneous explosions one after another.


Just as the grade two spirit sword and grade two spirit saber on Hu Lin and Zhang Ping's hands charged toward Zhang Yan, the Heaven and Earth Energy above Zhang Yan finally gathered to become the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon.

978 silhouettes of ancient horned dragons descended in a spiral as though they were poised to attack, it gave off an extremely fearful pressure.

"NO!!" Initially, Hu Lin and Zhang Ping were filled with confidence and thought they could kill Zhang Yan, but horror instantly dawned on them the moment they saw the Heaven and Earth Phenomenon appearing above Zhang Yan's head. Zhang Ping even cried out in shock.

Boom! Boom!

Just as Hu Lin and Zhang Ping's faces dramatically changed, and Zhang Ping let out a shriek of terror, Zhang Yan finally made his move.

Both of his arms that were pulled taut like a bow trembled for a moment, and his back stopped quivering immediately. Both palms that contained soaring blue flames blasted out swiftly and shrouded both Hu Lin and Zhang Ping as it went head to head with both of their overbearing attacks.

Between Hu Lin and Zhang Ping, Hu Lin was the stronger of the two.

However, Hu Lin's power only amounted to the strength of over 600 ancient horned dragons even when he unleashed his full power.

In the face of Zhang Yan's crushing attack that contained the strength of over 900 ancient horned dragons, one could easily imagine the result of this amount of power.

Boom! Boom!

In just a flash of a lightning, both Hu Lin and Zhang Ping were slaughtered by Zhang Yan without any mishaps.

After the two of them were blasted to death, their bodies were thrown off with a force that was not diminished. Like an arrow that was shot out from the bow, they smashed on the cavern wall at the distance and stirred up the dust.

Since then, all of Sun Moon Sect's disciples who entered the Martial Emperor's secret treasure were completely annihilated.

After killing Hu Lin and Zhang Ping, Zhang Yan casually soared up into the sky like nothing had happened and took down the exquisite box that was embedded at the top center of the cavern.

He was in no rush to open the box.

Through a strange coincidence, his gaze unconsciously landed on the hundreds of Water Concept Fragments that were mixed with the stone gravels on the cavern ground.

'According to my previous experience, the Profundity Fragment that's contained in this box must be the Water Profundity Fragment.' Zhang Yan's breathing turned rapid immediately the moment he thought of this.

The Fire Concept Fragment was useless to him.

However, the Water Profundity Fragment was extremely meaningful to him. He could use it to comprehend Water Profundity in the future.

After all, he could easily condense water into ice and transform ice into water because he had cultivated the Supreme Emotion Forsaking Technique.

To him, comprehending the Water Concept and Water Profundity were equivalent to comprehending the Ice Concept and Ice Profundity.

Zhang Yan inhaled deeply as he opened the exquisite box.

Almost at the same time as the moment the box was opened, Zhang Yan could not help but narrow his eyes instantly.

A fragment that was gleaming with aqua blue chi appeared before his eyes.

"Congratulations. This Eighth Level Monarch Stage Water Profundity Fragment is now yours." At the same time, a familiar yet foreign voice entered Zhang Yan's ears. Moreover, it had a terrifying penetrating energy that spread out to the distance.

"SHIT!" Upon hearing the voice, Zhang Yan did not dare to slack and hurriedly flew out from the cavern as fast as he could.

After the lesson last time, he did not dare to take any more risk.

Previously, he finally got his hands on a Fire Profundity Fragment, but due to Feng Tian Wu's appearance, it had fallen into her hands instead.

Just as the saying went, 'Once bitten, twice shy'. In order to not repeat the same mistake again, Zhang Yan immediately took his leave without wasting any time.

Swish! Swish!

The moment Zhang Yan left, two foreboding figures appeared inside the cavern at the same time.

The two of them frowned when they saw the Water Concept Fragment on the ground.

In the next second, the two of them exchanged glances tacitly and asked in unison, "Is the Water Profundity Fragment in your hand?"

The two men looked at each other meaningfully before they left to find the person who had obtained the Ninth Level Monarch Stage Water Profundity Fragment.

Inside the Martial Emperor's secret treasure, in one of the caverns.


A purple lightning-like figure entered the cavern nimbly and carefully and studied the surrounding. Not letting any details off, it was as though he was searching for something.

The owner of the figure was none other than Duan Ling Tian.

It had been around ten days after he had made a breakthrough to the Second Level Void Transformation.

During this period of time, Duan Ling Tian held two Concept fragments in his hands to comprehend two Concepts at the same time while he searched everywhere inch-by-inch for the person who had the Tricolor Fruits.

"Even if I managed to find that person now, I'm afraid it's very likely that he had already consumed two of the spirit fruits." After searching the cavern and finding nothing, Duan Ling Tian flew off and entered another cavern.

Duan Ling Tian searched through the caverns one by one patiently.

Very soon, he entered a cavern that was relatively remote and started his search again, not leaving any nooks and crannies unsearched.

In an inconspicuous corner at the top of the cavern where a tiny dark cave was situated, a white-clad young man sat cross-legged as he cultivated quietly.

"Zi Shang lad! It looks like you and this Duan Ling Tian always run into each other!" All of a sudden, a gloomy, hoarse, and ancient voice echoed in the white-clad young man's mind, slapping him awake from his cultivation.

"Duan Ling Tian?!" The white-clad young man was none other than Zi Shang. After hearing the voice in his mind, a cold gleam flashed across his eyes in the dark as though he was about to devour a certain somebody.

Naturally, the name 'Duan Ling Tian' was no stranger to him.

From the Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom until now, that guy was like his mortal enemy. No matter where he went or how high he stood, he would always appear before him.

Moreover, it drove him crazy that he was always in a disadvantageous position in all the repeated confrontations with that opponent.

Originally, he stood a chance to obtain great power since he had a powerhouse's remnant soul attached to his own body, but he was restrained by a stone tablet that this person held. This was already more than enough to drive him crazy with frustration.

"Duan Ling Tian, it's really you!" Sitting in the dark small cavern, Zi Shang's gaze immediately landed on the purple figure outside of the cavern. His eyes were filled with extreme hatred.

"Huh?" The moment when Zi Shang's narrowed eyes landed on Duan Ling Tian, Duan Ling Tian frowned as though he could feel that he was being closely watched by someone.

At the same time, he lifted up his head without warning and looked at the remote corner on top of the cavern.

A dark hole that was big enough to accommodate one person entered his line of vision.

Just as Duan Ling Tian was about to use his Spiritual Energy to probe inside the cavern, he suddenly saw a white figure flew out from inside the cavern and descended before his eyes.

"Zi Shang!" Upon seeing the white-clad young man, Duan Ling Tian narrowed his eyes and asked in bewilderment, "Y-You're not dead?!"

At this moment, Duan Ling Tian was completely engulfed in shock.

That time, when they had just entered the Martial Emperor's secret treasure, Zi Shang sneaked-attack him on the high platform and fell into the bottomless abyss with him. Apart from that, both of them had even dueled in the bottomless abyss.

In that battle, he used the strength of 1,000 ancient horned dragons to suppress Zi Shang's strength of 878 ancient horned dragons and almost killed Zi Shang.

At the crucial moment, Zi Shang took out the Devilseal Tablet's lost fragment to distract him before falling into the bottomless abyss on his own.

Duan Ling Tian thought that he would have certainly died.

However, who knew that not only did Zi Shang manage to survive, he even appeared right before his eyes.