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Chapter 11: The Long Long Night, Which Sleep Evaded

Chapter 11: The Long Long Night, Which Sleep Evaded

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"Master, you can go back to rest, leave Mr. Fulner to us."

Finally, after a long silence, a butler-like figure appeared and spoke, dissipating the awkward atmosphere.


Kubei was moved.

"Okay, I’ll leave it to you."

It would surely be amusing to meet a strange man who swam in an ocean of waste. An ordinary person would give him a few more glances and upload pictures of him onto the trending section of Weibo. But being the person responsible for the tragedy, he was not able to find joy out of the disaster, and it was better to leave the scene as fast as possible. In all honesty, Kubei did not care one bit about this man. It was his own fault for trying something funny in the dead of the night and subsequently end up being covered in excrement.

This was not the main point, rather, it was Kubei’s current whereabouts.

By looking at the people around and the decorations in this household, he was already quite sure of the location.

He had returned to the Lithur family house.

Even though he still wasn’t sure how he returned here, he was more worried that he would blow his disguise as the fake "Master", but regardless, he was at least temporarily safe. This made him feel much more relieved.

Under the command of the butler, a few women who looked like maids emerged from the crowd carrying buckets and cloths, and started to clean the blonde bloke and the mess he was covered in. The surrounding spectators left slowly, all returning to their respective homes, but based on their expressions, it would seem that what had happened tonight would become the talk of the town for some time.

Kubei returned to his room as well.

He laid back onto the bed he first woke up from.

There were too many things that he had to digest.

"Highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, could you please explain to me what just happened?" he asked the System in his mind, "And, when I called for you just now, where on Earth did you disappear to?"

The System did not talk.

"Don’t try to act like you’re dead, I know you’re listening to every word."

"Dundendunden, switching on." A familiar voice spoke with a tone so innocent to the point that it was taunting, "Hello, this is our first time meeting, how can I be of service?"

The veins on Kubei’s forehead popped: "Are you trying to act stupid?"

He felt like he was a character inside an anime, his veins were like a cross, displaying all of its glory on his forehead.

"...I was wrong." It was shocking to witness how quickly the system changed its mood, "The messages in the databank have over flooded, I was busy managing the database, so I didn’t have the time to give you any response, my apologies."

Kubei’s rage only diminished a little after this. After some thought, he asked again:

"What happened to the database? What kind of messages popped out?"

The System replied: "It is the memory of this body’s previous owner, before when the cleaner acquired your memories, those memories popped out all of a sudden. The information was too much for the database to handle, so it crashed, and it took me three days to finish the repairs."

Kubei felt that this sentence had a lot of information in it as well.

A cleaner took away my memories? What the hell?

And three days had passed already?

Looks like a lot has happened when he was unconscious.

"How did the cleaners take away my memory, was it them who sent me back here?" Kubei asked," And, how about Michelle? Is she just going to let me go?"

The System sounded shy: "You have too many questions, looked like I’m about to crash again."

Kubei’s veins popped out once again.

"After knocking you out, Michelle escaped." The System’s voice returned to normal, "The cleaners came by really quickly and took you away afterwards. They performed experiments on you for two days, then used various methods to try to gain access to your memory."

Kubei felt scared: "Gain access to my memory? Did they find out that I’ve learned magic?"

If the Church people were to find out, he would be done for.

"No, you’re rather lucky." Not knowing why, the system sounded rather disgusted, "The moment they gained access to my memory, the original owner of this body’s memories emerged all at once, and were all seen by them. They seem to not know anything about the memories of you in this world at all. They thought that you were kidnapped by witches, and was tortured to the point where you lost consciousness by Annie, and then they stumbled upon you. In the end, they delivered you safely back to the Lithur family."

After hearing this, Kubei was instantly relieved.

It is good that they did not find out.

Honestly, the plan to use the waterball to lure the cleaners to come and save him was rather flawed. If the cleaners had some sort of special technique and found out that he used magic, he would end up dead as well.

He did not have any other way, and only used this as a last resort, most of it was because he didn’t want to see Michelle succeed. When he conjured the waterball, he was not mentally prepared, and feared that he was throwing away his life.

Luckily, everything went more smoothly than he expected.

He was still suspicious on why Michelle let him go so easily. But Michelle has already done it, so what can he do? He just had to pretend that it was his lucky day.

Thank the heavens, after so much misfortune, he finally managed to catch a break.

"Don’t be so happy yet, you’ve actually caused quite a commotion today." The System seemed to have a habit of bursting his bubble, which was very unwelcoming. "The person that you threw excretion on today seemed to be a rather renowned person."

"...Who is he?"

"Dick Fulner, the eldest son of the Fulner family." The System replied, "The Fulner family are rather famous nobles in the kingdom, their ancestors were famous court jesters, during their fire breathing performance, they accidentally set the assassin attempting to murder the king on fire, which caused him to burn to death. The king was overjoyed and granted them the position of nobility. Till today, the Fulner family has dominated the whole entertainment industry of the kingdom, they are really powerful."

Kubei thought for awhile then asked: "If compared to the Lithur family?"

"Probably trailing a little behind."

"Why the f$%@ do I have to be afraid of then?"

"..." The System was left speechless.

Kubei’s current situation was excellent to him, he did not have time to care whether he offended someone from another family. At this moment, his greatest problem was to figure out how to take over Grant Lithur’s place without anyone noticing.

He was not this original "Master", if he was found out, it would definitely spell trouble.

How would the people in this world treat a teleporter? The Church was already scary enough, would I be treated as a cultist of some sort, and end up being burnt on the stake?

He was unlucky for having not inherited the body’s previous memories, which gave him so much frustration. He has also lost confidence in his acting skills after being suspected by Michelle once.

Because of this, he wanted to assimilate into the Lithur family as quickly as possible.

This was the most important thing he had to do right now.

"Didn’t you say that the original owner’s memories appeared in the database?" After some thought, Kubei said this to the System, "Tell me everything I need to know about ‘Me’."

The System wondered for awhile and said : "That’s too much, I won’t even be able to tell you everything even within a month."

Kubei was impatient: "Can’t you simplify it? Start by telling me the important things first, so that I wouldn’t end up blowing my cover, the intricate details can wait."

"Very well, please wait, arranging the database..."

Following a strange electronic voice, the system was silent again. Kubei called out to it twice but it had no response, thus he knew that the System was not that efficient. Therefore, he patiently waited for the System to come out with the "Simplified Memory".

After remembering how laggy his computer was, and how his CPU was like an old buffalo dragging a cart, he could not help but feel despair.

He should have changed his computer before teleporting.

Everything was silent once again, and Kubei felt awkward during this moment. It was not long but it was not short either, he had no idea on what to do. At last, he decided to go back to sleep, skipping the time that he had to wait for the System to arrange the database.

It was midnight already and it was not a wise idea to wander off. What if he runs into another madman that was sleepwalking again? He could not pull off the same thing.

In this situation, the later he met the Lithur family people, the more time he had to prepare, and that would not a bad thing. He planned to stay in bed the next morning.

"Time to sleep..."

It felt as if he had just slept for three days and three nights.

Damn, he was so bored but unable to fall asleep...

He suddenly missed his handphone very much. Before he slept, he would always read novels on Weibo using his phone, then slowly fall asleep in the process. He instinctively reached for the edge of his bed, but then he realized that he could no longer return to those days.

He was long gone from that world.

Under the pressure of the witches, he did not have any time to think of these. But now that stress was far from his shoulders, indescribable feelings all suddenly emerged from his mind.

He teleported.

He left the world that he was lived in for twenty plus years behind, and ended up in this place that was strange to him.

He was tired of the previous life he had, he thought that maybe one day he could go to another place to live a more meaningful life. Right now everything he has wished for has come true, but he could not help but only feel like he was stuck, like a pebble that entered a shoe.

It cannot be helped, everything happened too fast. Before this he was still sitting in a small room that he rented, but in a blink of an eye, his world was turned upside down.

In the end, he was but an ordinary person.

A few helpless sighs came from his bedside. He flipped his body, but his eyes remained wide open, and he stared at the pitch black ceiling.

"I really…...can’t return anymore."

Right when he was lying on his bed, trying to fall asleep despite not feeling sleepy at all, a soft sound of a doorknob turning came to his ear----when you are experiencing insomnia, even the slightest sound would be as loud as thunder.

What the...

Kubei was confused for awhile, but then became alert.

Someone was trying to pick his door’s lock.

A thief?

What is going on?

After recovering from his sadness then seeing the situation he is in right now, Kubei did not have anything to say. He has not even been here for half a day, how could there be even more stuff going on? Can't a man have some peace?

Feeling hopeless about the situation, he decided to just wait and observe what the person was trying to do. He closed his eyes tightly and adjusted his breathing, pretending to have fallen into a deep sleep.

He put all his focus onto his ears, and in a short time, he heard the door open and the sound of careful steps. He started panicking a little. It was obvious that the person was up to no good because of the way the person walked. If it was a good person, they would probably knock on the door first right?

If the person really had evil intent, what would he do?

Kubei was not quick to scream for help, he felt that this was suspicious.

His instincts made him remain patient.

The sneaky footsteps made its way to the bedside quickly.

Because he was unable to open his eyes, he could only try to rely on his "senses", trying to feel the person’s aura. Was the person good or evil? Was he or she strong or weak?

Time seemed to come to a standstill.

There was a mysterious feeling.

As he was trying his best to focus, suddenly, like a needle popping a bubble, the blue triangle let out a "Ding" sound in the deep corner of his consciousness.

A wave swept over the whole world, and everything seemed to be renewed.

He suddenly realized, he could feel the surrounding water vapor. The "water" that felt distant from him suddenly became much closer, he could talk to them and receive a response. It was like every small water droplet was bouncing in his brain.

This feeling was marvelous, Kubei felt as if he had gained a new pair of eyes. Not opening his eyes, he could "see" everything around him through the elements of water. Right now, this method of "seeing" was still blurry, like having a shortsightedness with a power level of eight hundred without wearing any spectacles, but this feeling was still wonderful.

He was like a newborn baby who just opened his eyes, excited to feel the world around.

He could feel the person standing beside him.

After having familiarized himself with this feeling, the details of the person slowly became known to him: He was probably an adult male, about 180 centimeters tall, but was really skinny, like a bamboo. But this was all he could make out, it was his first time sensing through this method, the facial details were still hard for him to see.

That person just stood there, as if waiting for something.

As the feeling of euphoria slowly faded, Kubei started to suspect something: He did not know what the person wanted. He could feel some sort of danger coming from the person----there was a faint detection of an intent to kill coming from him.

He did not want to arouse the person’s suspicions. He could feel that this person was not that strong, and the water element sensing spell made him feel much safer. So, he decide to continue waiting.

This was Lithur family territory, how did the person get in? And why would he make his way to me?

Kubei could smell a conspiracy.

The person appeared too suddenly, he had to see what this man was up to.

"Waaaaaaaaaaa! Stop sleeping! This person wants to kill you!"

A high-decibel voice, like the power of a 6am alarm clock, suddenly shocked Kubei to the core.

It was the System that was busy arranging the data, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The System popping out was not the main point.

The main point was, because of this, Kubei opened his eyes.

He was completely stunned.

Because he opened his eyes out of shock, Kubei could see two eyes staring back at him in the darkness. At the same time, the person had a dagger that reflected light, which pointed at him as well.

The pair of eyes looked at him, and blinked a few times.

He looked at the pair of eyes as well, and blinked a few times.


Fuck, I messed up.

This damn system who eats instant noodles without seasoning and gives birth to a son without a belly button.

Kubei stared at those eyes, then breathed in deeply, with a friendly tone, he said:

"The long long night, which sleep evaded, this friend, perhaps you’ve come out to take a walk as well?"

After saying this, he glanced at the dagger with fear, then hastily said:

"Bro, your fruit knife is really something else!"