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Chapter 33: Military Training?

Chapter 33: Military Training?

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Benjamin finally had a few days of peace.

Like clockwork, he woke up, took his meals, sent Jeremy on errands, and never stepped foot out of the manor. The incessant incidents finally stopped, and his father, Claude, was still patrolling in the fief. The people in the manor were living in harmony too, as they bid their hellos and goodbyes daily but did not converse much with each other.

He returned Divine Arts 101 to Grant’s study table right after he finished the book. The episode that occurred in Grant’s bedroom that night was never mentioned after that, as if both parties had reached a mutual agreement to assume that it never happened.

Benjamin would hide in his bedroom and feign sleep all day when he was actually training magic in the space of his consciousness. Sometimes he would ‘meditate’ to strengthen the triangular magic symbol; other times he would increase the speed for the condensation of the new magical emblem. He did not face any major problems in the process either.

Everything was smooth like how a news segment is, steadily moving forward towards the end goal. Benjamin was contented.

However, he also knew that his peaceful days would not last for long.

What he did not expect was that the person who would interrupt his peaceful, self-cultivating life was his father, Claude.

As soon as Claude arrived home from the fief, he summoned Benjamin to his study room first thing in the morning.

"Your mind is getting more barbaric day by day. If things don’t change, should I expect a showdown between you and the other nobles happening in the near future?" Claude, with his hands behind his back, yelled at Benjamin once the he stepped into the room.

So, Claude heard about the farce that was the ‘war-simulation game’ between the young nobles, huh.

Benjamin felt dumb.

Was he not the victim in the situation? Why would Claude scold him? Benjamin was not the one who brought the gun! The one to blame should be Dick, why was he the one who was responsible for this? Does Claude not act upon logic?

Of course, he would not show all these emotions on his face. He recognised what he should do in this situation, which was to square his jaw, lower his face and stand still until Claude was satisfied with the yelling he had. Then, he would be let out of the house. After all, this was just a tiny issue in his life, and would not have any major impact in his life.

Although he did correctly guess the process, but he never would have expected the ending.

After Claude finished reprimanding him, he stayed silent for a moment before telling Benjamin abruptly, "This was all because you’re pampered since you’re young! You never endured hardships before, and that made you who you are today. I contacted my friends in the army, and from today onwards, you will follow them and train in the military every morning. Then, you would not laze around in bed and refuse to wake up too."

Benjamin was stunned. What?

Before he managed to say anything, Claude called for a servant and in came the maid who supervised his detention last time. Who was she again, was it Jessica?

"Escort Benjamin to the army base in the city and tell them he was arranged in by General Gray. Then, hand Benjamin over to them," Claude ordered and did not forget to add, "Have a tight leash on Benjamin, and do not let him run away!"

The maid had a poker face akin to one the Master Miejue (Master Miejue is a character in Jin Yong’s famous novel The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber. She was the leader of the Emei sect, and was famous for her cruelty and her emotionless expressions.) has as she answered, "Understood, master."

After that, she turned to look at Benjamin, and the latter felt goosebumps flooding his skin, "Uh, I haven’t gotten breakfast yet…."

"Young master, here, please." Without hesitation, the maid interrupted Benjamin mid-sentence and escorted Benjamin out of the room.

Claude gazed at Benjamin’s back as he left with Jessica as he shook his head in disappointment.

Benjamin, still dazed and not fully awake, was brought to the army base in Havenwright.

Halfway through his journey, he said, "Um…. You’re Jessica, right?"

The maid replied coldly, "Yes, young master."

"Jessica, can we pause for a moment and let me have something to eat? Don’t worry, I have no intentions of running, but I just woke up and didn’t have the time to eat anything, and I’m starving now," Benjamin pleaded.

He really did not plan to escape. If he did, Claude would be so angry he would probably disown Benjamin and kick him out of the house. Thus, although he really wanted to stay in his room to train, he did not dare to protest.

Benjamin really did want to get some food to fill his stomach. He was basically sent to the military training now, and who knows what surprising activities the army training had in store for him? He dare not let down his guard, as judging from Claude’s expressions, he was not joking around this time.

Military training was fine, it was not as if he never experienced it; but if he was sent there with an empty stomach, it would be a tad bit cruel then.

If he was told to be at attention for 1 hour, then do 200 frog jumps and 300 push-ups, he would probably die from exhaustion before Michelle’s curse could even torture him to death.

Thus, his decision to ask for some food was the easiest and most reasonable one he could make.

Jessica’s answer was very simple, "No."


Benjamin could not help but complain to the System, "This woman is more difficult to communicate with than you are."

The System was aggrieved, "Don’t compare me with the common folk! Believe me, no reader would remember her name after a few chapters! If you put my name alongside with hers, it’s a downright insult to my honour as a hack in the system!"

"....Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that," Benjamin deadpanned, "I underestimated you. You’re more difficult to have a normal conversation with than she is."

The System grinned and said, "That’s more like it."

Benjamin spat out a mouthful of blood and died.

With the maid in front of him and the System in his brain, Benjamin had no means to stop anything, and was soon brought to the army base just like that.

The army base in Havenwright was in the inner city, and was close to the church, the area of nobles, and the castle. This was probably due to the numerous civil wars that occurred in the Kingdom before. In terms of combat ability, this army was known to be the elite of the elite, and had a high status within the hearts of the civilians and the nobles.

Although this was just a military training, the fact that Claude could get Benjamin into this army was evidence of how close Claude was with his ‘friend in the army’. It was a well-known fact that the military never compromised for the nobles ever.

After a brief meeting with the watchguard soldier at the doors of the army base, the maid completed her mission and left. Meanwhile, Benjamin was guided by a soldier clad in armour to the training grounds. Benjamin could not even see his face under the armour.

Benjamin tried to talk to the soldier and ask for some food when they were on their way to the training grounds. However, the soldier ignored him throughout the way, which made the System ecstatic towards Benjamin’s predicament.

When they reached the destination, the soldier finally said the first and last sentence to Benjamin, "We’re here."

Benjamin listened. It was a childish voice of a young boy. He was just a child, why was he so arrogant for?

Just as Benjamin wanted to answer, the soldier turned his back towards Benjamin and marched away briskly without any hesitance.


The Arrogant Childish Soldier left just like that, and his attitude made Benjamin realise that his life in military training would not be a good one.

"Hey! That brat standing there and looking around, yes, you! Get your ass over here!"

As expected, a voice, harsh like a broken gong, was immediately heard by Benjamin. A middle-aged man clad in army uniform and with an untrimmed stubble stood in the middle of the training grounds and was looking impatiently at Benjamin.