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Chapter 48: The Pure Blue Space

Chapter 48: The Pure Blue Space

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Benjamin grasped the Water Elemental Crystal that was in the space of his consciousness in his hands. He squinted at it as he observed carefully.

The Crystal no longer looked like an ordinary blue rock; instead, it looked radiant as it floated in the darkness of the Space, emitting a soft blue hue.

Even if he only held the crystal in his hands, Benjamin felt that he was much closer with the water particles surrounding him. He now understood why the normal mages would use it to train their elemental affinity.

Since Benjamin was taking this route, he had no need to train his elemental affinity.

He put in some thoughts and decided to hold the crystal and walked towards the triangular symbol.

The symbol relied on the absorption of water particles to grow; the more it could absorb, the stronger it would become, no limits and no ends. How concentrated was the water particle in this Water Elemental Crystal anyway?

What would happen if the triangular symbol absorbed this rock?

Benjamin was curious, but also reluctant. After all, this was a rare commodity. If he used it just like that, what would he do if he needed it in the future?

This hesitation did not stay for long, though. He made his decision swiftly.

The triangular symbol was the source of everything. Benjamin’s ability to cast a spell, Benjamin’s affinity with the elements, Benjamin’s spiritual energy…... All of his growth was related to it. It was the embodiment of the essence of his magic, and underlying it were unlimited miracles and mysteries.

Although the Water Elemental Crystal had other uses, it was mostly to make external possessions. In comparison, it was more reliable if he were to use it to strengthen himself.

People could take his guns and bullets, heck, they could even cut off his arms! But as long as he was alive, the space of his consciousness and the triangular symbol would always be there.

Besides, Benjamin had a feeling that once the strength of the triangular symbol reached a certain level, it would refract some of the laws of this world. By then, the whole of the Space would change and become anew.

Benjamin made up his mind just like that. He raised the blue rock in his hand towards the triangular symbol.

A low hum was heard the moment the Water Elemental Crystal came into contact with the symbol. It was like a piece of ice touching the sun; it melted immediately, with the speed that was visible to the eye.

All the blue light was then absorbed by the triangular symbol.

This…... this was…...

Before Benjamin could react, the Water Elemental Crystal was gone in a blink of an eye. The light it turned into was also totally absorbed by the triangular symbol. Nothing was left of the crystal that was still in his hands moments ago; now, there was only air.

Benjamin stared at the symbol, stunned.

Wait, what the heck? That was it? You gobbled up something this big, at least gurgle a little, please?

Just when he felt like he was cheated, the triangular symbol suddenly vibrated and there came a ‘ding’ that was much clearer than it ever was before. A formless wave quietly swept through the whole Space, just like a ripple forming on the surface of a calm pond.

In his mind, tens of thousands of triangles were hit simultaneously, making the most wonderful ‘ding’ he had ever heard.


As he was still marveled by this out-of-body experience, the triangular symbol before him suddenly shone brightly in the darkness.

That was the third time he went into the mysterious world of blue. However, he did not see the blue symbol this time. The world was so blue as if it was being formatted, and weird noises echoed within the area.

Benjamin listened attentively. The sound was repeating a specific word.

It sounded short, but was also strangely difficult to pronounce; in his ears, though, it was simple, ancient, and steady. It incited a power within him, ready to explode.

He never heard such a language, but he instinctively knew what that word meant.

It meant ‘water’.

The whole world seemed to be filled with this sound, and it was getting louder and louder. Initially, it sounded like the hum from an engine, but at the end, it was comparable to the rumbling thunders: it was everywhere, it was endless, and it surrounded Benjamin.





Benjamin was awestruck when he was forced out of the pure blue space.

He was back at the space of his consciousness.

What was that?

As he snapped back into reality, he immediately tried to recall the word he heard just now, but whenever he tried hard to remember, a splitting headache overcame him. The word would then be a blur in his mind and slip out of his grasp.

After numerous attempts, he had to give up due to the severe headache.


That was okay. He still had the System.

"Did you take down the word that was repeated in my mind? Replay it for me," he told the System.

"What word? Are you crazy? There was no words!" The System was perplexed, "You were just standing there daydreaming! Wait, did you experience hallucinations now?"

Benjamin was dumbfounded.

The System did not follow him into that realm?

Upon realizing this, the pure blue space and the word became more highly regarded to Benjamin.

Since the System’s appearance, it was stuck in Benjamin’s brain; it could hear whatever Benjamin heard, see what Benjamin saw. It could even guess what Benjamin was thinking! When Benjamin was unconscious, the System could still record whatever happened around him and report to him after he woke up.

If this was something the System could not see nor hear, then was was it?

Benjamin was not sure whether if souls existed in this world. It was most probably the separation of his soul from his body that caused the separation between the System and himself. If this was something on a soul level, it must be something really great.

When he thought of this, he silently made a vow.

Next time when he entered the realm, he would definitely remember the word no matter how badly it would hurt him.

"Hey, hey! Did something happen just now that I wasn’t aware? Tell me, quick!" The System was curious now as it interrogated Benjamin.

Benjamin wanted to explain, but once he recalled how mischievous System had been, he decided to punish it.

"It’s very troublesome to talk about this, let alone explain! Oh, you’re so annoying! I can’t be bothered about this," Benjamin mimicked the usual tone the System used as he parroted.


Benjamin could imagine how the System would look like from its speechlessness. Well, that was if it had a face.

It felt satisfying.

After bullying the System, he finally recovered from the shock he felt from the realm and looked at the triangular symbol once again. After it absorbed the Water Elemental Crystal and experienced a change, the symbol turned into a darker blue. Whenever he looked, he felt like he was sinking in a boundless ocean. Its volume was bigger, too - it changed from a fist sized symbol to one that was bigger than a human head.

Then, what about the Waterball Spell?

He chanted a Waterball Spell with high hopes. The water particles created a disturbance much like a tidal wave, and in a flash, a huge water ball was formed before him.

A sphere, one that was taller than Benjamin himself.

Benjamin was shocked. This water ball! He could swim in it!

Was the Crystal that strong?

As he recovered from his surprise, he tried to compress the water ball. Quickly, the water ball became the size of an orange under his control. The small water ball bounced around his palm.

If he threw this unassuming water ball and it hit on another person, how powerful would it be?

It was no longer a water ball. It had become a water bomb!

Most importantly, he could finish the process of materializing the water bomb in a very short time. Even though it was exhausting to compress the water ball, but he could still make six of these small water balls continuously. If he had the time to rest in between, he could make even more.

Even if it was a holy knight who was physically strong and was wearing a blessed armor, he would probably pass out if he was hit by six of the water bombs.

The pacifist in Benjamin could not help but feeling the itch to try out his new ability.

If not for his fear of alerting the church, he would probably have tested his powers in the real world.