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Chapter 52: Sewers of the Outer City

Chapter 52: Sewers of the Outer City

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Havenwright’s inner city.

Deep within the St. Peter’s Cathedral in a simply decorated room, the bishop's hands were held together and his eyes were closed as he prayed facing the frescoes on the wall. He seemed to have become a statue. His mouth was tightly shut with no sign of quivering.

Suddenly, a priest walked into the quiet room.

"The paladin, who was sent to protect Benjamin Lithur, the cross that was representing him has been broken. He is dead." he said to the bishop who was praying.

The bishop opened his eyes.

"Is this the deed of the Fallen one?" He spoke, but it did not have the intention of inquiring. "After sending us this kind of message, she still decided to deal her hand. Was she just diverting our attention? "

The priest froze, his expression showing some disagreement.

He was silent for a moment, but suddenly shook his head and said, "I am afraid she wasn’t trying to divert our attention, she and the people of the Academy of Silence do not see eye to eye."

Hearing this, the bishop turned his head, looked at the priest, his calm eyes not showing joy or anger: "So, the message she used Benjamin Lithur to relay to us, has it been verified?"

The priest felt himself being observed by the bishop. Without knowing why, he suddenly felt nervous and his palms began to sweat. He had intended to speak, but for some reason he could not say a word and only nodded in affirmation.

The bishop was silent again. He seemed to be thinking about how to act after this.

The priest, seeing this, did not dare to ask. He silently wiped away the sweat on his hands.

"She wants us to deal with the Academy of Silence, after that we would not have the energy to deal with her," After a long silence, the bishop finally spoke with a trace of disturbance, which was rare. "But since she has told us the details of the Academy of Silence, we should not waste it. The Academy of Silence has been arrogant for so long, maybe it’s time for them to feel the power of the Holy Light."

The priest wiped the sweat on his forehead and nodded.

After some thought, he asked, "That ... Benjamin Lithur, do we have to save him?"

The bishop did not seem to be very concerned. He waved his hand and said, "The king still has a team of 'Cleaners', dispatch them. We have to deal with the Academy of Silence now, but that does not mean that we can let her do whatever she wants. We should not act rashly, but a team of ‘Cleaners’ should be able to show that we still care, and that is enough to save Benjamin Lithur."

Hearing this, the priest nodded again.

Having asked all the questions, he looked as if he was relieved. He closed his mouth and left.

Seeing this, the bishop turned back around to the murals on the "saints" Abraham, deep in thought. After a stretch of silence that lasted awhile, he finally revealed a trace of human emotions and sighed.

At the same time.

Havenwright's outer city, the murderous atmosphere in the pub continued to ferment.

After killing the paladin, the knife-scarred man commanded his men to kill the pub owner and the chef. After that, they dragged Benjamin and Jeremy out of the backdoor of the pub and fled the scene.

Benjamin could not help but think that this pub called "Bonnie’s" would no longer have any bunny girls dancing there anymore.

He did not worry about his current situation and did not protest the man's "invitation." He did not even try to resist.

At first, when he called the paladin for help, he was not prepared to let the knife-scarred man live. His left hand secretly held his pistol by his lower back, ready to pull trigger any time he could shoot.

But soon, he changed his mind and even let go of his pistol.

Because he noticed a man.

Around a hundred and eighty meters or so, it was a very thin man, and it was the assassin who wanted to kill him the night he returned to the Lithur family. Although Mr. Assassin wore a mask that day, but through that face full of freckles and eyes full of character, Benjamin was able to recognize him.

It was actually him! When he first discovered him, he was shocked.

After going through so much, he had almost forgot this person. He could not believe that this man appeared once again and became a lackey of the knife-scarred man. Benjamin could not help but feel shocked. Fate was a mysterious thing.

Was it coincidence? Or was there someone behind this?

Intentionally or unintentionally, Benjamin just wanted to know, who sent this person to kill him?

Although this question had been forgotten for a long time, who knew if it would suddenly come out at a crucial moment again to deal Benjamin with fatal blow? Now that he finally had an opportunity to find the answer, he naturally would not let go of it.

So after the paladin was shot dead, Benjamin did not do anything. The reason was simple: The paladin that the Church sent to protect him was dead, which meant he was now free to use magic. Since he could use magic, should he even fear of this bandit leader?

Why not just tag along, maybe he could get a chance to question that assassin.

Truth be told, that knife-scarred man would not harm him anyway -- that knife-scarred man still had questions for him!

It seemed like the situation had returned to when he was with Michelle. Since he was of value to Michelle, she did not kill him. He was the same to the knife-scarred man, so he would not kill him.

This was Benjamin's second kidnapping, he was experienced in this.

He did not think he made the same mistake the paladin did by underestimating the enemy. He looked at the knife-scarred man very carefully. In fact, this man was not as ferocious as he looked. On the contrary, the man was very cunning.

He was acting dumb from the beginning. Even if the paladin was quite cautious, he was still not careful enough and showed his weak spots.

The knife-scarred man took this opportunity when the paladin was lax, and quickly drew out his gun. Without aiming much, he managed to pierced the paladin’s heart -- another madman bringing around a gun without insurance.

Moreover, his marksmanship was no different from having an aimbot toggled on.

It was no wonder that the paladin died so suddenly. He did not have time to react at all.

From the moment the two met until the death of the paladin, the knife-scarred man’s psychological warfare was played quite beautifully.

Those who have this ability would not be reckless, therefore, the knife-scarred man will not hurt Benjamin due to impulsive behavior. Of course, this cunningness will make Benjamin's life more difficult, but even so, it was impossible for him to know that Benjamin knew magic, right?

To be honest, did this bandit leader even know what magic was?

As the adage goes, those who know more will win. It was the same when he faced Michelle, and it will be the same with the knife-scarred man.

Of course, there was another reason he did not use magic on the spot to resist.

There were a lot of people in the pub. He could definitely protect himself with magic, but he couldn’t guarantee he could kill everyone there. If someone managed to flee, then the secret of his magic skills will be leaked.

He had to be careful when dealing with the Church.

Therefore, after some consideration, he followed the knife-scarred man. He put on a harmless look, showed no resistance, and obediently went to the knife-scarred man’s "home"

As the kingdom’s most powerful bandit leader, the knife-scarred man’s "home" was not worthy of his fame.

His so-called home, in fact, was the sewer.

The air was polluted in the outer city’s sewer, but it gave him easy access to every part of the city, so it was very suitable for such a man like him. The knife-scarred man brought his lackeys to a secluded area of the streets. They moved aside a broken old bed to reveal the entrance to the sewers.

Then they jumped in one by one.

Benjamin was not afraid. He was even curious, and quickly jumped down.

As for Jeremy…

On the way, because Jeremy was too scared, he cried out loud. The knife-scarred man knocked him out with just a punch and carried him on his shoulders all the way. After entering the sewers, he was thrown to the floor. After a while, he even snored.

Benjamin could not help but feel it was funny, and was no longer mad at Jeremy.

Soon he did not have the energy to pay attention to Jeremy.

He had to use all his energy and activate all his brain cells to deal carefully with this cruel-looking but in reality, cunning knife-scarred man.

"Well, this ... Master Benjamin, we can talk about it now, about that woman."

The knife-scarred man dismissed his men and sent them away. He walked in front of Benjamin, rubbed his hands, and said this with a sinister smile.