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Chapter 70: The Royal Ball

Chapter 70: The Royal Ball

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Benjamin originally wanted to stand by the window a little longer to analyze the details of the incident in the theater. However, he was interrupted by Jeremy, who opened the door to enter his room.

"Young master, it is time for dinner. The master demands your presence," Jeremy announced as he stood by the door.

Benjamin turned around and nodded at his servant, "Alright. I shall be there soon."

Jeremy acknowledged Benjamin’s reply with a cowardly hum as he left with his head hung low.

Benjamin chuckled as he shook his head.

Since they returned to the Lithurs, Jeremy became much more fearful than before. He would not even look at Benjamin in the eyes, and he looked guilty all the time. Before this, he resembled a skittish rat; now his mannerisms made a turn for the worse. He would shudder in fear if you speak to him in a slightly louder voice.

It seemed that his servant was really affected by the deception he experienced.

But to be fair, the whole incident started when Jeremy was tricked by the scarred man and went into the bar. It was understandable for Jeremy to blame himself, but all this was in the past, and there was no point for Benjamin to be angry at his servant.

Besides, he did get something out of this incident.

No matter what happened, he did finally break his curse, and he resolved his issues with Michelle and became partners with her. He even got himself a mysterious map!

On the topic of the map…

Before he disguised himself as a beggar, he buried everything on him by the deserted wine cellar in the outskirts. The map, his gun, bullets and coins... He really needed to look for an opportunity to retrieve them.

Hm... Maybe he should let Jeremy do that some other day. Benjamin was not impatient about it either. The things were buried at a remote place, so no one would find it anyway.

As Benjamin thought about this, he stepped out of his room and walked towards the living room.

As a noble household, the Lithurs are required to eat dinner together daily. Although his original personality would prefer to take dinner back to his room and eat in solitude, he got used to eating with the others after the time he spent here.

Soon, he arrived in the living room and sat in his seat.

Every Lithur was present: Claude, Mary, Grant, and the madame. Everyone was sitting primly in their seats as they waited for dinner to start.

Because he recently survived a kidnapping, they looked at Benjamin a little differently.

Benjamin did not mind the attention. As long as Claude did not scream at him or arrange anything weird for him, he was happy.

After some small talk and questions about their wellbeing, the servants started serving dinner. Claude and Mary chatted continuously throughout the meal, with Mary asking Grant about his studies in between bites. She also showed concern towards Benjamin’s experience. The madame only spoke occasionally as she spoke sarcastically towards Mary with an innocent face.

It was an ordinary dinner. Benjamin ate, his heart and mind elsewhere; he was busy pondering the truth behind the incident in the theater.

There was still one detail that he could not explain.

If Accius was forced to betray his mages, who then was the whistleblower who wanted to back Accius into the corner?

Was it Michelle?

It was possible.

It was also a tactic to shift the blame for the Cleaners’ death to the mages in the theater. Since the mages were related to the Silent Academy, and Michelle did intend for the church and the Academy to go to war, she would be more than willing to be the whistleblower.

Once again, Benjamin felt that Michelle indeed is a person full of contradictions.

She wanted to build a country for the mages, but on the other hand, she was ruthless in her ways. Even if Benjamin and Michelle seemed to be brothers in arms, once Benjamin got in her way, she would probably show no mercy just to get him out of the way.

She did indirectly kill half of the mages in the kingdom without hesitation, right?

This woman was really something.

After he returned to the Lithur household, he did not receive any news from Michelle. Thus, all of this was just him stabbing wildly in the dark, nothing can be confirmed. It was also possible for Michelle to be dead; she could be killed after the church found out about her identity last night, or she could also be killed by a fallen meteor.

Hmm. Benjamin really did like making wild guesses.

He originally planned to pass the dinner by ravenously consuming food while making wild guesses.

However, just before dinner was over, Claude suddenly looked at Benjamin and spoke seriously, "The Royal Ball is just a few days away. Aside from attending the military training, you should stay home for the next few days. I will order Jessica to keep an eye on you, so you wouldn’t run amok and get yourself into more trouble."

Benjamin froze, his head still buried in delicious food.

He tried to lay low and minimise his presence, and he never expected that he would still be cued for the conversation.

A grounding, huh…

Benjamin shivered involuntarily when he remembered the maid’s stony expression.

He should have known this. That incident was huge, and even though Benjamin was a mere victim, Claude would never let this slide without any comments.

He sighed.

Well, grounded it is! The silver lining was he could finally stay peacefully in his room and train his magic. For now, there was no need for Benjamin to go out anyways.

The emblem for the Ice-Breaking Spell had only recently materialized, and Benjamin had loads of research that he should do for it.

Therefore Benjamin nodded obediently and said: "Yes, father."

But Claude did not stop talking.

"Also, you must attend the ball next week. As the eldest son of the Lithur family, you’ve already missed most of the balls this season, how would the other nobles perceive you? This is the Royal Ball, you must attend this no matter what."

Mary joined in and agreed with her husband’s sentiments, "That’s right. As a noble in this kingdom, you must join the social events. You’re not young now, Benjamin, it would do me great pleasure if you get to know a daughter of another Duke in the ball."


Benjamin was speechless. He was 16 or 17 years old, maximum. Why are they asking him to marry already? He did not even have the chance to fully undergo puberty and develop his physique! The parents in this era were really impatient; were they not worried about the son’s health?

Also, what the hell is a Royal Ball?

"The Royal Ball is a common way for the nobles in the kingdom to socialize," the System popped up just in time to explain, "Previously, when Accius failed to avenge Dick, he said ‘see you next month in the Ball’ before he left. Remember? This was the ball he meant."

Benjamin was silent before he petulantly said internally, "Who the hell would remember that. It was so long ago."

The System replied with glee, "Well, I remembered."


Stop being proud for something like this, System, you did not remember this, you just saved it into your hard drive.

Benjamin was too lazy to start a banter with the System. It was just a Ball! Eating and drinking for a night, why would he refuse? He had nothing to lose.

Benjamin chewed the steak and lettuce in his mouth and swallowed quickly. Then, he faced Claude and Mary and nodded sullenly, "Alright. I will attend."