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Chapter 77: Elizabeth Wood

Chapter 77: Elizabeth Wood

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The royal ball was still going on in the Ross restaurant in the uptown of Havenwright.

The forceful conversation between Benjamin and the red hair girl had not reached fifteen minutes yet.

"His Highness the Pope?" Benjamin was shocked as he heard what the girl said. After some thought, he continued his questioning, "Are you sure? Why is there an assassin going after His Highness the Pope?"

The girl nodded her head seriously and continued," I am very sure. This information was told by my aunt’s brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend. Her father is a priest in the church and she inadvertently overheard from her father. It must be true."


Benjamin took a while to sort out the complicated chain of relations she mentioned.

Although it felt weird, he decided to believe this gossip girl’s information as she spoke with enthusiasm.

The Pope…

Benjamin’s understanding regarding to the Pope was not much. All he knew was that the pope stood at the pinnacle of the church. This generation’s Pope is the sixth generation and he had been so for 45 years now. Thus far, the current Pope had not shown himself for the past eight years and everything was managed by the Bishop.

The church’s reason for the Pope’s lack of presence for the past eight years was : His Highness the Pope is currently trying to communicate with the God’s will as he tries to persuade God to revoke the punishment of this continent.

Naturally, the loyal believers did not question anything regarding it. However as time passed, the general public’s dependence to the church had declined. There were rumors that the Pope was already long dead and the bishop had not revealed the Pope’s death as he wanted to gain control of the church.

Naturally, not many people believed in such a rumor and everybody dared not to discuss about it publicly as well. If the church’s believers were to find out about it, the one who spoke of such topic would be captured in the name of defaming the Pope and would never be released again from the purification center.

There were all the information Benjamin had on the Pope. He inquired the System when the girl said the word "Pope" but the System could not give him any more information.

Benjamin was in a deep thought once he confirmed the information.

Who would have thought…

The church’s big movement was not because of the mage but the Pope.

That explained the disappearance of the holy knight who was protecting him. If this assassin did bring any harm to the Pope or had seen the church’s secret, the church would definitely attempt to capture this assassin first before continuing other tasks.

After some thought, he questioned again: "It’s been a long time since they summoned the holy knights. Do you mean that the assassin has yet to be captured?"

The girl lifted her eyebrows with an unfathomable expression and nodded her head.


This lady seemed to be acting exaggerated. There was no need to show such expression as she could just nod her head. You’re not some spy from other countries to reveal the church’s great conspiracy.

At this moment, Benjamin realized that the girl had been absorbed by the conversation.

However, if the assassin had yet to be caught...

This was actually a good news to Benjamin as the church would pay much less attention to him if they were busy dealing with mages and spies from other countries. Benjamin could move freely once again as today marked the end of Claude’s grounding towards him.

It would be so much more convenient for him to do anything from now on.

At the time being, Benjamin could go find Annie’s relics as there was no need to play hide and seek with the church.

He did not need to worry about exposing his identity as a mage as long as he’s being careful.

As for the Pope and assassin’s matter, Benjamin was curious about it as well but he knew that it was hard for him to get more inside news regarding this matter. Questions such as what was the pope up to and what did the assassin do to anger the church could only be buried in Benjamin’s heart.

It was best for him to avoid this matter as far as possible.

As Benjamin was thinking on where he could use this information, the girl suddenly grabbed his arm and broke his chain of thought as she shook him.

"Hey hey hey, look quick, Isn’t.. Isn’t that…"

"Benjamin furrowed his eyebrow as he looked at the girl and then looked at the direction she pointed to.

Was there a commotion again?

He saw two aged between seventeen and eighteen years old pretentious male aristocrats at the edge of the reception hall cornering a nerdy looking girl at the wall.

"How about having a dance with us at the second floor?" One of the male aristocrats flicked his hair as he asked.

"I refuse. Both of you suck at dancing and will definitely cause me pain by stepping on my feet." The girl answered.


The crowd was sneakily laughing at them.

Benjamin was speechless. Wasn’t this just a failure in picking up a girl? It wasn’t entertaining. He didn’t understand why the red hair girl was so excited about it. It would be a waste if this girl did not become a paparazzi in Hong Kong.

It was not surprising for someone to do such a thing considering the age of the aristocrats present here.

Benjamin shook his head.

The girl gave a few more glances and looked at Benjamin with a weird look.

"Why do you look like you don’t give a damn thing about it?"

Benjamin questioned her back: "Why should I?"

The girl stared at him and angrily said: "How could you Benjamin Lithur? Although the engagement was called off, she is still once your fiancee. How could you act as if you do not know her?"

… What did you say?

Benjamin was ignorant.

He felt that he had missed out some story.

Engagement? Fiancee? What was this girl talking about? Although he understood all the words individually, he could not understand it when all of these words were used in a sentence.

The girl who was cornered was his fiancee? What a joke.

However, Benjamin felt something was amiss.

The red hair girl didn’t seem like she was joking or had mistaken it for something else. If what she said was true…

Then… Was the engagement really called off?

"Ahem." The System acted as if he was clearing its throat and said, "About that… You… actually.. Did have a fiancee."


This must be related to the System.

Benjamin was speechless.

How many plot holes were there in the simplified version of his memory that the System gave!

"You can’t blame me on this. After the engagement was called off, both of you never interacted anymore. Hence I didn’t include her into the simplified memory." The System explained as he rambled on.

Benjamin sighed in his mind.

What else could he say?

One day he would really die because of the System.

"She is the daugher from the Wood family. Her name is Elizabeth and your engagement was set before you were born." The System quickly introduced this ex-fiancee. It seemed like it was trying to prevent Benjamin from getting angry. "The Wood and Lithur family share a good relationship and you and her were in the mother’s belly at the same time. During the pregnancy period, your family had high hopes for you so they set up this baby engagement."

Benjamin shook his head as he listened.

It didn’t matter to Benjamin anymore since she had already become her ex-fiancee.

He was also used to the System’s intermittent behavior and could not get angry anymore.

"So in the end, will one not be considered as a teleporter if one’s engagement is called off?" He couldn’t help but to complain in his mind, "tell me, where and when will the duel with her be held at?"

He could only feel lucky that the engagement was called off before the teleportation. Hence he did not have to experience it first hand.

"What are you talking about? She did not call off the engagement." The System then continued with a weird tone, "It was you who publicly announced that you wanted to call off the engagement as you threw out the engagement ring out of the window in front of the classroom a few years ago."