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Chapter 78: The Overbearing Chairman and the Girl With A Tooth Gap

Chapter 78: The Overbearing Chairman and the Girl With A Tooth Gap

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After hearing what the System had to say, Benjamin was silent.

This drama had carried on for far too long.

After some thought, he could not help but look at the girl that got cornered against the wall. Benjamin was a soft persimmon in the past, and a soft persimmon bullying a soft persimmon, how lowly was this girl in the nobleman's circle?

These two boys that surrounded her probably did not intend to ask her to a dance.

A pity.

Thus, at this moment, the redheaded girl suddenly pushed Benjamin, and shook her head angrily, "I didn’t think you were this kind of person. You would not help her get out of a tough situation. I’ve judged you wrongly, fuckboy, farewell!"

She concluded her speech, swung her hair and walked away.


The surrounding people gave him a weird look.

Benjamin felt helpless.

He had no clue; if someone was to be blamed, it was the System because it did not tell Benjamin that he had an ex-fiancée ---- Elizabeth.

"... How could she leave like that, what about her limited edition handbag?" Benjamin was in disbelief but could only grumble to himself and shift his attention to the handbag.

"Fifteen minutes were up, she left on the dot to the second!" the System replied.


Benjamin helplessly shrugged his shoulders and ignored the redheaded girl. He had his ex-fiance, Elizabeth locked in his sights. The two men were still cornering Elizabeth and looked like they would not leave her alone.

Benjamin frowned upon seeing this.

This was clearly bullying of a female.

Benjamin quickly made a decision. He could not bear being a bystander anymore. He had to get her out of this situation.

He placed the champagne on the table next to him, and walked over.

"Hey, tooth gap girl, look around, is there anyone willing to dance with you? It’s your honour we invited you to dance. How dare you refuse us?"

One of the boys said this to Elizabeth, and edged closer to her every moment.

Right at this moment.

"Who said there was no one willing to dance with her?"

Benjamin walked pass and pushed that boy’s hand away. That boy was unprepared, with a shove, he almost fell over.

Before everyone could react, he smiled and reached out his hand for Elizabeth.

"My fair lady, forgive me for my intrusion, would you care to dance with me?"

To be honest, after doing all these, Benjamin felt as if he morphed into some overbearing chairman that was trying to save a Cinderella.

The people around were busybodies and attracted to this scene, as if a good show was playing.

"You….." The boy that was shoved away seemed to be rather angry, but when he turned around and saw Benjamin’s face, the words he were about to speak were shoved back down his throat.

"This lady does not wish to dance with you both, yet you are still bothering her, how uncouth." Benjamin maintained a poker face while saying this to the both of them.

He was not afraid of having conflict with these two. All this time spent in military training had given himself enough confidence.

The expression on the boy’s face changed upon hearing Benjamin’s speech, as if he was hesitating. The other boy patted him on the shoulder and said, "Leave it, father said not to offend Grant Lithur, let’s go."

He said this softly, but Benjamin was still able to hear him from the proximity.


Grant again.

How much did he look alike to Grant, why did everyone that saw him would mistake him for Grant?

Benjamin was unsatisfied that the boy was easily persuaded by his companion. The boy glanced at Benjamin and Elizabeth with frustration, but did not speak a word, turned around, and left.

The excited crowd had disappointed looks on their faces, turned their gazes away, and went about their own business.

Benjamin saw that being mistaken as Grant had its benefits.

At least, he avoided another meaningless conflict.

"Sorry, I should have came to your help earlier." He turned around and faced Elizabeth, rubbing his nose, awkwardly saying," Well….are you alright?"

Elizabeth stared at his face blankly, speechless.

Her stare made Benjamin feel weird.

…...What was going on?

Was there something on his face?

But, it was his first time seeing her from this distance. After seeing her clearly, Benjamin’s first thought was suspicion: this girl seemed not too bad looking, why was Benjamin eager to cancel their marriage?

Elizabeth appeared to Benjamin to be a rather weak and slender lady.

She was pale, her face not showing any traces of blood. The light golden hair was parted in between, and it was the kind which was light to the point it looked transparent, which seemed to fit her figure which looked as if she would get blown away in the form of a billow of smoke any moment. Her pupils were ice blue, a very light color, making her seem as if she was stupefied when staring blankly at Benjamin.

Even though she looked sickly, her face was not revolting, if it was a person that liked the cool-type, they would like her very much. Benjamin could not understand why.

If he had to pick out a flaw, it was the gap between her two front teeth. When she stared at people, she liked to leave her mouth half open, making her teeth gap obvious, and this made her look even more stupefied.

"Just because of the tooth gap?" Benjamin thought it was weird and could not help but ask himself.

The technology here was not advanced, no matter how pretty someone was, they would have a few flaws. There was no plastic surgery here, how could someone’s face be flawless.

Shaming someone in public because of this flaw was outrageous...

"This has nothing to do with being pretty or not." He could only hear the System explain in his head, "When you were younger, violence in school did not make sense. If you were introverted, people would always be against you. Once your reputation has been tarnished, it would be hard to erase it even in the future."

Benjamin seemed to have a moment of epiphany upon hearing this.

He had forgotten to take age and environment into account.

He could not help but recall his middle school years and remember there was a boy in his class. This boy was rather handsome, but his mouth was slightly bigger than average. But because one person started a joke, he was made fun for having a "beaker mouth" for almost three years. Even his girlfriend in the neighbouring class was brainwashed and dumped him because of the joke.

Where one had yet to fully mature, it would be hard to fully comprehend how evil that this kind of bullying could bring. They would only feel that it was funny, but would never think about how much harm they brought to another.

Benjamin was bullied in the past. It was like a food chain, when he was bullied, he had to find another person who could be more easily bullied than him, making himself feel better and not in the lowest of the low.

Elizabeth was an innocent person in all of this, and the tooth gap was just an excuse.

Benjamin pitied the girl when he thought about it.

Even though this misdeed was not committed by him, but he had turned into the new Benjamin, and inherited all of Benjamin’s past. Thus, he could not help but feel guilty when facing Elizabeth.

If there could be any chance, he wanted to make it up to this girl.

Right when Benjamin was thinking about this, Elizabeth ended her gaze which was filled with suspicion. She suddenly opened her mouth and said.

"You’re not Grant, Grant would not be interested in helping me."

Benjamin laughed dryly and nodded, "I’m not Grant at all, I’m Benjamin."

Everyone thought he was Grant except Elizabeth.

This made Benjamin think of a saying "I would still recognize you even if I was turned to ashes." Benjamin’s cancellation of the marriage probably had left her with an emotional trauma.

But, unexpectedly, Elizabeth maintained her stunned expression, and continued to stare at Benjamin’s face, then immediately said.

"You’re not Benjamin either…..who are you?"